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part 1, Sir Gawain

Posted on: January 17, 2008

All right, this will be the first of a multiple parted series written by me, regarding Radiant Dawn and its elaborate story line. I tried several times to convey my general ideas in just one article, but it merely came across as scattered and jumbled text. That said, this article will be about Griel, Griel’s wife Elena, and the secret that they both held.

Griel is the father of Ike and Mist, and leader of the Griel Mercenary’s. He bases his decisions not on profit but rather on what he deems the right thing to do. He is a compassionate man, but a powerful fighter. despite all of this however, Griel held a dark secret, as did his late wife, Elena.

Many years before the time that Path of Radiance takes place, Griel worked for the King of Daein. He was known as Gawain of the Four Riders, and he was a peerless swordmaster of much renown. Many viewed him as the strongest fighter on Tellius, some with much envy. It would be safe to say he led a very successful life. However, like all things, nothing lasts for ever.

Around the time of Sir Gawain, the young prince Ashnard was conspiring to drown the world in chaos. he would use Lehran’s medallion, an ancient artifact, and free the dark god from its imprisonment inside. But to do this, the galdrar of release needed to be sung infront of the medallion. Ashnard’s attention turned then to the heron clan. the herons, you see, were well known for their powerful galdrar’s. Surely they must have been able to sing the galdrar of release. On the night of the Serenes massacre, Ashnard captured the heron princess Lillia, and brought her to Palamia temple. There she was to sing the galdrar of release and free the dark god.

With no view of either earth nor sky, Lillias life was slowly leaving her. With her only chance for freedom being singing the galdrar of release and freeing the dark god, Lillia was out of options. For, not only would that be an unthinkable thing to do, but all that aside, Lillia did not posses the ability to free the dark god. With all hope nearly lost, Lillias interest turned to a young cleric that cared for her during her time of captivity. Her name…was Elena. The two eventually came to learn each others languages, if only slightly, and Elena was able to hear Lillias message to her. Lillia told her to take Lehran’s medallion, and the galdrar of release, and flee far away. Elena heeded her words and left the temple. It is safe to assume that Lillia did not have much time left after this, anywhere from days to hours. This was her last act of courage, and with the deed done she died.

News of Lillias death, the medallions disappearance with Elena, and failure of the dark gods revival must have reached the angry prince Ashnards ears soon enough, for he ordered that the medallion be found as soon as possible. One of the men he sent was most likely Sir Gawain.

Suddenly sent out on a mad hunt for a woman with a medallion, one can only imagine the curiosity running through the uninformed soldiers minds, let alone the fear running through Elena’s mind! in time the search was a success, and Elena was found, medallion and all. it was Gawain who would have found her, for he was the most competent soldier there was. But upon seeing her, Gawain must have had a change of heart. Or rather, he must have had a change of heart the second he received the order. Instead of bringing Elena back to Ashnard, Gawain decided to aid Elena. This would brand him a traitor, but to betray his convictions would have been far worse for a man of his stature. The two became very close, and fled the troops of Daein together. Gawain soon changed his name to “Griel” .

In time the two were married, and had a blue haired son named Ike, and a brown haired daughter named Mist. They eventually came to live in a small village, where they intended to live the rest of their life’s in peace.

One day, while Mist and Ike were off playing away from the village, a group of 20 trained assassins came to the village that Griel and Elena had come to live in. They were presumably soldiers of Daein, though they could have also been mercenarys hired by Daein. It would seem that, despite the villagers best attempts to conceal the wanted couple, word had leaked out, and now Griel was faced with an overwhelming number of enemies…perhaps even more then he could take. knowing this, he decided to carry Lehran’s medallion, the object which Ashnard sought, instead of his wife. this way Griel would be the obvious target; not his wife. However, upon touching the chaotic medallion, Griel was thrown into a berserking rage. The twenty assassins arrived by this time, but the tables had turned on them. Griel’s power had increased ten fold and, without so much as breaking a sweat, the battle ended with Griel the victor. However, Griel did not, or rather could not, stop there. He proceeded to slaughter every last villager in his sight, the very people who had kept his presence a secret. There was one more left, they ran to Griel and reached for what he clutched in his hand, Griel struck, and then regained his conciseness shortly thereafter. Before his eyes was his mortally wounded wife Elena, now holding the medallion that had drove him to madness. With her dyeing breath, she forgave him, and with a smile, her life left her. Now Griel, Ike, and Mist were all that remained of the village.

Griel soon tracked down the elusive Volke; a closemouthed assassin willing to do anything for the right price. Griel hired Volke to silence himself should he ever go berserk again. Volke at first refused, knowing he wouldn’t be a match for Sir Gawain. So to convince Volke, Griel slashed the tendons in his arms, forever crippling his swordplay, and strength. After this Volke accepted, and became Griel’s shadow. He was to kill Griel should he ever go berserk, and tell Ike Griel’s secret, should Griel fall to his pursuers.

Many years later, Griel had formed a mercenary company, composed of himself, a former Crimean knight named Titania, three brothers by the names of Oscar, Boyde, and Rolf, a pair of wandering mercenaries named Shinon and Gatrie, a homeless mage named Soren, and a priest named Rhys (who was most likely rescued by the Griel mercenaries after losing his family) . Ike and Mist also lived among them, Mist now baring Lehran’s Medallion, for only she could hold it safely.

When the now king Ashnard declared war against Crimea, Griel and the Griel mercenarys came across a difficult situation. They had found the now orphaned princess Elincia, who asked that they take her to Gallia…Where she would be kept safe. Griel agreed to take her, and so they set out for Gallia. During their journey to Gallia, the mercenarys fought against Daein many times, but the most notable battle would be the one in some abandoned ruins. there they met the Black Knight, though very briefly. this enigmatic man seemed to know Griel, but left without saying a word.

The next night, the night before Griel and company were to meet the king of Gallia, Griel encountered the now more lively Black Knight once again. As Ike saw, the two were locked in mortal combat, the Black Knight seeming to be in the lead. The Black Knight threw a sword at Griel (who now wielded an axe) and said:

I would prefer it if you used your proper weapon, so that I might see you at your full strength…General Gawain, Rider of Daein.

Griel says that that was his name at one time, but that he threw it away. After being asked if he wanted to die, Griel said he recognized the Black Knights voice, and asked if the Black Knight thought he could defeat the man who taught him how to fight. The battle continues at a faster pace then before, but ends just as quickly. With one fell thrust, the Black Knight, the mysterious figure from Griel’s past,, shoves a life ending sword through Griel, thus ending Griel’s long and difficult story.

The next day king Caingheis of Gallia says how many years back he met Griel and thought that he and his wife were holding some dark secret. Griel said nothing to the king however, for it was his burden alone to bare. Ike then swears to get revenge on the black knight, as well as leading the Griel mercenary’s, as his father had always wanted him to.

by Saint Of Swords


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interesting article.. i forgot more then 70% of that from the game until i read this :}

I don’t understand why Greil didn’t use the sword to kill the Black Knight. He should have.

I’m speechless.. ….. WELL DONE! i think that was very good.. detailed and more. and SN… he for one as it said in the story.. “Threw it away*.. Thus he couldn’t even fight with his sword hand because he broke his tendons for ever wielding a sword probarly in the firts place..

—–First place is what i meant to say.

*smiling* I love the part about Volke….obsessed? Me?! Never. Nice article though, very thorough…

That was good. However, Greil already knew Elena before he fled to Gallia, and she was his fiancee.

ah isn’t that what he said in the article? i think so anyways… oh and hi volkefan! hmmm… to many things at once…


thats what saint said

He could weild the sword like an axe. You just have to swing it differently. besides that, I think he can give up on the whole “I threw it away” crap TO SAVE HIS DAUGHTER AND SON AS WEEL AS HIMSELF!

@Astartyune: Is your name a fusion of the name of the goddesses Astarte and Yune?

Really good but I thought Rhys parents were still alive because he said near the beginning of PoR he sends part of his pay to them and also that he healed titania, that was how he got into Griels mercenary’s. Hi Astartyune 🙂

good story! i think the black knight ran from caingheis because he could probally peirce his armor like the three you call can at the end with ashnard. maybe greil couldnt hold a sword anymore and thats why he didnt use ragnell

Good point.. hi by the way!

Really! I know…he pretty much placed Ike’s life on the line for his…strange weapon pride…

great story, I look forward to more.

Hi Volkefan!

@ Silver: Greil’s axe, Urvan, the only S-ranked axe in the game, could pierce The Black Knight’s armor, as it was blessed by the goddess. However, sword beats axe every time, so Griel lost.

i dont think urvan was blessed 😕 unless.. you can post the text from PoR that says so ;}

I dont think Griel could wield a sword. he could, but he would have been ineffective with it. with the tendons slashed in his arms, he wouldnt have been able to properly strike with the sword, and would have lost to TBK sooner then my recent ike did in PoR he did.

Yes i completly agree.

@ MT: You can acquire Urvan through AR, and it worked on Ashnard, who says himself that his sword and armor are Blessed. So, therefore, Urvan must be Blessed.

I don’t know if that counts. Action Replays are technically cheating.

@Shinigami Ninja

Yes it is, and also Ashunera’s name in the Japanese version.

I personally dont count game info unless its canon…past that it falls in the genre of fan fiction 😛 (which is all well and good, but it cant be used as fact) .

yeah… hmmm… you’ve been having alot of new members saint.

@Astarteyune: That’s cool. I like Astarte. I wonder why they changed it?

@SoS: I agree. Unless they stae it in in-game text then it doesn’t count as being Blessed.

@SL: I thinks its probably because of the release of Radiant Dawn. People are addicted to it and want more Fire Emblem so they saearch the web for it and wind up in this toileaahhhhuuhh I mean wonderful community.

yeah…new games are good for that 😀 .

@ SN: maybe.. i dunno know what i’m supposed to do about my blog.. pokemon doesn’t have new releases anymore..

Change its purpose. Make it a Fonal Fantasy Blog. Course, you’d need a PS3 then…

hmmmm… NOT.. why in the world would i give up all i have for FF? sure i like it but all the work i did… no.. besides.. would you visit my normal blog anyway? No.. you wouldn’t.. but i’m not getting off subject.. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; man why is the Black Knight so cool?

Because he wears all black. Only the coolest of the cool can pull that off. ^-^

@ SL- I didn’t know you had a pokemon blog. I’ll have to check it out; I have every pokemon game since Red & Blue. What’s the URL?

I agree on the black armor thing. All the coolest people wear black at some point. The Matrix folks, the Men in Black, almost the entire cast of Bleach, the list goes on forever.

[MT: advertisings not allowed here, but if you’d like to go to the page its to the right in the affiliates area, called “pokemon gamers blog”]

oops.. sorry.. now i’m not DP but Lyn master you heard it from her.. 😦 sorry MT.

You know, this really might be off topic, if so I apologize, but at least on my Radiant Dawn disk, when you look at Muarim’s character sheet, the informations for Mist…heheh. Oh poor Ike.

that must have been weird.. Ike: WHA?? YOUR MY SISTER?!?! SL: hahahahahahaha.

Woah. Glitch. Is that in the Library section?

I’ll say its a Glitch. 😆

Hmm… That didn’t happen on my Wii.

Oh, and btw SL, I’m a guy, I just think Lyn rules.

@ lynmaster: the “heard it from her” thing that SL said was refering to me

@ Lyn master: yeah what MT said.

Didn’t happen on mine either. Its probably a defective disk. Hey maybe you got a beta accidentally.

huh? disc?? sorry but what were you saying??

so wait MT, are you or are you not a girl, and if not, what was SL talking about?

Lynmaster confused O_o

MT is a girl. You are not. SL just didn’t punctuate his post properly so it sounded like he said YOU were a girl. Then you said you are a guy, and he said, he wasn’t refering to you when he said “she” he was referring to MT.

did Murium have Mists picture or infromation?

*bows to SN*

Thank you for clearing that up. I was REALLY confused, so now I can sleep at night. 😉

Merci beau coup.
(It means thank you very much; it’s French)

Ma che bello Lynmaster.
And muarim had his picture, but the text of Mist, in my game at least, and Mist was normal. That’s late but, I play FE for 4 years now, and I always liked, it’s just that iI didn’t like to enter blogs, but RD changed that, as it’s TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!

Hm? mmmm… thats the Miracle of Glitchs.

Apparently. I think RD got a lot of people into the community. Probably because so many people bought the Wii because of the hype and then needed to play soemthign besides wii sports and elebits so the found RD and loved it.

hm. never seen anything like that before.

thanks SOS, I never thought to look there.

I’m now wondering what Wii has in store for the future.. so far the only good things to look forward to are SSBB and a rumor about some Zelda game.

Don’t forget Mushroom Men and Thorn.

The zelda looks to be a total bust to get you to buy the zapper. just him usin a crosbow to shoot monsters.

@ SN:

I do not play such games for they are, unnecessary.

why are they unnecasary?

Mushroom Men looks liek it’ll be great fun. You get to be a mushroom and make weapons and tools out of whatever’s lying around!

Yeah.. a game that i wouldn’t have time for. i barely have enough gametime anyway. i stick with these following games;

Final Fantasy
Fire Emblem
Mario games
Super Smash Brothers

Oh, a i forgot to put in Zelda.

That’s gonna get boring eventually.

i agree, Mushroom Men sounds fun

SL is almost right, I would stick with those, with very few exceptions depending on what is released. Those are very good, and won’t get boring.

it is a good idea to play just a couple franchises unless you are like me and get bored if you’ve already beat the games too many times then you buy new games or expand your franchise list or you could buy a game that has a good multiplayer like SSB or Star Wars Battlefront 1&2

I stick with any game I find interesting or of a series I like, with the exception of D&D, which was the worst game I ever played.

Dungeons and Dragons? That’s crap, it’s so boring that I sleep every five minutes that I tryed to play that thing.

Me too. I think they made it for insomniacs so they could sleep better.

Maybe but i never heard of the game.. so i wouldn’t know.

It’s very boring, I once got a ROM that made me fall asleep in five minutes.

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