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Nino’s Family (reposted)

Posted on: November 17, 2007

This article was originally published: june 15th, 2007 .

Nino is one of the most interesting characters in blazing sword…not only is she one of those above average types, but she’s also got a great personallity.shes also one of those unfortunate types that pop up so often in fire emblem. im sure you know the type, just think of your favorite characters P .   when Nino first comes she dosnt seem sad…but that’s only because she’s under the false impression that she has a loving mother and father…Brendan Reed and Sonia. Well, im not sure about the father, but I know the mother dosnt fit that description very well.

Sonia is often referring to nino as things such as garbage or useless (look whose talking :p ) behind her back .The reason being-besides the fact that Sonia hates everyone and everything (save perhaps Nergal)-is that Sonia isn’t Ninos real mother. Likewise Brendan Reed isn’t Ninos real father either.

Years before the time blazing sword takes place, Sonia was sent to Ninos real family with a clear mission…she was to destroy the entire household. Sonia says she dressed in rags and held a child in her arms and the family opened their doors for her…in other words she tricked them into letting their guard down (I dont have any idea who the child was though…perhaps Nino?).she says,or boasts,that she destroyed the members of the family one after the other…and all that remained was Nino.Sonia would have destroyed her as well, if it wern’t for Nergal actually being a smart character! he said that he could sense great potential in Nino,and that it would be wise to train her to work for him.Nergal could have been talking about the magical essence that Lute and Callil are always taking about. so anyways,Sonia got a daughter! a daughter she obviously didn’t want…I almost laugh every time I hear her say how much she hated the idea ^_^ .

much time after the family was destroyed-and much to Sonia’s dismay-Nergal infiltrates the black fang by making Sonia become Brendan reeds wife (it just keeps getting better =’D ) . as a result Nino,Sonias “daughter” , becomes Brendan Reeds daughter as well.why did Brendan Reed marry Sonia in the first place? either 1) he was desperate for a wife (really desperate), or 2) he was afraid of what Sonia’s power could do. Either way he never trusted Sonia as he had his people do a background check on her.thats when he found out about Ninos family. he received a pendent from one of the houses servants and was told to give it to Nino.

now heres the strange thing…why did Nergal have Sonia destroy Ninos family? surely it wasn’t all for Nino.Sonia says that Nergal found her…she dosnt say he was looking for her.and it couldn’t have been a blackfang assignment would have fit perfectly in the plot if that were the case, since the blackfang was supposed to be targeting anyone they were hired to eliminate,even nobles. It could have been possible that Nino came from a very noble family and became a target.however,the assassination of Ninos family happened years before Sonia joined the blackfang,thus making it impossible for it to have been a blackfang assassination. so then who could Ninos family have been that they were so high on Nergals priority list?

Ninos father was named Juge, and her mother was named Iris.Nino also had twin bothers, however she only says one of their names, which is Kai.why she never says the name of her other brother im not sure.Ninos family certainly wasn’t poor…it sounds to me that they could have had servants to spare. though there is no proof, its just the impression I get when Jan says that Brendan Reed got to talk to “one” of the households servants.its very possible that Ninos family were nobles of sorts.but why would Nergal simply target nobles? well,this gives a hint why:

“Canas: But…this Iris… How interesting…
  Nino:   How so?
  Canas:  Well, my wife had a sister named Iris. Unfortunately, I heard that she
        had died..

this appears to show that Ninos family had some blood connection to canas’ wife! or at any rate canas’ wife’s family.regardless,canas’ wife was a still a sage, and a good one at that (she is mentioned in sword of seals).so needles to say her sister would have also had great magical abilities just like remember that magical essence thing I mentioned earlier? what it is is that anyone can use magic, however only some can exell at it. those that can are the ones with a magical essence…or something.anyways,its possible that Iris’s family all possessed such a quality. that being the case,Nergal could have targeted Ninos family with the intent on harvesting their quintessence…it would make plenty of sense since nils says that stronger people have far more quintessence than average people. it would also explain why Sonia couldn’t just kill the family out right, she needed to trick them because she wasn’t strong enough to beat them all.

who ninos family really were, or what they were really like will never be known for sure…its one of those things that will never be answered for sure.regardless-based on Nino-you can kind of guess what they would have been like.

by Saint Of Swords.


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Why are you reposting dead things? I’m working on a mordecai article.

per my request 😛 so the new members can read and post about the old articles that closed

oh that makes a lot more sence. 😉

In the conversation between Sonia and Nino, Sonia mentions that the family possessed secrets about the dragons.

And she made them give up the secrets as she killed them off one by one.

per my request so new members can read and post about the old articles that closed.

does that include me? anyway I think it might have been a grudge that nergal had. it was just a lesser grudge not as big as the one between him and Athos so he never really mentions it.

yup for all the new members :}

this was posted when there were only 4 members on FE Blog.

Erk Said:In the conversation between Sonia and Nino, Sonia mentions that the family possessed secrets about the dragons.

yeah, good point. thats probably how they Nergal found out how to call dragons.

i shouldn’t even be here i haven’t played FE for the longested time.

same here but I remember a lot of what I played before so I think I can keep up 🙂

is canas’ wife etruian?

no clue. my minds a empty vessle….

isn’t every ones? cause i think einstein said that we only use about 20% of our brain power so otherwise its pretty empty but…. *knocks SLs head producing a hollow sound* in this case your right. :} just playing to let you know

I think she was, because she was related to ninos mother, who I believe was etrurian as well, correct?

well yeah i mean you have to play the game like 100, 00000000 00000000,00000 0000000,00000000 000000,000000 000000 0000000 0000000000 00000,000000 000000 times. just telling you i mean SoS and MT have played it more then that! :O

%F crud do you two go two school or do you just beat every chapter in 10 minutes?

It would have been kinda cool to get ninos brother. wonder what he looked like?

probally simialr to Lugh or Rei but older (which would be cool, if only they were 3 years older ;_;)

does it say if her brother could use magic?

YO! dragoon is asking something answer please!

its ok. nino has a brother? @_@

hes not actually in the game, and hes dead. Nino and Canas talk about her family in their supports

his name is, or was, kai.

do canas and nino get an alternate ending?

canas: no…I wouldnt be forced to die to SNOW if I did!

… Uh… I am so confused… and thats 2 percent, genius, 😀 ‘

poor canas.

Obviously… canas needs some cheering up. *pats canas on back*

WHAT ARTE YOU TALKING ABOUT!? im so confused u_u 😦

cause Canas dies in his ending.. stopping a snowstorm

WAH!!! I cryed in that part. That was so miserable. Like watching a true father abandon his son…

canas had a son !_!

yes, his name is Hugh and he’s a mage from FE6

uberzeldamaster Said: Obviously… canas needs some cheering up. *pats canas on back*

canas: umm….im dead. a pat on the back isnt going to cheer me up.


man Im missing everything since I don’t have FE6 not right <_<

I know. I wish I could get it.

do you want to read the translations? its really no different then playing the actual game.

not about this canas conversation.. they dont even mention Canas’ name in FE6. the way we found out is Niime(Canas’ mother) is also in the game and her grandson is Hugh. Niime always talks about how Hughs father was a dark magic user like she is as well and she wants Hugh to be a shaman too, but he’s a mage

@SOS YES! thankyou it would be awsome if you could post or give me the link to the translations. XD

@MT did you have to get an extra or something to find this out or was it in the games original storyline?

I read the supports.

just to warn everyone. theres swearing in it..

heres the translation

heres the support translations

doing that cuts it off cause its so long.. whats wrong with the one i posted?

404’d. The supports link is okay though.

once again i’v been away for to long. -_-”

same here

That shouldn’t have anything to do with anything.

Im saying this because there was a bunch of info that came out while I was doing other things

me to! 😛

This artical is good

yeah and this is an old one too. ^_^ some of the newer ones have more info and detail so its really fun to read

i didn’t read all of it the first time. 😆

nor the seconed.

thats double posting isnt it? ?_?

Not really. If he posted the same thing twice then it would be. Or if he did it all the time then we’d get annoyed, but if you forget something then feel free to post again if you need too. Just don’t post every thought that comes to your exactly when you get it. Think first and try to say everything in one post.

Let me rephrase that. *pats Canas’ dead, rotting, corpse.* There. A little morbid, but it’s right.

@ UZM thats just….. bleh. 😦

gross i agree. 😆

Kinda, but i’ve read worse.

true true. -_-‘

heck. i’ve saw worst! 😯

really? ~_~’ *whistles*

*plays FF3* now what? O_O

what do you mean FF3?

Ach….I hate Nino…and Tormod and Nils and all other little kid characters who get killed by level one archers with iron bows…..
I’ve said my peace.

AHHHH!! how can no one like tormod anymore!? i like Tormod and rolf and i played with them THREE times in PoR. and thier not bad if you work on them…

(Ninos 14 actually)

you have to give nino credit…she comes as a level 5 mage when the enemys are mostly level 10 promoted 😛 . aside from that shes actually really good, I promoted her in HHM and she helped out a lot.


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