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Serra & Jaffar Support Contest

Posted on: October 18, 2007

its the day you’ve all…well…probably forgot about. So let me refresh your memory; a week ago I asked as many of you that were interested to write a C through A support conversation between Jaffar and Serra. You would then be voted on to see who did the best, the winner receiving one of the Eight Generals legendary weapons.

before you vote let me show you what the legendary weapons do in the role-playing;

Legendary= 20+ strength

Sword:Durandle: Legendary, +5 Strength.
Lance:Malte: Legendary, Cant miss.
Axe:Armads: Legendary, +5 Defense.
Bow:Mulgre: Legendary, Always double attacks.
Anima:Forblaze: Legendary, Negates criticals 50/50.
Light:Aurlora: Legendary, +5 Resistence.
Dark:Apocalypse: Legendary, +10 Magic.
Sword Of Seals: Legendary, Casts High level fire magic at a distance, must only use swords to wield.

in addition you will also recieve 30 gems to buy an elixer or something ^_^ . please remember you can not vote for yourself. If you do your vote will automatically go to the person above/below you. that said here are the entrys:

Volke_Fan :

Level C:
Serra: Hmm. Where is everybody?!You there!
Jaffar: ……
Serra: I haven’t seen you around before, who are you?
Jaffar: …..
Serra: How unbelievably rude to ignore one of my great beauty….
Jaffar: Heh.
Serra: What was that!?
Jaffar: uh…
Serra: Come back here! I’m still talking to you!

Level B:
Serra: There you are, I don’t believe we’ve been introduced, I’m Serra, the gifted cleric of…
Jaffar: …You talk too much.
Serra: I…..what?
Jaffar: If I’d been hired to kill you….you’d be dead before dawn.
Serra: Eww….how morbid! That reminds me….
Serra: You looked pained last battle….I thought I might practice with my staff…
Serra: You reject my help? Huh! So much for attempting to be friendly!
Jaffar: …Serra…

Level A:
Jaffar: …Jaffar.
Serra: Yes? What was that oh man so rude?
Jaffar: My name….is…..Jaffar.
Serra: My what an interesting name, you know back in…..
Jaffar: Don’t….do that.
Serra: Do what?
Jaffar: Talk so loudly….
Serra: Oh. That’s….strange….
Jaffar: …Probably you’ve never stopped to listen before….
Serra: I’ll try…..but you know what….wait, I’m doing it again ri…..
Jaffar: Yes.
Serra: Well, tell me about yourself then….and do hurry, I’ve got a great story…

Saint Of Swords:

Level C:
Serra: hey you! over here!
Jaffar: …
Serra: I dont remember meeting you before, so that must mean…your my new personal vassel!
Jaffar: …
Serra: ah ha! I knew it! I just knew lord hector would see I deserve my own vassel! after all i am the most deserving person in this whole army! maybe even the whole world….
Jaffar: …
Serra: well…we had better be going…I wouldnt want to waste a perfectly good vassel! just take these things, hold this, and go get me something to drink!

Level B:
Serra: so…what did lord hector say? you know, when he chose you to be my servent? did he say I deserved a servent because of my intelegence? or was it because of my beauty? my helpfulness? I bet it was my beauty, right?
Jaffar: …
Serra: oh oh….it was all three, wasnt it? I bet it was, you know lord hector is in love with me…infact we’re enga-
Jaffar: he said it was punishment fo-
Serra: huh? speak up I cant hear you! well anyways we should be going! I want to heal where everyone can see me!
Jaffar: …

Level A:
Serra: …and thats when I realized I had inexplicable beauty! huh? where did he go? vassel? vassel? hmm… hes not coming…maybe hes used to being called servent! servent? serrrrrrrvent?
Jaffar: …here…
Serra: huh? oh, what are you doing hiding in that tree!? im talking down here, now come and listen!
Jaffar: …why…
Serra: so whats your name? is it…oh wait! do you have a title? wait! you should call me by a title…how about-
Jaffar: …angel of death….
serral: huh? THAT’s your title?
Jaffar: no….it is yours.
serra: well its not what I had in mind! How about mistress serra! or milady serra! or…


Level C:
serra: hello, im serra! im the one and only cleric in this army! you must be new.
jaffar: ….
serra: ..i just want to make it clear that i was here first and..
jaffar ….
serra: and… and..
jaffar: …
serra: eee eeeek! lord hector! lord eliwood! *leaves*
jaffar: …

Level B:
serra: lets see, lord hector told me to stay in this area, but its sooo borring here! *runs to the other side of the screen* this area looks interesting!
jaffar: …
serra: eeek its him again! ahh and a enemy! oh no! they saw me! someone help me!
*both go off the screen*
serra: you saved me?
jaffar: …*leaves*
serra: but why?

Level A:
serra: um.. jaffar was it?
jaffar: …
serra: why… did you save me the other day?
jaffar: you asked for help, so i did
serra: eeeeek! you said something!
jaffar: …
serra: i.. i mean, thank you for helping me the other day.. and.. and in return i.. i’ll heal you when ever your injured, and the first time will be free!

Shadow Luigi:

Level C:
Jaffar: …
serra: oh, are you my new body guard? lord Hector informed me that you have to be my body guard.
Jaffar: …..
serra: hey, if i want a body guard then he has to stop being so moody!
Jaffar: ohh. why me.
serra: come on Jaffar we don’t have all day.
Jaffar: ….

Level B:
serra: hey Jaffar do you think i’m brave doing all these things for you?
Jaffar: shhh lower your voice you want to let the enemy know we’re here?? its bad enough i have to do this.
serra: OH how rude, to think i would have a body guard so—
ah you saved me.
Jaffar: …..
serra: but but don’t think that means i’m being soft on you.
Jaffar: …
serra: come Jaffar.
Jaffar: mm….

Level A:
Jaffar: serra.
serra: what? your wasteing my time you have a job to do!
Jaffar: how do i know your not useing a fake massage??
serra: why i fine if you must know this is what lord Hector told me. “serra, your giveing me a headache, i just assigned you to a new body guard now go and stop bugging me.”
Jaffar: really now? fine i’ll let it go for now–
serra: come Jaffar we are wasteing time.
Jaffar: ohhh will that girl ever—-
serra: come on Jaffar lord Hector told me you had to do this come on.
Jaffar: ….

dragoon 14:

Level C:
Serra: hm hello who are you? My name is Serra.
Serra: hello I’m talking to you! What’s your name any way Mr.Silence?
Jaffar:….. Jaffar*walks away*
Serra: Wait! Hm what an odd fellow.

Level B:
Serra: Hey jaffar why are you all the way over there…. Your hurt let me see that!
Jaffar: It’s nothing, just a scratch.
Serra: Just A SCRATCH that’s a gaping hole what have you been doing to cause such a thing!?
Jaffar: leave me alone. I will see to it myself.
Serra: you? Heal that? I think not! Now sit still!
Jaffar: Persistent …..! very well.
Serra: that’s better now what caused such a wound?
Jaffar: ……..
Serra: what did you do I said!
Jaffar: That’s good enough. *walks away*
Serra: No it’s not wai….. he’s gone.

Level A:
Jaffar: *gah huuh gma*
Serra: whats that sound? Jaffar!? whats happened!?
Jaffar: my wound opened up *gah cough cough*
Serra: your coughing up blood!!! Let’s get that healed right away!
Jaffar: ….. Thank ……
Serra: save that for later, now what caused this. I can’t heal this without knowing what caused it.
Jaffar: This is a wound that *cough gag groan* I got when I was just starting in the Black Fang. It was caused by an old paladin. He was the last person standing between me and *cough* a lord who was getting bribed by bandits *ahhh ha huuh hm* to not interfere with them. The paladin was quicker than I thought and I got this.
Serra: …….. that’s terrible! The life you lead is not an easy one.
Jaffar: …. Ha…..hahahahah.
Serra: what’s so funny?
Jaffar: your just realizing that.
Serra: well yes! This the first time we’ve actually talked and it isn’t fair for you to laugh!…There done!
Jaffar: Your right…. Thank you *walks away*
Serra: that’s it? just thanks!? I just saved your life! Come back here you…….
Gone again. 


alright, you can only vote for one so think hard. this poll will be closed in three days, whoever has the most votes by then will recieve the weapon 😛 .

 by Saint Of Swords


25 Responses to "Serra & Jaffar Support Contest"

Entry 2

iuhno. iguess, maybe like 3.

Number One. Good humor.

i would have to vote Entry 1.

Huh looks like entry 1 for me.

i’ll vote 4.

it looks like entry 1 is winning 🙂 .

Entry 1: 3 votes
Entry 2: 1 vote
Entry 3: 1 vote
Entry 4: 1 vote
Entry 5: 0 votes

Hey Hey I’m baaack!

I think I’m gonna have to vote for entry one.

looks like entry 1 won. unless there are any other peple reading but not blogging who would like to vote?
come on you know you want too. 🙂

i already voted number 1. i think the rest are good though. 😉

All good conversations. Agreed. But number one was good. I saw Jeffar, for sure.

alright, im going to say entry #1 is the winner because I doubt three people are going to come and vote for another one. so the winner is….

Volke_Fan! congratulations, simply post here or E-mail me which weapon you want 🙂 .

aww nuts i never win any contests. 😦

congratulations :}

yea congrats 🙂 apperently mine was the worst cuase nobody voted for it ;-; oh well i knew i wasn’t good at writing. 🙂

I’m not either. It’s hard to create something out of nothing, whether in writing or in real life. It is much easier to build upon something that is alreeady there than if it didn’t exist. “If I bet nothing, I will never lose anything. But if I bet everything, I could lose everything.” That’s my nindo now.

Oh, and SoS, you can affilaite me again, I got the “No Swearing” rule up. See for yourself!
Sorry for double posting.

Congratulations no.1

I posted all the authors of the supports.

dragoon 14 said:oh well i knew i wasn’t good at writing.

It takes a while to get used to writing. sometimes you’ll sit there scratching your head wondering what on earth could possibly come next in the conversation. but like I said after a while you kind of get the hang of it (its taken me quite some time and im still not that great at it) .

good job number *1! 😀

who’s was every bodiescoversation #? if you couldn’t decide which one was mine I did say “nobody voted for it” that would mean 0 and the only one who got 0 was 5. ;_;

I didn’t have anything against yours D14, I just picked one at random.

random 😕 ? you were supposed to vote for your favorite 🙂 . anyways there was nothing wrong with yours dragoon, infact all of them were very well thought out.

if you say so. i asked for all the people reading but NOT BLOGGING so that excludes all of us here. i’m talking to you person! blog and vote! next time. missed the first 1. 🙂

i was number 4 did anyone here like that one? 😕

Yeah, I did. That was my second choice.

You know, a moose once bit my sister…

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