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Update, November 1st

Posted on: November 1, 2007

*Confetti falls everywhere* It’s time once again for me to give you an update on Fire Emblem Blog. What makes this update so special is…I actually got all the stuff done that I said I would! well…most of it anyways 😉 . 

first lets start with whats all new on Fire Emblem Blog since I last told you. Just like I said I would, I’ve gotten all the Path of Radiance official art up. Unfortunately, some are rather poor quality, but there the best I could get, honest! I also got all the playable character’s body sprites up from Path of Radiance…except Devdens (ask in the comments section if you want to know why) . and I have a couple character profiles up as well. I finished the Sacred Stones character profiles, which was a pain since I had to redo all the characters already done do to my new format X_X . Mathhewtheif got all the CGs up from both Blazing Sword and Sword of Seals, as well as the battle sprites from Blazing Sword.what else…oh yeah, I got some Radiant Dawn official art up,too. And on that note I’ll move onto the things to expect part.

As you all know the next game in the fire emblem series, Radiant Dawn, is to be released November…5th was it? That means that, maybe, I might be able to start working on the Radiant Dawn section by the end of the month. That all depends on how soon I win the game, after all I’m not going to have waited so long just to spoil myself to death -_- . I will probably play 1-2 chapters a day, and since fire emblems usually have about 30 chapters, a month just might be enough time 🙂 . Aside from that though you can look for the Path of Radiance section being 100% completed.

and last on my list of things to possibly do is November’s role-playing. As some of you might remember it will be a continuation of the previous role-playing. However, regardless of whether you took part in the previous role-playing or not, or if you died in the previous role-playing, doesn’t matter. the only thing making it a continuation is the storyline. I will post the role-play recruiting in about a week so make sure you don’t miss it.

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2 Questions:

1.) How would I go about getting weapons and stuff for RP-ing? It sounds like fun ^-^

and 2.) Is RD going to be released on anything except for wii? I don’t have one >.<

too bad I do its going to be awsome ^_^ i already paid for the whole game so alls i have to do is pick it up this monday this monday YAY!

okay, we non-wii-owners all envy you. 😀

HOWEVER, question 1 still stands.

to answer question 1:

the more you post the more gems you get, once you have some gems(you can find out how many you have on the gems and items page on the left under role playing) you can go to either the shop/armory(also under roleplaying on the left) and spend your gems

oooh… I see, so the more I post, the richer I become? Cool! I like money $-$

I MIGHT get that game. Depends on Future Shop having it in stock on Boxing Day. On the note of Newly released games, who’s getting Super Mario Galaxy?!?? My friend got it leaked. The graphics are amazing.

me! my younger brother reserved it and we piad THAT off as well so we can just go pick it up 🙂 out of 10 what would you give it 10 being Best Game Ever 1 would rather have played with Barbies <-*bleh*

I’ve never played it myself, but I have seen many 10/10 ratings for it. Must be good.

@everybody: roll playing is great! the new mario game is probably going to be like all the rest of the mario games. RD,, THAT WILL BE THE GREATEST GAME EVER. or not. can’t tell. but i know its goign to be cool. 😀

mmm hmm! You know it! I can’t wait.

yeah, so lynmaster are you going to be getting super smash bros brawl?

Do you really think you need to ask? Of course I am! SSBM will be hard to live up to, but SSBB can prally do it.

How did the last role play end? I was KIA (as usual).


Yeah, but he IS kind. HOWEVER, I never really used him- Nephenee is so much better.

Devdan: Cause Devdan likes to make you mad!

Devdans just kinda creepy 0_o’ look at his support with poor Nephenee..

Support C

Devdan: Yoo-hoo! Hey there, little one! Devdan has something to tell you.

Nephenee: What…is it?

Devdan: Devdan thinks that you look angry. Why are you always scowling? Small children will start to cry!

Nephenee: You…think so?

Devdan: It’s frightening to look at you! You had better start to smile more… or else! Being too serious is a bad business. Keep it up and your
life will end much sooner than you like!

Nephenee: Um…you’re scaring me.

Devdan: Is that right? Hmm… What’s your name?

Nephenee: Nephenee…

Devdan: Well then, Devdan will now teach Nephenee how to laugh. Don’t be shy! It will be fun!

Nephenee: All…right… Please don’t hurt me.

Support B

Devdan: I have something to tell you, Nephenee.

Nephenee: AAAAH! Um…y-yes, Devdan?

Devdan: You have that stern look again… You had better start to smile more… Or else! Remember what Devdan taught you the other day? You can
laugh for no reason at all!

Nephenee: I’m trying! I promise! I really am… See? Um… Heh heh…

Devdan: Trying? Oh, little one! All you have to do is to laugh like Devdan. Like this! Mua ha har hee ho hee hoo!

Nephenee: Well, it’s…it’s hard to laugh when you’re sad…and…terribly frightened.

Devdan: Nephenee always says things like that. Talking in such a quiet voice. It makes Devdan sad…and upset!

Nephenee: Eep!

Devdan: But more sad. Devdan once visited a village that was home to a girl like you. She was so good to poor Devdan… But one day, bandits came to the
village…and they killed her.

Nephenee: That’s terrible!

Devdan: She took herself too seriously. She should have stayed hidden with everyone else. Instead, she came out from hiding while Devdan was fighting the
bandits. She thought she had to do something herself… That’s why Devdan wants you to talk more, and smile more, too! One day…poof! It could be too
late for poor Nephenee!

Nephenee: Um…C-Commander Ike! Titania? Anyone…?

Support A

Nephenee: Um… Hello, D-Devdan.

Devdan: Mua ha har hee ho hee hoo! Nephenee never says hello first. That makes Devdan happy!

Nephenee: I’m smiling! See! So…happy… Smiling…so…hard…

Devdan: It is hard for Devdan to hear Nephenee say such things…

Nephenee: I-I’m sorry–

Devdan: Devdan loves to see people smile! That’s why Devdan smiles, too. But seeing a pained smile is sad. You try to smile because Devdan asked you to,
but you are still full of sorrow. It reminds Devdan of the dead child that you heard about the other day… The poor, dead child… Devdan is sorry,
Nephenee. Let us speak no more of it. I will get…upset.

Nephenee: U-upset? D-don’t do that, Devdan!

Devdan: Mmmmm…

Nephenee: Maybe I’ve been…uh…too negative! If I think positive, I’ll smile a lot. Like you! See?!

Devdan: Of course you will! A smile helps you and your friends! Can you smile wider? Here, Devdan will help!

Nephenee: Ah! Wait! No! Look, I got it! Smile, Nephenee… Smile big… Smile and back away…

psychopath -_- .

anyways to answer shinigami ninjas question, the role-playing ended with you being necromanced (bet you wish you had stuck around 🙂 ) . though whether or not everybody will have the same roles im not sure.

man man man i can’t see May fighting with a axe. n_n’ …

haha yeah… I want to RP, but I wasn’t in the last one. Any way in?

yeah, Saint’ll be posting the role playing recruiting on the 5th

Awesome! Can I claim S lance general w/ fighter as assistant yet, or must I wait?

How long will it be up since the fifth is u know….. 🙂 and I will be busy for a while. And are we still same countries or what?

only saint knows. we could be fused for all i know.

he usually keeps the recruiting up a good amount of days

cool. I’ll look for it tomorrow then.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to join in. If I get Radiant Dawn soon I’ll be an FE zombie for the next week.

aaugh! I need a Wii! *Pant Pant* “Must… have… WII!

the actual role-playing dosen’t start until the tenth, so you’ll have time to recover 🙂 .

i have a Wii. but i’m going to go see Dragon ball Z on jet screen now. bye.

jet screen? whuzzat?


they have animes that you can watch on it.

oh. KK thanks

its pretty good but once you see there are new animes wait a day before watching em cause it will lag and freeze and abunch of other crud. after the day they run much smooother 🙂

cool I’ll have to visit it.

yes i hate how i have to restart it it runs so bad. but i like it. but they have good shows.

RD is the absolute best. I don’t know why people say its hard, I only lost one person and beat the game.

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