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People Of The Plains

Posted on: October 27, 2007

The plains of Sacae are home to many different tribes and peoples. Though at first glance they would seem to be one and the same, they are actually all very unique.

I’ll start with what is probably the most well known tribe of Sacae, the Lorca. They are, or were perhaps, positioned deep within the plains of Sacae. However the Lorca were destroyed in one night by an attack from the Taliver bandits. The only one to survive the attack was Lyn, who in actuality was really the princess of Caelin.
The bandits used poison to weaken the tribe, and when they were most vulernable the bandits attacked. Lyns father, the Chieftain of the Lorca, used the last of his strength to help Lyn escape. Having lost everyone she knew, Lyn promised that she would avenge her people by destroying every last one of the Taliver bandits, but that she first had to get stronger.However if you give Lyn and Wallace a level A support, Wallace tells Lyn that he hunted down the Taliver bandits and killed every last one of them. Lyn is angry at first, telling Wallace he took away her only chance of revenge, but Wallace tells her quote “If you truly wished revenge upon them, you should be happy. Hatred can be strength. On the plains, you needed that strength to survive. But left too long, hatred can twist and consume you.” . He goes on to say that he only wanted Lyn to be happy.

Next is the Kutolah Tribe. Where exactly they are located in Sacae im not sure, but based on FE6: Sword of Seals, I would say it’s safe to assume they are in the more eastern reaches of Sacae. The Kutolah tribe is a very large and proud tribe, they are also very feared.Their Chieften, the White Wolf, is said to be so strong that people fear the Kutolah tribe. In a conversation between Lyn and Rath, a member of the Kutolah tribe himself, Lyn asks if their tribe dosen’t need to worry about enemies because of their Chieften. Rath does not know the answer though, despite being the son of the White Wolf. At the age of three, he was sent to protect the world from a great evil that his tribes diviners foresaw. He has spent his whole life looking for the evil that the definers saw,but has never found it. As a result of being alone for so long, Rath is very quite and keeps things on a need-to-know basis. Infact, he keeps things on a need-to-dobasis as well, as he says he does not smile because there is no need. Rath eventually has a daughter named Sue, who is just as serious as he is. She narrowly escapes an attack from Bern, and worries greatly for her Grandfather,the White Wolf. The White Wolf is named Dayne. He is a very kind and caring person, but is a very fearsome fighter (plot-wise anyways 😉 ) . He sends Shin to find his granddaughter Sue and to protect her. Guy is another member of the Kutolah tribe, but unlike the others he travels the world to become the strongest sword-fighter in the world. He got into a bit of trouble in Caelin, however. After being too picky about his jobs, he found himself with no money, and as a result, no food. Fortunately for him, Matthew gave him meat, under the condition that guy would tell him “I owe you my life” . This eventually costs guy a new job as Matthew tells him to join Eliwoods army as a favor.

Finally there are the Sacaens of Bulgar.In FE6 there is a Sacaen named Rutger, who is also half Bern. With a personality that makes Rath look sociable, he seeks only to get revenge. Because of the fact that Bulgar lies on the border, there are many mixed bloodlines there, however, the Sacaen heritage usually stands out. For Rutger it was different. Rutgers Bern heritage stands out more then his Sacaen, as a result only he was spared. The people of Bulger were attacked and brutally killed by an onslaught by Bern. Rutger was left to live because he did not look like a Sacaen. Having seen the knight in charge of the attack, Rutger sought to extract his revenge on him. Unfortunately for Rutger, He never got the chance. In a conversation between him and Dieck, Rutger says that he found the knight, but he was dead. He also says that only Dieck could have given him the wounds he had. Dieck says hes sorry, and that he would have left him alive if he knew he was Rutgers enemy, however Rutger says that in battle, people do not have there own enemies. after thinking it over Rutger decides that only by destroying all of Bern will he be satisfied (and Dieck forcibly joins him) .

 those are all the well known tribes of Sacae, but there is also a clan that exists within Sacae. The clan has no name, as such I would assume it was originally just a member from another tribe that was either exiled or left on there own, who later formed there own, albeit small, tribe. Passed down from generation to generation is a very violent bloodline. among the clan, only one can wield the blade, it is the clans destiny to fight for it. among this clan is Karel. Feared as the ominous “Sword Demon” , he is feared by all who hear of him. Karel travels Elibe in search of anyone bearing signs of strength. only because he sences great potential in Eliwood and Hector, and finds Lyn “Beautiful” , does he decide to join your army. He has eliminated all but one of his Clan, leaving only his sister Karla. Karla, unlike Karel, loathes violence and says she never wanted to learn a skill that could only be used to bring death. but when confronted by her brother Karel, she says she knew that that was the only way to get close to him, and as such has been searching the world herself, except she wanted only to hear Karels voice one more time. Karla says they have become ne different from their swords, for they have become cold and count there days by the number of people they kill.having heard this, karel is unable to fight, and is told by karla that she will wait on the “scarlet plains” for her brother to return home. scarlet plains would most likely refer to the home of the sword-using clan, given the name for their history of violence. Karla later marries bartre, and has a daughter named Fir. Fir is much like both her mother and her father; she is kind, but also seeks to perfect her strength.
Karla later dies of a disease, and in a conversation between Karel and Noah, karel says quote: “…Some things you will realize only after you have lost something else.  However, by the time my foolishness had left me…it was already too late.” inFE6, karel is no longer proud of being called the sword saint, just regretful.

and that does it for the individual tribes, now time for some general facts!

•Sacaens are too proud to lie.

•The legendary hero, Hanon, is said to have come from sacae. however, hanon is referred to as a male in Blazing Sword, and a female in Sword of Seals.

•Sacaens are either nomads or myrdrimons (unless promoted).

•Lyn is a cross between a nomad and a myrdriom

•Sacaens have there own walking style, they move their hips greatly to each side as they walk (this is just as true with the men as it is with the women 😕 )

•People are easier to hunt to a Sacaen then rabbits.

 By Saint Of Swords





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thats a longgg artcle. i bearly read all of it.

[MT: i removed the ‘G’s cause there was too many]

Of course people are easier to hunt. They don’t run and hide at every noise and they’re a mich larger target! ;). Just joking around.

How do you know that they move their hips so much?

oh i’v been hering about that for ages. 😆 when you move lets just say guy as a Sword master make him moveing up and keep him there hes moves his hips a lot.

good article.. ahh Rutger XD kinda forgot bout him

@ SN:
Guy and Raths support.. pluss their little sprite

oh i forgot goood artcle. n_n’

i still wonder (besides rabbits) what sacaens eat

Well, they’re probably a lot like the mongols. They have similar dress and a similar homeland. So probably a lot of other rodents as well. Like muskrats, normal rats, fermented mare’s milk. Whatever else lives on the plains.

*barfs* ohhhhhhhhhhh… gross.

Fir: but i made it special for you SL. *crys* [/end]

i cant see Florina eating any of that when she used to live in Sacae :p

i know they like fruit according to Shins support with Dorthy in FE6.

i like the brown hair sacaens best :}

I prefer the half and half Sacaens more because they don’t go on about how great they are and how much they love mother earth and father sky and all that -_- ….

….well…until they get old that is (must be like talking about the good ol’ days 😕 ) .

Guy is my favorite Sacean. I think the Swordmaster is the greatest class ever! (except for Hector’s GL, of course! Lyn’s Blade Master sucks worse than any other promoted class-all she ever maxes is skill & speed.)

nomads have a interesting life i like the kutaloh tribe best

I don’t really knowwho my favorite sacean person is. ive only gotten a couple sacean people Lyn(of course) Rath, Karel annnnnd thats about it ^_^’ and after the polls…… Karel wins.

Mine is Lyn. She’s hot. And she’s pretty good.
Sacaeischers are cool, I wouldn’t want to be one though.

maybe lyn likes me special, even on HHM I never have a problem with her other stats 😀 .

anyways I used to really like all the Sacaens, until I reread some of the stuff they said. I cant stand how arrogant the kutaloh are. for example rath only saves lyn in lyns mode because she looks like a sacaen (then he turns around and wines to marquess Araphen that hes biased… :/ ). thats why I like the ones like karel,karla,rutger,but mostly karel who have better things to think of then that they come from sacae (im not counting guy either SL, anyone who has to say where they come from every time they introduce themeselves is a bit arrogant) .

Rath looks good but hes kinda annoying 😕

Lyns ok once she gets over her disliking Hector problem, Shin and Sue are tolerable, but still too quiet for me.

Rutger and Karel are hot cool, Karlas cool too and Fir doesnt really have much personality..

They do have some racial problems.

i like guy hes my fav, person in that game. 🙂 AHCHOO!!

i like how Karla doesnt know/care about whats happening in the world

i like either guy or lyn best there both good players too

cool somebody who likes guy! 😀

i used to like Guy, until you acted like you owned him <_<

you know in FE6 you get to do a bunch of chapters in sacae, its horrible for flyers and inacurate units ;_;

Why, no cover?

all the enemies in sacae are really fast(nomads, troopers and mydryms and swordmasters) so the flyers get arrows shot at them (im pretty sure it taks out much more damage in 6 then the others) and the inacurate units (say berserker) cant hit anything


Certainly not guy sensei off of Naruto? I became confused because that was all I could think of after I saw the name. But, thats very interesting. I never really did manage to singl out differences between those people, I’m not good at up close and personal.

Sorry for DP, but with all due respect, when is the next role-playing article?

this Guy

I dont really like guy, for more then one reason. but thats just my personal preference 🙂 .

To UZM: the one from Naruto is Gai, the one from FE is Guy.

Guy is fairly bland.

i like em both. 😛

oh… ok. I nevr did see his name spelled. But I digress:

MAybe they were all one tribe at some point. Then they would have rising conflicts and spread apart making diferent tribes.

couyld be. very likey is, but what if there was a disease and they had to split up the giant tribe so notasmany poeple would die and the sickly people made up the center tribe. hence the name crimson plains or whatever it is

crimson plains is just one part of it.

*cough* its…scarlet plains 😉 .

my bad i don’t have a good memory 😦

heck, i did not read of of the article, and i don’t have a good memory about FE.

i meant to say all of the article. n_n’

Wow. That’s… strangely depressing.

*sticks head in microwave* “Hoooot Pockets!”

i don’t like hot pockets. they are so gross.

back to topic..

why is it called scarlet plains anyways Karels hot

hmm… “Let’s go here.” *walks into fancy restaurant* “Good evening, sir. For our specials today, we have a salmon, which is broiled, and we have a Hot Pocket, which is cooked in a dirty microwave…”
“Is your Hot Pocket cold on the inside?”
“It’s frozen.” “Of course, it can also be served boiling lava hot”
“Will it burn my mouth?”
“It’ll destroy your mouth.” “Everything will taste like rubber for a week”
“I’ll have the Hot Pocket”

*Dooom Pooocket*

[SoS: As interesting as this story is you should include something about the topic ^_^ ]

btw what state is this blog centered in? It’s 2 hrs. behind GSMT (TN, KT, VA… that general area)

no clue. we don’t bother with things like that *looks over shoulder and whispers* you know stalkers and those crazy people who get online to hurt us. 😦 bad people

in the north centerel the time is CST..

now why are they called scarlet plains? yoiu get to go all over sacae in FE6 and its just green.. maybe its something about the sun?

Possibly, but I think it’s because of all the blood that has been spilled there- you know *scarlet* blood.

uppp urp.. *barfs again* ohhhhh thats so gross. 😦

*sigh* unfortunatly thats life for you death and doom and the apocylypce

geez… I didn’t think it was that bad… sorry 😉

well it isn’t THAT bad but it might be with the war an all. 😦

True. Sad, but true.

On a lighter note, RP recruiting goes up today! YAY! 🙂

yeah i posted it.

*blinks* Saint is that you?

no I think its shadow luigi 😉

how rude! *slaps both* i’m am THEE SHADOW LUIGI! i am not saint. i said i posted my things. and by the way. i got a new avater. 🙂

well that was weird *backs away slowly* .


@ SL:BTW- [swearings not allowed, even if it is abreviated] up w/your avatar, it looks noseless and weird.

… its tha mian villian off of Zelda, Phantom Hourglass. Live wit’ it.

(To this hot pocket nonsense…) TRy Chipotles’ Burritos, then see if your feeble hot pockets are so hot then.

(To the article) MAybe Scarlet Plains refers to a time in it’s history when the plains ran scarlet with the blood of battles we have never heard about and probably don’t exist. Yeah, that was lame… -__-‘

I think it would refer to the area the clan lives in, given the name “scarlet plains” do to the violence and inside battles of the clan. Karel says only one can be the true wielder of the sword, and that its the clans destiny to fight for it.

“crimson” would actually fit better, but I digress 🙂 .

@UZM: Linebeck: i’m not the main bad guy! i’m your friend who wants to get treaure! @lyn master: YOU JERK! no one makes fun of linebeck thast so mean! hes one of the main reasons i play the GAME!

uh how about enough of the PH stuff.. i dont like skipping comments and i dont want to be spoiled you know -_-‘ besides this is a Sacae article…

so.. does anyone miss the Sacaens in the new FEs(Sacred Stones, PoR)?

yeah, wat happened to ’em? Maybe they all died out by then?

also SOS sorry about that, won’t happen again 😥

SS is a very not the same area in there! so i’d say they are not in that game

Well I miss Lyn. She sucked but she was fun to use. :]

maybe theres different worlds? SS doesnt seem to have the same world as blazing sword…

Lyn dodges/criticals like crazy, and thats fun to watch

I give Lyn a slim sword so she can slowly pick away at the enemys 😈 .

whoa how do you do the demon smiley?

either “evil” or “twisted” in between 2 “:”s

👿 😈

😈 remember the land was drowned and the only contitnent left was that one (in SS) so maybe the Sacae plains were on a continent that drowned. 👿 🙂 cooooolio


cool 😀

sorry, couldn’t resist 😀

@ D14- when did the continents drown ?_? I don’t remember THAT happening.

i dont remember when its said, but deffenately sometime in PoR

Hey, since when are you the “Dark Flame”?
Can I be the “Happy Flame”? 😀

my title is “MT, the dark flame” on all the other sites i go to, so i figured i’de use it here too :}

well I thought it said in the beginning of BlaSwo that ….. Tellius was the only one to survive my bad :{

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