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Update, Febuary 1st

Posted on: February 1, 2008

….yes, January first did in fact exist. I just kind of forgot about it and as a result forgot to write the monthly update for said month. thats fine though because not a lot was done last month due to some technical problems, but I have good news.

remember be complaining about not having enough room to put the rest of the RD official art up? well was kind enough to triple the amount of space, thus allowing me the ability to upload the rest of the art. unfortunately, I am having a hard time finding the pictures without the characters feet being water marked (leonardo is one such example) . I dont know why people do this sort of thing as it greatly damages the quality of the image, but I digress, as there is litte more I can do then that. I will be able to find some of them without the water mark eating their feet, so look for official Radiant Dawn art updates over the next couple of weeks =) .

Ive said this before, but I wont be doing many character profiles as they are not very popular (as far as I can tell) . instead, I will be adding more path of radiance character sprites up,Sacred Stones character Portraits, Radiant Dawn official art (as mentioned above) and possibly Radiant Dawn character sprites.

As for The Blazing Emblem, I will be updating that a lot this month. I want to change the colors a bit, add a texture to the bars, add a background picture, and update the character shop. if anyone has any suggestions on the colors let me know. and on the note of forums, I am considering starting a new forum to hold the role-playing on. I would like every ones input on this, as my knowledge of forums has increased over the last few months and I now have a way to add items under the avatar.

well that’s about it. last month was one of our best months so far, so thank you for your continued support and we hope you continue to visit FE Blog 🙂 .

by Saint of Swords yuna11.gif


37 Responses to "Update, Febuary 1st"

If you can make the role play better/more efficient on a new forum, then by all means, make a new one. But if its just gonna be the same as it is now then there’s not a lot of point to it.

… I enjoy the role-playing articles. Speaking of which, mine has started.

i need money before i can enter, i want a axe

Can anyone explain the role-playing to me? (not the stuff posted at “Role-Playing”…)

Saint.. i like the role playing how it is now don’t change it. 😛

i’ll be posting the info on february seventh, you’ll see then 🙂 .

If anything it would only work better.

purple is a nice color 😕

@ MT:

yes. it is. 😛

@ Saint:


I can’t wait for the RP! I hope the new system works!

orange is better. it’s fun to say. ha. 😉

I agree with SL and MT, purple is agood one, and if it would only work better, then why not do it in another forum?

no problem 🙂 .

well you know, its just that some people might not want to sign up on a forum, or maybe they dislike forums (like I do 😛 ) . the next role playing will be on FE Blog, but the following one will probably be on a forum (not TBE, a new forum dedicated to the role playing) .

@ Saint

Cool. sounds good to me. ^.^

I’m sure you’ll do an excellent job.

It’ll be very good.

Will it have cool graphics?

*slaps SN* Show some respect! 😛 everybodys cheering after all.

*Kicks SL’s face* Don’t touch me, fool. I’m just asking if he’ll be able to do with it what he tried to do with TBE.

Missle> ░_░
Gun/body/gun> ó 0 Ö
Waist> ^
Legs> | |

Help me improve him!

Pah! He didn’t line up! He’s supposed to look like this:

ó 0 Ö
| |

Oh, I can see perfectly what it is…

purple sounds like a good colour for the role playing forum

Whatever you guys decide to do, I’m behind you all the way. I’ll help however I can, if you need it.

-Raptor, out.

I was sarcastic SL.

Oh.. then i have no idea what SN did…

It failed miserably because I can’t line it up properly with wordpress.

Sorry about that.

I don’t even know how you got those icons. There are none of those icons on my Keyboard…

Neither do I, but it doesn’t matter, as he won’t be able to show us what that thing looks like.

Well. sense this topic already got off subject. do you like my Avatar? 🙂

It’s ok. But why do you change it every few weeks.

I get interested in different things. 🙂

That doesn’t count as reason…
But nothing against, it’s just that it gets different every time I take a look at the blog.

Actually SL you stay interested in the same things, but just change the icon to another picture of a thing you like over and over again.

That’s true, but let the child be happy. 😉

He’s already happy (he’s homeschooled unlike most of us). If it wasn’t for the Luigi or pokemaster part, I wouldn’t know with who I’m writing to.

Haha! I think I prefer going to school than being homeschooled, but I would rather NOT have to go to school, it would be great if we were born knoing what’s needed…

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