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Yeah, the forums back up.. Still working on the character renting though.


Lightbringer here, time for a poll. What do you find harder to go against.. magic units or physical weapons?

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Fire Emblem is one of the most complex strategy based games there are. This is because you are forced to combine your strategical skills with your opinions and emotions, a combination that isn’t always possible. This article seeks to explain the more complicated features of fire emblem, as well as the more difficult decisions that must be made. Read the rest of this entry »

*year 2959 AD*

Many people speak of a legend known only as…the FE Blog role-playing. it was once said that the role-playing would start… “soon”, however it never came. the people have now been waiting nine hundred and fifty one years, and yet no sign of this role-playing has come. whats this? its…its actually here!? seriously!!?? well i’ll be!

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