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Poll: Hardest Last Chapter

Posted on: November 7, 2007

Back in the day, when FE Blog was just starting up, I used to do a poll every now and again. Except things got busy as FE Blog began to progres and well, like many great things…I forgot about it :/ . ah well…I finally remembered again.

Which Game Do You Think Has The Hardest Final Chapter?

1) Sword Of Seals

2) Blazing Sword

3) Sacred Stones

4) Path Of Radience

5) Other


If you would be so kind, also state your reasons for choosing the chapter you do. “Final chapter” by the way, refers to the board in which you defeat the last boss, but in the case of FE6: Sword of Seals, it refers to the board that you defeat Jahn in.

BTW, you can only vote once ๐Ÿ™‚ .

by Saint Of Swords rikku1.gif


42 Responses to "Poll: Hardest Last Chapter"

Sword Of Seals.

FE7, cause all the bosses in it are hard 0_0.. all 6 was, was killing mamukes :\

Blazing Sword- It took me FOREVER to kill that dragon! SS was WAAAY too easy though.

Hey I want FE6, know of any way I can get my hands on a copy? Also what system is it for, GBC or GBA?

its for game boy advance and nintendo DS. ๐Ÿ™‚

its playable on DS..

definitely blazing sword path of radiance ike solod with mostly silver sword but rangell for bryce and ashnard

I can’t decide between BLazing Sword or SS though Ill have to go with Blazing Sword cause when those doors open and the annoying people come out every turn its hard

@ ShadLui: so can I buy it @ target, or where can I find one?

@ D14: you thought SS was hard? I beat the demon king in less than 5 mins.!

dfferent people have different stratagies so u might have had characters that were better than mine or used different tactics than me thus allowing u to beat dk in 5 minutes. and go to a gamestop or EB games to get it used. ebay

SS’s last chapter is hard if you dont have enough mages

all of them are very easy but if I had to choose i would say Fire Emblem:Blazing Sword

about FE 6:
the games very hard to get since its a jappanese game only, ebay or amazon might work..

about last chapters being easy:
it depends on what mode your on, what characters you used, and how they turned out

I think Sacred Stones has the hardest last chapter, mainly because of the draco zombies.

@ SOS: the last CHAPTER is hard, but the last boss isn’t (for me)

@ D14: Does Gamestop sell Jap. games? never seen em there

@ MT: Hmm… any way I can get it in English?

to many answers. not enough time..

wait your looking for Blazing Sword right than my bad. GS sells SS not BlaSwo

you probally wont be able to find 6 anywhere besides online, and no, its only in jappanese

uhhh…uhhhhhhh……………….Path of Radiance, just to be different. I haven’t really played any of them, and I lost the danged disc cleaner right after I cleaned Windwaker, so I have to go back to EB games and spend another 7 dollars to buy it for PoR >.<

sorry.. but i still think SOS’s is harder. (and i’m not talking about saint)

I can’t remember where I got BlaSwo though I think I MIGHT HAVE been from an EB games a couple years ago. I don’t rememeber ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Blazing Sword. SS was a cakewalk and PoR was just a typical chapter with a boss at the end. From what I’ve played so far though I predict Radiant Dawn will have the hardest last chapter. I’m on chapter six and so far I’ve only gone one mission without restarting. A word to the wise: PLAY IT ON EASY THE FIRST TIME THROUGH!!!

And Amazon doesn’t work for getting japanese games. Geographical restrictions or something retarded like that.

… Sacred STones. It was the only game I ever managed to play. T_T

really? oh…

SS is hard if you dont have enough mages, and PoR is hard on hard mode, hope the last chapter in RD is VERY hard :p

good luck with that MT i’ve had to restart a couple times (missed treasure or somebody dies [stupid people{priest}]) I play on easy what chap you on?

@ MT: That’s prally why SS is so easy for me- MY mages never die. ๐Ÿ˜‰

nor do mine.

Nor mine. ^_^

I think that FF7 definitely had the hardest final chapter.

I just pumped out big bosses every turn…

and if Anthos died… oh good god…

@ Erk: Three things: Why are you talking about Final Fantasy on FE blog?, how do YOU pump out bosses?, and who’s Anthos? I know Athos…


hey Erk ^_^ happy to see you here :}

Athos can easily get killed by that bishop 0_o” and the brothers, i usually trade him the iron rune before sending him to fight the bishop

MT what are you talking aboutO__o your acting like SL (no offense SL)

*blinks* i know Erk from another site.. and i was talking about Athos fighting Kennith in the last chapter, sorry if i confused anyone

I haven’t gotten there yet, but my vote goes to Radiant Dawn (other). That game is impossible!

yeah so far that game is BAD its so hard. but i do like the people in it. ๐Ÿ™‚

so what’s the tally so far?

yeah i cant get SoS so i dont know about that one i would have to well actully i think they are all easy but lets go with blazing sword oh and raven is the best foooooooooooooooooooooooooo

[No indecent comments]

O_O okayyyyyyy
@ SL but RD isn’t THAT hard is it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

… Wow. Speaking of Mages, Mine were so tough that I could easily beat a boss in an upwards of 5 minutes or less, heh heh.

FE7 is the hardest. I hate Linus, Lloyd, and the dragon.

Those guys were horrible. So many casualties… *shivers* lemme tell y’all youngun’s a story o’ mine…

just kidding. My stories suck. Heh heh, I’m not very imaginative.

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