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Poll: Most Used Stratagy [Update]

Posted on: December 6, 2007

another poll. To vote in the poll simply post which option you choose in the comments section below. feel free to include extra information about your answer 🙂 .

 [Update: The votes are up]


 Which Strategy Do You Use The Most In Fire Emblem ?1.) Defensive Actions~ 4 votes

2.) Offensive Actions~ 5 votes

3.) Evasive Actions~ 0 votes

4.) Other~ 1 vote

Provided there are enough votes and that I dont forget 😉 , I will be posting the results in a few days. You can only vote for one choice, and only your first vote counts.

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61 Responses to "Poll: Most Used Stratagy [Update]"

how abouttt…… offensive though it usually depends on characters I have, who or what I can get, and the amount and ability of the enemy. plus the mission 😉


Offensive. HAnds down. I have said before that if my weapons are strong enough, I will BLAST my way through the enemy. That’s no lie. 😉

Defensive. I like to be secure. If they exhaust themselves on my lines first then I can slaughter the remnants.

i play defencive as well, i hate chapters where bushes/forts are scarce, or if theres no obsticles to use as a shield

definitely offensive; even on HM I waste no time in dispatching my many foes 😉

OFFIce!!! No question!. I hate just waiting for the enemy

im going to say offensive, though it depends on the victory condition.

there has to be good condition though if the enemy is really strong or very numerous then I have my knights and generals out to make a wall.

I don’t use forst/forests too much, actually. I just make a wall of high defense and good evasion characters.

hmm.. well defense is better then dieing… HM you would surely get killed unless you get your people really high.

I’m not changing my vote. I am the offense wizard. *other-wordly tone* If you possess a weapon that dispatches of your foes in little or no time at all, then you don’t HAVE to worry about defense. Simple as that!

Yeah, thats true UZM

i can rush the enemys.. i usually only do that if i feel like i can take all them out

I will sometimes rush them early one, but in the later chapters I usually die if I try that, so I don’t try it.

Very defensive, let the enemy come to me (no matter how many turns it takes). Especially since being on the defense allows me to build the specific characters that I want to more easily.

Exactly how If eel. I can make them fight on my terms.

yes.. but i only be defenseive IF i’m trying to level somebody up like… Guy. yes.

I just sorta throw my characters out there on the board randomly, and hope for the best…

Well, I’m sure that works well.

… good opinions, and… maybe a… well… so-so.

if I can kill them I kill them. If I cant kill them, I weaken them so I can kill them. simple as that. ;)what other method do you need? 🙂

gamemonk0 Said:I just sorta throw my characters out there on the board randomly, and hope for the best…

thats how I play hector hard mode 😛 !

why bother with hard mode. it only makes us mad. 😦

not me, i really like hard maode

i really like easy mode. n_n

So most people are offensive… no wonder it smells so bad here. Just kidding. How would one play FE with evasive actions? You can’t usually win until they’re all dead.

by evasive I meant running from the enemy until your at the very limit of their range. you suffer less damage and draw the enemy out of their hiding.

… I never thought of it that way before, but I have a weird multi-conciousness character. When I am not playing a video game, violence is my last course of action, if it even is a course of action. When it comes to some games, LET CARNAGE BE THE DAY! 😈 😈 😈

violence. tsk tsk.

speak for yourself SL, ive seen you play a lot of games 😉 .

i go in moods when i play games.. if im feeling merciful i’ll let some enemies live, if not they all die 👿 (except for bishops in FE6, i try not to kill them)

A game is a game, all must die, unless I’m in a hurry hurry mode, or I’m about to die, then I avoid them. In real life, I think violence gets the job done sometimes, but usually it would be better to compromise. I have no qualms about anyhting I do in a video game (well, there are some things, like hitman and GTA) because its just a game. So, violence for all!

👿 violence…. it is the best way to make a game good 😈 SL im not talking to you so please dont respond. in FE I use the evasive thing to get my weaker units leveled up. 😉


@ D14: Yea I do the same thing in Sacred Stones for Amelia and Ross; Amelia makes a great general (though all will fall before the greatest, Wallace A.K.A.- God 😉 ), and Ross is Death From Above (and all other sides, for that matter 😀 ) as a Berserker.

On the violence note: Halo+Flood+Insane+’nades=COOL!!

whats a “nades” 😕 ?

i feel like an empty shell.

oh MT, my young padawan. You have much to learn in the way of the Halo. ‘nades=grenades

duh. 😉

Oh! and SN! AMEN!!! The flood shall perrisssh… 👿

you have Xbox live? I played on it occasionally and it was awsome! whats your fav weapon? From the….. first then second then third.
First: Needler
Second: Rocket Launcher
Third: Alien Rocket Launcher

that sounds really… errr…. ahh…. spacey.

oh.. well.. i’ve never played halo..

Halo’s one of those things that is so talked up I would never lay a finger on it 😕 .

offensive….yah. Because otherwise the enemy is granted free access to hem you in and wreak havoc upon your forces…and nerves…

@ SOS if you say so.though do you do it to stick out or do you think its just a bunch of crud? I have a lot of halo fanatic friends and they are crazy about it.

I dont really care if I stick out or not…its just one of those things where I would feel weird to play its so talked about. even if it wasnt though it looks much to modern for my medivel tastes 😛 .

btw, hi volkefan 🙂 . haven’t seen you around for a while.


I quite agree though….

Swords > Guns

i don’t like what halo sounds like.. but i won’t say anything. -_-

hm you have a point volkefan. but I dont know. they are even depending on what sword and what gun.

it could be fun but the day i was playing at a Torny.. ….. its scary… not the game, the day i played it… the game only had 3 moves i almost beat somebody.. but one day… i would rather not get into details.

You have much to learn about the way of the world. The term ‘nades did not originate with Halo. It came from Viet’Nam because they were extensively used in the guerilla warfare tactics used by both sides.

I don’t pick between swords and guns. I love the way guns look and sound, and they’re awesome, but swords are cool too. It really depends on my mood. right now, i just watched Eureka Seven, so i’min a gun mood, but later I’ll read RuroKen and be in a sword mood.

I prefer swords because theres a bigger variety of swordplay, sword styles, etc. I guess I just dont really care for guns cause you hear about them all too much.

i get in modes too.

Guns have their things, as do swords. Swords are good for having certain characters being stronger than the rest, but guns are better when strength isn’t important to the story.

Ah yes, but swords suggest a certain…dedication. A combat style more dominated by artistry than force.

hm… yeah swords are great..

Sure are.

yeah but i wish i could make sprites and fuse them to look like the best sword ever! :p

have you tried? it would be cool 🙂

no but… Saint and Matthew tryed it already SUCCESS! for them anyway. 😐

Offensive is always good, as offense is the best defense

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