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Do To Many People’s Stupidity….

Posted on: November 18, 2007

Alright, over the last month or so Fire Emblem Blog has been visited by a number of people that have nothing better to do then spam. Does this frustrate me to no end? No. Infact I almost laugh when I read half of it. The things people will do because they have no life πŸ˜€ . but nonetheless I am getting sick of playing these childish games, and so I’m upping the security.

As of now (or about 5 minutes actually) I will be changing the way you post on FE Blog. You will no longer be allowed to pop in as “anonymous” and slam on the keys or right the most random thing you can think of. instead you will now be required to sign up as a member at WordPress.comΒ . The process is very easy and completely free. After doing this you can also add an avatar, the little pictures next to everyone’s name.

I realize this will effect a lot of our members, but this is for the best.Β If you have any problems signing up or just need help E-mail me at .

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92 Responses to "Do To Many People’s Stupidity…."

hey i’m signed up!

Same here but its not for US its for other people that want to post on FEB.

almost all of our members are signed in, looking through the list the only ones who arent are:

Aveyn Knight,Honorable Archsage107,Sothesleathlity,Jade,Erk, and jefnut.

jefnut :} Erk is slowly making it to the top of the list but aveyn knight was the most common that I saw Archsage posted a couple times. SoLE was a bit rare. jade and …. jefnut :} were nonentities as I see and thats really it on my conclusion πŸ™‚ no offense to anybody in this report.

soo what your saying is the people left?

No, they have to sign in to WordPress to make a comment, this prevents people with a spam problem from posting. Like YOU! (just kidding)

laallalalalalalaLAAAAAAAAAAA hehehehe i fell happy πŸ™‚ anybody who reads this SIGN ON AND BLOG! that should do it. O__O whoops SPAMMERS LEAVE US ALONE! there we go πŸ˜†

… -_-‘ it seems that some people didn’t even read the article. I’m pretty sure that counts as spam :p

I have made an account.

cool ^_^ (back to just plain MT now)

…. I must have beem gone for a substantial amount of time. You changed your… name?

well, it looks like my diabolical plan wont back fire on me after all πŸ˜€ .

i sure wish it was that easy to sign on to a hotmail account. -_-‘

how did I spam? HI UZM! πŸ™‚ but anyway why haven’t you been posting lately?

hes busy i should think. *hums FE music*

hot mail @_@ weird
anyway there is a reunion on TBE lynmaster just so you know πŸ™‚

I’m busy with school, and I’m also horribly forgetful. On those few days I am allowed on, I usually forgert that I can get on and do something else…

doooo what?

Usually I play Legend of Zelda or Halo, but I watch TV sometimes.

you have limits on your gametime? ouch I had a some friends like that in boston they were only allowed on weekends or something like that. though even then they could woop us in SSB πŸ˜†

Heh heh. Heh HEH HEH heh heh hehe… Don’t get me playing in a game on Super Smash Bros., Melee or not. I will kick your butt so hard you won’t sit for a year without yelping in pain. Besides that, I wasn’t allowed to play except on weekends, and before that, Saturdays, but Mom and Dad have had some leniency.

well as long is homework is done I can play whatever I want. πŸ™‚ oh and chores too.

i could cream all of you with everything tied behind my back… and i’d even give you a head start.

hey sorry about skipping out on the RP-ing, I was in a cabin in Indiana- no internet 😦
(I would still like to play though)

hey hey has anyone else played FF:WOTL for the PSP? frickin’ awesome!

oi! I forgot! KIRBY WILL DESTROY YOU ALL!!! (especially if I’m him on SSB πŸ˜‰ )

sorry for DP, SOS

My friend used to be able to play all he wanted but then his dad remarried and his step-mom won’t let him play them more than an hour and that’s only if he reads for two. Plus he can’t IM, EMail or websurf for more than 30 min. a day. OUCH!! Ans his styep-mom’s a really ditzy person. Always has that creepy smile.

Hmm… I hear fakers. I will kill you all in SSB. Link pwns, and if you argue with me, come to my house with a copy, I will show right there and then that I will kill you. So, yeah. And… yeah. *disturbed silence* It seems I have run out of things to say.

To Lynmaster: I’ve played FF Tactics Advance and I plan to get FFXII Revanant wings and FFTA2. Don’t have a PSP though.

@ SN 3 posts above:

sounds like a real CREEP <_<

@ MT: ya I know right? feel sorry for that kid.

@ SN: OH MAN! THAT sucks… you should get one. Then I can kill you w/ Bartholemew, my super-freakin-awesome summoner ;D

@ UZM: Hmm… Link IS good…


Roy will destoy you with his Fiery Blade 😈 (and Ike will kill you in the next game 😈 )
I will own you all! or maybe not hehe πŸ™‚

@MT: Yes she is. She’s nice(most of the time) but the problem is she’s REALLY ditzy and stupid. When my friend starts arguing with her over anything she tells on him like a 8 year old. She’s messed up. Makes me glad my parents are as nice as they are. Even if I’m not allowed to play M rated games.

they took too long to develop PSP… now theres a million new games coming out for it and no one has one!

what about the PS3? they make 1000s of games for the new consoles and nobody has them! its just messed up. <<__<< how many people see a game they really like that they dont have the consol for? *raises hand*

Radiant Dawn.

Point and case.

*Raises hand*

I wish I was allowed to play most of the 360 games. I’d buy one in an instant if my parents would let me play Halo. I play it at friends houses but I could never own. it. Not for 2 more years anyway.

@ SN Ouch! 😦 man I feel sorry for you. Halo is awsome and 2&3 more so. but how about assassin’s creed? that game looks awsome.

That’s PS3 isn’t it? I have no desire for one of them. Too pricey. the game does look cool though. Alot like prince of persia I would think, but with townspeople.

halo is NOT awsome! man did i miss the conversation.. =_=

Halo rocks. No question.

Hi im new here

hi :} welcome to FE Blog.. what is halo? a bunch of fighting monsters or something… probally close to soul calibur, but without Siegfreid..

I only play halo at friend’s houses, and i don’t know.

oops, I forgot to add, nice to meet you.

“slaps face”, I almost forgot, how do you join Role-Playing?

I still say Link will kill you all. Kirby can float, yes, but he is light and easily destroyed and by that I mean I can fling him out to the side with hardly any effort at all.

As long as it doesn’t have innappropriate images (and violence is okay, I’m talking about the other inappropriate images) then it is okay to get mature rated games. And Halo kicks some SERIOUS *navi*!! Be sure to get it when you have a chance.

@ SN: Assassin’s Creed is the sole reason to get a PS3; it has to be one of the best games EVER!!

@ FE: Welcome. πŸ˜€ You’ll have to wait until the next RP, I guess (talk to SOS about it), but don’t worry, we’ll keep you entertained till then πŸ˜‰

@ UZM: Don’t bother w/ God of War, its practicaly censored*! not good 😦 and BTW, Link isn’t all that great πŸ˜‰ I could KO you faster than you could whimper “mommy” lol πŸ™‚

oh, and I raise my hand too.

*edited by MT, true as it is, its not really appropriate on this site.

also, when does RP start again? I have a story idea. 😈 *laughs maniacally*

@LM weirdo <_<
@ UZM Roy could destroy you 😈
Halo is a …. I would call a sort of RPG bu theres not a whole lot of options to actually change the storyline (none I think) but really fun to shoot or whack anemies (sleeping grunts they never learn πŸ˜† ) weapons and vehicles get better with each game and you switch between two people sometimes (mastercheif & this other…. guy u_u)

Halo is an FPS. Its not an RPG. You play as the Master Chief, a genetically and mechanically enhanced human, against the aliens known as the Covenant and the monster known as Flood. In Halo 2&3 you also play as the Arbiter, the leader of a group of covenant traitors who now fight alongside the humans.


First of all nice to meet you πŸ™‚ . second, regarding yours (and everyone elses πŸ˜• ) question about the role-playing, the one thats going on now is on hold. I missed a few things and now everythings out of wack -_-‘ . you cant join this one but if you wait about a month you can join the next one. Make sure you post often, the more you post the more gems you get to buy stuff with πŸ˜€ .

yea -__- the more you post and if you send in articles too right? but what is the post-to-gems rate anyway?

stop talking about halo! its dumb with a big NOT AND GOOD GAME! M rated (your not even 17 yet) swearing crude everything URG!

SL.. stop..

SOS, how do I know how many gems I have?

Why do I keep forgeting stuff!? Anyways all of my friends HATE how good I am with Luigi.

@ FE: Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.
ugg. I am terrible w/ Luigi! I am best w/Kirby (because he ROCKS!), Mewtwo, and Mr. Game & Watch (he’s just fun to play as :)).

Sooooo……when will RPing be over? I want to join! Oh yea, how do i get an avatar?

If only Master Chief was a playable character in Super Smash Brothers. Heh heh, he would rock so hard.

They wouldn’t though. He’s not third party and he has too many guns. they don’t like bullets. Snake got in because he has explosives.

My best character is Samus, i’m best on Mushroom Kingdom II because I can sit up on the ledges and shot people when they jump. I’ve been accused of cheating so many times…

you go to wordpress on your dash board and look for most asked questions look for something avatar and click on it. then it gives how to instructions. thats how I did it. πŸ™‚
@UZM yeah they would have to choose and it would probably be the pistol and bash that you could use. Roy is just Beast so don’t even try. Mewtwo was the first person I ever played with and Im pretty good with him πŸ™‚ kirby and link were who I always used until I got roy or Marth then It was FE characters nonstop.

so are we finely talking about SSB? i’m the best there is at luigi! everybody would fall…

@ D14: I never really got into Marth, Roy, or the Links; I couldn’t get used to the swords.
@SN: That is SO not cheating! it’s fun. I’m best @ Big Blue w/Kirby, because he can float. Peach is pretty fun too, though.

hey, has ne1 beaten Jiggilypuff’s target test? I can’t get the last two targets, and it’s the only one I can’t beat 😦 Ness’s took a LOOOONG time to figure out, but it’s easy once you try it w/ some small amount of paitence. Just go slow, and steer the down+B attack w/the control stick.

I don’t try too hard at the target tests.

i did all of them twice.

Thanks dragoon14

for SSB I always use Zelda, or Young Link.

whoa! hey goron i see your back. what have you been doing with your spair time?

Ok, I’ll give the surface of my strategy.

I never use the same character as another person.

I always use Link.

When Link is taken, MewTwo is my second best option.

When MewTwo is taken, uhh… I choose Zelda. I can be pretty good with her moves. I found out it is sometimes possible to transport through semi-solid obstacles with her Farore’s Wind attack.

@ UZM: Hee Hee… that’s fun. “I want to kill you, but I’m behind this wall! hahaha! DIE! 😈

@ SL: So Mr. Target Test Master, how do you beat Jiggilypuff’s test? please help me…

its kinda fun. n_n when you get to the end you make her keep floteing and punching in the air, you keep doing that and just and the end with no energy left you BAAM hit the last target and there you go. n_n

yea thats how you do it but it soooooo anoying it took me forever after I saw someone do it. u_u

ooh… I always use its down+B (force of habit), which is USELESS! UGH! SO SIMPLE!!!

its takes a couple run throughs to get the hang of it but after that bambambam and your done πŸ™‚

well i got it on the first try its very simple.. *sigh* i’m waiting depearly for SSBB to come out. 😦 without it my lifes a wrack.

amen. I gettin’ a Wii for christmas, and that and FE: RD will be the first games I get.

anyone else want a FLY Pentop CPU? That thing looks AWESOME!

@LM i dont care much for a computer
im going on a cruise the week before so my presents will be scarce this year u_u oh well

Master Chief would be awesome. For his up-b attack, he could take out a Rocket Launcher and shoot downwards for propulsion. So awesome…

nice πŸ™‚ that would rock

besides the fact that microsoft and nintendo r competing companies and Halo is exclusive to Xbox.

true. u_u we will just have to live with what they gave us…. until the next one πŸ™‚

What the…! I went to serenes forest and saw that there is a FE that sony made

its not a FE game, just made by the same makers of FE

… ok… Goron55! I haven’t seen you in months… what happened? And if only alll video game companies could put aside their differences and make a collage of great video games. It would be called The Legend of Crash Bandicoot’s Halo. LOL!

haha, but why would they include LOZ? πŸ˜‰ it could be The Super Bandicoot Brothers Halo Melee!

You guys act like they hate each other for some childish reason. They’re in it for money. nothing else. not love of games, not to please people. They’re out for money. They have no differences, they have similarities. They would team up like that. It’d be a bad business move.

yeah there not allowed to. otherwise we might be paying 100 bucks for a GB game and that is called monopoly and it is illegal. better for our wallets if they stay away.

well i don’t like halo, we don’t have master chief anymore. the CPU we had it on is now broken. but we got a new one and thats the one i’v been on for months.

You don’t like Halo? *screams like a pterodactyl* NONBELIEVER!!!!!

halo is cool. I beat H3 in one siting.

@SN O_O that is scary
@UZM remember SL hates blood and gore so he definatly wouldn’t like Halo

@SL what do you like besides pokemon and FE?

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