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Shops Are Open Again

Posted on: January 25, 2008

I know…it took me much longer then I thought it would, but without further ado, the Armory, Shop, and Market Square are all open once again! but this time they are remodled a bit

the last few role-plays done on FE Blog have been some what lacking. that is because a basic…very basic, system was in place. however that is all taken care of as I added weight,might,range, etc. the only thing I havent added is hit, because its far too complicated for the time being.

you may have noticed a few items are not for sale anymore. that is because they are legendary items and cant just be perchased. if you own a legendary weapon, you own the only one in existance (on FE Blog anyways) , and if you own a rare S ranked weapon, you hold a very special treasure as it is most likely not for sale anymore. if your wondering how you go about getting one of these items, you can either 1) go to the market square and trade for it or 2) wait and try to win it in a contest. in addition, a few weapons arent being used anymore, so if anyone had such a weapon they either got a replacement or got their money back.

the next role playing will be announced soon, and ill give you a little preview of it. there will be two sides, you cant switch sides, movement will be more then one, you will have your own stat list that will carry over to future role playing, and the leader of each team will be selected by the individuals of said team. in addition to all that, both leaders will receive a white gem ๐Ÿ˜› !

something to think about…now go shop.

by Saint Of Swords


75 Responses to "Shops Are Open Again"

awwww. i wanna be the leader. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Me too! I’m a natural-born leader. @ School, I’m the first guy they go to for a Stage Manager, and I’m only a freshman! That shows I have Leadership skills, right? Plus, I’m poor ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

SweeeT! Finally stepping it up. You know, if you ever figure out a good enough system, then you could maybe market it. Sell it like they do with D&D.

how do i get them?


on the right side of the site, under pages theres the armory, the shop and the market. the more you post the more gold you get, which can be used to buy items, once you post and say you want to buy something(provided you have enough gold) Saint puts it in your inventory (gold and item accounts also on the right)

@ Lynmaster:

hmmm…mmmhmmm….interesting… … …*smacks Lynmaster on the back of the head* you greedy scrooge! you should use the white gem you would get to properly outfit your people!!

that would be neat ๐Ÿ™‚ . ofcoarse I can tell that there will still be a few problems, I think im close to figuring out a bug proof system ๐Ÿ˜› !

hmmmm.. i’ll look forward to that…..

LM:”OW! All right, all right! I will!” “Waait a second… am “I” considered one of my people?” ๐Ÿ˜‰
LM:”JK! JK!” *Runs from SOS*

… I strategize well enough. I’ve played Halo enough that I know how to take down legions of enemies without sustaining a scratch, and I can beat down the leader of the opposites WITH THE FORCE OF A GOD!!!!! … sorry, I got carried away, but I do know my way around the battle-field. I am also very flexible in bad situations.

can i play as bartre in the role playing?

im not 100% sure about the technical details of the next RPing. I think its safe to say you will be able to though.

i’ll be waiting intill it comes..

Halo is amazing. ๐Ÿ˜€

Can I be a Laguz or maybe have a Laguz partner? It’d be sweet.

Halo is great, but it doesn’t use the same kind of strategizing that this roleplaying does. So your skills are worthless in that regard UZM. ๐Ÿ˜€

And you guys, it might be best to save any questions for AFTER he posts the rules for the next RP session. Some of them may be answered in that entry.

I claim Volke as my partner!
*wild-eyed expression*

The god of death is right, you should wait until after Saint releases the new rules, as he seems to have thought about a lot of things.

God of death? sounds… odd.. Saint i have requested somethings in the shop.

I am the God of Death. Shinigami is japanese for God of Death. Though all y’all should know, its the Bleach Shinigami, not the Death Note kind.

But, yeah, you don’t even know if you get partners or if you can use real characters from the FE games, so don’t be making any claims yet.

And, SL, why’d you change your name?

cause hes more of a morning person ๐Ÿ˜› ! *cheesy drum noise* get it…Advent…Master…? never mind….

anyways yeah, you should wait until I post the role play recruiting, because I dont have everything figured out 100% yet, but I will once I post the recruiting. it will be very similar to the previous RPings we’ve had on FEB…just with better rules and less bugs. so with that its safe to say you will still get an assistant, however everything else is still to be decided. so volkefan can have volke as his assistant *points to volke, whose following a trail of coins into the RP assistant room*

@ SN: i have really no reason.. i just felt like it. and i wasn’t feeling as peppy as i was normaly.

@ SN: Actually, it’s only different in regards of actions. All battle situations are dealt with in the same manner. There are the strategies, the soldiers (or in this case, the players), and the part where you carry out the strategy. Besides, I am resourceful when it comes to most situations, I can decide what best-suits everyone in their positions, and I am almost never wrong.

But he said almost, so that negates the exactness of the never.

UZM. Do you have Advance wars Dual Strike or Advance Wars Days of Ruin?

Morning(SL), you said naver twice and you said never say never, what is never true, don’t you agree?

Now I’m confused.

I only said a load of nevers, continuing SoS joke (AM) and joking with SL, but don’t worry, it’s all boring.

I think i get it now that I’ve read it several times.

Huh? ?_? what ever. Do we get to pick classes? Oh Ive been busy with school and other such nonsense so only expect sporadic responses. So whats new besides the shops and such?

Hmm… thats annoying..

I’m sorry AM, if I may call you that way, but my joke pool is a bit lacking lately.

… My head exploded just now.

@ SN: No. I have never heard of those games, actually. They sound interesting though, so I will look them up if I have time. VOTE FOR ME AS LEADER WHEN THE TIME COMES!

Mine exploded, self repaired, and exploded again. It just finished the second self repair.

If you ever get them, give me your friend codes and I will challenge you!

Only two times??? My head exploded about one hundred times, a lot of them trying not to lose characters in chapters that I messed things completely. I’ll tell what: this games are really awesome.

Mine didn’t blow up once..

… Now my brain exploded so much I’m DEAD! but like a flood from Halo, so I’m still alive and have long lumbering limbs to hit people with. Hee hee. Fear me, as I will be your big lumbering limbed leader. Grr. My name is Gravemind. ooh, that gives me an idea.

Ok, just so no one gets confused, my nickname is Gravemind now.

Ah… just because i change my name means everybody has to?!

They’re only jealous of your change of mind SL, which remembers me, may I call you AM or not? And sorry if I am a little more worse than you.

Sorry about the typing mistake. And the double post.

i’m not changing my name. i have a rep to build with this one.

I thought you already had one, God of Death.

It doesn’t matter.. i’m Advent master and thats final.

this is getting a little off topic. to clarify;

feel free to call advent master AM, I doubt he’ll care (and nicknames are rarely ever chosen by the actual barer of the name anyways) .

I dont think UZM changed his name because you did, I think he changed it because he said his name is gravemind because his mind blew up ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Thank you for the clarification and sorry about the off topic issue.

SoS, sorry about the double post, but I’d like to know how I can have a Vague Katti.

S ranked weapons, for the most part, wont be for sale. they will however, be awarded as prizes for contests held on FE Blog. I’ll probably hold a contest in a few days.

Fine. role playing has to start sooner or later..

UZM became gravemind because he made a Halo reference. Gravemind is from Halo.

Anyway, I have a Vague Kattie, I may trade it with you, depending on what you have.

Oh please, I just became a member, do you think I have money enough, or weapons???

Well, you have 2200 gold. Or more.

Yeah, what SN said. Gravemind is the centralized intelligence of the flood, all of it is controlled by the gravemind. If I had a picture, I would show you guys, but I’m not having a lot of luck in that aspect…

Uh, Saint, I placed an order in the shop and armory, but I don’t know if you knew about them. I’ll check and see.

any of you want to give me a deal for a axe?

Sorry for the delay. i haven’t been on lately.. and i am NO longer a Emmo. so say good bye to annoying Advent Master.. honestly.. i don’t know what i was thinking..

I hate that stupid little name i had.. man i am GLAD to be back. ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, would you sell the Vague Katti for 2000 thousand gold?

Wa—are you talking to me? i don’t have one. and NO i would not. 8000 gold. ๐Ÿ˜†

SL, I was talking to SN.

Looks like old Ranulf is back.

Huh? oh my avatar. ๐Ÿ˜€ yeah hes pretty cool.

anyone have any axes for trade?

No I don’t, why don’t you buy one???And Ranulf is a great Character and pretty cool.;)

From what I’ve seen Ranulf can get some really good stats after a few level ups. He looks cool untransformed, but nasir and tibarn are better transformed.

@ Silver
You should take volthe’s recommendation, save some money and buy one.

@ Merc. Light

Ack i hate Tibarn.. such a bossy know-it-all.. Man they trashed him! hes always giving everybody a big lecture.. u_u idiot!

@ Vothe

Yeah he is cool looking. but i like him better in PoR..

Well now I know that. I haven’t played FE9, so I just wrote that because of the images of its laguz beast form

Me too, but I think he’s quite good in RD.

He is. Then maybe he’s better than that other big lecturer in FE, what was his name?

@ Mercenarylight:
are you talking about a Laguz from FE9?

@ Vothe:
Personaly.. in that game Ranulf acts like Ikes pet.. (gross i know..) so thats why i like him better in PoR..

I wish i also had a Pet Laguz, maybe Kurth…O.0

Yeah me too. <_< Ranulf should have been my pet besides (Ikes)Chimps(Ikes) pet!

I wish I had a dragon as a pet. Maybe I’ll have Nils in dragon form as pet and Ninian as my girl.

Yeah.. I’ll have Ranulf as a pet and Lyre as a girlfriend. :I

I’ll have Kurth as pet(he’s a dragon after all, not only that, but their king) and my girl would…
*Thinks of Neph*
*Remembers Raptor*
Priscila or Marisa.

Actually, Marisa’s already taken.

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