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Stratagies and Tactics of Fire Emblem

Posted on: March 12, 2008

Fire Emblem is one of the most complex strategy based games there are. This is because you are forced to combine your strategical skills with your opinions and emotions, a combination that isn’t always possible. This article seeks to explain the more complicated features of fire emblem, as well as the more difficult decisions that must be made.

One of the hardest decisions one must make is, do you want a large team, or a small team? There are several advantages to either choice, but that only really adds to the difficulty of the decision.

If you have a large team, you will have more options when dealing with particularly powerful opponents. One unit may not always be enough to defeat a foe. Its in cases such as these that it may be useful to have say…two or three units moving in a group…especially if they have different classes. In addition, the chapter missions change greatly from chapter to chapter, so one chapter may be to route, where the next is to defend. As a result, a versatile crew will be very effective, as you will have more resources at your disposal (I.E., more cavalry for route, more knights for defend, etc.) . Finally, a larger team means you will have an easier time defending your weaker/non-melee units.

There are also many advantages to having a small group. Less people means less weapons need to be purchased, allowing you to either preserve your gold or spend it on more helpful things rather then necessary things. a good example would be Radiant Dawn. if you have a small group that you can outfit for a small sum, you will have more money to buy special items in Aimees shop, or the more expensive items such as silver or killer. Another advantage is that your units will level up much faster, as there will be less units to divide experience between or, in the case of path of radiance and radiant dawn, devide bonus experience between. A small group can also get around easier, making traveling and sneak attacks a lot more effective.

Though both large and small teams have there advantages, they both also have there disadvantages. Large teams will have a hard time being properly outfitted, as there are more weapons and items that need to be purchased. Depending on how large your team is, this can be very painful on your gold account, especially if you enjoy buying Aimee’s special items (items that can break even a small team if purchased too often 😉 ) . large teams will also move around a tad bit clunky, so avoiding enemies that you cant quite contend with at the time may be a bit hard. Perhaps the biggest flaw of a large team is that experience will be spread very thin. Because you have more options, your enemies also has more targets, meaning your units will have to share more experience. A small teams disadvantage lies in its inability to multi-task. If a mission requires that you save a NPC, protect an area, all the while being tempted by treasure chests, a small team may have a very hard time. A good example would be Battle Before Dawn in Fire Emblem 7. In it, you need to protect Zephial (middle of the board), Nino (right side of the board), and Jaffar (left side of the board) . In addition, there are also lots of treasure chests in the board, which you will want to get. A small team will have a difficult time with this, as you may not have enough units to send out to acheve these tasks.

Another hard choice, or choices maybe, comes when you decide what classes you want to use. There are far too many classes in Fire Emblem to be able to use all of them, even with a large team. You will need to pick classes that will help you the most. One technique would be to pick units that all excel at a different stat (I.E. knights are defensive, archers are fast, fighters are strong, etc.) . Doing this will help balance out your crew. Or you can pick special units that all excel at the same thing. This ofcoarse, has obvious good sides and bad sides. The good sides are, you will have an easy time if the enemies in the chapter or the chapter mission go good with your team. However, the bad sides are that you will have an equally hard time if the enemies in the chapter or the chapter mission doesn’t go good with your team. So to clarify, a group of knights will do good in a defend mission with lots of myrdrimons, but wont do so good in a route mission with lots of mages. Ultimately it is a risky strategy that can be very rewarding depending on what you base your team on (knights aren’t the best option obviously =P ). One more way of choosing your classes is to pick them based on your personal playing strategy. This is good and bad because on one hand you will be very comfortable with your team, however the mission may not always agree.

Supports are among the most complex subjects regarding Fire Emblem strategy. Supports will increase your characters chance of victory in battle, but deciding who will support with who is difficult. Your ideal team may turn out to be 100% incompatible, causing you to re-think everything. Not every character needs support, some characters do fine without it. But some characters will perform much better with support, where as they may have been less then useful before. Evasive or inaccurate units are a good example, as they need to dodge to survive, or hit to win their battles. Units that tend to get criticaled a lot are also good examples. In cases like these it would be wise to support them with affinities that give them the boost they need (I.E. earth and earth gives extra evasion). All in all, supports are just added bonuses, and unless you are attempting hard mode, are not 100% nesesary. Bottom line; dont wrack your brain for a month trying to get everyone an A and a B (like I used to! ) .

Another subject is item usage. Often times you will get very powerful items early on, presenting an interesting decision you can use the item, as is intended, and reap the many benefits of doing so. However, you may break the item, and not have it when you really need it. On the other hand, if you save the item for too long, it may become obsolete as it may be too weak by the time you use it, or it may be for sale by the time you use it (in which case all you can say is you helped save a rare item =p ). Stat boosting items such as angelic robes and energy rings seem simple enough, but also pose a question. Do you give them to the characters that really need it? Or do you give it to the characters that already excel at it, furthering their abilities? there is no real answer to this, just another decision you have to make!

Everything gets much more complicated if you are playing the game for everything its worth, including the characters, as this effects everything listed above. You might have a hard time having a balanced team if you base it off of your characters, as they may not fit in. In that case you need to choose between strategy or personal preferences. Plus your number of characters may not be enough to hold all your favorite characters, in which case you will need to switch off. Supports will get rather complicated if you want certain characters to support together, because you may not be using them in your current game. And finally, figuring out who gets the stat boosting items may get a bit complicated if… favoritism comes into play =] . .

These are just some of the many stratagies and tactics that you will need to figure out while plaing Fire Emblem. After much playing and testing, you will eventually find a set of standards and stratagies that will help you enjoy the series of Fire Emblem better =) .

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Nice. I forget what the begginign said now though. The part about classes is the one I realate to the most. Especially in Sacred Stones where you have multiple options for what they can class change to.

I always like to use large teams when I start a game (which I regret soon after). I like to level up almost every unit so at the end I take the best that came out and focus on them.

I used the largest team I could bring in FE6, but ever since class selection on promotion in FE7, which allowed me to build EXACTLY the team I want, I haven’t been able to operate smoothly w/a large (more than 5 or 6 units) team.

I, personally, am glad that Nintendo got rid of class selection and replaced it w/the Third Tier.

😈 Fear the wrath of Haar! 😈

Class selection was Fe8. Fe7 was the first US release.

I really didn’t care for Third Tier too much. Most of the names were really lame.

i thought it was dumb too. marshal,golden/silver knights, reavers(should of been berserkers), marksman.. the 2nd tier names sounded much better

Wow that was the longest article you wrote Saint, congrats. 🙂 Anyways, I usually play with a small team. And yeah I always think about supports. 😥 confusing.

Third Tier was only good for the newcomers, who have more level ups, but I would have preffered recruits and pupils from FE8, with different classes over reavers and marksmen. Besides, they forced your knights to start with specific weapons, instead of all. And when you think of it, each game focuses on saving something for later (like money, space, skills and bonus experience).

Ahhh RD… 😈 I’de love to smash that game to pieces!

Why? Didn’t you finish it.

great article!

I found it hard to play normal mode after playing hard mode for a long time (on FE7). Using less characters is challenging, but it’s easier to manage your team that way…like how I forgot about guy and the poor kid died… i didn’t even notice him dead until 3 chapters later… 😦

what’s so bad about RD?

i usually use really small teams..

as for RD im replaying it for the 2nd time (for Pelleas). in my opinion, the game doesnt have a very good replay value

No it doesn’t. The switching between teams makes it impossible to get attatched to the characters and the lame supports make it kinda pointless to even try. They really should have just stuck with Miciah and the Dawn Brigade and had Ike’s story revealed via cutscenes and text until the two forces met. that would ahve been much better.

And Ike has to be a god in there!!! HE has to kill the last boss never even mention Sothe or Michiah! they dumped them as soon as “Ikes” story began. thats why I hate that game. even playing on easy mode with all your favorite characters can’t change the plot!


thats exactly how i thought the plot should of gone

I forgot if I mentioned my perfered play style because I wrote this article a long time ago. anyways I prefer small teams, anywhere from 5-7 (lords included) . believe it or not, my hardest problem is actually keeping a small team because I…tend to pick up extra characters I hadnt planned on.

also RD’s plot was awful…worse then PoR Ide say (which had no plot) . it feels more like a fan made the game…it just has a very rushed and unprofessional feel to it.

Agreed. They skipped over half the battles mentioned, that had too many wars going on, come on, 3 wars, no, wait, 4 wars in one game. Two parts would have been fine, one with the war for Daein and then one for the rest of the game, like in FE7. I really hope they don’t do that again.

Agreed. They have so much going on that they don’t give anything enough time to become as deep as they were in FE6, 7, and 8. Though, I don’t see what’s so bad about PoR. I though it had the best plot of all of them (mostly because it’s not so clichéd).

PoR’s plot was too straightforward, everything was as it seemed, there were not enough plot twists.

I think FE6 has the best plot and strategy of the last 5 games (from what i’ve read), or maybe FE7 is best. A predictable straighforward plot is like not having any.

Pretty much. Just an excuse for battles and enemies.

If they can’t make a good storyline for the next FEs, they might as well make a new series without an extensive plot, just strategy. They can then focus on gameplay and more maps.

Im disapointed in the uselesness of skills in RD. by the end everythings imune to them.

also I actually really like PoR (more then SS) ,it just doesnt have much plot.

Did my last post go through? If not i said “6 7, And 8 are much better then RD”. And the “Dumping Sothe and Micihai” thing is still open you know.

Why would someone want to dump Sothe?

Wait what do you mean by dumping? I don’t think you meant taking out the trash there.

Sorry for double post, I hope Saint fixes this.

they kinda drop them out of the plot for most of the end of the game

Here is my basic strategy.

I always have at least one of each basic character:

A Mage,

An Archer,

and A Warrior.

My large teams are just the same thing, but with more of each (and I try to get as many mages as possible if I can help it).

It falls into the Attack Triangle.

_ Mage _
| |
Warrior ____ Archer

Mages 0wn warriors, warriors destroy archers, and archers are good against mages.

It is, like it is said in SoS’ article, good to have a well balanced team, and I like to round it equally if I can, (but like I said, the more mages the better!).

… my chart got messed up. T_T’

Wow. So many discussions here.

First off, great job Saint. That article was the bomb.

Second off, agreed. RD’s storyline was horrible. Although I did like seeing Ike pwn things, I can see that in Brawl.

Thrid off, I really liked PoR even without a good story.

Fourth off, I normally use a Myrmidon or Mercenary, an Archer, a Fighter or Pirate, a Cavalier, a Knight, a Mage, a Winged Mounted(Normally one of both) and the Lord of said game.

Fifth off, Raptor, out.

PoR wasn’t a bad game, it was really fun, so was RD in its own way, but with RD everything felt so rushed and shallow, in PoR the characters were your friends, even if the story to the game made no pantsing sense. In RD the missions were fun and the units and animations looked cool, but they butchered the story too much and made the characters so hollow and gave you so little time to get to know them that you really don’t care about them.

I actually really like PoR, its just that the plot is just a war…with a slight hidden story. I like the characters though; Mia, Ilyana, Zihark, and Lethe all had great personalitys, and it felt like they were actually there.

Yeah, in PoR they were interesting. But like SN said, in RD they felt fake. RD would have been so much better with even a simple storyline. Instead, you switch units so muich that you can’t attach to any of them.

-Raptor, out.

Exactly. And instead of really liking any of them you just hate the ones that suck and die all the time.

None died in mine. So its very obvious that RD has a horribly forced plot and your characters act like stones. Did you get that last part about the stones? It was a pun. But the sad part is its all true. I think that Nintendo is getting to into the graphics and gameplay other then the plot itself.

no… the gameplay sucked too; It was weird holding the wiimote sideways.
Also, did anyone get about 5 WAY overpowered characters while the rest were all perfectly content to suck pebbles all day long?
and the suckage of the skills (altough AEther was cool), was very disappointing.

How’s Brawl? I’m gettin it soon so character spoilers only!

and yes, we got it 😉

Brawls great. But very hard.

I’m getting mine in two or three weeks, but some friends of mine said that Ike was so awesome that he deserved to be called god… 😉
I think that RD’s plot was REALLY horrible, but lynmaster is wrong, it’s gameplay and graphics were excellent, besides, skills didn’t suck!

Yeah the skills do. Because towards the end all of your skills become useless.

i didn’t think the skills in FE8 were evenly distributed. only certain classes had skills (generals, wyvern knights, snipers, assassins, and rogues) but other classes were left with nothing.

anyways, does anyone know why they kept Marth in Brawl, but not Roy? 9 think he was replaced with Ike.

and where did Ike get a flaming sword???

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait–they kept Marth and kicked Roy out for IKE? That is CHEAP. (Roy was my favorite, too. Flux.)

Hmm. I’ve just started RD; I was reluctant to start playing it because I was afraid the entire system of gameplay would be screwy for favor of graphics. And, yeah, it’s really weird holding the remote sideways–I, for example, keep forgetting to HOLD THE REMOTE SIDEWAYS. That makes things difficult. ^.^;

Characters are my favorite aspect–but from the sounds of it I’m going to be very frustrated with RD if it does all this jumping around between stories like you all say it does. Grr.

Oh, well. I’m occupied with FE8 at the moment, anyway. I completed the game with Eirika’s story, and now I’m on Ephraim’s. I must say I was absolutely shocked when NONE of the characters stayed with Eirika. I was certain that at least Seth was going to stay with her–but I guess he takes his orders from her, regardless of how it may affect her well-being… he’s such a knight. -.-

Mmm… good article, yes. Lots of things to consider in FE gameplay. And as for my strategy–I keep the same characters in my party the whole time, hardly ever switching out; when I do switch out, it’s either because I need a mage/thief/knight/etc or because it’s time to kick the pegasus knights out of the party seeing as how–in such levels–they serve hardly more purpose than target practice for the enemy archers and promptly die at the most APPROPRIATE moments. Yeah. Like the end of the level.

I have a tendency to ignore magic people outside of a couple favorites, shun slow-moving units, and unintentionally never include axe-wielding units. And I have an enormous bias towards cavaliers and all cavalier-derived units. Always have, always will. I don’t know why.

Wow. How ’bout I shut up now? ‘Kay.

Welcome to TBE, franz4liebe. You should go register at this blog’s forum The Blazing emblem, where you can’t write as much as you want.

^ I think you mean can ^_^ .

also I always keep pegusus knights in my party…I found only the worst ones get hit *coughsyrenecough* but the other ones always dodge.

Welcome franz. Hope you enjoy your stay. “)


hi there.
yeah, i totally agree. some pegasusknights die at the worst possible times. that’s why vanessa always ends up as a wyvernknight in my files in FE8

Roy was a great character in Melee. I assume the characters for the japanese version of Brawl is the same as in America, rugh? (i’ve only seen pictures of the japanese character select menu)

is ike any good? I’ve heard varied comments on his strength and speed.

He’s slow but strong. They say Marth is better and less slow. And I understand your dislike of flying and non-flying cavalry, but I always like using them, since they always come in handy, especially in missions with time restrictions.

I really like air units(both pegasus and wyverns) and cavalry, it’s just that too much cavalry isn’t necessary.
Well, Syrenne, being an average prepromote, wasn’t like Tana or Vanessa, but got the job done if you trained her, besides, my pegasus were at high levels by the time she came, so I used her a lot…
Hi there franz4libe, I hope you enjoy our stay, and Merc is right, you should go to The Blazing Emblem, where you can write a lot.

Does anyone else here know that you can change the options in RD so that it lets you use the Wii-mote normally?

Yeah, you can just go to “Options” on a map and change “Remote” to “Vertical.” Or something like that…

To answer the SSBB questions:

When Melee first came out, they decided they wanted a second FE character, but had no time for a new moveset, and needed another sword user. FE 6 had just came out in Japan, so it was perfect. Roy was chosen, and given a modified version of Marth’s moveset. Roy was quite literally a walking Advertisement, and it worked.

Now when Brawl was coming out, Sakurai had to make a choice. In the Japanese Polls, Ike got more scoring than Roy, so they made Ike a moveset. Not to mention that RD had just come out, and yet again, was perfect advertisement for TWO games instead of just one.

Marth stayed because he’s Marth.

And Ike is able to use fire because of Ragnell, Sakurai claims. Ragnell also powers the warp magic he uses to get on stage, like Falchion does for Marth.

-Raptor, out.


thanks for clearing that up for me. 🙂
i dunno. why couldn’t they have marth, roy, & ike? i thought everyone who played melee loved using roy…

what i [think i] meant was that i rather dislike pegasus/falco knights because they are mostly useful against magic users only (the high resistance and strength-not-magic) while wyvern units have high defense and their speed usually make up for low resistance and vulnerability to arrows. it’s true that they make travel much faster, though.

or… maybe i just dislike fluffy winged horses (which has absolutely nothing to do with tactics, unless how much you like a unit affects how you play- kill off those you dislike?)

I owuld have rather they did Marth, Lyndis, Ike, and no Sonic, or maybe no Wolf.

I think they should have made Lyn into a character too. And change that voice of hers, too.

i only like using peg. knights sometimes, i like Thanny(FE6) and Florina (but she never turns out for me)

i like Marth and i think they could of replaced Dedede with Hector -_-

What I don’t find fair is that Fire Emblem, one of Nintendo’s longest running and most influential franchises, gets 2 representatives. When Zelda gets four. But Kirby getting 3? Starfox,a series with only one game that was any good, gets 3? Mario with 5 is barely acceptable, in my opinion. And why do they need a to put a Sega character in there? Sega was once Nintendo’s Arch Nemesis! And why does Pokemon get 4, escpecially crap like Jigglypuff? Dedede should have been Hector, yes, the moveset wouldn’t have had too change much, and Sonic or Wolf should have been replaced with Lyn.

No way keep Wolf! And Sonic’s fine too.. I totally agree on the King Dedede thing though. 😈

wasn’t the very first sonic game from nintendo? that’s what someone told me, anyways.

i think because series like mario and zelda are more popular than fire emblem (blasphemy!) they decided to have more characters from those series than from the “less popular” ones.

i think ephraim should be playable- he’s the only lord who uses a lance, and lances are cool. 🙂

can anyone tell me how to use pegasusknights and falcoknights to their full potential?

I can understand that, and Zelda deserves to have what it has, although they don’t really need to have Toon Link. And I’m kosher with Mario having five as well, its like the flagship franchise. But Starfox, which had Starfox 64 as the only game worth playing, does not need 3 characters. Especially not when their movesets are nearly identical. And for Pokemon, i can also understand why they have so many, but they don’t need to have Jigglypuff. They should have had a better one, who’s final smash was evolving. Like, Abra, or something. Alakazam’s final could be some super Psychic explosin that ko’s everyone!

No, its an acquired skill, not one that can be taught, and it also varies depending on your strategy.

I can agree with that.. But Toon Link made me want the game 50%.

I understand that every franchise has as many characters there as to how much they mean money for Nintendo. I think the numbers are fine as they are, even though I would want an FE lady to be a playable character. And Sonic and Snake are there because their creators pleaded Nintendo to do so.

And darkdruidxx, try using them to rescue weakened units and take others to places that aren’t easily reachable or just far away. Once promoted, some are really fast, and you wouldn’t have to worry mch about their safety, except for very accurate snipers, and for that you have Delphi(or any variant) shields.


wow, i never though of it like that. much better sense than trying to use gilliam and oswin to rescue weakened units. thanks!

*attempt to use florina w/o getting her killed*

@shinigami ninja

why is jigglypuff not such a great character?

heres a list of pegusus knights ive worked on and how to use them best:

Florina: use her avoid and critical chance.
Fiora: use her resistence.
Farina: use her everything 😛 .
Vanessa: use her strength and defence.
Tana: use her avoid and…everything else.
Thany: use her avoid.
Thite: use her resistence.
Marcia: use her everything.
(as for tanith, yuno, seryne,
and sigrun, ive never worked on them for various reasons, but you can always try.)

some general rules for pegusus knights are

1) keep them away from Axe’s and Arrows.
2) if possible, give them killer lances.
3) DONT keep them in battles while rescuing.
4) and try to save some stat boosting items for them.

now as far as SSBB goes, this is what ide like to see:

dedede out for Hector.
snake out for The Black Knight.
wolf out for Ephraim.
diddy kong out for Eliwood.
Sonic out for Lyn.
ice loosers out for Midna.
R.O.B out for Cloud.
Mr game and watch out for Sephiroth.
and ide like to see fran, tifa, and rikku be added too

and ide like to see some more stages other then nintendos big flop games and tiny little platforms :/ . the items were awful too. *mumble mumble*

I wouldn’t want to see any Final Fantasy Characters. That would really be weird. Especially since all the ones you mentioned are from PlayStation titles.

Sephiroth would be nice ^_^

Star Fox having three makes no sense to me either, especially when they have the SAME EXACT Final Smash, other than that Wolf’s does more damage, and Falco’s does less but hover higher. Dedede’s moveset was horrible. His moves were unbalanced… And Ganondorf! He;s slower than anything else, and looks fat, seriously.

Sonic is acutally a good character, and Nintendo wanted him for advertisement as well. BUT, why do they need Peach and Jigglypuff? They don’t. More girls? Take out Peach and Puff and add Lyn(Who already HAD a moveset mind you,) and Micaiah.

Sadly, Nintendo doesn;t see how much FE means to people. I played the demo at Gamestop when it came out, and I chose Ike the first time. The clerk says to me:
“You can always tell the Fire Emblem Fans. More people come in here just to play as Ike and Marth than anything else. Then, they buy a FE Game.”

-Raptor, out.

@ Saint: Hey your replaceing some of my favorite characters!!!

If Nintendo would simply understand the full potential of FE, then on the next SSBB, we might have more characters there. And I think all the Star Fox characters were there to save space and time, since all they had to do was changed some details and colors. And Florina is very fragile, so try to level her up to about Level 8 on Lyn’s quest, so that you may be able to use her later.

Add Florina too SSBB. A Pegasus Knight would have been interesting.

Would you put someone with a horse(winged) into a battle with a person that uses laserguns, other person that fights with the fists, and a little more other things??? I aggree with the others FE characters, and characters not originally form nintendo, but hey, don’t exxagerate!

Lyn actually had a moveset(As proved in the Debug Menu) so she should have been playable. However, they bumped her down because:
“Fire Emblem didn’t have good enough sales compared to other series(Mario, LoZ, Pokemon) so two characters is plenty.”

Masashiro Sakurai himself loves Fire Emblem, which is why he wanted Lyn in there. He also wanted Isaac as a Character, to bring back the popular Golden Sun series. However, Nintendo pulls the strings.

-Raptor, out.

Nintendo sucks monkey. I hate the crap they do. Do they even stop to think that SSB might actual generate sales of other games?

I know! The people in the background must be on something pretty strong to not see that. Also, if I remember correctly, SSBM led to the release of FE in America in the first place, and that was with only two characters and some trophies. Can you imagine what would happen if they put more FE characters in?

if Nintendo sees the potential of FE, you’d be sure they would have put more characters there to boost sales. SN, you don’t know the potential of subliminal advertisement.

Annoying! Even the president of Nintendo didn’t design it!

If they were smart, they would at least put two more characters, as it could get them some more sales of FE, as the only reason for FE being not so popular is that people haven’t heard so much of it, but it is a great game!

… *wide-eyed look in face* I like all characters equally… except Toon Link… he sucked. Midna would have kicked the crap out of people. Lucario was a rather good option, though, and his Final Smash was actually quite good. R.O.B. kicked the bucket countless times when I played, and his Final Smash wouldn’t kill a flea… Wolf we could have done without, replace him with Isaac. Speaking of which, Golden Sun was the best RPG I’ve played so far (I haven’t gotten my hands on FE yet… :oops:) and as for Mr. Game and Watch…

👿 :\ 😈 Let’s skin him.

Wow, lot’s of conversations at once. You’re all out to mess with my head. Anyways…
Great artical! I found it quite interesting. I like using peg. knights and mages. My favorites are Florina and Nino (obviously!). I like to use small groups too.
Also…for RD, I have only gotten to chapter 6 on part one (Stupid Ninoandjaffar!!!) But from what I can tell, this will be confusing.
And finally…I liked having Ike in SSBB. But I would have loved having Lyndis and Hector in it. They would be so much better than some of the others. I also dislike that they had Snake and Sonic in there. personally, I thought that was un-cool!
-breaths heavally- oh, snap. that was a mouthfull. Talk to you all later 🙂

I like Wolf & Toon Link.

Wolf wasn’t so bad, a least his moves worked slightly differnt from flaco and Fox’s. Falco coul dhave left though. And Wolf should have had a different Final Smash.

Hmm. Yeah Falco’s a loser i agree. And Wolf’s… Hm.. can’t think of one.

… I forgot about Snake. *thinks* Hey… who wants a snake-skin belt? It’s like I could have cut him open with a plastic butterknife. Isaac… again… would have been an extremely good character to add. Does anyone remember his Ultimate Djinn attack? The big one where everything is engulfed in light? That would have made the best Final Smash ever. Falco could have gone… the only thing different with his moveset (and Wolf is included in this) is that he semi-threw his deflector. Wolf’s attacks just looked different. Take them out and put something new in, or at least change the moveset. Sonic was ok, but different skins would have been nice (and yes, I KNOW he had different skins, but, frankly, they sucked). Uh… Toon Link, *THUMBS DOWN* he just moved a little faster than Link and his moves were weaker, although it was odd seeing his Dark version. JigglyPuff is a little ball of cotton. That’s all there is to it… However, I DID kill Giga Bowser with her in Melee… the 50th event. I had fun with that. *gets puffed up* Ganondorf did NOT look fat! It’s all that armor. He looks fluffy, in a hard and menacing way. uh… who else… Oh! Marth could have gone for Roy, for he (Roy) had more power and was (in my opinion) a better fighter. And as for Mr. Game and Watch? Watching flying sausages is fun, but like I said in my last post.

👿 :/ 😈 Let’s skin ’em.

You all know my strategy. Mages pwn. ‘Nuff said.

…. T_T I can’t get that face right!!! (sorry for double post)

Toon Link, *Thumbs UP*. And They should have kept Roy and added Eliwood, Hector or Lyn. and either one could have replaced King Dede(loser).

King Dedede and toon link must be horrible from what most of you say.

*stares* wow… i’ve been out for a while…

from the looks of conversations here, i’d have to say choice of characters for SSB also depends on strategy and tactics.

Some people use characters they like from their favorite series, and others use characters for movesets.

[compares SSB to FE]

Heavy characters (high con!) have their sturdy advantages, as do lightweights who can easily “fly” back to the stage (basically jigglypuff and kirby… not sure about any others yet). Characters with projectiles (range 3 and up!)prove handy when attacking from afar, while those with chose-range weapons should have good avoid (speed) or defense (self-explanatory). Movesets (skill) is important, but does it really count for EVERYTHING??? (i personally don’t think so…then again, i’m not one of the “powerplayers” who play seriously. i play for fun. 🙂 but that’s just me)

some people prefer using characters with powerful attacks, while others prefer faster characters. Some people are willing to use characters they are good at using, even if it’s their least favorite character of all times…

i seriously have to question the number of playable characters though. what determines how many characters players can choose from? what’s the harm from adding a few more characters? it certainly would be much more satisfying for the fans, and like Shinigami Ninja mentioned, it certainly could promote sales of other games.

it’s still annoying how unpopular fire emblem is, and how it’s overlooked by most people.

@Saint of Swords:
thanks for the tips. now i know how to keep florina from dying all the time! -_-“`


You know, I never thought of it that way. It’s almost a little creekpy that these two games can be put together like that.

It’s strange, but good to compare games, as you can see that games have lots in common, besides, Nintendo should care about their sales, should they not? So, adding characters from various games would help.

Yes it would. They should add some people from games like Tales to promote sales of Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia 2. Lloyd Irving; B: Demon Fang, B+Left/Right Sword Rain, B+Up: Tiger Blade or Rising Falcon, B+Down: Beast. Final Smash could be a Demon Fang+Sword Rain Alpha+Raging Beast combo.

@ SN:

They would never put those in! 😐

And MoL, Toon Link is not bad at all. Hes great. 😀

ok.. thats enough off topicness…

back to topic

What was the topic again anyway? All i remember was SSBB.

Why would they not put those in?

The topic is supposed to be something to do with Fire Emblem strategies and tactics. I personally like to gang up on bosses.

Hey, why is TBE down?

for maintenance. it will be up in anywhere from 3 days to a week.

Lightbringer: I said back to topic

Yes, we’ve been over that one countless times. I hate it. If they were just 2-4 years older, all would be well. Once again, i have little against them as units, and I don’t mean to bash them, but I really don’t like that Rolf, Mist, Tormod and Sothe are all under the agae of 14 in this war.

Also, I finally found out who Gary Weber is. He rocks.

So waht does everyone else do about bosses?

Kinda make the one with the better weapon advantage go all out on them.

I like to gang up on them but let the weakest unit possible get the kill. Sometimes though Canas will critical with Luna and accidentally kill them. He does that alot. He did it to Sonia.

He loves to kill Sages, and he gets sooooo much EXP. 🙂

[Lightbringer AKA the Admin: strike one, get back on topic]

i usually send 2 to 3 units to kill em

I like to surround them with everyone, then check the amount of damage each unit will deal and the survivability of each unit and then decide how best to beat them up so that whoever my weakling unit is can get the kill for an easy level up.

I do a lot like SN, but try to use ONLY my weaklings, if possible of course.

Yeah in the beggining I try to do that but later on, half way through or so, I only have one or two weaklings and the bosses are too strong for them to handle alone, so usually one of my stronger units has to give’em a good beating first.

Actually, at the beggining only the Jeigans are not weaklings… So you have to use said Jeigans if you don’t want to use only your weaklings.

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