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despite the RD spoiler rule originally being set to expire at the start of 08, I’ve decided to expire it today.
Yes…today is December 31st, 2007…one day before January 1st, 2008. on one side of the spectrum…one could say “why not wait one more stupid, little, measly day?” but on the other side…yes well…it is just one stupid little measly day. with that, and i’ll be very clear here,


that said, I doubt anyone will mind horribly anyways. but before you go and say every single fact about RD, let me explain one more thing 😛 Read the rest of this entry »

 All right, its time for the article I wrote based off of the request article 😀 ! A lot of the ideas caught my attention, but ultimately I chose to write about Karel. To make things a bit more interesting though, I will include both the sword demon Karels story from FE7 and the sword saint Karels story from FE6. Should be interesting 😛 !

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TBE is open again and were having a big contest. A contest to see who the top video game character is!
And you choose the characters who will be in the poll.

Go to TBE’s character super contest to find out more details.


Alright, I’ll put things simply; The Lyon article I was planning, well…it probably wont happen for about a month. So I have to fall back on my monthly/bi-monthly request article. What is it? continue reading to find out.

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Finally got it done 🙂 . Some of the text might be kinda hard to read, and it didn’t all scan properly, but it is readable. Remember this is the first manga I’ve drawn so far, so you may notice that I experimented with the borders, text, backgrounds, etc. oh…and ignore the page count in the actual manga…its way off 😛 .

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As of about 5 days ago, I won Radiant Dawn and can now start making articles about it. These will be marked by (Spoiler) being in the title and will not contain any spoilers in their titles or introductions. in addition, I may list that either major spoilers or minor spoilers are listed. if major spoilers are listed, you can feel free to talk about anything in the game from start to finish. if minor , however, you can only talk about the things listed in the article, nothing more. That said, this article contains spoilers about the end of the game, however they are in a category of their own and can easily be avoided. On that note I would like to go against everything I just said and ask that you mark your comment with a spoiler warning if it contains major spoilers.

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another poll. To vote in the poll simply post which option you choose in the comments section below. feel free to include extra information about your answer 🙂 .

 [Update: The votes are up]

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Welcome to another Fire Emblem Blog update 🙂 .

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Update, Nov 24th

Changed the sites graphics, if you have any comments post them in the Shadow Dragon Gallery update.

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