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Role-Play Recruiting

Posted on: March 6, 2008

*year 2959 AD*

Many people speak of a legend known only as…the FE Blog role-playing. it was once said that the role-playing would start… “soon”, however it never came. the people have now been waiting nine hundred and fifty one years, and yet no sign of this role-playing has come. whats this? its…its actually here!? seriously!!?? well i’ll be!

you wouldnt believe how hard it is to set up a forum to be used for role-playing! all said I eventually got it done, and all I need to do now is get some people to role-play. before I list the types you can choose however, let me explain a few things:

1.) the world: the world consists of one city, a battle field, and another city. needless to say these two citys are on opposite sides 😉 . all three areas break into other subcategorys, which also have multiple areas to visit.

2.) movement: you can only move once every 2 hours, with a minimum of 10 posts per day. you can also only post in your current location.

3.) battles: your strength and weapons might are added together to create your attack power. this is then pit against your targets defence. the resulting number (attack – defence) is then minused off of your targets health. your foe then counters with the same procedure IF their weapons have the same range. if a player decides to flee, the victor will be sent  thier foes password.

4.) passwords: first of all your not meant to hack into towns, this can get your account wiped out =D . you must kill a foe or be declared the winner of a battle. if your target had a password it will be sent to you, if not then you get squat =P .

 5.) EXP: you get EXP through posting and through battles.

6.) defeat: you die your dead..I cant make that more simple. but dont worry, you may then go to ghost world and talk about the role-playing 🙂 .

7.) to the victor goes the…how do we decide the victor?: the victor is decided by being the last RPer alive, or the last team alive. a prize of 100,000 gold is then equally divided to all the victors, as well as each victor getting a rare weapon.

8.) and you are…? : for the first time in all of (FE Blogs) RPing history, you will be able to hide your true identity and take on the form of any character or person you want. Hector, Zelda, Luffy, Tingle, George Washington, whoever you want. please not though that there is a first come first serve type of deal in effect, if you really want to be George Washington, but someone has already declared that they want George Washington to be thier assistant, you need to find a new alter ego.

all these cool things are availale to everyone….except *points* me…

*sad music plays*

someone has to make sure things run smoothly, and since Im always kind of busy and unreliable in a RPing, ive elected myself =P .

now, just fill out this form and send it to me Via E-mail ( ) . make sure you reread what you put down and carefully consider everything. the role-playing starts April …eh…2nt, so you have a whole month to decide.

FE Blog/TBE Name (if any):
New Name:
Class: (myrdrimon, knight, fighter, archer, cavalier, wyvern rider, pegusus knight, mage, shaman, monk, priest)
Assistants Name:
Assistants Class: (same choices as above)
Do you want to be selected as a leader? :

*mumble mumble* probably forgeting something…ah well. all stats, weapons, etc. will be given on the day of the role-playing, as will additional rules and fun little twists =3 . if you have any questions E-mail me or post them here.

~~Saint of Swords


59 Responses to "Role-Play Recruiting"

Sounds strict.. is the shop open yet? i need my items.

Woah! I thought this was just a legend! Like bigfoot! But tis real! Hey, maybe that means bigfoot is too…

So you made a whole new forum for this?

Hey SL, are you still willing to sell your Regal Blade? I pay well 😉

also, what wep. lvls. do we start w/?

*checks class list*
are these the only choices? what about ‘mercenary’?

and how do priests attack? do they counter-attack with their staves like in FE10?

They heal others on your team. Or your assistant could be one.

@ Lyn Master:

Even if i wanted to its already in the Auction. go bid for it if you want it.

all the shops are open again, feel free to spend your money. I will also be adding 3,000 gold to everyones acount because ive been really behind with it.

yup, and it took forever to get the right look @_@ .

auctions are gone, so go and haggle in either the market if its open or a shop.

Mercenarys are my favorite class (aside from pegusus knights ^_^ ), but they are too balanced and I dont like the thought of everyone being a mercenary because they are the best. so I left them out. also priests dont counter attack, but if they promote they can.

forgot to mention, you start with an E rank, so dont stuff your inventory full of S ranked weapons. save your gold for the actual RPing (each city has a shop) .

Oh, crap. Do our Assistant’s have their own inventory?

Thats just not right no not at all…. This won’t do!

The merc thing was a little unfair, it’s one of my favorite classes, but it’s ok. Couldn’t we at least begin in D or C class. Anyway, can’t you at least add whgat we had earned or will we all start at 3,000 Gold.

When you have the time, please answer the questiions I have sent you.

you can only take 5 items into the RPing, and once the RPing actually starts you will have a convoy with 20 capacity.

you take your stuff plus the 3,000 gold into the RPing.

and as far as the mercenary class goes, I think its too powerful a class to put in. sure, I could make the stats be less then they would be normally, but people would have the impresion that they are using a super powerful class, and everyone will be a mercenary (heck I would) . I watched a huge trading card game get slaughtered because they made one type more powerful then every other type, and I dont want to see that happen with this.

besides…ikes the only mercenary in PoR-RD…and everyone seems fine with that 🙂 .

The same thing happened w/ ‘Magic: The Gathering TCG’ b/c Blue cards are more powerful than the other colors. Also, do our stats, unit types, and wep. lvls. rollover to future RP’s, or do we just start from scratch each time?

and for future reference, how/when do we level up, how do we promote, and what do we promote to to; i.e. do we get third tier promotions eventually?

will our weapons ever break, or do they last forever?

if i were to start as a shaman, what weapon would i use?

(flux is D rank… I believe all shamans start out with D rank…)

Holy questions. let the man answer some before you bombard him with more.

you level up through posting (more info when it comes) , weapons never break, and if the smallest level is a D so will your weapon level be.

Will you give us Tactician swords if we don’t have any weapon (or none below D)?

And can I get the weapon I wanted to buy, even if I can’t use it? I want that weapon and have enough to buy.

You shouldn’t really limit the Weapon level Saint.. it will make some people depressed. <_<

its only fair that way.. otherwise the veteran members will obliverate the newer members

(Psst, its obliTerate)

So what are Shamans gonna do for a living?

I found that fair and unfair at the same time, but anyway SoS is the boss, and the creator and organizer of the rpg. So if he wants he can do anything to the rules, even eliminate one of us from participating or lowering our stats.

yeah i know i spelled it wrong.. i was in a hurry..

and he says each unit will start with there lowest stats (like shamans get a D)

and i think in RD steel axes are E

Well… theres the fact that i’m going to have to sell my Tornado tome and buy a Wind tome… 😦

what determines our stats? and our accuracy? or is it always 100% hit? (that would be awkward for a knight attacking, say a myrmidon…)

Well if we could find a random number generator system (or something similar) for free in the web, we wouldn’t worry about that. But I don’t have an idea how things will work in this rpg.

My guess is that Saint knows what he’s doing and all will be fine.

How did he determine it last time?

He lost track of everyones posting.

So the rpg wasn’t finished. But how could you know in which square you are (was it played like Battleship on a coordinate system)?

actually what happened was there was no more enemies left

But can you answer the question I have been asking ever since I got here and found the rpg topics: How do you move and know in which square you are now?

You would say: *Moves left to square 3A* And then people would have to look at your last post to know where you were.

…well… he could make the map on a program, like Photoshop CS2 or something, and our sprites (the layers) could be moved every time someone moves… i dunno, post the image on the blog and everyone can see where everyone else is at… it would have to be updated constantly though…

(i think we should each be able to customize our sprites on the map… that’d be cool.)

Couldn’t we use a free online program that has something like a grid or a drawing program on top so that we know where others are? But maybe Saint has another better idea he has tried out that he’ll use.

No that would be to hard.

“1.) the world: the world consists of one city, a battle field, and another city. needless to say these two citys are on opposite sides . all three areas break into other subcategorys, which also have multiple areas to visit.”

@ SoS – I would’ve thought the excess of the greenhouse effect would’ve taken care of all the cities 😛

@ SN: about Big foot, I live in MO, so I have to worry about MOMO (Missouri Monster, similar to big foot, but delights in eating children. Which it so happens I am one… or am I?) :p

@ SoS: I am sending you my answers ASAP, I have been swamped in just about everything possible… and even a little lonely… but I digress!

@ topic: I forget, what kind of magician must I be to use the tomes I have? Lemme check…

SoS, tell me if you recieved my e-mail, it’s been acting strange lately…

@ everyone else: Vote for me as leader! I like being a leader! Besides, I have good tactics, and I will lead you to victory!

*strange Invader Zim impression* VICKTORY!!1! VICKTORY FOR ZEEIM!!!@112112144121!

Well, if you have experience in rpgs and have good tactics, you got my vote.

SN should be the leader!

What about Lightbringer? She has experience with this and is a smart tactician.

Lightbringer seems to have a lot of experience, as does SN and Merc… It’s too difficult to decide. O.0

.. but not me? I was the adviser in the last one… and our team won! (although, this was probably due to the sorting process we had in the last one…)

Meh. At least I tried.

Hah. Great Job Saint. I’ve been waiting for this RPG for what seems like forever, but I know how it gets. We used to have a site-wide RPG on my old site. I had to retire my character just to focus on running the RPG.

I love RPGs.

And guys, hold off on the questions. Wait until he answers the ones you have, then ask more. Otherwise, he’ll get too confused. Trust me, I’ve been there.

-Raptor, out.

Volthe, I’m as new here and the forum as you. I want to watch the first time before I decide if I want to be leader.

@ UZM:

You didn’t win the role playing got out of hand and Siant had to close it.

Ok, sorry, it’s just that you seem quite good at this things, I like RPGs and play them on real life too, but I don’t like to be comanding much things… 😉

:p I know… but we kind of won if you think about it. The opposing team had like… one or two people and… heh heh, we still had five.

Vote for me!


I won’t vote for you, sorry, I prefer Lightbringer and SN as leaders of the teams…

Are you sure you agree with me SL, you don’t do that many times.

Well i’m agreeing now aren’t i? Also Saint i’ll sign up in the role playing. I clicked your link in the latest article.

Granted, I’m not becoming leader. But, I’ll still help out, at least. Besides, you two, I might not be on the same team. I don’t even know if people are supposed to be voted leaders of a team… lemme check.

… Nope.

Don’t get me wrong, what I’m saying is that SN and MT are very good, not that you’re bad.

No Thief’s T-T
my favourite class then archers !
maybe saint can let me be a one of a kind thief ^^

Hmmm, not probable, but thieves are cool. It would just be pointless to be able to steal there…

Hello. I’m new to this site, but I know all there is to know about fire emblem. I’ve shined over the hard modes of FE6 FE7 FE8 FE9 and 10. I am good with tactics. However.. I am not familiar with this role playing and I will not join anytime soon.But still. As I know, people like Light bringer are Excellent candidates for a leader. So perhaps I might one day assist someone with the shine of intelligence to lead me and my team to victory.

yo,yo,yo… when will I know when i can start RPing?

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