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Update, October 1st.

Posted on: October 1, 2007

its once again time for me to tell you a bunch of stuff that’s going to happen on FE Blog and then not do it! seriously though I have my reasons for not doing some of the stuff I said I would, and I’ll explain in the article.

first off let me cover the PoR area. for starters I cant find the official art, I might look again in a few days or so, but im not making any promises this time 😉 . as for the character profiles…you can either call it laziness, or being too busy to work on them. with my new forum recently opened and the role-playing taking place on FE Blog (which caught me by surprise by the by -_- )  I haven’t had much time to do anything online and as such couldn’t get the profiles going. finally the sprites are in the same category as the art…no time and cant find it :\ .

 now for the things to expect….hopefully.

the SS character profiles are one of the highest things on my things-to-try-and-get-done-list. with any luck i might be able to finish them up in a few days.after that I’ll focus on the PoR stuff.

after the role-playing is over Aveyn Knight has another article ready,  and I have a contest planed.  the winner will receive one of the eight generals weapons from Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Sword 😀 . if role-playing isn’t your thing you always get bragging rights ,and I might even through in some gems to makeRPing your thing =P .

and that’s about all for now, once again feel free to be as random as you like…but not too random….make sure you use coherent sentences =D . 





78 Responses to "Update, October 1st."

cool but whens this con-test?

Dood, PH34r OWn3d Croherensee in teh last one!

duh what? 😐

He said Coherent so I used an incoherent setence. Just to joke around.

i know but what were you talking about?

ugh i was trying to watched a subbed version online of my favorite episode of Naruto, and Orochimaru sounds like an idiot in jappanese -_- good thing i have the english one recorded on a tape

how to we enter the contest and how many california rolls did california make while pretending to not make calfornia rolls that actually use tofu insted of fish? Answer… still trying to figure it out. any way isnt mario ungrounded today? hm lets throw a suprise party 🙂 and to make me sound weirder than shadow oopa lala gonga toonpa yeeea! 😆 don’t you just love being random! 1213145

ohh i hope hes not mad at me. 😥

anyone watch Cody Lyoko here? i like William clone ^_^

I wan’t talking about anythin (in post 2). Its supposed to say “Dude, PH34r owned coherency in the last one.” It doesn’t mean anything. Its incoherent. That’s the point.

I don’t watch it. Its not violent enough, and the character style annoys me.

i hate violent shows, its so.. forced. they all look like android 17 and 18 from dragonball z in it, how cool is that ^_^

I’ve got official art for Ike, Soren, Reyson, Volke, Lethe (as cat), Ephraim, Joshua, Zihark, Ranulf, Nasir and Tibarn….if you need it….

(There used to be an official art thread set up for the Fire Emblem series, but it’s shut down now…)

I used to watch CL but then I left it alone so now whenever I watch an episode Im like whos this whered that come from why do they look different. I’m not mad at you shadow why would I be ?_? I just wanted to be really random 🙂

yeah, once we missed one episode and things were really confusing for a few episodes 😕 so i know what you mean, and cartoon network doesnt replay all the episodes ;_; , if you can read french(or have a online translater) they have all the episode discriptions on the official site. i can post it if you want, but its kinda hard to find your way around :\

If you think the violent anime are forced then 1)Why did you watch DBZ? 2)You must not have seen any good ones. Trinity Blood, Blood+, Bleach, Samurai Champloo and many others are all what I mean by violent, and they rock.

simply put, if something is “violent” then its unnecesary blood, thats what violent means. if its action, then more power to it, but when something is labeled violent that means they bleed a lot in it, or that the characters are very aggresive.

btw, uncut DBZ had a lot of blood in it, but cut dosnt really bleed at all (ironic, no? a cut not bleeding? *nervus laugh* ). I do prefer the uncut one though cause I like vegetas voice 🙂 .

yeah, the voice actors stink in the first season of DBZ 0_0 Vegeta sounds like a little kid in the sayain saga 0_0′

correct me if i mess anyone up, Brother, but, lastnight i was looking at voice actor/ress names..

Freiza(DBZ) and Genkai(YuYu Hakusho) have the same voice (both played by a lady too)

Kazuma Kuwabara(YuYu Hakusho)- Vegeta/Piccolo(DBZ) wierd.. 0_0

Yusuke Urameshi(YuYu Hakusho)- Raditz(DBZ)

and my beloved Kurama(YuYu Hakusho) shares Tiens(DBZ)voice ;_; i hate Tien -_- …

oops, i forgot

Hiei (YuYu Hakusho)& Android 17(DBZ) have the same voice too, their both hot too

dragoon14 Said:how to we enter the contest

i’ll give more info when I post the contest article.

anyways I always had a feeling freiza shared the same voice actress as genkai… im a bit surprised about tien and kurama though 😀 .

volkefan Said:I’ve got official art for Ike, Soren, Reyson, Volke, Lethe (as cat), Ephraim, Joshua, Zihark, Ranulf, Nasir and Tibarn….if you need it….

almost forgot ^_^’ .if you could, send them to me (via the contact page) and i’ll put them up and give you credit for it.

Naruto is done by a girl too. So is the japanese and american Luffy. A lot of guys are voiced by girls. I’m not sure about the new Luffy though…

Oh,I forgot, this belongs to my last post.

Violence is not always mean blood if your gong by what the TV ratings are, if your using your own personal definition, then fine, but the TV rating descriptors label things without blood as violent too.

On the subject of bloody anime seeming forced, i disagree. Blood + has an awesome story, as does Trinity Blood, neither seem forced. Both are fairly bloody.

@dragoon, i’m not saying to you i’m saying to Mario64, i e-mailed him and i was realy rude. i sent him a sorry e-mail but maybe he did not read it. ;_;

Moral of the story:
Violent anime are cool, and we should send rude emails to people and then randomly reference them around people who have nothing to do with it. Dang that was a pretty lame story. Okay, my random crap aside, for those who care (and all should) Anime Manga Fun is up and working now for the most part. they still have some eps to fix and series to upload and I think the manga is mostly down but they are making rapid progress. So here they are:

On a lighter note, who likes bananas?

i love bananas!

bm hm nn cnm blaaa *barfs* I hate bananas!!! disgusting stuff. Poor shadow. I think if you e-mail him again youl probably… get the same answer^_^ but it wouldn’y hurt to tri. I remember watching a couple episodes of YU YU but they stopped showing it or I lost track of the times or something so where did you find it?

Saint of Swords said: send them to me (via the contact page)

Which is where?

Heh. Never mind…the page has been found….and I sent you the art.

@ Shinigami Ninja,

good, now i can watch FMA again ^_^ and i dont like bananas :{

@ dragoon14,

cartoon network used to play YYH at 4:30 in the morrning, i used to get up and watch it. has a buch of episodes, but not complete seasons.

and BTW did anyone see the armory and shop?

lets see…I thought naruto/luffy sounded girly,yay for AMF, I dont care for bananas,I doubt mario cares,glad you found the contact page,I still remember getting up at 4:30 and trying to keep the cats quite, the shops look cool, and the forums back up ^_^ .

What is wrong with you people? Bananas are great!

Oooh. Shiny sprites.

that explains it my bro didn’t beleive me when I said Id seen it in the morning before they showd it on saturdays. SN you sound like my little brother. any way shniggle my friizzle yo diizzal yal Im outee…. JK what are the shops and armories back for FEblog or is this for TBE?

I assure you, I am not your little brother. But out of curiosity, why do I sond like him?

yeah i like Bananas. oh we have something in commin. 😉

dragoon14 said:what are the shops and armories back for FEblog or is this for TBE?

FE Blog, I decided against TBE hosting the role-playing. wishywashy, no?

Well, bananas and then there was that one other thing. Oh yeah, Fiora. So two things.


Yes, we both agreed that Fiora was the best pegasus knight.

SN you sounded like my little bro in that one moment when you said bananas are great cause hes always saying that and saying somethings messed up with you or some other thing. I need to get fiora first Iv never played with fiora. i miss out on so much;_;

SOS said: I dont care for bananas,I doubt mario cares,glad you found the contact page,I still remember getting up at 4:30 and trying to keep the cats quite,

….doubt I care about what?

In order to get Fiora you’ll have to use Florina a lot. Otherwise you’ll have a worthless character tagging along on a fog of war mission. Not cool.

mario64mario Said:….doubt I care about what?

an e-mail SL sent you or something *scratches head* .

in my games, florinas usually always a lv1 when i get fiora, even in HHM 😕

yeah my too. and i like fiora the best. i guess we have something in commin. 😉

Something in common, yes. I usually don’t use my peg knights but this run through I am. Florinas now a falco knight.

cool last game i played with two of them. yes i wish i would have played with three. but it was fun.

Its hard early on, when Flor dies in like 2 hits.

really? florina usually dosen’t get hit for me 😕 .

huh? whats ya talking about?

[MT: cant you just scroll up and look?]

I think you are all wrong. You are leaving out my fav.-and the best-peg. knight, Fiora! Sadly alot of ppl get RNG screwed w/ her, but I can (ab)use the RNG for my personal gain.

YAY, PIE!!!!

(I like pie)

I dont like fiora very much do to her lack of luck. i supose that wouldnt be a problem if you can abuse the RNG though 😀 .

whast RNG? i forgot.

RNG is the random number generator- it’s used to determine if atks will hit, be crits, LVL UPS!, or w/assassins, if it will be OHK. If you know what you are doing, it can be very helpful.

(Might have to write an article about it)

oh now i remember. but i never called it RNG. -_-‘

Same here.

heh heh yeah hey, by the way how was everyones week?

Mine sucked… I got accused of using my mom’s CC, so now i get to spend fall break @ home. Fun for me. I guess I’ll beat PoR for the 17th time… there goes two days.

normal mode or hard mode? if it goes to fast you could always do 3 boards a day 😕 .

yeah sorry for you.

mine was so so would have been better but some teachers think we love doing homework so they went crazy. Otherwise it was good got a 3 day weekend and got to see my Grandparents.

my week was fine, i guess 😕

anyone play FF here? im making a FF forum, that should be up in mmm…. 2 weeks?

yeah i’ll go. and i had a good week, but the last gym leader KOs me everytime but i beat him today. 😀

*blinks twice*
what does badges have to do with final fantasy?

oh sorry aren’t we talking about or weeks. 😕

To SoS: Hmm… I guess you are right, or I could just beat Lost Planet again. That might be fun.

To Dragoon: Wow that sucks, but no sympathy from me: ALL my work is homework O_o

To MT: OOH! OOH! PICK ME! PICK ME! FF is awesome- I want in.

@ LynMaster1015

thats cool ^_^ , it should be up in a week at most (all i really have to do is fix the colors (big pain), add the catagories and fix the ranks)

what games have you all played from FF, LynMaster?

i’ll go to if you don’t mind. <_<

I’ll go too but Ive only played FF12 and my friends give me a hard time about it. Im tring to get them but with FERD coming out i NEED to save my money. Plus for more fun to you I havent beaten the 12 one yet *sigh*

nor have I…infact I put little if at all any effort into winning it 😕 .

hey for the support thing my computer won’t send attachments it okay if i just paste it into the E-mail and you paste it from there to the blog?

sure, that will work fine.

i was going to say that. -_-

[MT: your not the admin on this site, little brother, you should stop trying to speak for us :p]

ok i got my site up :}

Awesome! I’ll see you there.

B.T.W.- I might not be able to do much of anything: my Algebra 2 Honors teacher thinks we want to do 100 problems over the weekend >.<

Hey I’m Cloudkill1015 on the FF blog, but I can’t blog! Why?

i had to verify you (i have that option on because allot of bots have been comming to the sites lately) you should be able to post now :}

Awesome! See you there.

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