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The weapons & items of FE6/FE7

Posted on: February 10, 2008

Fire Emblem 6 and 7 share allot of their weapons and items. In this article I’ll be discussing the similarities, differences and strange facts… 

In FE6 Wo Dao’s aren’t as rare, you get three of them. Fir comes with one pretty early in the game.

Since were on the subject of swords, you can get a Light Brand really really early in the game.

One of the main enemies you’ll face late game is *scary music* druids, very powerful druids (much like in HHM). Unlike in FE7, Luna tomes didnt exist (thankfuly 0_o’). So the main spells that druids use are either Nosferatu or Fenrir tomes, both which can be lethal to physical units.

Unlike FE7(excluding HHM), berserk staffs are quite common towards the end of FE6. In FE7 i believe that whether or not a berserk spell hits you is deternimed by speed and luck, but in FE6 its determened by the units RES (when enemies target a  physical unit with berserk they usually have a 100% hit chance).

In FE7, you get Fimbulvetr late in the game, after beating Limstella. But late in the game is better then never like in FE6. You never get a Fimbulvetr in the game*. But the strange thing is besides Brenya the only other enemy who has that tome is a random enemy mage in Illia!

Unlike FE7 and FE8, theres no item you can get to prevent criticals or enhance your units stat growth(Afas drops, Metis Tome).

However, there is still a Delphi Shield, Silver card and Member card.

In FE6, you can get Brave weapons, except for a Brave sword for some reason. The strange thing is, you have to fight enemies with brave swords.

Well thats all i can think of for now, I hope you all enjoyed my article :}

*You can get Brenya in after map and she has a Fimbulvetr, but thats not in game.

by: Lightbringer


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Well, I think I would have traded Luna, Brave Sword and Fimbulvetr for more Wo Daos, Light Brands and Berserks. FE6 looks like a great game, if only I could get it.

if your physical people dont dodge the druids thats a big problem. and there hard to kill unless you have someone really strong.

I would bet Elen and Saul would run over them and leave them in pieces without breaking a sweat. Or are they weak like Renault.

Good article Light bringer. 🙂

thanks :}

Saul’s got allot of magic, Elens is pretty high once she promotes too, the problem is the druids have so much RES

If Druids have hig Res in that game would a paladin with high Res and high Str be able to defeat them.

Probably yes, but ther’s no such thing in FE6 as a paladin with great RES.
The article’s really good, and Ellen and Saul are definetily not like Renault, but Yodel is far worse, as he’s level 20 with stats below 20!!!

i dont know why, but i really like bringing Yodel on missions

I think you mean SL. I haven’t said anything yet, Lightbringer.

Man, if only I could find this game.

Yodel is total crap, but if you like him, can’t do anything about that.

oops hit the wrong key 😛 yeah it was for SL.

and yeah, Yodel stinks, he cant even take a hit most the time. he is quite good at staffs though

man I want that game 😦 still looking

I am too, kind of. They should so totally re-release it.

Maybe they’ll re-release it for the DS, like they’ll do for Fire Emblem 1(1).

*with vacation clothes* good article! I agree with Mercenarylight, ide trade a lot of weapons for more Wo Dao’s…Karel and Lyn are always too scared to use them in my games out of fear of breaking them 😛 .

also on the whole fe6 druid note, the only real way to kill them without them biting you is one hit KOing them. geese and gonzales (both berserkers) are good at that 😛 .

oops, forgot to mention that if they miss they’re pretty much dead 🙂 .

Would it make the try whortwhile if their Hit % is below 90 and their Hp is below 30?

Not so much, as their RES is about 4 for Geese and 2, if you’re lucky, for Gonzalez.

I’m sorry for the DP, but their hit rate is not important, it’s their CRIT rate that matters, so supports help, and they have 30% CRIT bonus for being berserkers, not 15%.

That Crt bonus would be helpful, if it weren’t for the low accuracy of axes.

that’s why you need CRIT, to hit them, as CRIT as hits and with three times the power, so Berserkers or Swordmsters are great.

I thought that you first need to hit the opponent before you make a Critical, not the other way around, or was the RNG reversed in FE6.

You do. If it hits then it rolls for a crit.

It’s because the CRIT is normally below the hit, but the CRIT always hit.

The Criticals always hit, but before your game determines if it will Critical or not, your game must have determined you’ll hit the opponent. Those are the rules of RNG.

for example, if Mia uses gamble, and has a 70% hit rate, and a….hmmm….104% Crit rate, one might be led to believe she is for sure going to critical. however, it is possible that she will simply miss.all this aside, geese and gonzales can pretty much kill druids without criticaling, since druids tend to have low HP 🙂 .

anyways I find it odd that light brands are so scarce in FE7, yet you can buy them in FE6 😛 .

Sorry, I misunderstood the game mechanics, but still finished it. 🙂

Whoa i can’t even read all of this.. TO MANY TOPICS! >_<‘!

Sorry for double posting on that one SoS.

Yeah, we got carried away a little and went off topic.

We did went off topic, but at least it was FE6/7 related.

Yeah.. hey i caught up with you two!

Saint, as FE 6 came chronologically after FE 7, maybe someone finds out how to mass smith them. Or maybe it was a secret technique, that is later revealed, so they become common place.

Great Article, MT.

-Raptor, out.

Or maybe Etruria adopted open trade policies.

Aren’t they from Sacae? As they are only for Myrmydons and Swordmasters, who are from Sacae, they should be from Sacae.

I don’t think Wo Daos and Light Brands are only made in Sacae and Etruria, respectively. A sword like that may be forged by anyone who knows the secret to making them and adding runes or magic (crystals?).

How to make a Wo Dao:
Add one killing edge;
Add one slim Sword;
Add a iron rune;
How to make a Light Brand:
Add a silver sword
Add a lightning;
Add a shine.

Why add an Iron rune to the Wo Dao, wouldn’t it be for the Light Brand.

I was out of idea how to effectively add more crit to the Wo Dao.

Well, see, the Etrurians are the most magic oriented bunch, so they would be most proficient at forging the light brands.

Yes, I agrre at that point, but waht about the Wo Dao

… I’m perfectly fine with my powerful tomes.

Well It might be made by anyone of Lycian (Sacaean maybe) origin who was tought by the best sword forgers in the land.

I’d say it was either Bern or Sacae. Probably a joint operation at first. The Ber guy forged it and the Sacaen tested it and told the Bern man how to improve it.

That would make sense. Maybe an Etrurian inserted magic to improve critical percentage.

Good point, but we are trying to guess something IMPOSSIBLE to know for sure, so what we think is best, will be true.:)

True, but we’re just doing this for fun anyway.

They wouldn’t have to magic it to make the crit go up. That could be achieved by making the weapon a different shape/length, sharper, different;y balanced, anything. Like, a sword that has most of its blade weight toward the tip would have a higher chance of getting all its weight into an attack, but it would also be more brittle.

Just like a Rapier is made to pierce, so it’s better against armor.

Kind of funny how the smallest things can change a sword so much, huh?

-Raptor, out.

Not really. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Well it might make sense, but when you think about it each weapon would be used differently by different classes. That’s why Strength, Might, Accuracy, Skill, Con and Critical come into the mix. The shape and weight of the weapon affects a lot.

most descriptions of killer weapons says that they are “uniquely designed”, which I think would mean the shape. one reason is that the shamshir (an actual weapon) is extremely curved, which makes me think that perhaps the killer weapons are designed to hit vital spots, thus landing a “critical” hit. thats just my take on it, and its really no different then what everyone else is saying 🙂 .

That really makes sense. But the Shamshir and Wo Dao have the same stats and Crit and have different shapes. Actually the Wo Dao and Vague Katti have similar shape to other swords.

Wo Dao and the Kattis are all Katana, the other swords are more western european.

the tip of the wo dao seems a bit curved. I could just be forgeting what it looks like since karel nearly broke it and I wont use it anymore .

The curve might add some Crit, but other factors affect as well. If it were for the curve, the Shamshir and Killing Edge would have more Crit than the Wo Dao, that has almost no curve.

The Wo Dao is also designed to be used by someone who is extremelly fast, and able to land a vital blow in mere moments, before the enemy can react. Just like the Vague Katti.

-Raptor, out.

Honestly, I don’t think the sprite shape has anything to do with it. They were just desiging swords that they thought looked cool.

well the sprite is just a smaller version of what the actuall weapon looks like.

The sprites and weapons are representations of the actual as realistic as possible with the restriction of pixels. The pixel restricions of the GBA make it look like they are flat and rectangular when they are actually sharp and pointy.

Well, I know that, but what I’m saying is, they don’t go and test every weapon they put into the game to see what stats they should give it. They make the thinner ones faster and the bigger ones slower but stronger.

They do that, but they have to follow certain rules to keep it fair, like Higher Might and Weight is lower Hit and Crit.

On a sidenote: it seems FE Blog will break a new record every Sunday because of me (and many others) going in and out of the blog to see if there’s something new. That and the fact that your affiliates are getting more visitors. Soon we might grow to an entire FE community.

We weren’t already?

yeah, FE Blog just keeps getting bigger and bigger every day 🙂 . though FE Blog isnt really part of the online FE community, I think its safe to say its one of the most active FE sites online.

We are an FE community, but in entire I meant as in almost all FE gamers with access to the web.

That might get annopying. Honestly, I like it being kinda small. That doesn’t mean I’ll leave if it gets huge, but it will be a little less fun.

I bet you’re imagining this would become like the Halo community. I don’t think so, because strategy requires thinking, something most FPS and TPS fans don’t like to do. We might get some brats around here that way, but it won’t be shock-full of them.

Besides, if any of them get too annoying, I’ll get Genarog or Hyperion to eat them.

-Raptor, out.

That might do…
And I think that mercenarylight is right, although some annoying people will come, only the smartest will stay, and smart people aren’t bad! 😉

Do I count as smart then? Hi everybody!

Welcome Ultra_Freak. And I can’t answer your question, because I don’t know how you act or write, or if you’ll stay here for long.

hello Ultra_Freak 🙂 .

Well, I’ve been spying on you guys for a while, and you seem like a tight group that I would like to join. Plus, I’m really stubborn, so I don’t expect to leave anytime soon. I look forward to being a part.

i think this is the most active fire emblem site ive ever been to

Ok, Ultra_Freak, we look forward to discussing FE with you too. Have you registered as a member of the forum TBE?

And Silver, this isn’t the most active FE site I’ve seen, but its the best for me and it feels homey, because we are almost like a distant family who treat each other with respect (unlike the Halo or other videogame communities).

TBE? I don’t think I’ve heard of that one. Either way, this is the only forum that I’ve ever joined, so no, I’m not part of it.

TBE, The Blazing Emblem is this blog’s partner forum (look in the Affiliates). Most of us go there and write or chat about different things.

It’s very good and we are able to discuss more things than here, but those two sites are everything that’s necessary for a FE fan to chat and become menber of the family! 😉 🙂

I guess I’ll have a look then!

brrr, now I remember those druids… *little tear falls of my skin* they alays had to wipe out Sue (favourite character in fe6)

Hi dirtymosquito, welcome to the Fire Emblem Blog!
And, if you wanna know, my favourite characters were Rutger, Sue, Lilina, Sophia and Dieck.
I hate Druids because of that game, they had incredible tomes, with awesome effects, hit and might!!!

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