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Some technical problems and a poll

Posted on: January 15, 2008

Hey its me MattewThief.

Me and Saint are having some big computer/internet problems lately, and we can only get on for a small amount of time before the internet conection dies on us..

so needless to say its going to take Saint little longer then normal to get a new article up.

So things dont get borring lets have another poll!

What characters do you find more useful?

1.) The guy characters

2.) The girl characters

3.) I cant tell a difference 😕


73 Responses to "Some technical problems and a poll"

due to my many many play throughs i noticed that allot of the physical girl characters seem to have allot of LUCK and SPD. and the physical guy characters get STR and DEF

for magic the girl characters usually have high MAG and RES and the guy mages usually have high SPD and SKL 😕

im not sure which i’de pick

I’d go with 3 i guess. There are differences but they aren’t the kind of differences that make one person better than another. Kinda like you said MT. I usually end up using an equal number of guys and girls.

im on! whoooo!

um…ahem…anyways I vote two, girl characters 😛 . I like how the physical ones cant get hit and the magical ones slaughter everything 😛 .

I’d have to say 1. On a whole, my best guys are well…guys…

I cant tell a difference… i like Marcia Because she gets tons of RES and SPD.. but the guys are the more… up-close and ready to go types.. so i like them both. 😛

I love how often they dodge and DA, so I’ll say 2) girl characters.

Hey am I insane or is Devdan now called Danved? O_o

no your not. He did that so he could join the army. Elincia didn’t want any Crimean citizens joining the army so he called himself Danved and said he wasn’t a Crimean Citizen.

Grrr…I despise speech in third person….hires Volke to “silence” Danved/Devdan…

Danved: Danveds scared.. *runs for the hills and puts a volke dummy in the way* tee hee. danveds smart!!

The only tiem I don’t mind smeone refering to themselves in the third person is when its a cute anime chick.

Lyn: What the…? Rebecca! That assassin is talking to that creepy man! It could be an ambush… shoot him! *shoots the dummy, straw flys everywhere* Hm. Now that’s certainly odd…

😀 😀

*Danved/Devdan dies of stupidity and CTPSR*

Danved: i don’t think so.. Danved never dies of anything.. Danved is IMMORTAL!

They are different, you can’t simply generalize, but I usually end up using more girls, so my vote’s 2) girls. Danved is like Gonzales with his dumb speech.

I like Gonzales. 😦 hes my favorite person in 6. 😥 and he has a reason to talk funny. hes a Brigand and i happen to LIKE him. 😉

Yes, thank you Li Lina…

[MT: please dont make fun of characters if someone says there they’re favorite]

Wh-wha-what!? You shot at a dummy of Volke!? *manic sobbing* Now we must hold a wake….He…was a good man, the extinguisher…..
Volke: ummmm….that’s not me I’m still alive…
Volkefan: ….*twitching*
Volke: err….maybe I should….
Volkefan: Don’t leave!*eye twitching* You can never leave! I held you a pretty funeral! Aren’t you proud?
Volke: drat….help….not the kidnapping thing again…*rolls eyes*
Volkefan: oh yes.

volkefan Said:
Wh-wha-what!? You shot at a dummy of Volke!? *manic sobbing* Now we must hold a wake….He…was a good man, the extinguisher…..
Volke: ummmm….that’s not me I’m still alive…
Volkefan: ….*twitching*
Volke: err….maybe I should….
Volkefan: Don’t leave!*eye twitching* You can never leave! I held you a pretty funeral! Aren’t you proud?
Volke: drat….help….not the kidnapping thing again…*rolls eyes*
Volkefan: oh yes.

hahaha 😀

Indeed it’s a good dialogue, but confusing since the two names are almoooost equal, but funny! 😉

@MT: I wasn’t making fun of Gonzalez, I was reproducing one of his supports, sorry if it looked offensive.

I don’t think you could kidnap Volke, Vfan. I don’t think anyone could.

Except for Chuck Norris, of course.

#3 I dont care id they are boy or girls just that they have good stats or are in a class that I need at that moment.
@ SN why Chuck Norris? ?_?

i like defence and attack allot

but dodgings good too

FUNNY volke fan! and who in the world is Chuck Noris??

hello Silver.. in the future try not to double post 🙂

Who’s Chuck Norris? Who’s Chuck Norris!? This is Chuck Norris…

When the Bogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris doesn’t read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.

There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris has allowed to live.

If you have 5 dollars and Chuck Norris has 5 dollars, Chuck Norris has more money than you.

Chuck Norris is so fast, he can run around the world and punch himself in the back of the head. 🙂

Well then, could I hire Volke to kidnap himself for me?

Ooh! ooh! I’ll kidnap Volke for you!

you know…I hear so much about Chuck Noris…and everyone always has these witty descriptions for him, but I still have no idea who he is 😛 .

back on topic, you can really see the differance in male vs female stats in FE6. simply put, if you want a magic user, they should be female, and if you want a melee fighter, they should be male 😛 (with few exeptions) .

(few exceptions: Rutger)

yeah most the girls are so fast in 6. Thany & Clarice are my favorite female dodgers :}

clarine is really good, everything has a zero persent chance of hitting her on a forest square once she promotes!


please help… 😦

they are really hard to find. try E-bay, but aside from that you’ll usually end up at sites whose links aren’t to be posted here (as they are illegle or indecent 🙂 ) .

HEY! i think Raes really good and hes not a female.. (saint just likes girls more…..)

Regarding Chuck Norris: He’s essentially the cheesiest American action star EVER! He’s Wlaker in the show Walker, Texas Ranger, which really sucks. All his movies are like B-movie quality. He’s pretty dumb, but people like to talk about him like he’s the bomb beause he’s so cheesy. Its always in a joking manner. Chuck Norris probably could beat this grease stain on my shirt that’s shaped ike Abe Lincoln. if you want to know a little more then use for it. That said, no one beats Chuck norris, and if he wants your Mountain Dew, you give it to him, or you’ll die.

so he’s a joke? hmm….never would have guessed 😕 .

now…who was it who was begging the wyvern riders not to kill him in your last game? was it… rai by chance 😐 ? seriously though, in FE6, its better to have high str/mag and def/res because magic users fight magic users and melee units fight melee units or you die (though magic v.s melee works too, but my point still stands) .

Well… i just like useing guys more.. and the statementyou always say makes the guys look like cave men, and the girls look like Intelligent Know-it-alls.. thats what I think anyways…

Would you really? That would be lov’ly!

@ VF- WHAAT? Lynmaster confused…

@ SOS- Does it come in English, or do I need an emulator for it?

@ Lynmaster:

“On January 18, 2008 at 8:30 pm lynmaster1015 Said:

Ooh! ooh! I’ll kidnap Volke for you!”

and no the games in jappanese, i used a game script to play it

@ Saint: Try watching ‘The Cutter’ sometime.

I may have to resort to emulators. If my sister can’t get it when she goes to Japan then i give up. I’ll get a ROM or something.

And where the H#!! did my and evryone elses Avatars go?

What?? don’t you see mine?

Well, its back now. But they were all gone the othr day.

@ MT- What platform is it for? I have all of them except SNES.

FE6 is for GBA :}

😀 yeah but that games harrrrd. but you get a Brigand to play with! 😆 !!!!

I almost got it from ebay. But I couldn’t afford it. It was about 60 bucks and pay-pal only.


[MT: dont involve religion in posts]

Not really. It was an import, and its also discontinued and in high demand.

hmmm. well i really wish the jappanese people would be nice enough to make a RE-MAKE of it..

That’d be sweet. 😀

oh, and sorry MT. I wasn’t sure if I could or not. 😦
Where can I find the rules, or must I just memorize them?

their on the right side of the blog under “about FE Blog” .

SOS’s statement about fe6 is absolutely true, as Rai, Saul, Lugh and Hugh all are far worse than Sophia, Ellen and Lilina. MT, you’re wrong, Rutger is awesome, his only problem is his luck, but his other stats make it up for it.

(im MT, just changed my name)

that wasnt a insult to him, i love Rutger, hes my one of my very favorites, i just class him in the speed/skill area more then DEF/STR area..

still DYING to play that game .\/.

Still haven’t managed to get my hands on a copy yet, how did all of you play it? Is there a way to get it other than E-Bay?

Like the new I.D., MT(LB)

hee hee… MTLB… reminds me of something… but what… 😀

Major League Baseball (MLB) Bacon Lettuce Tomato sandwich (BLT) MUTTON Lettuce Tomato sandwhich (MLT) the list goes on. Did you figure it out?

nope. 😉 seriously. no. 😦

That is completly random.

3.) I don’t know the difference, or more accurately, I can’t find a difference.

i think dodging works best

@ Silver:

Yes, but a good defense is a good offense. My way of playing is waiting for all the enemies to attack me and counter attack and kill them.. you think a person like me would use lots of Generals. But.. i do not.. but when they stop moving i go in for the kill.

Sounds kinda like me. In the Radiant game i wait for them, in the GBA games I make a wall of my nigh invulnerable units (SPOON!)and slowly move forward letting my weaker units mop up what’s left after my units counter attack.

i do that with my fast characters, on forest squares if posible

I would say 3), because my male characters usually end up the same as my female characters. Although the men have more Con, the mounted women have more Aid. Characters who specialize on swords are always fast (be it Marisa or Matthew), Bow wielders are always accurate, Axe wielders are always strong and Mages are always fragile. There’s no difference on gender, rather there’s one on class.

Well said, but some characters just gets out of that generalization, and are very good though.

Yes there are. Like Vaida having big Con. Bu stereotypes always rule over exceptions in video games.

Vaida does have a good CON, but the rest is totally crap. <_<

I agree. That enchanted spear of hers was the only thing she would have contributed to the team and they took it away.

DON’T INSULT VAIDA! i like her if you must know. 😥

I know you like her, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s crap…

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