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Role-Play Recruiting

Posted on: November 5, 2007

Its once again time to choose which class you’ll be using to beat the tar out of people, as well as which side you’ll be beating the tar out of 😀 ! .


As some of you may know, the “plot” for this role-playing , however lacking it may be, will be based off of the previous role-playing: “Broken Treaty” (For those of you who missed it, I suggest you go and read the intro, as well as the last few posts so you can get the idea of what the “plot” was) . So yes, this role-playing is more or less a sequel to the previous one, however that will play no part in who/what you are in this one.

Before I go on with the class selection I want to go over the basic rules of RPing (role-playing). FE Blog uses a map for the RPing, it is divided in squares much the same as it is in the actual game of fire emblem. Everyone participating in the RPing will be given a spot on which they will start, and each turn they get they are allowed to move one square by stating there current location and the location they wish to move to. In much the same way you select a foe to attack by moving on there current position or, if you have a “throw” weapon, magic, or a bow, you may attack from the square right next to the enemy (you can not attack side to side unless you have a long bow or long ranged magic). when you attack your foe with a weapon that’s range is equal to your opponents weapon range (sword vs axe, bow vs fire, etc) they will be allowed to counter attack. here is an example of a basic battle;

Player A moves to the same square as Player B,
Player A attacks Player B,
Player B is damaged,
Player B counterattacks,
Player A is damaged.

At this point it is now Player B’s turn. Player B can either battle Player A again, retreat, or any other basic action. You may not attack someone who is currently battling someone else.Also, just because your opponent hasn’t responded since the last time you checked does not mean they skipped there turn, however if someone being attacked does not respond within a day and a half, there turn will be considered over. Turns are simply when you post. You must wait until four unique posts have been made before you post again, unless a day and a half has passed since your last post.

and now onto the selection process:

•Choose your name.

•Select which Class you will be in the role-playing:

Paladin: HP: 40 – STR:15 – DEF:10 – RES:8 .
Can equip: Swords,Axes, and Lances .
Balance: S-C-E .

General: HP: 45 – STR:18 – DEF:15 – RES:5 .
Can equip: Lances, and axes.
Balance: S-D .

Warrior: HP:55 – STR:20 – DEF:6 – RES:2 .
Can equip: Axes and Bows.
Balance: S-B .

Sniper: HP: 30 – STR:12 – DEF: 8 – RES:5 .
Can equip: Bows.
MUST attack a square away.
Balance: S .

Swordmaster: HP: 35 – STR: 10 – DEF: 6 – RES: 5 .
Can equip: Swords.
Automatic 1/6 critical with any sword.
Balance: S .

Wyvern Lord: HP:40 – STR:15 – DEF: 15 – RES:5 .
Can equip: Swords and Lances .
Can fly, x3 damage by arrows/wind magic.
Balance: S-E .

Falco Knight: HP: 30 – STR:12 – DEF:8 – RES:15 .
Can equip: Swords and Lances .
Can fly, x3 damage by arrows/wind magic .
Balance: S-C .

Sage: HP:35 – MAG: 15 – DEF: 8 – RES:12 .
Can equip: Anima magic and Staffs.
Balance: S-D .

Druid: HP:30 – MAG:20 – DEF: 5 – RES:20 .
Can equip: Dark magic and Staffs.
Balance: S-E

Bishop: HP: 35 MAG:18 DEF:5 RES:15 .
Can equip: Light magic and Staffs.
Balance: S-B .

 [Fly: can cross over water,mountains, and is not effected by terrain]
[Balance: which weapon levels are allowed for the Class (i.e: S on Lances, E on Swords) . each one may only be used once]

•Select the order of your classes weapon rank

•Choose your assistants name

•Select a class for your assistants:

Archer: HP:25 – STR:8 – DEF:5 – RES:2 .
can equip: bows.

Fighter: HP:30 – STR:15 – DEF:4 – RES:0 .
can equip: axes.

Myrdrimon: HP:28 – STR:8 – DEF:5 – RES:4 .
can equip: swords

Knight: HP:28 – STR:10 – DEF:12 – RES:0 .
can equip: lances

Dancer: HP:15 – STR:0 – DEF:5 – RES:10  .
cannot equip weapons.
Only need to wait for two uniqe posts before you post again

Cleric: HP: 18 – MAG:8 – DEF:2 – RES:8  .
can equip: staffs .

Shaman: HP:20 – MAG:16 – DEF:4 – RES:8 .
can equip: dark magic

Mage: HP: 19 – MAG:9 – DEF:5 – RES:8 .
can equip: anima magic.

Monk: HP: 18 – MAG: 12 – DEF:2 – RES:7 .
can equip: light magic.

[all unpromoted classes can only use up to B ranked weapons]

Select which side you will be on:

Zamino    –    Minta       –      Arola   

after you figure out all your answers post them in the comments section below. all answers are changeable until the role-playing starts. the role-playing will start on November 10th . at that time all shops will be closed.

well, have fun 🙂 . If you have any questions ask in the comments section below.

by Saint Of Swords fran1.gif



47 Responses to "Role-Play Recruiting"

CLASS: GENERAL (S on axes)



Shadow Luigi/Wyvern Lord (by the way can i have S on swords?)

assistant: Linebeck/Shaman. n_n


O MT! That HURTS! You knew I wanted a Gen./Dancer combo, didn’t you? but HOW?!? Grr… I guess I’ll settle 😀

wep. lvs.: S Lance, C axe, E sword.

Assistant’s name: Reaper
class: Fighter

side: Minta sounds fun

to even things out i guess i’ll go on Arola 😕

Name:Caim Nickname:Dragoon
Class:wyvern lord (s on lances e on swords)
Assistant: Soren Cass:mage
Side: Minta (UZM u promised so your on Minta too 😉 )

haha we will destroy you all!

All the foolish mortals of Zamino will PERISSSHHH!!!

Name: Abbadon the Despoiler

Class: General

S: Lance

E: Axe

Assistant: Huron Blackheart

Class: Knight

B: Lances

Side: Zamino

note to everyone: Saint told me lastnight that multible people can have the same classes, like, Lynmaster you can be a general with a dancer ^_^ its not to late

can i have a S on swords?

@Shadow Luigi:
yes, but you will then be an E on lances.

fine then.


I’ll take an S lance General with a Dancer, then.

However, Reaper is not a very good name for her, so I shall call her Squishy, and she shall be my Squishy 😉 JKJK No, let’s call her Katie.

oh I forgot! C in axes, too!

(sorry to DP)

Name: Elan (pronounced Eelin)

… I am a sage. S on Magic and E on Res.

Assistants name: Orochimaru

Class: Myrmidon.

B Weapon: Haven’t decided yet. I’ll get back to you on that.

Side: Minta, duh. I promised. And I have a bone to pick with Zamino… heh heh.

Ppth… silly me.

E weapon:Slim Sword for my pal Orochimaru here. Thanks.

… I must be confused today. I meant to say S on Anima Tomes and E on Staves… I’m sorry.

Linebeck: OH YEAH lets get started!

i bought my supplies :} i wish i could give Tidus something… like a gem ;p

maybe I’ll switch back to gold sometime and give gems away as prizes 🙂 .

anyways after much thinking heres my stuff:

Name: Saint
Class: Druid, S on dark magic, E on Staffs.
Assistants name: Fran
Assistants class: Cleric
Sided with: Arola .

@ SOS: that would be pretty cool, but what would the exchange rate be, and 1 GP/post isn’t much, so that would need to change (right?). BTW what is the sale price for items? (i.e. half, or full refund?)


You don’t know if the alliances have changed or not so don’t boo anyone yet Mr. My-dancer-has-the-most-generic-girls-name-ever.

hey we are on the same sides SN.

Hey now, don’t go dissin’ on the name, that’s my GF’s name!

*Looks suspiciously side-to-side* “she’s watching meeee…” 😀

oh kayyyyy so what are the offical listings of people so far? Minta rocks 🙂 (am I still king?)


Shadow Luigi: Zamino
Shinigami Ninja: Zamino

Lynmaster1015: Minta
Dragoon14: Minta
Uberzeldamaster: Minta

Saint of Swords: Arola
MT: Arola

I havnt picked ranks yet, but in general you arnt the king for sure.

ok whens it going to be?

OH! Well HUMPH! *looks away from SOS, offended* 😀

but why not? come ooooooooonnnnn! please please please please pleeeeaasse LOL

In PoR Ashnard was KIng and he was a Wyvern Lord so naturally….. 🙂

but what if i want to be king? not in my dreams. i would not want to be a king to boring.

@ SL it would be a prince and he would be necromanced so hed be a puppet to whover isn’t the prince (only 2 zamino people ;))

todays the last day to join the role-playing. If you dont join today you can always join during the first 5 days of the role-playing, however you will not receive high posistions


yeah… lets go..

that was LAME SL! Surely you can do better than THAT! 😆

SL, you sound like “sad sack” fron bobo bobo bo :p

bobobo bleh not really funny I think 😉 but (in the words of sean)5 4 3 2 1 KICK IT HOMY! 😆

yeah that show’s just weird.

you guys cant appreciate humor 😆

so? we can laugh so we know funny (sort of 😉 )

not so…many sadistic or otherwise insane villians are famus for their laughing. that said, not everyone who laughs can appreciate humor 😛 .

heh heh heh.. or whatever…… lets just do this..

… *bo-bo-boish voice* I KICK YOUR BUTT!! Ha ha… that show is to funny. Just… hard to understand. And stupid.

sigh, I wish i was in RPing

Saint can squeeze you in :} just fill out the info in the article

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