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Radiant Dawn, Overall Review (Spoiler)

Posted on: December 11, 2007

As of about 5 days ago, I won Radiant Dawn and can now start making articles about it. These will be marked by (Spoiler) being in the title and will not contain any spoilers in their titles or introductions. in addition, I may list that either major spoilers or minor spoilers are listed. if major spoilers are listed, you can feel free to talk about anything in the game from start to finish. if minor , however, you can only talk about the things listed in the article, nothing more. That said, this article contains spoilers about the end of the game, however they are in a category of their own and can easily be avoided. On that note I would like to go against everything I just said and ask that you mark your comment with a spoiler warning if it contains major spoilers.

Graphics and Music:

As would be expected by now of Nintendo, Radiant Dawn’s graphics weren’t drastically improved on in comparison to the Game Cube prequel, Path of Radiance. That said, the graphics were improved to some extent, and it made for a much more enjoyable game. How many times have you moaned while watching the characters try to seriously walk in a grid pattern in Path of Radiance? It looked like something a child would do actually. But thankfully, in Radiant Dawn that little problem was cleared up as the characters now cut corners to get to their destination. though admittedly, I almost had a heart attack the first time I saw it happen, as I thought I miscalculated the enemy’s range and that they were going to OTK Miciah ;_; .the characters are no longer as cel-shaded as they were in Path of Radiance, thus allowing the game to feel a bit more serious. As far as the cutscenes went, they seemed a bit more clearer to me, and for someone with slight eye problems it made a bit of a difference 🙂 . The music was pretty enjoyable, there seemed to be more music then just a happy theme, sad theme, angry theme, etc…

Game Play:

 The battles go by pretty fast in Radiant Dawn, making animation not seem so much like a time wasting task and more like an option. I also noticed that some units can sometimes knock opposing units over if they hit, making it seem a bit more realistic (but not overly so) . The difficulty level in the game is satisfyingly challenging, making some more powerful characters not feel so cheating if you use them.


well, this is a tuff one as 80% of the characters in Radiant Dawn are originally from Path of Radiance. That said I’m not going to mention now eternally retarded characters such as maklov or “danved” whose only personality changes were turning into a drunkard or being in oblivious denial . Instead I’ll be refering to the new characters and the few Path of Radiance characters who are worth mentioning. I actually came into quite a problem in chapter 1 . I had way too many units with me because I liked their personality’s, and found them very useful. of coarse there were a few I didn’t like (meg, fiona, etc.) but at any rate I saw a serious improvement in character development. Some of the characters from Path of Radiance also had a bigger chance to shine other then their recruiting text. characters like sothe, shinon and rolf, bastion, and several others had a chance to show off their real personality’s.


I wont lie, I did originally like the plot in Radiant Dawn. First was the dawn brigade taking back Daien, then the laguz alliance’s story (did I forget something maybe…?) , then the blood pact saga, then….everyone gets turned to stone, including the plot. I liked Yune, I liked the idea of stopping Ashera, but couldn’t they have done it a little better? something besides just splitting into three teams to get to a grungy tower to fix a bunch of stones? thankfully the plot redeems itself a bit when you actually get into the tower…as many big questions are answered there.

NPC Interaction:

ever try talking to a stone? not much fun.

Weapons and Items:

For reasons unknown to me, Path of Radiance tricked you into getting your people to a S rank…for no real reason. Thankfully that was not the case in Radiant Dawn as every weapon type, from staffs to daggers, has its own SS rank weapon. they also brought back dark magic, which is cool….except for the fact that the ONLY ONES WHO CAN USE IT ARE SECOND PLAY-THROUGH ONLY CHARACTERS!!! I suppose they were kinda fun to collect -_- .

The Ending:

I found the ending a little empty. despite them bringing back the alternative endings and saying what happened with each character, it felt kind of rushed through. I guess if they had shown them leaving the tower, reuniting with all the others, and then shown the people returning to normal it may have been a little better, but there’s just something strange feeling about characters warping out of a final area and into the ending 😕 . maybe its just me. regardless the ending was alright, kinda basic but it was better then a crazy bishop giggling his head off as an ending.


Overall I say the game was very good, much better then the snobs at Gamespot say it was 😀 ! with acceptable graphics, better game play, an actual plot, and good characters, it could easily be among my favorite games list. I am currently replaying it so 1) I can get Pelleas and 2) my chapter 1 crew doesn’t have to beg for mercy in chapter 2…er…I mean chapter 3.

by Saint of Swords rikku11.gif


79 Responses to "Radiant Dawn, Overall Review (Spoiler)"

i AGREE! i’m playing my sec time now and Eddie,Nolan,and Aran are good. and Miciah is level TWINTY!

Don;t forget that said Dark Magic user is only there for FIVE BOARDS!!! I feel cheated.

They shouldn’t have split into three groups. I they should have stayed as one and had to go find some god-slaying weapons, then spend a mission or two heading to the tower, then spend a 5 in 1 mission climbing the tower and killing the godess.

my first game that stupid tiger boss criticaled and killed Aran with a 1% CRIT -_- . Aran got his revenge today, i had him kill it when it was untransformed 😈

killing? VIOLENCE? whats this world coming too?! i like to kill some things my self 😈 Isu-ka.

Izuka was irritating. Why they didn’t kill him I don’t know. He wasn’t of any help.

Aran sucked. I used him for cannon fodder. Fiona too.

Arans actually quite good.. just slow.. he gets allot of STR and DEF and hes cool looking to boot :}

Heh heh. HEH HEH heh heh heh. On the second playthrough I ANNIHALATED THOSE WHO APPOSED ME!!!

Dark Magic pwns.

I think he looks like scheiss. Fiona had to be THE worst unit in the game though.

No meg was. she was just ugly and I dont need another sword arm so. Fiona is second though I tend to use horsemen alot. Aran is moderate. hes good but not good enough to get classed up. 🙂
And I agree with SL
Izuka must DIE! 😈

😈 hmmm! someone agrees with me! and aran really good in my game.. once he turns into a sentinel (third tire) he gets LOADS OF SPEED AND EVERYTHING ELSE HE NEEDS!. 😛

Fiona -_- .. i can see taking Torunio away for some of the missions but not her.. and Megs kinda funny

arans a soldier, therefore hes good 🙂 . unfortunatly my last game didnt go so well and I couldnt level him up…but I will this playthrough. him and neph.

anyways, I cant decide if the PoR transfer thing would be worth it or not. from what I hear all it does is adds a plus 2 bonus to a stat that one of your characters maxed out in at LV 20 in PoR , and turns PoR LV A supports into built in bonds. oh, and you get all the coins you collected (whoo…) ,

Out of curiosity, does Aran take his pants off too, when he becomes a sentinel?


Nephenee has no pants as a sentinel. So I was afraid that Aran wouldn’t either.

LOL! no he doesn’t.. you should try him out.. give him some time. 🙂

why? that would be ,for lack of a better word I will not say, not right. Nmph I saw only had like thigh high boots.

Thigh high’s no skirt no shorts.

what are you two talkign about?

Nephenee’s sentinel outfit.

I think on mine shes only a halberder but I dont know. ~_~

does anyone like Heather? 🙂 i do.. shes the rouge to get Res, Skill, Luck, and Speed. the other stats are up there. 🙂

The best game ever

No it isn’t. Thre were no real dark users to play with. FE7 is the best.

you only really got one dark user in there too though 😐 .

Yeah, but you got him for a long enough tim to matter. In RD you can get Pelleas for all of 2 chapters.

WOOT! My heathers A WhISPeR YeAEA!.!>!>!>!>!!>! WooTnEsS@

sorry Saint. couldn’t resised.

I made the mistake of making her a whisper. She still sucked.

well everything had 18% chance of hitting her and none it. 😛

But she can’t kill anything.

oh really? 😉 well the best people in FE aren’t all about attacking… but she can kill things in MY game. 🙂 she got alot of Srg. 😀

Not in mine. And, yes they are. If they can’t kill or heal well (not counting herons/dancers/bards!) then they’re worthless.

what about mia 😀 ?

worthless. but not in your game..

Mia was awesome in my game. She always is. She always Maxes Strength Speed and Skill before level 20.

but whada bout eddie? hes great. 😀

so, SN what chapter are you on?

@SN: im talking about in PoR… my RD mia maxed almost everything at LV 15 3rd tier 😯 .

@Sait about Mia: I was talking about both RD and PoR.

@SL: Eddie’s good too, he maxed strength, but he’s not as fast.

@MT: My brother finished it, and since I was only on the beginning of Part II I restarted it of of his saved clear game so i can do a second playthrough game. I’ll get Pelleas! and Sephiran/Lehran!

hmm.. those two i wonder.. so you got rid of your game and copyed another game?? why?!

I was only on endgame of part 1! and it was a second attempt at a first playthrough. If I gotta replay it I might as well get all the benefits of it.

do you even know what the last boss is?? or what the last areas are?

Yes. i saw my brother do it. The last boss is Ashera herself.


So. I don’t care if you think i’m a cheater. I’m the one who attempted Normal mode on his first playthrough.

i was actually going to see if Saint would copy his game(after he won) to another slot for me.. cause of poor Pelleas

[if you continue with the ‘cheater’ comments you’ll end up getting a strike]

WHAT? who wrote that? sorry…..

Just copy it yourself. I’m interested in how much the story can change in the second playthrough. Its kinda cool. I’d rather have real support conversations though.

i actually won already (..somehow @_@)

Muhahahaha!! my Ranulf in level 40 on the “just cause” board! muhahahaaha!

I’m takig a break from it and finishing FE 7 agan. I’m getting all the supports that I can. I think Heath is gonna marry Priscilla. And i’m pretty sure that Kent will marry Fiora too.

im on HHM :} im on 19xx..

so.. SL aka madman, why dont you tell about your two chapters you played today

they worked awesome.. i killed Ike, tanith, kiren, and i killed Oscar by accident. and i didn’t kill them when they were on my team either.

You killed them on the one where you have to Hold the Line didn’t you?

😛 yep. and the board before. 😀

Ill try that second time through. sephiran and Lehran huh? fun. 🙂

yeah if Ike survives TBK then you can get him but… its almost impossable my Ike douged when TBK could hit him with a 77% chance of hitting.. lucky huh?

YEAH! man I hope that happens to me other wise…. *death music plays* RIP Here lies Ike a great warrior Leader and Friend. 😦

more like ugly fat chimp. 😆

Im a little annoyed that Ike was the main character again, despite him having his own game already. I thought he was going to be like old Eliwood in FE6, how he was more of a supporting character.

nope they had to make him the main hero. <_<

Im glad they did that. Ike was awsome in the last one and is even better in this one. in some ways at least.

i dont like Ike.. i wanted Michiah and Sothe to be the main characters, like Saint said, that would be like old Eliwood taking over Roys story :{

Old Eliwood: aCK! stop it boy i’m gonna be the hero so all the chicks can love mwa! Roy: but—but! Old Eliwood: no butts! *leaves the room* ahh take that Idoun! YAHHHH!! *slash!!!!!*

Did you just think of that on the spot or did you spend a couple minutes thinking about it?

Wolf laguz! Definitly one of RD’s many perks….for me.

yeah, i liked them too.
Before i got RD i saw a picture of Volug(which made me really want the game) and thought he was a cat ^_^’ I didnt see his wolf tail

hes really good in my game. did anyone ever know about in easy mode what your blessed weapions do? 😉

@SL- *shock* Who plays easy mode?! (just kidding)
@MT- You know it drove me insane before RD released because Volug’s name changed three times, from Org to Orugh to Volug…and Nailah! She was originally Nike, then Nicaiah then Nailah….grrr….It made it nigh impossible to search for images or screenshots….because who knew what Nintendo/ Intelligent Systems was calling their characters today…heh.

Volug had diffenrt names?!? O_O i like him alot. 🙂 do you?

Yea I saw him as Org on…. I think gamespot or ign. He was the cheat character for me in the begining. 🙂

volug is good, but at the start he hogs a lot of exp, but when you don’t gain half exp, he’s worth it.

yeah i worked on him two times in a row. hes taking a break this game.

is Soren actually the REAL KING of Daien??

how do u recruit lehran-sephiran?

my favorite character in this game is micaiah. but yall should’ve known that given my name if you played this game. oh yeah, i preferred the cell shadedness of path of radiance to this game. also it sucked having a level 20 hero Ike get no level up for the longest. i like to KO a lot of chars i dislike in this game. usually i like to ko just about everyone except for the very few i take into the tower. i don’t waste my base exp on worthless trash. also i was disappointed with the 4 part of the game. it was missing something. i think since the goddess can bring back the dead, they should’ve brought back someone of significant strength to contend with the protagonists. maybe like a brainwashed evil Greil/Gawain from his younger years when he was unmatched. Oh and it would’ve been cool if the laguz had a teir 2. And i think how the endings have nothing to do with who i pair the characters up with i just found that annoying. if i have a guy go with a girl whose primarily going to be in begnion he should be there to.

oh yeah and i think when ike battled the black knight in the tower. even if ike dies i think black knight should take over in his place as the leader. i think that would’ve been a cool option. because i think the black knight looks better than the vanguard. zelgius and micaiah forever. xoxo XO

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