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Spoiler Rule Expired

Posted on: December 31, 2007

despite the RD spoiler rule originally being set to expire at the start of 08, I’ve decided to expire it today.
Yes…today is December 31st, 2007…one day before January 1st, 2008. on one side of the spectrum…one could say “why not wait one more stupid, little, measly day?” but on the other side…yes well…it is just one stupid little measly day. with that, and i’ll be very clear here,


that said, I doubt anyone will mind horribly anyways. but before you go and say every single fact about RD, let me explain one more thing πŸ˜›Β … simply put;

Β To those who have played RD: you should only list RD spoilers when necessary. There will be plenty of subjects to write about RD in…so there is no need to go off topic in unrelated articles.

To those who haven’t: Be warned that all comments may include spoilers, and that though I ask everyone to keepΒ RD factsΒ in the proper place, the time might come when facts from RD apply to other games as well.

finally, you may now put whatever you will in your avatar, signature (in the case of TBE members) , profile, etc..

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47 Responses to "Spoiler Rule Expired"

cool i just got done puting some new things up on the forum. :wOOt: well that would work. πŸ˜‰


First post of the new year! Woohoo!. Happy New Year, Y’all. Five bucks says it’ll be a lot like the last one.

*sigh*… I just… I don’t have that same kind of excitement that I usually do at the beggining of the year. Maybe it’s because of the fact that this is the first New Year without Mom in the family… And why is it snowing on my screen?

So how’s everyone liking the cinematic sequences?

who now. πŸ˜•

What cinematic sequences? Th ones in RD? They’re good. I like the river battle.

i like the opening cutscene :} the night one

I like the river battle too it was awsome to watch. Happy New Year!

my favorite cutscene is the “execution” one. mia sounds hot πŸ˜› .

i like rolf in that one. and that one real cut seen.. never knew Ranulf would talk like that. >_<

Most of the voices didn’t sound the way I thought they would. They made Mist’s voice way too high pitch.

yeah she soundsed like a little kid. oop! >_> she is. n_n but if i had to pick who my fav. person is in there it would be Ranulf about. πŸ™‚

except for Mias voice (i think she sounds kinda weird) they all sounded how i thought they would

Mia’s voice was a quite a bit off from how I thought it would be. Shinon’s was pretty close, so was rolf’s.

Shinon’s voice was a good match…but I agree…Mist was shrieking….

She sounded like it was the same person as Mia, but trying to make it sound as different as possible. It was just way too fake.

Sorry if i havent been around, ive been busy. WooHoo RD soiler rule off! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I need to stop forgertting stuff. any ways Mist voice wus HORRIBLE!.

in mists defence she was obviously scared.

also I liked mias voice…it sounded a little different then what I pictured, but she was yelling, in a battle field no less πŸ™‚ .

yeah i think they are all correct.

Happy New Year everyone! I got a Wii and RD for xmas and i LOVE it! I play it practically nonstop!

Oh, and I’m back from GA, FINALLY. What’d I miss?

a nuclear explosion, free hamburgers, a twelve toed cat, talking dog, and a hamster that can speak japanes. Oh and SOS got his manga up. Nothing much. How was your trip? I liked all voices especially mia’s and shinons. mist was the worst but still okay.

Mist’s was SOOOOOO fakey! The voice actor was trying to force both cute and scared at the same time, and trying way hard .

heres my opinion on the characters voices:

Ike: bleh…heard it before.
Mist: squeaky, but she is a little girl.
Oscar: didnt talk.
Titania: very manly.
Boyde: very ape-ish.
Mia: hot ^_^ .
Soren: didnt talk.
Gatrie: didnt talk.
Shinon: cool…on par with what I expected.
Rolf: uh…just like I pictured.
Rhys: didnt talk

well Ranulf talked the way i wanted him to talk. -_- or nobody else thinks so..

how did anybody think of Bastain? he has a cool beard! πŸ˜€ i’m working on him and Lucia this game. i hope they get a ending. ^.^

he was ok…for a should-be-bard πŸ™‚ .

i still like them. πŸ™‚ but in PoR hes ugly. -.-‘

he was good in PoR when I first got him. haven’t gotten him yet in RD.^_^’ ive only been able to geta chapter each weekend.

Loved Shinon’s voice…might bring him back from the disapproval chasm I sent him to during PoR. I’m quite impressed with him as a Marksman….you got to love Deadeye…

You gotta love the extended range for all bows.

ya gottan love rolfy boy. n_n and rhys..

Shinon owns the world with his Silencer.

you know rolfs good but i think shinon gets more Srt then him…

Deadeye, extra range, and silencer. He is tearing down enemies like crazy. I almost dont want to use him for fear of ending the chapter too soon.

yeah that game can be easier at times…

your fear is quite accurate; he will end misions too quickly…so be careful how close he goes to the enemy πŸ™‚ .

cocky. <_< no one trusts rolf…

Heheheh. Rolf ends them dangeroulsy quick, and then you get to try to do them again.

So your saying hes good or no?

i think it means Rolf ends the mission quickly cause he dies πŸ˜›

*eye brow twichs* -_- anybody who throws him in the open…. anybody who wants to be a JERK TO HIM! <_<

shinon does fine out in the open

Shinon never gets hit. Rolf gets his behind handed to him regularily.

πŸ˜₯ that poor soul.. he was fine in all my games… πŸ˜₯ you just treat him badly!

I send rolf behind shinon. if he cant take them out shinon can.

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