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The Prince’s Despair

Posted on: February 24, 2008

Alright, the fabled Lyon article I promised I would make. If some things are a little off you can thank Ephraim…I couldn’t get past the Father and Son level because he got berserked and killed Neimi -_- . so I used a game script to base everything off of that isnt in my memory. just a quick note, I ask you not to include any comments that would belittle or otherwise make fun of Lyon. since this articles aim is to tell the story about Lyon, it would kind of go against it to bash him 🙂 .

Around the beginning of sacred stones, when the war of the stones has just began, Ephraim and Erika often comment on Lyon. They say how he is kind and gentle, and that he would never start a war. On the other hand, they also say he respects his father very much, and would do as he says, even go along with a war. Many flashbacks ensue over the span of the first ten chapters, give or take a few. Most of them deal with Erika, Ephraim, and Lyon all talking together. Erika says she wants to see Ephraim become the king of Renais, and Ephraim says he wants to see Erika become the king (he really says that) and that he would be content as a soldier. When asked, Lyon says he wants to become the best king he could be, but that he doesn’t think he will be able to because it looks so hard. Lyon has a very low sense of confidence, and that is probably because of Erika and Ephraim… for many reasons. For starters, the two are always together, as they are twin brother and sisters. However, Lyon is an only child, so when he looks at Erika and Ephraim together, he is filled with envy. Aside from that fact, Lyon is a mage, and his two friends are physical fighters. That means that, when they want to spar, Lyon would always accept, but he could never provide even the slightest challenge. He says so himself, and says its even more embarrassing that he lost to a girl. Upon being beat by Erika in a sparing match, Lyon says he’ll train harder, but first he wanted to give something to Erika. what it was is never said, but one possible idea would be some sort of wedding ring, or rather an engagement ring (heck, maybe even just a ring ring, I don’t know!) . Lyon hints at the fact many times over through the corse of the story, that he is in love with Erika. So much so that seeing Ephraim always by her side, despite him just being her sister, made him jealous. His jealousy for Ephraim comes from many things though, from his always being by Erika to his strength, composure, and even his looks.

Going forward a year or so in flashback land (AKA: the past) an excited Lyon tells the twins that he and the mages of Grado have made a huge breakthrough regarding the sacred stone of Grado, or rather the fire emblem. He says that, within the stone, there is enough power to fuel many unbelievable fiats. he says that there was a terrible fire in Grado, and that a little girl was burned almost to death. but using the stone of Grado, Lyon was able to heal her one hundred percent. Lyon then says that he can only imagine the things he could do for Grado with the stones power, but Erika and Ephraim warn him that working with the sacred stone may be a bad idea. the stone of Grado was the sacred stone that sealed the demon king away, and that is where it got its incredible power from. Lyon tells the two that he knows all about the risks, and that he promises to be careful.

Later on during the war, Ephraim reaches Grado in hopes of ending the war. he also hopes that he will not have to fight any of his greatest friends, as Grado was prviously one of Renais’ closest allies. inside the castle Lyon asks his father if what he did was right. he says how after his father had died, he didn’t know what to do. And after a sudden change of appearance, Lyon then orders his father to crush Ephraim. After defeating the King of Grado, Ephraim gets a chance to talk to Lyon. however, Lyon is not altogether…quite himself. he tells Ephraim that he started this war, not his father, and that he used the twins friendship to get close to Renais…waiting for the day he could overthrow it. Ephraim does not believe him, and upon saying so, Lyon remarks on not being able to fight Ephraim yet. with that he warps away. after searching the castle, Ephraim discovers the enigmatic Knoll. Knoll tells Ephraim that he was once one of Grado’s mages, but that he was to be executed…an order coming from Lyon. Knoll says that Lyon frightens him now, and that he has been different since creating the dark stone. the dark stone is, more or less, the stone of Grado, though different in one respect. Lyon modified the stone so that only the dark energy inside remained. after creating the stone, Lyon resurrected his father, who had died of a life long illness. Knoll tells Ephraim that Lyon seeks to destroy the sacred stones that remain, but why… he does not know. Shortly after this, in Jehanna, Lyon warps in to give orders to general Caellech, the tiger eye of Grado… also one of the generals charged with the destruction of the sacred stones. Lyon tells Caellech that quote “you must put a stop to this. destroying the sacred stones is..” however, Lyons “illness” prevents him from saying any more. In time the sacred stone of Jehanna is destroyed, as well as the queen, Ishmaire. Lyon tries to save her, but cannot. When he gets a chance to speak with Erika, he tells her the war is his fault, because he was too weak to stop it.

eventually the groups merge and they come across the now elusive prince Lyon. he tells them that he is not the person he used to be, and that in truth he is the demon king. Evil Lyon says how he is all that remains of the former Lyon…and that there is no undoing what he has done. he begins telling Lyon that he is about to make all of his darkest dreams come true. He would kill Ephraim and take Erika as his own. after defeating Lyon however, he says how human flesh is too weak…and that he isn’t ready to fight yet. With that he flees.thanks to the frelian spies, the group is able to track Lyons movements…however the prince has anticipated this, and leads them into a den of gorgons. after defeating the monsters, and depending on whose mode you are on, one of two things happens. in Ephraim mode, Lyon casts a spell on Ephraim that halts his movement, and proceeds to crush the sacred stone of Renais. Ephraim, in pure rage, demands that the demon king fight him…but Lyon does not move. After a while Lyon admits that he is not being controlled by the demon king, but rather that after touching the the stone of Grado, he became one with the demon king. He tells Ephraim that in ten days, when the moon is engulfed by shadow, he would hold a ceremony in darkling woods that will give him limitless power. Lyon asks that Ephraim promises him he will stop him. On Erika’s mode, Lyon tells Erika that he can heal himself with the sacred stone, but if nothing is done soon he will be hopeless. however just as soon as he gets it he destroys it. the demon king says that he is the only thing left…aside from Lyons body. this is much different from Ephraim’s path, where Lyon says he gained control of himself. I believe that his control changes depending on who he’s talking to. when he’s talking to Ephraim, he says how he once had a vision of the future…and how he saw two paths. down one he gets controlled by the demon king, and down another he gains control of the demon king. upon touching the stone of Grado, he says he nearly lost all control. but when he remembered ephraim, he took back his control and gained the power he desired.

past this point in the story Lyon begins to lose all control. he is now more of a prisoner in his own body. Lyon enters darkling woods, and again one of two things happens depending on whose mode you are on. in Ephraim’s mode Lyon tells Morva, The guardian of darkling woods, that he has the power to save his people…despite the fact that he told Ephraim he had the power to destroy the world. In Erika’s mode, Lyon scoffs at Morva for threatening him…and tells him it is useless to try and stop him. either way Morva is defeated by Lyon and transformed into a draco zombie by Lyons necromancing powers. After defeating Morva, the group enters the black temple, where Lyon is about to perform his ritual. Lyon thanks Ephraim for coming, and Ephraim asks if everything was his fault. Lyon tells him though, that despite all he’s done, he still counts Ephraim as a friend he tells Ephraim that he will save his people…and that not even he can stop him (this again, despite the fact that he previously said he knew Ephraim could stop him) . when the battle with Lyon begins he says:

“I’ve sacrificed the lives
of many good people.
I’ve committed many
unforgivable sins.
The caring heart I once
possessed died long ago…
And I’ve grown stronger
because of it.
I’ve grown strong enough to
defeat even you, Ephraim.”

Ephraim tells him that he still cant defeat him, because he has never been a fighter…and that he never should have chosen the path he did. If Erika fights him, he is dark Lyon…so all he says is that Erika is too weak to defeat him, and Erika says she hopes Lyon is watching because she is going to defeat the demon king.

After being defeated, Lyon tells Ephraim:

“You know, Ephraim…
I always wanted to be you.
I wanted to be strong and handsome…
With Eirika always at my side…
That’s what I wanted to be.
I had…
I had nothing…”

He then tells Erika that he never had the courage to say so, but that he had always loved her. After this he dies, and the resurrection of the demon king is complete. the group battles and defeats it, once and for all destroying it. later on, about a year later…Ephraim tells Erika that he has to go and help Grado. a large earthquake had nearly wiped out Grado, and Ephraim says that he will be the king that the three had always talked about…strong and kind. in this Lyons one true wish is granted, in that Grado is spared from complete destruction Ephraim tells Lyon to watch and see, and with that the story ends.

there is a brief flashback at the end where Lyon (3 years ago) asks Erika and Ephraim to be his friends.

Oh, are you…
I’m… My name is Lyon.
Uh-huh. That’s me…
The son of the emperor.
You’re Prince Ephraim and Princess
Eirika from Renais, aren’t you?
I heard you were coming, and I’ve
been waiting here all day.
I’ve always wanted… I don’t have
any friends my own age…
So, Prince Ephraim… Princess
Eirika… What do you say?
From now on, let’s be friends…

by Saint of Swords


74 Responses to "The Prince’s Despair"

dang. one of the saddest things in fire emblem, next to lloyd and linus…

why did lyon give in to the demon king??? i thought he was smarter than that.

He was smart, but not mentally strong enough to take control of his emotions and thoughts. He gave away his mind, body and soul for the opportunity of being the happy and powerful man he always wanted to be.

*thinks*… That is miserable. Lyon had no friends… much like me for the first eight years of my life. Then he was suddenly given the oppurtunity to have said friends… I think no one would refuse such a thing… no matter how bad or rejected. Humans have always had the instinct to remain with each other… Lyon was no different.

The thing is, Lyon wanted the power needed to help his people from suffering for those awful erathquakes, that would destroy half Grado, so he wanted to have Renais, which wouldn’t be affected by said earthquake, to flee with his people, so, after all, he just wanted to be a good king, differently from Ephraim who wanted to be a “good soldier”. Bah!

It was kind of to be expected. He seems to have ben what you could call “a quiet one”. And its always the quiet ones that go on rampages.

yes, he wanted to be a good king, but he also wanted power without first knowing how to use it. He wasn’t ready to become king and he had some complex he should have resolved first, as well as major esteem issues. And the quiet ones don’t always go on rampage (or is 12 years of overtalking compensation for 4 of undertalking). And SN, you really go to sleep late at night.

What do you mean i go to sleep late? How would you know? I usually go to bed between 9:45 and 10:30 my time, except on fridays, then it between 11:00 and 12:00 and on Satudays its 1:00-1:30, late night anime.

I think lyon accepted the demon kings power in hopes of saving his people, but wasnt strong enough to control it, and his deepest darkest dreams caused him to lose what little control he had.

one interesting tidbit is that Lyon tells selena that a dragon stone could help is research. was this his free thinking? or was it also influenced?

The world may never know. 😆

Maybe they will make another? There isn’t a continuation or prequal is there? Oh, and Hi everybody 🙂

1:00-1:30 is late sleeping. I think the dragonstone helping Lyon research might have been his free thinking of analyzing other people’s ideas (originality isn’t prevalent in FE:SS and most videogames). I really hope a sequel would be released, and I’m willing to make it myself if they would let me.

Lots of people would want to do it themselves, so that is out of reason, and probably was his free thinking trying to overtake tha Demon King power.

1:00-1:30am is only on Saturday nights, only because of Bleach, Blood+ and Deathnote. Other than that its about 10:00pm.

What would happen in this sequel? They closed it off pretty well.

i dunno… darkling woods houses an evil that created the demon king in the first place…
or it could be a prequel, where you play as the heroes who sealed the demon king away in the first place…

hey. why didn’t those heroes destroy the demon king in the first place? could’ve saved lyon, eirika, and ephraim a lot of trouble.

Haha… They were just useless. Besides, there wouldn’t have any fun in playing as the hero Grado.

Because if they killed the Demon King we wouldn’t have had a game. And they would have broken a fundamental RPG law.

Shinigami Ninja said: It was kind of to be expected. He seems to have ben what you would call “a quiet one”. And it’s always the quiet ones that go on rampages.

So true. Does anyone here remember Columbine? Those two kids never seemed to cause a problem… and then they went on a shooting rampage at the school. It’s not surprising when you look at all the facts. It’s the same with Lyon. He was working towards a greater good, but his feelings for more power consumed and destroyed him. *sigh* Such is life.

@Shinigami Ninja

what’s the fundamental RPG law?
(true though… we wouldn’t have a game…)

okay. the sequel would be the RPG cliche where the evil wasn’t completely destroyed and some other fool went and resurrected the demon king [again]

But that would be boring, see, the playable heroes can kill it, because they have more power. Or at least luck.
Here’s the grand list of them. Its awesome because they are all so true.

thats a funny site SN, are those on par with cliche’s? or are they just things that have to happen in an RPG?

anyways, the hero Grado could only seal TDK away…he and his people (even morva) were unable to truly defeat it, so they settled on sealing.

Its actually a list of Clich’es but me and some of my friends have taken to calling them laws/rules. Grado and his pals followed RPG law 62:
Thousand Year Rule
The Ancient Evil returns to savage the land every thousand years on the dot, and the last time it showed up was just about 999.9875 years ago. Despite their best efforts, heroes of the past were never able to do more than seal the Evil away again for the future to deal with (which brings up the question of just how exactly does this “sealing away” work anyway, but never mind.) The good news is that this time, the Evil will get destroyed permanently. The bad news is that you’re the one who’s going to have to do it.

Or at least a variation of it.

Anyhow, I would rather have a prequel to 7, where we get to scour the dragons. Although I guess Sealing the Demon King wouldn’t be too bad. They should make the next FE game be one where you have to fight the Great Evil for the first time. One where the evil whatsit was just born and now you get to seal it.

That was a good article. A real good article. I wasn’t a big fan of Lyon though. I knew he was gonna succumb to the Demon King.

That would be cool. I’ve always wanted to beat the Great Evil. Though scouring would be awesome. Playing as Roland, Durban, Athos, Braimmond and the others would rule.

-Raptor, out.

Yeah i don’t know why he was such a fool.. he could have been alive at the end. i mean… thats not a very good way to end someones life. you know?

@ Shinigami Ninja
well…the RGP cliche rule holds true… but still, evil can and always will grow stronger than before so the next generation has a harder time defeating the greater evil.

if a prequel to fe7 were to happen, then all the enemy units would be dragons/mamkutes, and that would be really tough. besides, there’d be no story line, just “defeat all enemy” throughout the entire game… unlike the war between beorcs and laguz in fe10 where you play as the paeace-making party.

That was a funny list 😆 but in the prequal with all the dragons and such there will probably a great evil that was sealed away BEFORE the new was created and you have to kill one and seal the other.

I didn’t mean The Great Evil as in a specific entity from any game, I just mean fighting against something that hasn’t been seeled away for a thousand years. A game where you play as the first party to fight the evil and seal it instead of the one that has to mop up after them.

They should make a game where The Great Evil is not one person or monster, but the real Great Evil that is the real enemy. And wordpress has been killer recently, it’s hard to get anywhere with it (I had to try 3 times to get here).

Ah… there were to many posts so I personally have to say that Lyon is innocent! Why did the makers let such a gentle soul perish?!?

Dude, we’re off that topic.

So, like, we fight this dark cloud of eveil. HEY! YEAH! I got it. Its like this plague, right? And it goes and it infects people, making them power-hungry, blood-thirsy (This is a 1672 Caucasian Blood, goes very good with a serving of power) over-ambitious people and only the strong hearted and pure willed people would be unaffected! And they would go off to defeat the Great Evil.

That could be interesting.. you could fight HATE! errr you know.. something created by peoples hate?

Maybe, The Great Evil could be created by lots of things. Namely these seven: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride.

Uh… SN your pretty close to my idea. Who says the Great Evil is a man with a black cloak using dark magic?

I don’t know. i couldn’t tell what you were thinking really. But if we have the same idea thats cool, right? It’d be cool if nintendo found our little sanctuary and decided to do it.

Nintendo People don’t care sqwat about us!

Prolly not. But a guy can wish can’t he?

Yeah but wishing only goes so far. -_- i wished for SSBB to come out or time could fly by faster but none worked so far.

I don’t think Nintendo’s game developers would come here, unless we have a lot of luck and find a game designer who we could persuade to visit this blog and would be interested in our ideas. At least more people think outside the box than what I originally expected.

Yeah i mean… Nintendo workers don’t go in Search Engines… so we may never be found. 😥

True. I doubt any of them read gaming blogs either. They do this stuff for a living, I doubt they wanna come home and read about it.

True, but dreaming does not cost us that much, does it? Besides, some may do it because they like(possible but not probable).

Well if some of FE Blog’s members becomes a game designer we could get our ideas noticed.

Maybe. If any of them rise above the level of grunt-herder.

SN, I thought you meant the GREAT Evil. The Evil from FE 1. THe Evil that controlled the first villian. The Evil that Corrupted Nergal. The Evil that first gave Formotiis power. The Evil that twisted Ashera’s sense of judgement. The EVIL. The being behind it all. It HAS to be someone. There’s simply no way that all those are coincidences.

-Raptor, out.

I (and SN too) don’t see the Great Evil as someone, but as something. I think Evil is much more than a crazy old sorcerer who captures the hero’s love interest.

Well said, Merc. Yeah, its kinda abstract. If it did manifest itself it would look like an incorporeal dark cloud of pure evil.

Maybe Evil is like you said a dark cloud that shapeshifts into what the observer believes to be the most evil thing. I don’t know where I had seen something similar before, but it reminds me of a manifestation of Fear from some show, book or movie. Everyone has their own interpretation of what they can’t see, so an abstract thing like fear, evil, love, sadness, happiness, etc., can be associated with just about everything.

I think they had something like that in Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban.

Oh yeah, the boggarts, I forgot about them. But there was somewhere else where fear or evil was a shadow that looked different to whoever saw it.

Lyon was an interesting villian

Everyone says that but I thought he was kinda boring.

Anyway, its very possible that it was somewhere else as well. The ideas not entirely original, just under-used.

… The boggart would appear to me as… well, I don’t know yet. I can’t think of what scares me most… although it would probably be a Dead Hand or just a shapeless Shadow. Whatever. The seven Evils you mentioned… quite a few were used in the Full Metal Alchemist series. They were all supposed to be… oh, darn, memory serves worst at the worst possible times. Oh, wait! They were called Homonculi. But anyway, there was Greed, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, and perhaps someone else… but those four, I know of. So you are right, the seven Evils might serve as good power stems for a Great Evil.

I’ll be a Game designer! i’ve always wanted to be one.. games are my life!

I don’t know who mentioned the 7 Evils, but they might be used too to represent the Great Evil, but they are just humanoid representations of an abstract thing. And FMA isn’t the only anime/media with the 7 Deadly Sins being humanoids. I think Evil should be like a Shadow that manipulates others to do evil things.

My boggart would probably be a dementor, as my greatest fear is fear itself (the only thing we should really fear).

I can’t say what a bogart would look like to me. Because its rather inapropriate.

In FMA anime they had Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Sloth, Envy and Pride. They had them all in the Manga too, but they’re different.

I like the shadow thing. i want to fight a cloud of evil.

interesting. i readvthem frequently, and i never noticed this.

Never noticed what?

I think he means what we said about the 7 Evils (7 Deadly Sins). Imagine Fomortiis being a cloud of dark vapor running around manipulating the mentally weak and trying to regain its physical body. That could be a great sequel (or prequel), and I would love to make one (I already have most of it planned in my mind).

Is there a reason TBE is not coming up on my computer? It seems like half the ‘net is down.

I have had problems since last week (the connection went down various times) and wordpress is no help either, especially since they are updating the themes.

Well, it works now. Anyone know anything new about FE for DS?

Me, i know! Its a remade version of FE 1 for DS and they edited the swearing and misc. stuff.

you dont know that for sure SL

Why would they do something dumb like edit swearing? Also, we already knew it was a remake of FE1 (or at least had a hunch). That’s why i said anything “new”. When’s E3?

Remember that the US standards for kid-friendly are different from the Japanese who let violence and swearing on everything. I think E3 is in the middle of summer, July probably.

That’s true. i like the japanese standard for kid friendly. 4Kids should follow their example.

American kid firendly is more baby friendlt than anything else… And it would be good to play something with some swearing. 😉

I understand that you have to be careful about what the characters say and do, so they don’t influence children in a negative way. But I think these standards just came from parents who think video games are the root to their child’s violent behaviour, when it was actually them for not giving a good example and teaching them what’s right.

I have played and seen violence, swearing and illegal things in movies and games, and I (and most of you) don’t do the things I see in real life, because I have been taught common sense and moral values. I understand violence, swearing and many other things should be reduced or eliminated from video games, but some Americans are just ridiculously paranoid (reminds me of American Idiot).

I think they edit the games too much. I was looking at the remake of FFIV and edge sounds like an idiot -_- . they killed my hero!

Yeah their editing standards have to be “4 Kids”. i bet that same company is making those games.. but i don’t mind the “No swearing” thing though.

I also don’t mind the No Swearing rule, but some things they do like change names and edit guns into blasters (they still look like guns and do the same thing) are just ridiculous, especially 4kids. Everyone in the web dislikes 4kids for poor editing and mistranslating, except some who work there.

i dont mind swearing in games/animes too much unless its really bad.. Vegetas about 10x hotter with his uncut dialog :}

Hahaha, I agree with lightbringer, and they exaggerate too much in their editing that the games/animes suck!

Gosh, I hate censorship. I just want the original content, no alteration.

Lyon always seemed like a sap to me. His logic is so terribly flawed.
What I’d like to see is a villain who follows reasonable logic.

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