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FE Attack Stratagies

Posted on: October 21, 2007

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Some of us have different ways we battle on FE. I am here to discuss which ones are the best. Although, I really can’t say much about because my attack strategy is pretty simple. Kill enough weaker enemies untilI can buy the strongest weapons and blast my way through the RPG. I’m a tank,stripped of defense. Except, “A good offense is the best defense.” If that hasn’t already become a quote, write it down, dang it, write it down!

Anyway, I always see that if I can manage to kill my enemy before it
touches me, I’m fine. So I concentrate on building up speed and attack
(special attack as well if I’m playing a pokemon game, but I digress) and I
always have a good mix of categories. I always have at least one Falco
Knight, three mages and a couple of Swordsman if possible. Whats the limit on
your party? It’s been so long I have forgotten what it was. Oh well.

This was actually a pretty good strategy I found out. I was able to kill
the boss with a wide arrangement of the strongest spells I could buy/find,
and the strongest weapons I could buy/find. Pretty soon, I was unstoppable. I
felt like a god playing with the foolish little men of the game trying to
attack ME, of all people. This lasted until I tryed a harder setting. I
thought, Phea… I’ll beat the game easy. I’ve done it before. It won’t be
hard to do again.

How wrong I was.

I was foolish making that choice, because I soon found myself squirming
under the power of the Advanced Setting. I was afraid of it (Am I lame or
what?). I soon sold it to GameStop and never saw it again. I curse myself
each time I think about it. Speaking of which, curse me curse me curse me
curse me curse me. Alright enough of that. Back to the original discussion-

The best possible strategy is not what I thought at first. I invite you to
think of a strategy and post it.


40 Responses to "FE Attack Stratagies"

my stratagy for borring normal mode is just rush them.. 8 units

now for HHM I need DEF units (Hector, Oswin) my LUCK units for fighting druids(Serra, Pris, Lowen, Eliwood, Farina, Ninian) your SPD units (Matthew, Erk, Lyn) and your everything unit (Raven)

iron and steel are the only things i really buy untill the last chapters, maybe a killing edge for Matthew.

i usually only use 11 or 12 units in HHM, stick to the forest area or forts/shops anything that gives you extra avoid.

i let the enemy come to me, take then on slowly.

Matthew steals allot.

“effective against …” weapons are good, same with the lords specials.

Ninians rings/dance abily is extreamely helpful.

the only one who ever died in HHM was Pris, bad RNG -_- got hit with a 30% chance

in the article were you talking abou FE or pokemon i got lost. @_@ i use powerehouses, promotes, and whoever fell like at the time. i love sending in a power house (hector) in with an iron weapon (axe or if hes a great lord Sword{hectors sword is BEAST!})and watch all the weak peple attack him thinking he’ll fall under the onslaut. 90% of the time he comes out a few levels higher for it. 10% he’s crushed because a couple strong enemies get in or he gets hit a bnch of times with the enemies accurosy is 30b. also i send out big defens characters (seth,marcus,oswin,ect) and draw out big enemies my weaker characters defeat. its halairious to watch a L1 florina beat a L15 sniper. πŸ˜†

@pokemon: i well use the right pokemon for the battle use the best moves and make sure my teams Levels are the same so it can be a fair fight. πŸ™‚

@fire emblem: i just use whats the best. i go against enemies with like a sword is better then a axe thing. like i would use guy going against fighter/pirate and i like to use good units. my people are always good. πŸ˜› and i also love trees/bushs. πŸ™‚

im pretty sure this is a fire emblem article, just to avoid confusion πŸ™‚ .

anyways,on normal mode I just rush the enemy, keeping my weaker characters behind the defensive ones. on hard mode however, I move very cautiously, and make sure I have a good blend of different classes with various specialties. More often then not I let the enemy attack me, but in the case of killer/luna units I just ambush them.

hmm.. I haven’t played my pkmn games in forever. Nintendo should remake Gold & Silver for GBA or DS. That would be fun.

I have yet to beat HHM-I can’t kill Nergal- But on EHM I use 10 units to level up weaklings like Flor. I arrange them in a kind of staggered triangle form, w/ tanks like Pals & Gens on the outside, ranged units in the 2nd row, and the weakest of the weak in the center.

Also, in HM, if you’re supposed to protect a person or spot, get there & STAY there, or you will LOSE. Very fast.

OOps double posted, sry bout’ that. Can that be fixed?

[SoS: fixed it. WordPress will do that every now and again]

I use a shield wall strategy. until near the end or if its an easy chapter. I put all the unkillables in front in a line and then the ranged untis behind them and the weaker fighters behind them. Then I slowly advance toward my goal using the weaker units to finish off anyone left over from the enemy’s suicide run in their last phase. That waqy the weak units get mostly kills so they level up fast and become able to hold their own in combat.

in some missions with multiple objectives (treasure,new recruits,etc) I’ll make multiple teams with an equel balance of power. Its kinda hard to do that though when you use mostly swordmasters and falco knights ^_^ .

@lyn master: those games are nothing compared to pokemon games (such as pokemon Emerald, and pokemon diamond/pearl. yeah they have the pokemon from every game in diamond/pearl. but you have to do something special to do that. n_n

no i won it already. i have not played gold or red but i know that the newer games are better. n_n

yea beat the game. whoops is that a spoiler i mean its already out.

somewhere around post 9 I lost track of the topic. Oh, well, that happens a lot with SL. ;).

With treasure or new recruits I usually send out the thief/recruiter with a Paladin or Falco knight. Someone who can rescue them and survive as well as bring them back to my main force.

@ SN- I Like that idea, I might have to try the Shield Wall (cool name)

@ SL-Hey now, don’t go dissin’ on G/S- the plot in D/P was great, but my Manetric has better stats than most of the legemdaries.
I.E. They ALL suck (‘cept for Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit, of course. Dialga was O.K., but none yet have matched the might of Ho-Oh & Lugia)

Sorry for steering this conversation even more off topic, but does anyone else draw Mangas?

Also, I’m mad @ the stepdad, anywhere I can go to blow off steam?

I know SoS draws manga. He said he’s working on an FE 7 Manga.

The depths of hell are a great place to blow off steam. Problem is they’re rather painful and you can’t leave. If you could find a gun rnage or something and have the money to rent a gun then plugging away at targets is a great way to relieve oneself. Try to get something with a lot of recoil, like a high-cal. assault rifle.

Just a LITTLE dangerous, don’t you think?

yea but only a LITTLE. and it cost like $30-up range to buy that PLUS you have to get there. just go into the local wood or creek and throw rocks at trees or just scream or get a stick and take it out on , again a tree or other PLANT life don’t go killin squirils now. other than that you can vent in your room pillows work well as punching bags. or you can go to the gym run it off. music.

@SN and LynMaster: YOU guys are crazy. πŸ˜›

Oh… I forgot about archers… I also keep healing units near the back so I can keep healthy playersup front and doing damage. Archers veer off to the side with a couple knights guarding them…

You rent a gun. Not buy one. That costs like $10-$20.

try to stay on topic, discuss killing trees on TBE πŸ™‚ .

Ok. How do you play the defense chapters? Aggressively or defensively?

I play them defensively until near the end, then i charge out and slaughter them!

I play almost every board aggressively, and because of that I sometimes end up losing πŸ˜› . But I figure its better to have fun with a board you’ve gotten past about 20 times then to use the same stratagie again and again.

I always get 0 bonus experience in PoR when im on a defensive chapter cause none of the enemys are alive πŸ˜› .

how does bonus exp. work? I could never figure it out.

Also, on normal or easy, I am very agressive. However, on Hard, I stick to the objective. (When it’s protect “x”, I stay there and protect it! When it calls for agressiveness, all shall perish.

if you’ve already won the game there is a “display bonus experience” option you can turn on that shows how much you get and why you get it at the end of the chapter. for most boards its how many turns you take to clear the board that decides how much you get, but there are some special ones like “units escaped” and “crows escaped” that give you some,too.

poor crows in my game, i tryed so hard to keep them alive

haha i love dogging the crows go on the edge of thyeir range but never in and its fun cause they dont move. guess there too lazy to move unless your in there attack zone. the boss there can u get him on your team?

eh… I don’t think so….

nope you can’t get him. i wish you could hes cool.

@ SOS- Hm. Never noticed that option. I’ll have to look for it next time.

@ D14 & SL- Who? Nasela? You can get him on the last level if you want, but Giffica is better.

The Hawk King is the best.
There’s also a stealth mission where you get abunch if the enemy doesn’t notice you.

Shinigami Ninja Said:The Hawk King is the best.
There’s also a stealth mission where you get abunch if the enemy doesn’t notice you.

which level is that? also all the leaders have there own specialty;

Naesela: Speed.
Giffca: Strength and Defense.
Tibarn: Balance

so it all depends on what your strategy is or what mode you play on ( I pick giffca because he can take 15 out of medallion ashnard) .

Nasela rules!

@ SOS- Exactly! I just choose Giffca because the drags cause problems for me, and he kills them. Very fast.

@ SL- since when is your avatar pic thing May? BTW- Nasela sucks. His insane speed can’t make up for lack of strength & defense, at least in my book.

Giffca rules! (I do wish it was Caignheis though: that would rock)

@ lyn master: i like may. 😳 and i don’t think hes bad. i think he rocks.

Tibarn PWNED Ashnard on both difficulties almost by himself.

well i think you have to use them. its HARD MODE get it right people. πŸ˜›

My fanfiction isn’t working, I get 404 error, can someone help me? It’s on Zelda Heaven under Library.

i’ll go look in a sec, and if i figure anything out i’ll post on your site

heh i got crushes on anime/game characters (Kurama-YYH, Tidus-FFX, Vincent Valentine-FFVII, some others that i dont feel like naming right now)and im much older then him :p and im being 100% serious

I’m with Dragoon. I mean, yeah, some are hot/cute/pretty, but they’re cartoons, it could never happen. But whatever, no need to start a flame war again. Albeit that last time was more of a lighter battle than a flame war.

alright, im getting sick of all of this. for future referances do not bash peoples opinions, no matter how trivial it may seem. its one thing to speak your opinion, but another to mock someone in a round about way. Unfortunatly, as this is a very interesting article, im going to have to close this.

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