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Master of The Sword

Posted on: December 29, 2007

 All right, its time for the article I wrote based off of the request article 😀 ! A lot of the ideas caught my attention, but ultimately I chose to write about Karel. To make things a bit more interesting though, I will include both the sword demon Karels story from FE7 and the sword saint Karels story from FE6. Should be interesting 😛 !

Appearing relatively late (and swift at that!) , Karel is the epitome of mystery in Blazing Sword (aside from maybe Bramimond and Renault 😛 ), having no clear motives then to destroy those who have power. You, the tactician, meet him almost 3/4ths of the way into FE7, but Karels really been on the move for quite some time.

Karel comes from a nameless clan of Sacae. The clan is a very hostile one, earning its location the name “Scarlet plains” . this is because the clan is fated to destroy itself to see who is the strongest, all but one member will fall to the blade. This clan was most likely once a part of the Kutolah tribe that stood out from the rest, do to there immense power and bloodlust. The difference in hair and eye color being a genetic inheritance.

Karel is the strongest of his family. Heaving defeated both of his parents, and Karla being much to young to be worth anything to him at the time, Karel set out on a quest to destroy the strongest warriors in Elibe. Karla, Karel’s younger sister, eventually set out on a journey of her own. one in which she would become as strong as she could to impress her brother…and find her brother for that matter, because by the time Karla started her journey, Karel was well into his own.

Karel, having an insane interest in destroying those who are strong, defeated several of Elibe’s strongest fighters. among them, a mage whose ancient ice magic was said to turn the victims blood to ice, and a stone giant named Kelles, said to be three times the size of a normal man and able to swallow you whole. Karel is also rumored to have destroyed army’s made up of 100 men, and laughed as he took their swords.

In time Karel’s attention is drawn to the black fang…a group of assassins who target power hungry nobles who abuse their power. Though one would think Karel would think lowly of them for targeting nobles, Karel actually had a very good reason for his actions. Hector tells Eliwood that the black fang have been targeting anyone they are hired to silence, among them very famous mercenaries and bounty hunters. this is most likely what perked Karel’s attention.

When Karel meets up with Eliwoods group, he decides to join because either 1.) Eliwood will someday become a great fighter, 2.) Hector would someday become a famous general, or 3.) Lyns swordplay was so beautiful. however, even when he enters Eliwood’s army, he by no means looses his…distinctive personality.

Karel asks Dart who the strongest fighter in Elibe is. Dart says that its Fargus and his crew, but Karel, perhaps sensing Darts bloated ego, asks who the strongest fighter at land is. After naming a few that Karel personally defeated, Dart mentions the sword princess (Karla), said to show up at tournaments and slice through all her opponents. Karel seems interested, but nothing more then “hmm” . Dart also tells of a fourth of the three wyvern riders of Bern (Vaida) . he says she is supposed to be stronger then the other three.

in time Karla does find Karel, and Karel reveals that he has been looking for her for some time as well. he says

Of the six of us, four are gone. You and I are all that remain.”

a shocked Karla simply says “Brother…our parents…” , telling me atleast that the other two members of the family died some time ago. Karel says that in time he would fight her, as it was their clans destiny. When the time for the fight finally does come Karla says that she always hated the sword, and that she wishes things could be how they once were. Karel, obviously overcome from hearing this, is unable to start the fight, and so Karla leaves. when they finally resume the fight, Karel says that he must have changed…that when he’s by Karla he remembers the past. He tells Karla that he will not fight her, but when asked what he would do, he has no response. Karla indicates that she thought he would someday come back to fight her, though it is more likely that Karel continued his journey of death around Elibe.

In time Karla settles down, having both a husband (Bartre) and a daughter (Fir) . However this peace would not last, for over time Karla developed a sickness, a sickness which would take her life. This event changed Karels life forever. Suffering from the loss of his sister, Karel was never quite the same…instead of being filled with bloodlust and malice, he instead became filled with sorrow and regret. purged of his anger and hatred, people began to refer to him as the “Sword Saint” as opposed to the “Sword Demon” . Karel says that the title “Sword Saint” was a title people forced on him however, and that he did not agree with it. upon being asked about his past, and why he changed, Karel says

“…Some things you will realize only after you have lost something else. However, by the time my foolishness had left me…it was already too late.” This obviously refers to Karla’s death, meaning he realized his mistakes only after losing her. Karel always says that he fights only for his family, and that people must carve their own paths.

by Saint of Swords


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good article

i feel bad for him in 6, at least he still has Fir and Bartre, i guess

*delighted laughter* Karel’s quite a character….Gotta’ love him….Especially at the end of Blazing Sword when he tells Eliwood that he’ll be around as long as there are people to “cut.”

i read it and i THINK he deserves all of it!

I like how karel always keeps a modest yet at the same time fight-me-and-you’ll-lose-really-badly additude 😀 .

one thing I didnt mention is that karel seems to take Bartre and Fir to an uninhabited area of bern, next to the dragons temple. he says that the area is forgotten by the world.

good article

i also liked that you mentioned bramimond he is very mysterious… he would be a good article

You know, for whatever crazy reason I never get Karel supports…grr…

it was great especially for some one like me who never delves into that stuff. I now know more about karel than I did before. 🙂

thank you.

I usually dont either…I think its retarded that his only supports are guy (I dislike working on multiple SM’s), karla (see before), gietz (…stinks), dart (…hate him), and lucius (fine, but usually has raven). now if he could get lyn….

whats wrong with guy?!? 😕

…um….he wears a braid…

i like guy hes good but karel always beats him out for me

wow one person agrees that guys cool. 😦

still when I manage to get karel, guy wasn’t really used anyway so its easy to push him out. :p

well mines good. 🙂

i used guy in the chapter before Light and he was killing every axe user and a lot of sword users

yeah just throw him on a bush and hes fine. 0% chance of hitting. 😀

ok lets get back on topic now ^_^’…

it would be perfect if Lyn could support with Karel. I always make them fight together :{ .. plus.. they’d probally get a alternative ending

it would be great if those two could support, they’re two awesome swordsman. Karel is the best SM in FE 6 and 7

swordsmen? one of thems a girl. 😉 anyways. i never did work on lyn and enjoyed it.

yeah, but if you worked on her you’d know that she’s very good

lyn is very good but she needs a lot of luck because of her low defense

(this articles about mostly about plot, not game play.. back to topic)

i think the reason Karel couldnt support with Lyn is cause shes not in 6.. one of the down sides of 6 being the continuation of 7…

i think they should of made Karel and Karla actually be some part of the plot.. it would of been cool if you got Karla(early) unpromoted. Then she could look for him before he comes.. thus making it mose dramatic.

Dart, Lucius and Geitz weren’t in 6 also, so I think they didn’t want to support them.

I’m, sorry, my last post is a little confusing, “so I think
they didn’t want to support Karel and Lyn.”

another reason is that karel would most likely have changed if he had support with lyn, and that would nulify the part where he lost something important to him. not that he wouldnt have missed karla…but he wouldnt be so regretful.

Good point, but I just think that he would act lonely to not be
friends with anybody to protect himself of further loss.

personaly.. i’d love to knock Karel in the Jaws. :O i’ve said my peace

If he had lyn he might have a child and that could’ve caused the same thing if it was a girl that had her looks but at the same time it might cause him to forget about karla or go through the whole best swordsman thing again so, if they hadn’t created fe6 we would have had a continuation that included everything.

Yes, that may be true, but you are forgetting that 6 came

which doesn’t make sense ’cause 7 is before 6.. game wise…

They just didin’t had any ideas, so they only continued 6 story.

hm…. it should have been the first fire emblem, 6, then 7.. but why did they do it the other way around?

they had an idea and they couldn’t think of a continuation after it so they made one before it.

Thank you dragoon14, that’s what I wanted to say.

well thats just lazy and dumb of them..

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