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Quick Quiz [Update]

Posted on: February 2, 2008

ok…I promised I would make a contest before I started the Role Playing, right? well here it is. the deadline for the contest is February 7th, meaning you have five days to send in your answers.

…oh yeah…the actual contest…
[Update: the answers and scores are up, see if you’ve won!]

the contest will be in the form of a quiz. simple really, I would rate the difficulty a 6 out of ten maybe. since not many people have played FE6, I did not include any questions from it in the quiz. so without further ado…

1.) In FE7, where does the shaman in Ninians flashback say he had to go?

A.) Fibernia.
B.) Aenir. -Correct answer
C.) Worde.
D.) Khathelet.

2.) In FE8, what is Duessels title?

A.) Moonstone.
B.) Tiger Eye.
C.) Obsidian. – Correct answer
D.) Blood Beryl

3.) In FE9, how many times does The Black Knight appear as an enemy on the map (during a mission) ?

A.) 1 time
B.) 2 times
C.) 3 times – Correct answer
D.) 4 times

4.) In FE10, what is Edwards PRF weapon?

A.) Excalibur
B.) Caladbolg – Correct answer
C.) Gungnir – this is actually Odin’s lance XD
D.) Aldonite

5.) in FE7, why do Eliwood and Co. skip the other 5 legendary weapons?

A.) no one can wield them
B.) their seals can not be broken
C.) they dont have enough time -Correct answer
D.) they are not strong against Nergal

6.) in FE8, what is the first sacred stone to be destroyed?

A.) Renais’ sacred stone
B.) Frelia’s sacred stone
C.) Grado’s sacred stone -correct answer
D.) Rauston’s sacred stone

7.) in FE9, which of the following titles does Ike bestow upon Duke Tanas?

A.) stupid blind fool- ike calls ashnard this
B.) fat man- lethe calls duke tanas this
C.) pompus windbag- correct answer
D.) old crow- naluchi is often refered to as this, even by himself

8.) In FE10, which area is Lekain the Duke of?

A.) Persis
B.) Seriola
C.) Salmo
D.) Gadus- correct answer


6th: Shadow Luigi (2/8)

5th: LynMaster1015 (4/8)

4th: Volthe (5/8)

3rd: DarkDruidXX (5/8)

2nt: Mercenary Of Light (5/8)

1st: MatthewThief (6/8)

Congratulations MT! you may now pick any S ranked weapon to be added to your inventory! a few things I would like to mention. first of all, mercenary of light, darkdruidxx, and volthe all answered the same amount of questions correctly. however, I placed the three of you in order of who sent in their answers the soonest. second, everyone answered questions 2 and 4 correctly 🙂 . this could be because question 2s answers consisted of the titles of the main enemys in SS and because question 4s answers consisted of weapons that all exist (in myths anyways) and aldonite, the sword of the black knight 😛 . and on a final note, almost everyone thought ike called duke tanas a stupid blind fool. that is, however, what Ike calls Ashnard in hard mode, when Ashnard touches the medallion. to clarify to MT, you can pick any S ranked weapon, regardless of whether or not its in the shops.

If everything goes well, the role-play recruiting might be up tomorrow, but thinking realistically, i’ll try to get it up by the tenth.

Thank you for playing 😀 .

by Saint of Swords


60 Responses to "Quick Quiz [Update]"

I sent you the answers.. i only got two right. >.<

sent you mine. hope I did well. g2get back 2 SB XLII.


NOOOO! THE PATRIOTS LOST TO NEW YORK! AAAAAUGH!!! *sobs into pillow* uuugh… how could the GIANTS beat the Patriots?
*women point and scream*

sorry if you like the Giants, I have nothing against them or their fans (I like them too), but, when it comes down to it, I’ll always be happier when my home team comes out 19-0. 18-1 just isn’t as monumental. ya know what I mean?

even though no one seems to be posting here (despite the fact that I have a ton of entries) you should try to stay on subject. might I suggest going to TBE to talk about the game 🙂 ? you’ll find the link on the top of the blog and right.

Maybe because they don’t want to mention how they did until a winner is chosen.

@ mercenarylight:

Hello.. i remember you. your the guy who posted on my blog (Pokemon gamers blog) yeah..

@ Lyn master:

and also.. the Patriots are cheaters. they looked at a game plan the other team was planing. CHEATERS!!

I don’t think the patriots are cheaters, they play as fair as any other team, but I don’t think this is the best place to talk about football, unless there was a football video game containing FE characters.

*slaps self* I can see Sain running with a football. 😛

Its possible. FE isn’t that famous now, but if it suddenly starts selling millions of games, Nintendo might consider it the next best thing since Mario and his franchise.

I can picture it now. Nils rushing through hordes of brigands and bersekers, avoiding being hit by their Tomahawks and scoring a field goal with the strength we thought he never had. That would really change our perspective of Nils and all those characters (like Yodel, Selena, Renault or Niime) we ignored (if they allow us to train them).

Err….but sports games are horrid and would deface my favorite Strategy title….
*mental image of Volke with helmet*

sports games aren’t that horrid. But I see your point, warriors (from the Middle Ages by the look and style of the characters) aren’t supposed to be running around in football-styled armor kicking footballs.

I hate football. Is that bad? But I don’t have any idea what the answers are. I could cheat and look it up on a FAQ somewhere, but I’ll take my chances.

They could be made more useful(Selena, Niime and co.) but I would prefer Gonzalez runnig in a field like a bulldozer, razing everything…or maybe Nils is better.

The reason I mentioned Nils was because he’s so fast, he could dodge anything (or anyone) that the enemy throws at him. Personally I would say Marisa would be great at football, she maxed her Skill, Speed and Luck (3 shining 30’s) for me, nothing any other character in the GBA FE’s has done for me.

I know little Nils’ HUGE speed, and compare Marisa with Nils is too unfair, as Marisa is a dodging/hitting machine, she never misses and is never hit! The ultimate football player.

*pictures his favorite FE girls playing football*

hehe…I say they should give it a try!

[The quiz is over tomorrow. If you do not submit your answers by February 7th, 2:00 central time, your subbmision will not be counted]

… Oh well. I didn’t participate at all… I guess that’s my consequence for not playing the FE series too often.

Saint, your point is well seen…
My god, Louise just scored a field goal! Now, get lost Pent.

heheheh, that could be interesting *thinks of Rutger*

Wait a minute, what Rutger is doing in my dream??? Oh, it’s MT.


Eliwood or Hector would be cool

Hector, uh… Well, that one could hold an entire team.

yeah, perfect DEf

Not only that, he is also big, very BIG.

I think a Fado (with boots) would be better (con=18), the only problem is he starts at L11 promoted, so he can only max Strenght with some luck.

I guess my wild idea just got more developed with yours. Maybe if we contact a game designer our ideas could be made up into a game. Football has strategy, we just have to take it to the next level.

karel might be kind of fun to watch play football…though me thinks he would cause a lot of “unnecessary ruffness” penalties XD .

also the results are up 🙂 .

If I would have played FE9, I would have tied (or maybe even won), because I would have gotten 3 right. That’s ok, I just have to keep coming here if I want a S weapon. I can’t expect it to happen in a week.

“karel might be kind of fun to watch play football…though me thinks he would cause a lot of “unnecessary ruffness” penalties XD.”- Saint of Swords

I think he would be fun to watch, but if its the FE7 Karel, the game developers might want to take that Wo Dao off or there wouldn’t be any enemies to play with.

That would suck. If they made a fire emblem foot ball game I would murder some people. Footbal is stupid. So is wrestling and girls basketball.

This sucks! I couldn’t take the quiz because my computer was half-dead!

Hm… i think Marcia could be a good water girl. WOOO dump Hector full of WATER MARCIA!

cool i won :} , i’de like Audhulma please

Ah man. i wanted to win.. 😐

That’s not fair, I wanted that sword!

@ MatthewThief:
congrats! ^_^

Meh, I already have enough good swords.

congrats MT! *cough* *cough* *rigged* *cough*


*sobbing* Congrats…

Yeah good luck in the role playing (and please don’t cleave me in half..) ah heh heh..

I also should have played FE9 before trying any quiz…fool.

Well, congrats Lightbringer (or should I say MT still). Can someone explain to me how does role-playing work (i just started visiting last month).

I’m not the maker of the role playing Mercenarylight, so.. you know. 😦 sorry. But i heard you had a blog? maybe i could visit sometime. 🙂

Well I’m still on it, but at least it has something. I know this isn’t the best place to ask this, but how do I put buttons (images) on my Links/blogroll widget. WordPress doesn’t allow html like blogger, so I’m confused.

i missed the contest 😦

Wait some days that Saint will explain everything of this new kind of role-playing, as he promised.

Saints working on the new RPing forum now, so he wont be around for a few days, but yeah, when everything starts up, the rules and stuff will be explained

Ok, I’ll just wait

sweet. I claim LB’s team! (I don’t wanna die!!!)

Me too, I’m new, you know…

Hey wait a— we can’t claim teams! or can we? 😕

Please Saint, let the worst of us claim teams.

Hey no sucking up to the judge! SAinT PlEaseee help ME To ViCt0Ry!!

If real money were at risk I would have tried to team up with someone good. But i’ll just have to do my best at something I don’t have a clue about.

Heh. 🙂 i always win..

about the role-playing:
Im currently converting the role-playing from FE Blog onto a forum…this will allow for more options, features, and less waiting! it will take a while to get up though.

That would be great and could you make a section were you explain RP there. Some of us are new and don’t know anything.

Its easy to understand Merc Light. you’ll get the hang of it.

I hope I do. I don’t have a good memory.

Nor do i really. 😛

It doesn’t take good memory, just the habit of it or good logic thinking, what someone that plays strategy games has.

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