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Poll: Favorite Laguz [updated]

Posted on: January 5, 2008

Since the RD spoiler is now ca-put, I think I’ll make a poll based around it ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Which Laguz Do You Find The Best?

[Update: the votes are up]

1.) Cat~ 4 votes
2.) Tiger~ 1 vote
3.) Wolf~ 1 vote
4.) Lion~ 0 votes
5.) Hawk~ 1 vote
6.) Raven~ 0 votes
7.) Red Dragon~ 0 votes
8.) White Dragon~ 1 vote
9.) Black Dragon~ 0 votes
10.) Heron ~ 0 votes


Quite the list, eh? anyways, you can only vote for once choice and only your first vote counts. I’ll tally the votes after a few are cast and post the results, this does not mean the poll is over however.

by Saint Of Swords 16.gif


109 Responses to "Poll: Favorite Laguz [updated]"

hmm.. tough one…

in general i guess i’de pick cats

that’s very tough… but i think i’d choose hawk

meh.. tigers..

bah, tigers are slow

Cats. All the cute ones are cats. I wonder why there are no female tigers…

i’de hate to see a girl tiger cause the guys are so… big.. they’d probally be too

cats are cute ;), and have better spd and skl than tigers

female tigers would seem strange…

don’t dis tigers! it was my vote!@_@ who cares about spd if they can’t hurt you to boot!

that’s a good point, but usually tigers don’t get a lot of def

at least not enough to make up for their spd

but that’s up to you, if you like tigers use them, i prefer
spd and skl more than str and def

[MOD: theres a no double posting rule unless you forget something very important (its best to think through your post before posting so you dont have to double post). i combined them for you ๐Ÿ™‚ ]

sorry about that, i was a little busy

Wolves, go Nailah!
But I like Hawks too, Tibarn…..
I’ll vote for…..wolves…

Wolves are very good too, the laguz that I don’t like are tigers…

I don’t care much for the laguz in general as fighters. Except the ones who can saty shifted. They’re unreliable. You send them out into the fray and then half way through the enemy turn they revert and end up almost dead, then since they can’t fight in human form your essentially down one fighter.

That’s why there are laguz transformation items.

I realize herons are probably the best, but that would be a boring vote. instead I say…either cats or ravens, so cats since they dont have three major weakneses.

I almost got my laguz slaughtered in RD because the transformation was so different from PoR.they used to just gain some stats, now they double up and down! I used to always bait out the enemy with lethe and ranulf in PoR…but that dont work so good no more ๐Ÿ˜ฆ . I figured out how to use them eventually…they cant fight all the enemys…just some of them (say…half?), and every turn they need to take their olivi grass ^_^ ,

That’s true, but if you can afford the olivi grasses, they will be invincible.

did anyone know if you make a Laguz fight in human form thier EX. won’t be cut in half?

I don’t know, but they will gain a lot more exp just by counter-attacking in human form.

… thats what i said! ๐Ÿ˜›

I said that the exp they earn by counter-attacking is higher than the exp they earn without wildheart in laguz form

thats what i was saying; if a Laguz fights in thier human-form.. they get as much experince as a beroc would. that is all i said, no diffent then what you said.

sorry about that, i misundestood you.

what I did was give my laguz wildheart and to counteract the half xp gain I gave em paragon. ๐Ÿ˜‰ that my friend is how my laguz are in the 40’s ๐Ÿ™‚

yes, but that way you will only halfshift, something not that useful. Something I did to transform my Skrimir and my Kurth into monsters is give them blossom and paragon and kill the bosses, something that gave them incredible stats.

hey! last game my Ranulf was level 40 and maxed in every stat!!!!!

i could never max Ranulf’s stats…

I suppose I’m voting rather biased though, as I do sincerely like wolves as an actual species…

On topic, Nasir from PoR was skilled and rather enjoyable to employ…

(ya think they would be more.. in-to-it or something…)

Voting dragons would be boring, as they are only available at the end of the game, so you can’t really play with them.

@Dragoon: In the 40’s or just at 40?

@Volkefan: All voting is biased. That’s why voting works. Besides, the poll doesn’t say who have to vote for who was the best in the game, just who you like best. As far as units go i hate cats, but the characters are dang cute.

On topic:

I never got Nasir, I could never kill TBK. I agree with Volthe. It would be boring. They come so late they can barely be called playable.

If you got them at the start of part 4, I would surely vote for them, but since you can use cats, tigers, wolves, hawks and ravens, you get to know them a lot more.

you know what? next game i’m working on. Kyza, muerum, and mordacia! ๐Ÿ˜€

Mordecai is a bit difficult since you Nephenee, Marcia, Haar
and Brom in his team, which are all good to train for the final chapter.

why would anybody bring those? i can see haar and Nephenee.. but.. i think brom would get killed by Asura..

Brom is useful in part two, more than Mordecai, but shouldn’t be brought to the final chapter, I wrongly wrote his name.

Oh, I’m partial to the White Dragon laguz. It is… well, it attracts the eye.

oh. okay.. but i never did work on Mordecai in there so you never know. ๐Ÿ˜

I tried one time, he wasn’t very good…

Nasirs cool.. but i was ready to kill him in RD cause i was mad that he sided against me ‘^_^” .. Saint told me that if he survives you can get him.

Nailiahs funny ;D

“Oliver: S-sub-human! A hideous sub-human is attacking me! Help! Someone help me! I’m much too lovely for this!

Nailah: What a strangely shaped creature… Is this some rare subspecies of beorc?”

BUt Nasir is not worth the trouble.

That mission is easy. The dragons won’t attack Kurth or Ena.

@MT: That was funny. A sub-species. Hahaha.

Yes, that’s true but, in that mission, you can’t easly kill the dragons by counter-attacking with Kurth or Ena, what would be great.

i think Nasirs worth it, i like all the dragons besides Gu..Gar.. the big red one

Gareth, but the two of them would take the place of one of the others characters more useful than them, as you already have two dragons.

i think that board was easy… all though i play on easy mode…… but even so.. i played on normal mode once and it wasn’t too bad..

i dont bring Sanakai or anyone else with too low Res/Def.. so Nasirs perfect for me.. plus….. i like how he looks! ;D

SN in the 40’s. sorry for the delay in posts ^_^ im occupied with HW. I haven’t seen Kurth fight yet but I doubt I will use him as if hes a black dragon he will either be the greatest or close to it and I have other characters I like to use. Im on the chapter you have to get Izuka and Reyson was just murdered. u_u

and you let him die? ๐Ÿ˜ฅ poor thing…

Be sure to equip Paragon and Blossom on Kurth, and he will own everything. Mine capped everything save skill at lvl 35.

thats a good idea. i hope you don’t mind if i steal it. ๐Ÿ˜†

That’s ok, as it work very well with any laguz that have room for those two skills.

Ranulf!! ๐Ÿ˜€

I don’t think he has the capacity for those skills…sorry.

heya! its been a while, but I’m baack! I’d have to go w/cats.

Ranulf rules. ๐Ÿ˜€

It was a bird that done him in. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ he got behing be people and got reyson in the only blind spot. Ranulf Is the #1 used cat in the game I think. ๐Ÿ™‚

@Vothe: ahh.. once they hit level 30 they have room for a level 30 skill+.. so he would have JUST enough room for them. n_n

@Dragoon: yeah he is a very cool cat. ๐Ÿ˜† (no pun intended)

I dont see why gareth even exists to be honest. the only reason Ena is a good red dragon is because she has the stats of a white dragon as well as red (minus strength) …but gareth dosen’t. I brought him and he almost got slaughtered by spirits. maybe if he had come a little earlier…but I think, due to everything being magic based at the end, he comes much too late.

anyways the votes are up and cats are winning at 4 ๐Ÿ™‚ .

well i like cats and tigers.. but my favorite type are tigers

@SL:It`s true, but you lose some useful levels that way.

what do you mean levels? you mean passing up Rend and stuff? after they are level twenty they can just remove them and get thier big skill. ๐Ÿ™‚

oops i mean level fourrrrrrty. ^.^’

It’s just that Skrimir, Kurth and some others can use that combo
from the beggining of the game.

@D14: I know this is ancient history now but, about the levels. Laguz top out at 40.

About Gareth;

He creeps me out big time. He’s way too red. Even if he is a red dragon, its unnatural.

yeah, you’re right! hmm… more than slightly creepy *shudders*

JK ๐Ÿ˜€

hes not creepy because hes meant to be Big, Strong, Red, ๐Ÿ˜† and you know that stuff.. hes is a “Red” dragon i mean cut him some slack.

The other red dragons aren’t that red.

The other red dragon that you use is PINK…

But the red dragons that are in human form aren’t red! They look rather like normal people. And Ena’s not exactly pink. Furthermore, if the color of the dragos scales affected the dragons skin in human form, then Kurth and his dad would be black which they’re not. They are most definitely white/tan.

Okay…. before we go off subject may I Interject? point of what i said is a Male Red dragon is probaly Red.. and a Female type Dragon would be pink.. It makes sense there were no other Red dragons so how would you tell? Un-less the NPC dragons all have faces..

hm. makes sense.


She’s a pink dragon because her parents were red and white. But you can tell when the other dragons Transform Gauge runs out and you fight them that they’re not as red.

are you just going to keep finding facts intill i give up? well i’m not giveing up..

you should.. hes a weird color.. he doesnt look that red in PoR

Actually, he does. Go through PoR again and Hes standing behind Kurth when the dragons save your boat. He was that red 3 years ago, too.

That’s true. And those other dragons were red dragons, and you saw one of them speak, and he was normal colored. Gareth is an unnatural beat-red. Like hes eternally embarrassed.

they were “NPCS” hes a playable person so why would they make him look like all the rest?

i was just there a few days ago, he’s more of a orange in PoR

Volthe is back from hell!
SL is right, there’s no point in making Gareth like the NPCs, as he’s a playable character, but they have made him more normal.

But they could have made him more normal.

well… i guess to make him original.. but no less i GIVE UP!

now that thats ended what do we do now?

whos going to reply to that? talk some more probaly…

What’s your fav. promoted promotee class?

Mine’s Dragonlord ๐Ÿ™‚

um.. thats off topic, there not laguz

I think they made gareth more red then the other dragons to show his power. in all honesty, if the poor guy came a little earlier he would rock, but he dosen’t so that point is moot. like a lot of people have been saying I think they just wanted him to stand out.

(also he is less red in PoR. either they decided to change him a bit or the differance in art styles changed him) .

It could be that something happened to him to cause his skin to turn red, and that it has just worn off w/time and age.
Perhaps a curse?

considering the dragons live so long though, a three year curse would be kind of like a 24 hour flu ๐Ÿ˜› .

@Lyn master: DUH! my favorite is Tigers!

I really don’t understand why they decided to give you six new people in the last mission. Gareth and Nasir both sucked because they had no time to level up.

Nasir didnt…give him imbue sometime…instant 35+ health every turn (just keep him on a cover tile whatever you do).his Res is crazy…which means ashuras physical attack is all that will hurt him. plus he has white tide or whatever its called.

@ SOS- True, true, but he could have been cursed since birth, and it has just been progressively wearing off.

Still haven’t beaten easy yet ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’m only allowed an hour a day of video games. It sucks, I know.

One hour? Ouch. My parents used to be like that too. It sucks big time. Nothing can get done in an hour of playing.

i willingly only play all my games for an hour.. and i get allot done

I’ve learned to play fast; I’ve only played for 12 hours and I’m almost done w/Part 3’s Endgame. The Dawn Brigade’s units suck.

not really. Nolan and Edward are really good when they reach third tier, as are Laura and Meg. ofcoarse Jill, Zihark, and Touroneo are all good too, but you probably aren’t counting them.

Leonardo is actually quite good too

I couldn’t keep Laura or Nolan alive, but Boyd and Rhys are better anyway.
Personally, I think all of Ike’s units are better than Miciah’s, i.e.- Rolf->Leonardo, Boyd->Nolan, et caetera (kay-ter-ahh).

and yes, that is spelled correctly, it’s Latin for “and forward.” Americans just changed it to etcetera instead.

If you work on Edward early onm like give him all the experience you can, then he gaets really good by level ten. Also, battle saving just before fighting when you know someone is going too level up is a good idea. then if they get a bad level up, you just restart, fight again, and keep trying till you get what you want. I did that with Edward, Nolan and Leonardo and they were all second tier with max strength and speed by the time Part I ended.

Dang. That’s almost like RNG-abuse. Sweet. ๐Ÿ˜€
I’ll have to try it on playthrough #2.

i wouldn’t.. you will be disspointed..

SL? Is that you? Either way, I see your point. I’d decided not to do it anyway unless there was a soft reset function; it’d take waaay too long, and I’m only allowed 1 hr./day. >.<

is there a soft reset function? oh and do they bring back the Bands(i.e. Fighter Band, Priest Band, Archer Band, et caetera)

No bands. And no soft reset other than the Wii’s reset button. And I don’t know what AM is talking about, you wouldn’t be dissapointed.

i like ravens best

I want Herons to get at least one vote of support (even if it doesn’t count for the poll). Reyson is better than any dancer they’ll ever make (except Ninian of course).

@ SN:

Yes i think thats cheating. battle saving intill your people are perfect.. you feel empty afterwards.

They give you this option, it’s not cheating. >_<

well i love lions , high hp str def skl , and good spd
even if they come only on late game there great to use especially in radiant dawn since you get 3 lions.

ill think ill vote for… hawk

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