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Time To Update… … …

Posted on: February 19, 2008

So, since blogs are intended to let people voice their opinions and ideas, this blog in peticular, I thought i’de ask everyone what they want updated. it doesn’t matter if your new or not, I want to hear as many peoples opinions as possible, especialy those who just come to browse.

why you might ask? because its most important that as many people as possible can enjoy FE Blog, and if you’ve been coming here for some time now, waiting for a peticular area to be updated, and it hasn’t, I want to fix it ๐Ÿ™‚ .

it can be anything from the role-playing to the official art to the character profiles, anything really. just say what you want and whatever gets the most votes i’ll focus on updating.

by Saint of Swords


38 Responses to "Time To Update… … …"

I think its pretty much fine as it is. You could add a “Support Conversations” are for each game (except RD, that would be pointless) where you’ve got all the support conversation text there.

The Support Conversations page could be a good idea. I can help you get those (especially for FE7, 8 and maybe 9). Maybe add more character profiles.

… *looks around* I see no room for improvement. It’s a good blog.. although, GET THE RP STARTED!

He’s working on it, Mario.

Or UZM, or whoever your name used to be.

How about SS sprites. and that Lyon article you never wrote!

I’ve got EphraimxL’Arachel B-A, TanaxMarisa C-A and DozlaxGarcia C-A on my computer, for the Support section.

Though personally I’d like to see Battle Sheets of FE 8.

-Raptor, out.

You don’t have EphraimxL’Arachel C?

I think you should get the much awaited RP started first, and give me that Regal Blade. GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE!


No. The person I was writing them down for had lost their game, but they had already read EphiexL’Arry C.

-Raptor, out.

Hay, my first post…anyways, I have been waiting for the FE:SS Character Spirits to show up here, so that would be nice to add. I also like the support conversation idea very much.

Welcome aboard, N.a.J.

Well, I’ve got a good chunk of FE7 and FE8 supports on my games, alhtough I’m sure Saint, MT and SL have more than I do.

… I have nothing to say that I have Fire Emblem stuff. I had unlocked Marth and Roy in SSBM but then my brother exchanged it… *cries* I still haven’t forgiven him!

Radiant Dawn profiles… and definitely Sacred Stones sprites…

perhaps more on the fan stuff??? (that is, if anyone is willing to share anything…)

[SoS: stay on subject]

I have in the sixties on FE 7, and 100% on 8, but only those three on my comp right now. I could probably even dig up some 9 supports. I always get my favorite, IkexLethe, so it should be easy.

-Raptor, out.

i’m realy bad at getting supports(despite the fact i’ve beaten all of them at least 5 times except Radiant Dawn because i have no Wii) so i really couldn’t help any

@ Lyn Master:

No… bid in the auction if you want it. ๐Ÿ™‚

im actually working on the SS character portraits…I only have about fourty more to go @_@ .

the role-playing is also almost done…I wont jinx myself by saying when it will be up, but it should be ready soon. untill then I wont be doing much with the RPing currently on FE Blog.

You could also find a way to upload the Fire Emblem OVAs. Even though I’ve heard they sucked.

What do you mean by Fire Emblem OVAs?

there were two Fire Emblem anime OVAs made. I hear they sucked monkey, but as this is a Fire Emblem site if we had them our collection would be almost complete.

Never heard of it…..

If they were so bad, why would we put them here?

Because its Fire Emblem.

I don’t know…

it could use some more articles discussing characters and events in the games. :-]

True. But those can be hard to write.

just got one such article up.

on another note, I’ll be putting the SS character portraits and battle sprites up today (I hope) . thanks to MT for getting them ready.

That was a great article on Lyon and the twins, SoS. And thanks for putting the sprites and profiles for SS up. At least someone else thinks Marisa is great as an Assassin.

… hm. I must see this Lyon article.

The supports section would be good, as would the OVAs(though I’ve never heard of them), as the god of death is quite right, since they’re Fire Emblem, they should be in this blog. And thanks for the Lyon article!;)

I dont think I could get the OVA’s up…you have to pay for that feature and besides that…well…I could get sued ^_^’ . but anyways I really didnt do anything with the sprites…MT did them.

are you talking about the profiles ๐Ÿ™‚ ? if so then yes…marisa always silences for me as an assassin ๐Ÿ˜› .

Marisa always silences or criticals for me too, but she almost always does it in her second attack, which just wastes one killing edge use. At least i can get more for free (I rarely buy them, since i just try to obtain them in the tower and give her Iron Swords while I get more).

Basicaly, any weapon you give her will cause several enemy casualties, what’s very good! ๐Ÿ™‚

thank you for getting the SS battle stuff up.

What stuff Silver? SoS, when will the RPG be held??

A long time from now. The stuff is under the Sacred Stones page.

Oh, I saw it, and it’s very good Saint, thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

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