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TBE’s favorite character contest

Posted on: December 24, 2007

TBE is open again and were having a big contest. A contest to see who the top video game character is!
And you choose the characters who will be in the poll.

Go to TBE’s character super contest to find out more details.



28 Responses to "TBE’s favorite character contest"

im quite excited about this :} i already nominated some of my favorite characters ;D

hmmm…me thinks there are going to be a lot of girl characters in it 🙂 .

i put it in. :0 on the fourm. 😛

Probably SOS. 😆 though is it free or just FE characters?

any game characters, just no anime game characters(dragonball z, naruto etc..)

i hope ____ wins. n_n

so like games made after anime characters?

yes, you cant pick characters from games made with anime characters from shows

OOOOHH! NOW you tell me. I have more to nominate then.

you wernt going to before? 😉

that means no bleach no blood+ no ureka7 or anything like that. she said “cant” remember. 😉

*incoherent shouting*
Or perhaps…an FE assassin? With a Stiletto?
Who worked for Greil/Gawain? Who asks Ike to pay him to eat?
*chuckles* Love that part….on the ship…good times…good times….

Volke:”O-kay….obssessed are we?
VolkeFan: “*awestruck* Mum! Look! He is real!
*tears up* It’s a miracle! A christmas miracle!”
Volke: Kill me….somebody? Please?

[MT: fixed it for you :} ]

haha, ok i’ll add him :}

are we allowed to suggest more than 1 person?

all the nominies you requested have been entered


SL, isnt there someone from FF whos name starts with a “I” that you’d like to nominate?

Thanks MT!
Volke says thank you too….

yes!! MT so it now!! DO IT NOW! its not to late right? i would also like to nomanate someone from FE whos name starts with A “R”..

So is this a voting type contest?

@ Mt: why does it say “index.php?” whats with thee “?” in it??

:/ … its just the web address

well what a silly name! <_<

all are silly. I want to see the first web adress. betcha it is like www no slash or http.

sorry for the DP but that adress is there on accident and its not bad but its about money so don’t waste your time on it. sorry 😦

[SoS:I broke it so dont worry about it]

well i didn’t see nothin so no worrys. 🙂

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