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Role-Playing: The End (Update)

Posted on: November 10, 2007

Update: I finally got the RPing fixed. please read the following information before you resume.

only you or your assistant can make a move per turn.
assistants move with you.
if your assistant makes a move they will be in front and as a result they will engage in any battles.
You cannot attack someone who is already in a battle.
You must wait for three posts after your previous one before you post again (1 if your assistant is a dancer).
your turn doesn’t happen until you actually post.
before making a move,you must post the following :



Action: Attack
Target: Player A
Item: Iron Sword

example 2:

Action: Flee
Target: area 2A
Item: Vulenary

(If you are counter-attacking simply state so, then take your turn)

If you do not post in the following way you post will unfortunately be deleted. this is not because I hate you or because I don’t have patience ๐Ÿ™‚ , its because if I don’t the RPing will become too confusing.

here are the role-players and there info.

Name: MT (MatthewThief)
Title: Former General of Arola
Class: General.
Stats: HP: 45 – STR:18 – DEF:15 – RES:5 .
Inventory: (Basilikos) – ( Bolt Axe) – (Elixer [3] ) – (empty) – (empty) .
Assistant: Tidus.
Assistant’s Class: Dancer.
Assistant’s Stats: HP:15 – STR:0 – DEF:5 – RES:10 .
Starts on: 5A


Name: Saint ( Saint Of Swords)
Title: Ancient Scholar
Class: Druid.
Stats: HP:30 – MAG:20 – DEF: 5 – RES:20 .
Inventory: ( Gespenst) – ( Luna ) – ( Physic) – ( Elixer [3] ) – ( Speed Wings) .
Assistant: Fran.
Assistants Class: Cleric.
Assistants Stats:HP: 18 – MAG:8 – DEF:2 – RES:8
Starts on: 5b


Name: Caim (Dragoon14)
Title: Emperor of Minta .
Class: Wyvern Lord.
Stats: HP:40 – STR:15 – DEF: 15 – RES:5 .
Inventory: ( AirCalibur ) – ( Vulenary (3) ) – ( Brave Lance) – (Flame Lance) – ( Rex Hasta)
Assistant: Soren .
Assistant’s Class: Mage .
Assistants Stats: HP: 19 – MAG:9 – DEF:5 – RES:8 .
Starts on: 2A


Name: Taelord (LynMaster 1015) .
Class: Knight Commander of Minta
Class: Paladin.
Stats: HP: 40 – STR:15 – DEF:10 – RES:8 .
Inventory: ( Flame Lance)-( Devil Axe)-( Vulenary)-(empty)-(empty)
Assistant: Katie .
Assistant’s Class: Dancer .
Assistants Stats: HP:15 – STR:0 – DEF:5 – RES:10 .
Starts on: 2B .


Name: Elan (Uberzeldamaster)
Title: Emperors Advisor.
Class: Sage
Stats: HP:ย 24 – MAG: 15 – DEF: 8 – RES:12 .
Inventory: (Tornado)-( Slim Sword)-(empty)-(empty)-(empty)
Assistant: Orochimaru .
Assistant’s Class: Myrdrimon .
Assistants Stats: HP:3 – STR:8 – DEF:5 – RES:4 .


Name: Shadow Luigi (Shadow Luigi)
Title: Former Sky Commander of Zamino .
Class: Wyvern Lord.
Stats: HP:40 – STR:15 – DEF: 15 – RES:5 .
Inventory: ( Regal Blade) – ( Nosferatu) – ( Vulenary [3]) – ( Speed Wing) -( Rune Sword) .
Assistant: Linebeck
Assistant’s Class: Shaman
Assistants Stats: HP:20 – MAG:16 – DEF:4 – RES:8 .


Dark Warlock (Saint Of Swords)
Title: Ruler of Zamino .
Class: Great General.
Stats: HP: 50 – STR: 20 – DEF:20 – RES: 15.
Inventory: (Rex Hasta) – (Basilikos) – (Gespenst) – (Fenrir) – (Emblem Seal)
Posistion: 1H

(โ†‘โ†“ Linked)

Name: Great Wizard
Class: Supreme Druid.
Stats: HP: 45 – MAG: 30 – DEF: 15 – RES: 50 .
Inventory: (Gespenst) – (Fenrir)
Posistion: 4C


Name: Abbadon the Despoiler (Shinigami Ninja)
Title: General of Zamino .
Class: General.
Stats: HP: 15 – STR:18 – DEF:15 – RES:5
Inventory: ( Wo Dao) – ( Thunder Tome) -( Rex Hasta)-( Vague Katti) – ( Steel Lance)
Assistant: Huron Blackheart .
Assistant’s Class: Knight .
Assistants Stats: HP:28 – STR:10 – DEF:12 – RES:0 .
posistion: A3


Long ago there was a great war between the country of Zamino and the countries of Arola and Minta. The Prince of Zamino is said to have started this war for reasons never to be discovered, aided by the powerful great wizard. The war would have been a complete victory for Zamino, however the king of Arola and the Emperor of Minta retaliated. Blows were exchanged faster then some could keep up with, the most notable would be the falls of the King of Arola, The Emperor of Minta, and even the Prince of Zamino. Though even without there leaders, the countries still waged war; Minta led by the kings assistant, and Zamino by the Great Wizard. Arola had lost its leader, and was forced to rely on there military strength.

The Great Wizard would have been defeated, however using a powerful necromancy spell, he was able to revive the prince of Zamino and drown the continent in the flames of war….

many years have passed since then. Zamino controls the continent, opposed only by the Empire of Minta. Arola has long since been defeated.


118 Responses to "Role-Playing: The End (Update)"

Dark Warlock: Atend me Zaminian generals, I would have you hear my orders! you are both to attack the Palace of Minta. General of Zamino; lead the assault. Sky Commander; you are to follow the general until you near Minta teritory. at this time you will part ways and attack from the south. do NOT disapoint me.

SL: sir yes sir! well lets go Abbadon. Linebeck: ohhh i didn’t know this would be so…. real. and i thought this would be smooth sailing.. *sigh* SL: come on linebeck. *goes to area G3*

Caim: Elan! where are you? I need your advise! Darn that man where is he I can never find him.
Soren: My lord maybe bacause we’re in a CASTLE!
Caim: no need to be so critical soren. *heads down a hall way*

Taelord: Elan! Blast, where IS that man!?!
Katie: Perhaps he’s in another part of the palace?
Taelord: Argh… I don’t have time for this. We must inform him of Zamino’s plans!

*heads for 2A*

Ooc: so how long is it until I can go again?
[SoS: you have a dancer so you have to wait until two people post infront of you]

[OoC]nope if you don’t have a dancer you have to wait intill 4 more people post. yes i know its annoying but i only need one more person. n_n[OoC]

MT: *sigh* sounds like war again, i’ve given up on fighting years ago..

Tidus: but, if were captured..

MT: *thinking* and its my fault, all i wanted was my own kingdom, somewhere where we could be safe..

Tidus: im tired..

MT: fine then, we’ll just stay here for the night…

OOC: I have a dancer, sooo… I only have to wait for 2 people to go, right? Also, on my turn, will I be on 2A, or is something else required?

OOC: OH MAN! I watched Elektra last night, and it ROCKED! So Katie is now named Elektra. WOOHOO!

[sorry, but its too late to change any characters names]

… I was in the kicthn, like always. You know I meet you here in the morning, every single day. And, while you were out looking for me, I devised a strategy that might work. Orochimaru, would you be so kind…?

Orochimaru:Yes sir. From what I can tell, Zaminos forces are all very powerful, and almost match us in numbers. The only way we could ever defeat them is if we cornered one and killed him/her, then chasing another one. If we kill them off in that fashion, then we should manage to kill then all without too many casualties on our side. ARola would have to help too, I mean, they… well, you know. Is this a good plan? but… if this is not possible, we are to converge, every single one of us, Arola included, to
Minta Palace, where I preside now, and await their attack. Get ready while you can.

Oh, wait, I havent made a move yet, have I? Ok then. I will continue to move south until I reach the village. But before I do so… *sccribbles the strategy stated above on a piece of paper* there. Now, I must leave. To the village in the south! *starts from 2A and moves to 3A

*moves to E4*

SL: heh heh heh…. i have a feeling this is going to be fun. Linebeck: ohh ahhh what do you mean by that? SL: killing every last one of them. heh heh…. Linebeck: ohh if you must. i mean i can’t stop you. hmmmm so lets move with most haste! SL: yeah! they won’t be able to move there fingers when i’m done with them. Linebeck: hmmm its sound easy to be bad.

OoC can fliers only take one turn to cross deserts cause we’re fliers ?_? OoC
[SoS: yes]
Caim: hm thats a good plan. I will go and see if I can get any info from any villages *heads B2* Taelord you and Katie remain here to gurd the palace.
OoC is Arola supposed to be in the middle of a sea?OoC

*moves to 7B*

Tidus: we should wait for the Scholar..

MT: yeah, i cant take a magical attack to good, plus i heard he has a healer with him

*moves from 7c to 7b*
Saint: sorry I took so long, I was preoccupied. now then…do you have some sort of plan?

Taelord: *Big sigh* BOORED!
Katie: Yes, it’s boring now, but wait until Zamino’s forces get here! We will be HEROES!
Taelord: *inches away* Ooookaaaay…

Ooc: SOS are you a double agent or what? I thought you were The Dark Warlock ?_?

[MT: the dark warlock is kinda like a NPC that will kill you, its really nobody just there for the plot, but he can still kill you]

*moves to D4* SL: heh heh heh… HAHAHA i’m almost there! Linebeck: come now must you be so hastey. SL: yes i must. i have to obey the master remember? man if only i could ne king but that will never happen.

Taelord: Dum di di di dum… Wait! Who approaches from the southeast? No! no! anyone but him!!! Caim?!? Elan?!? A little help here?!? AAAAAHHH!!! I REQUIRE AID!!!

Head’s to 1G.

Relax Im only right next door so no need to worry. and YOUR the one who is SUPPOSED to be the CAPTAIN of the GUARD! show some backbone! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ now who dare appraoches MY LANDS!? *moves 2c*

*Moves 2G* This is taking to long. Can’t I have a plot device to warp me to my location. I want some magic powder.

[You cant take a turn until there are 4 unique posts after your last one (unles you have a dancer) ]

Dark Warlock: SILENCE! Does your weakness run so deep that you can not even cross a forest, Zaminian General!? . Very well, but know that all things bare a price *Warps Abbadon to D4, Abbadon loses 8 HP*

MT: yes, if the enemies are sepperated we could ambush them one at a time

Saint: I see…then I will aid you for as long as my powers allow it.

Taelord:Hmm, a viable plan,Katie, but what about the two generals? They approach rapidly from the southeast. How are we to divide and conquer THEM, hmm?
Katie:I have a plan: Either you or Elan will distract the two generals, while the other sneaks up and attacks from the rear. POW! After one general is gone, there’s no way he can take two of you at once!
T:Good, but, who should attack who?
K:You could probably take Abbadon, and SL would easily fall at the hands of Elan.
T:A brilliant plan once again!

*goe to area C4*

SL: MUHAHAHAHA come out you cowards! Linebeck: oh no the great battle is coming. oh he could be in some trouble.. SL: heh heh HEH! come out!

Soren: that will not work My lord!
Caim: says who? it will definatley produce some good results.
Soren: but really? it will seem as if…… very well.
*moves 1D*

*moves to c3*
Oh grim gods of battle, feed our steel with slaughter, anoint with the crimson rain, grant us eternal victory, till we die a warriors death.

Taelord: Aargh where is Elan? For our plan to work, we need him!
Katie: He can’t have gone far, shall I fetch him for you?
Taelord: No, I have an easier way. ELAN! OH ELAN! YOUR MOMMY’S CALLING!
Katie: Well, that’s one way to get his attention…
Taelord: Quick, hide before he kills us! *hides behind pillar* Hurry!…

*moves to 7a*

*visits village*
[The great forest of Minta has been decimated over the years, but nontheless its still difficult to move through, maybe even worse then before! here, this might help you *gives Silver Lance*]

MT: Tidus, we wait for Saint now..

Tidus: then maybe we can figure out what were going to do..

MT: i dont know if Minta is still sided with us.. we cant do anything until then..

*moves to 7A*

saint: alright…you can lead, I’ll follow. if we encounter anyone skilled in magic I will take the front. by moving this way we will be sure to take minimul damage and minimul casualties.
Fran: that said, I believe we should move north from here, the mintians are sure to welcome our aid…they are losing the war after all.

*moves to B4* SL: muhahahahahah! come out i know your in there muhahahahhahahaha! Linebeck: shhhhhh! don’t talk so loud.. SL: and why should i? Linebeck.. i know your my best friend but i’m not just some tree full of apples. i must get rid of those fools! hmmmm is that?? NO! it couldn’t be! E—ELAN?

*Moves to village e1*Caim: well we’re here lets see if we can get some aid.
Soren: do not count on it these people have no vlues who you are so they won’t go out of their way to help you.
Caim: not every village is like that. just trust in the goodwill of others and we will be all right
Soren: you haven’t seen what I have my lord

*Moves to B3*
All shall perish.

Taelord: Minta will destroy Zamino! Even if it is just me and Caim…

[SoS: ok, since the RPing isnt going so good im going to change the posting limit. you need only wait for three unigue posts before posting again, and if you have a dancer you may post every other post, but must wait atleast two hours]

OoC I will post now but if Im not supposed to I will wait for four moreOoC
Caim: well this village seams to be deserted maybe it was a waste of time to come here. We will rest here for a while ok soren.
Soren: I would prefer to be at the castle.
Caim: you will live for another 3 hours

*moves to A4* SL: muhahahhaa! come out i will get you if you don’t! wait. i will get you anyway! hahahahahaha! Linebeck: heh heh heh…. i’m not so sure about thi— SL: come on linebeck we can’t just sit here! [note: “somebody” from minta “might” be able to make SL good.]

*moves to 6a*

*Tidus dances*

MT: heh, ok, i’ll take lead

Tidus: ok follow close behind Saint

Taelord: Blast! I cannot fight an old friend like this…
T: Oh, nothing, just thinking aloud…
K: Well stop thinking and act already! *shoves Taelord*
T: Gah! Fine! *grabs flame lance and moves to castle entrance* There must be something I can do to avoid this fight…

OOC: what happened to UZM? He could be very helpful.

*[SoS: your in a forest square, you have to wait two turns before moving again (pretty much you can move again on your next post)]*

Blackheart, prepare for the bloodletting!!
Huron: Yes, Lord Abbadon.

*moves to 6A*

saint: …they are just ripples now, but I sence they will become stronger. the true intent hidden within…I see it now.

fran: Minta palace is not far now, however that is merely in terms of distance. crossing through what was once the forest of minta may well take great time.
saint: then perhaps we should move to the forests border and let the mintians come to us.

*[But I waited six posts. Can I move to 3A now?]*
[SoS: I guess you could look at it two ways. all you have to do is post once while in a forest area and then on your next turn you can move again. but yeah you can move now]

*moves to A3*

SL: ……… Linebeck: huh?? your so… well.. non yelly. its not like you. SL: *sigh* yes i know. but well… i they were…. my best friends…. Linebeck: they couldn’t be! SL: i…. i… i have to fight! its my only reason for liveing. i must make him proud! Linebeck: now your talking! thats the person i know!

Taelord: Come on SL!! I’m waiting for you! *sighs* ooh… what am I gonna do about him? He’ll definitely recognise me! ooh Nooo!…

Caim: turns out this village was a waste of time
Soren: I told you
Caim well let’s go *heads from E1 to D2* I wonder why that village was deserted?
Soren: the zaminans must have come earlier and wiped it out.
Caim: those monsters!
Soren: and while we were out here “gathering info” the zaminans have about reached the castle.
Caim: Let’s go they will not take my castle. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

*moves to 5a*

Tidus: over there.. i think i see the enemy!

MT: ok! I’ll take lead!

*moves to 2B*

*moves to 5A*

saint: ….!
Fran: what is it?
saint: its coming! the source of the dark energy I have been feeling. soon…this place will be a graveyard!

*moves to A2*

SL: heh heh.. its been a long time….. what have you been doing with your self? you have always been a weak minded fool! but alass. being on the side of darkness isn’t all its cracked up to be you know… some times i wish i could…. just, well thats none of your concern. battle me and face true darkness! Linebeck: hmmmm who are those people coming from below? SL: !!!! Linebeck: ?? what is it? SL: ! oh no! tae lord! i…… don’t know whats going on but… i….. use your live well for i have no choice.. *attacks lond ranged with rune sword*

Caim: Gagh die *moves C2 and attcks Abbadon with Rex Hasta from behind*

And do you enjoy hitting at air? Read the rules in the signup section, you gotta be in the same space as me.

(who are you attacking SL, and what weapon are you using?)

He’s attacking Taelord with a rune sword.

[waiting for reply] …..

OoC whoops hehe my bad. I ment to say attacks with FLAME lance so it might count but if notOoC
Caim: hm how about this *attcks SN Abbadon from 2c with FLAME lance*

[deals 14 damage]

*Moves to the fort at 2A*

Huron, defend me whilst I rest.

MT: halt for now, its much to risky to attack the enemy when their in a group

*in zamino castle*

Dark Warlock:for insects they defend themselves quite well.
Great Wizard: then perhaps I should personaly exchange niceties with them…hehe.
Dark Warlock: see to it…I will not have my work be for nothing! Arola has fallen…all that remains is Minta. destroy it and my dream shall be realized!
*The Great Wizard has warped to 6E*

Taelord engage the enemy while I defend the outskirts of our knigdom. Come on you Curs care to try me? I want too have SOME fun before you die.

*moves to A3* SL: hmmmmm… is… that you dragoon? hmmmm… i would lose everything i stand for if i die to you! prepare yourself! *attacks with regal sword*

*sigh*… I’m here Emperor. *move back to 2a*

Apparently, I can not travel a mile without you needing my assistance, so I shall remain here from now on.


Cmon, Orochimaru, we don’t want to be late.

Emperor, my advice to you. Stay in Minta Palace, and once we see the first Zaminian forces, we will all attack that one person. *OoC Sos, if it is possible, could you make it so that only Arola and Minta people can see this post? Or at least pretend you can’t “hear” us. end OoC*

Emperor, this way, we can quickly and effectively kill one person, and then focus on the others. They will quickly fall if we all focus on one of them at a time, even if they try to kill us all at once! This is a good strategy, no? And if you need me, I’m eating an apple in the kitchens. Again.

Ah man, I suck at remembering things. Sos, I have a question. Is fighting possible from one square away, (I.E. I am at A2 and someone else is at A3, is it possible to attack them?) or is it limited to the same coordinate?
[SoS: only if you have a long ranged weapon]

OoC same cooridinate unless youhave a longrang weapon then you can attack like that *see battle btween me and SN* and we aren’t allowed to gang up on players though if you can heal that would be a great help ๐Ÿ™‚ *
Caim:SL as your comrade said do you enjoy hitting air im on 2c but if you wish *moves to 2b* Elan it is good to know your back. though I must say it seems that you have either been hiding or had something better to do. A love affair maybe? Hahaha but Taelord needs your help. and if not send him over here this miscreant approaching should be a perfect match for him and Katie.

HOW DID YOU KNOW?! *quickly recomposes self* just kidding. Actually the forest proved a bad obstacle to have to travel through. So, I came back. Heh heh. Prepare yourself (Sos said we can’t gang up on people, waaaaaaa! so pick a strong person and throw your state of being at him!)!

*Battle Command* As soon as the first Zamino forces step across into my space (wait, isn’t Tornado a long range tome?) or as soon as I am allowed to attack. Orochimaru will attack too.
[SoS: only you or your assistant can attack per turn]

OoC: I may not be able to get on in quite awhile, which is why I am posting my battle commands ahead of time. End: OoC.
[SoS: I cant make any promises unfortunately]

*moves to 5B*

Tidus: theres a fort here, it should provide some advantage if were attacked.

MT: rushing the enemy is foolishness, we will wait here for the enemy to aproach us.

*the great wizard has warped to 4c*

Great Wizard: So now then, who shall have the horor-I mean honor of meeting me first?! how about that one?

action: move
item: Flame Lance

Taelord: Haha! I’m here and rarin’ to kill someone! I won’t hide anymore! SL! We need to TALK!
Katie: haah…haah… can’t I ride with you? I hate running!
Taelord: Get your own horse.
Katie: Whaaat?!?
Taelord: Only joking, don’t go all fuzzy bunny on me. *pulls Katie onto horse*
Katie: Fuzzy bunny? weirdo…

OoC: Katie cheated on me w/my best friend, are you SURE I can’t change her name?
(Katie was my GF @ the time, but not anymore) >.<

[SoS: fine, post her new name in your next post and i’ll change it]

*Attacks UZM from the fort at 2A with Rex Hasta* Now die you impetuous scum. Feel the wrath of the demons.

Oh, hey the rules changed. i just saw that. hehe. Okay so in the offficial FEBlog RP Parser:

Action: Attack
Target: UZM
Item: Rex Hasta.

Action: Attack.

Target: Shinigami Ninja.

Item used: Tornado Tome.

Heh, how are you holding up, Matthew Thief?

Taelord: *approaches SL* SL! my friend… I will not fight you. I ask only that you do the same. *dismounts Nitemare* Please, know that it was all my fault, and I ask for your forgiveness. I truly am sorry for your loss. Please… *falls onto knees* forgive me!

Iole (pronounced EYE-oh-lee) : what have you done?

OoC: Thanks, SOS. Maybe a goddess won’t cheat me ๐Ÿ˜‰

the rules look do hard… man!

oh ok now i get it..

SL: so you do understand… hmmm… you are very pitiful… but yes i would like to be freed but WHAT DOES THAT MATTER TO YOU?! YOUR MY ENEMY! MY FOE! MY OPPONENT! anything for that matter! Linebeck: SL thats enough! i’m very sorry about that good man.. but we wouldn’t like to be evil. (to hard and scary) its to un-right and well.. bad for any matter.. so i must ask you this we are willing to join minta if you will let us.. SL: hmph! i guess i have no choise.. but he will surely…. Linebeck: we would be glad to join!

Target: SL
Item used: nothing
Caim: SL I have no qualms but if I see evenh the slightest bit if dishonesty or decete then I will treat you as the enemy and act accordingly. So do we have a deal?

Action: talk
Target: SL
Item: N/A

Taelord: If you can ever forgive me, I will give my life for you, SL. I will always be in your debt.

Iole: Will someone please explain what happened in the first place?!?

Action: Attack
target: UZM
Item: Rex Hasta
[Deals 23 damage]
Why won’t you just die already!!! You’re annoying. You and your pathetic homeland.

Action: Talk and Battle

Target: I want to talk to SL but battle Shinigami Ninja

Item: My friend Orochimaru will use his Slim Sword against SN in battle, I will have nothing while talking to SL.
[deals 0 damage]

To SL: What you are saying is a matter of treason. The dark wizard is strong and powerful, he would find and kill you instantly, or maybe not so much :\ In any case, we could always use another team member, so if this is your choice, welcome to Minta!!

MY HOMELAND’S PATHETIC, HUH?! You have no right to say such a thing, you shriveled up peice of dried meat! Orochimaru, get him! (The battle command is up above, I just forgot to include this last bit.)

saint: this battle is about to end, but at that end darkness will cover the land. this I must prevent.

Action: move
Item: gespenst

Action: Attack
Target: UZM
Item: Rex Hasta
[deals 25 damage]

MT: Saint!? were are you going..?

Tidus: lets go!

*moves to 4B*

OoC: can we gang up on the Dark Wizard? He looks too tough for one person.

[sos: sure]

Caim:SL do we have a deal?
OoC yes can we gang up because if youve played the FE games (and we all know you have) you know thats its almost impossible to beat the final boss with just one person. OoC

Orochimaru, come back!

Action: Attack

Target: Shinigami Ninja

Item: Tornado Tome

[deals 30 damage, abbadon is dead]

This should kill him.

Someone give me a vulenary or elixir!! I need to be healed, badly!!

I shall avenge my master. I will mount your head on his grave!

Action: Attack
Target: UZM
Item: Steel Lance
[deals 15 damage, orochimaru is dead]

You… can’t attack me. Your dead. So I am mounting your head on the top of a tree. ๐Ÿ˜€

SL: all of you… such kind words.. i will gladly join. UZM catch! *throws a veranery at him* drink up before the great battle begins! time will tell hey Linebeck? linebeck: yes.. i will gladly join as well. SL: then its a deal to all of you.. but tae lord… you have done nothing so the forgiveness is nothing. just act on your own.. this battle with end deeply.

Woops. That was my suboordinate, Huron Blackheart, sorry. Shoulda said that. So, to restate that:

Action: Attack
Target: UZM
Item: Assisstant with Steel Lance.

ahh i was in the way… so your steping on me. -_-‘

act: talk
target: myself
item: flame lance

Taelord: Soon this war will end…

Iole: I only hope it ends well for us…

Action: talk
Target: Everyone
item: flame lance
Caim: get ready fighters of Minta the great battle shall begin soon. We have very lttle to reinforce ourselves with and much to protect. Our friends family and lovers are counting on us to win, so let us PREVAIL!

Action: Assistant Attacks
Target: UZM
Item: Steel Lance

SL: NO! UZM stay out of the way!

Action: Attempting to dodge attack

Target: None

Weapon: I’ll try to hit him with my Tornado Tome before I run, but if it’s not possible, then I will just run… someone cover me!
[deals 35 damage, huron is dead]

*runs into the forest of 2b*

He can’t get me here… Someone try to kill him before he kills me! And can someone please give me a vulenary or elixir.

(OoC) i did -_-‘ (OoC)

*goes in front of UZM* SL: i’ll protect you!
[not a valid move]

Remember I’m on a fort. SL! YOU TRAITOR! This is pathetically one sided now.

[you are in battle with UZM]

*equips Basilikos*

MT: whos that? is he from minta…

Tidus: hey! Saint! why dont you have Fran use a physic on that guy up there?

MT: i’ll cover you and Fran

Taelord: Hey… is that? It is! Saint and MT are coming! *points @ Saint & MT* Our enemies will suffer!!

saint: very well.
fran: …

Action: heal
Target: UZM
Item: Physic Staff

[restores 18 HP]

*warps to 1A*

Great Wizard: now who shall face me? eh…where is everyone!

[in your next posts state which square you are on]

You do realize this is pretty much over. As I’m dead. And the wizard and warlock don’t do anything. Thus Zamino is essentially gone.

I’m on space Z-26, a.k.a. the afterlife.

[SoS: your a ghost. dont you want to watch those who killed you struggle for their lives ๐Ÿ™‚ ? ]


OoC now what? OoC

2C. oops! i didn’t mean to wright that. i pressed enter and it posted. -_-‘

SL: hmmmm i will! get rid of Zaminos forces! this is it… come at me! huh? is that- the saint i’v been hearing about? phew glad hes on our side.

Uh, since Huron is dead, I’m moving back to the Palace.

So… I’m at 2A… which is very bad.


I need assistance!! BADLY!!!

Action: Heal

Target: Myself

Item used: Vulenary

Ok… I’m going to hate myself later, but I will also attack the Great… wait, isn’t SoS on the side of Zamino? Or is he on our team? … *whispers* He healed me, so he can’t be Zaminian… but you never know… *voice returns to normal*

Be you Zaminian or otherwise hostile to Minta or Arola?

If not, welcome! If you are, then I shall battle you, right here and now!


action: talk
target: UZM
item: Flame Lance

Taelord: At ease, Elan. He is a scholar of Arola, and his companion is a former Arolan General; they are our allies.

Action: move
Target:4A (if not allowed then 3A)
Item: Flame Lance
Caim: Lets move out Elan, SL, Arolans, would you please come along. I think now would be the best time to get rid of the curse that is the Dark Warlord. Taelord you stay here and guard the castle.

*Comes back as ghost*

Action: Haunt
Target SL!
Item: My disembodied spirit

You traitor! You traitor! I shal haunt you forever. Who have caused a great evil!!

MT: Saint… what should we do..?

Great Wizard: well what do we have here? a mewling little whelp whose lost his way? makes no differance to me, with Minta out of the way the seal will be broken!

Action: Attack
Target: UZM
Item: Gespenst

[deals 29 damage]

Saint: I dont know. the closer he gets….the harder it is…to control my magic. I… have very little time left…but I suggest you…and everyone else attack head on.

Fran: I shall aid the mintian.

Action: heal
Target: UZM
Item: Phsic

[restores 18 HP]

Action: move
Target: 5A
Item Flame Lance
Caim: Were it not that if I attacked that Wizard I might damage Elan I would destroy him but as is I shall wait and see the outcome.

SL: hmmm the end is near….

Action:moves to C2
Item:rune sword

Linebeck: i guess this is it.. well.. we have to…. go.. SL: yes,, let us fight with honor!

OoC ok, I’m having a hard time getting on, so I will just follow the other guys until we get to the Dark Warlock. end OoC

Action: Follow

Target: Mt, Lynmaster, and Shadow Luigi

Item: Tornado Tome

I will be put on safe guard for the time being, so if my partners attack, then I attack what they are attacking. I guess you could say my soul is on auto-pilot. :p Ok, resume!

OoC: UZM, As much as I’d like to get in on this fight, I was ordered to stay and guard the castle, so I guess I’m stayin here OoC

Action: move
Target: 6B
Item: Flame Lance
We will need a large force to take down The Dark Warlock and yet we cant leave our castle unguarded so I thank ye Taelord for staying behind. Now me must pick up speed.

Im declaring Minta and Arola the winners. I made a grave miscalculation in setting up the sides and it ended up for the worst -_-‘ (ie: zamino getting slaughtered) . true that the great wizard and the dark warlock are both around, but its kinda pointless. so apologies on my part, it wont happen again ๐Ÿ™‚ .

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