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Poll: Magic vs Weapons

Posted on: March 26, 2008

Lightbringer here, time for a poll. What do you find harder to go against.. magic units or physical weapons?

Whats harder to go against?

1) Magical units
2) Physical weapon units

by ♥Lightbringer♥


41 Responses to "Poll: Magic vs Weapons"

Against Magical units, because most of your units have low Res.

Physical I think.

Probably alot of magic units. They’re the only ones who can hurt Hector and Oswin.

I’d have to say magic, especially those wielding light magic in later chapters, since light tomes actually have nonzero weapon critical.

hard lesson learned after Kenneth criticalled Eliwood with a 7 crit. >_<

Well, Limstella’s no cake walk either. She can usually kill Eliwood or Hector in one or two rounds.

Oh I thought this was poll what was your favorite type of weapon… Oops! Then i say Magic because in FE 6 ugh it gets so bloody. (Poor Gonzales..)

Well, there are a lot more physical attackers, but whenever there is a magical unit, they always tend to kill someone if you’re not careful. Plus, the first of the last bosses is almost always a magic user. I vote 1.

Yeah, Last boses are usually magic users aren’t they? I never realized that. Ashnard is probably one of the only ones that isn’t.

I vote 1, as you have a lot more ohysycal characters, what makes magical enemies wreak havoc on your lines sometimes, mainly in FE 6, where dark and anima tomes were really awesome… x_x

Sorry for the DP, but I wanted to say “of physical characters”.

I never played FE6, was magic alot stronger?

I can’t really think of any time a weapon user killed Hector, except when Linus or maybe Lloyd (the swordmaster one) killed him by criticaling with a light brand. But every time I have him go up against Sonia or Limstella, he gets his butt handed to him on a silver platter.

tuff choice…but I think i’ll say physical. the only reason is because they tend to have much more defence and health, making them harder to kill. where as mages and shamans can be taken out in one hit sometimes. true that you can use a mage against them, but thats the key point here; mages have bad defence and health. if said phsical unit has a 2 ranged weapon…it can take anywhere from half or all of your mages health out (depending on what type of enemy and which mage ofcoarse) .

also SN, not only were the magic users much stronger, but your people had much less resistance.

i’d say phisical

@Shinigami Ninja

how did hector get criticalled with a light brand? did you attack at close range? (and, er, lloyd is the swordmaster and linus is the hero…)

i think the trick is to use weapon users with good resistance (like rebecca) or to have weapon users kill the magic bosses before they run out of HP to lose. most of them, though, can usually survive one or two magic attacks if you’re lucky…

however, if it’s more ideal to have weapon users against the magic bosses, then why not simply send the magic users against the weapon bosses. unless the boss happens to have a ranged weapon, in that case, hope your unit is fast and lucky (serra is usually ideal for this)

I don’t remember. All i know is that there was Fog of War and Lloyd moved and killed Hector in two rounds because my healers couldn’t get to him.

Yeah, that was Four-Fanged Offense on Hector Mode, where Lloyd is closer to where you are and moves. For Fog of War, I start to explore the map and make my own drawings (very bad) with the name of the unit and weapon, then when I go through it again, I know where they are.

I just slowly advance and try to remember the general strength of the enemy forces in certain locations. Drawing a map is a little too much work for me.

I think magic users are the most difficult to defeat. Especially if you have a really good Sage or Druid. I love useing Nino and Canas in FE7 and in FE 8 I like Lute. Soren is my favorite for FE9.

what’s really annoying is when the boss has some sort of long range magic tome (like ursula/sonia from FE7 and selena from FE8, who can bolt someone to death. thank goodness kishuna prevents aion from doing the same…)

…. let me consider both sides of the argument.

1.) Magic units have the ability to attack from far away. They ususally have a weapon that is much more powerful than a melee weapon, which is why they compensate and give ’em low health and def. As far as I’m concerned, wizardry is ideal.

2.) Physical units usually have to be close up to attack, unless it is a ranged weapon. They generally have good def and health, even without the armor. Weapons, however, when compared to the magical weapons, are lacking in power, just a bit.

3.) Remember my weapon triangle? Magical units destroy physical units, physical units destroy archers, and archers destroy mages.

I vote magical units are harder to kill.

So it goes.

I’m gonna disagree with your weapon triangle though. Mages tend to own Archers whereas Physical units can kill a mage in one hit usually.

i dont really see how archers are good against mages 😕 and my archers usually go out on the front lines with my DEF units

Yeah, The Mages just run right up to the archers and BAM! The archers are dead. Or the Archer attacks from afar and then doesn’t kill the mage and the Mage whoops him up on the counter because Archers tend to have crap for resistance.

actually, stats vary for different units, i think depending on the character. looking at the growth rates for archers/snipers, their res growth rates are actually higher than def growth rates.

i think gravemind is right about the triangle thing, but there are always exceptions to it, somewhat like the -reaver weapons that reverse the weapon triangle.

I don’t think so Darkdruid. The point is, if a physical unit attacks a magic one, it’ll do well. If a magic unit attacks a physical one, it’ll do well also, so the best is the one that attacks first. Hehe 😉

i guess you do have a point. whoever attacks first… i can’t say much for snipers, seeing the only sniper i use is Shinon since he’s the only one who won’t die from a single attack. 🙂

anyways, sometimes physical units fare well against magic units not because of resistance, but also other stats like speed/luck to avoid, or strength/skill/luck to hit/kill said magic unit. Raven and Guy have like no resistance, but with their speed, they usually dodge…

That’s my point, the great characters are not included int this, but if you have a competent enough unit attack the other type around, it’ll surely win.

archers are actually better against melee fighters, there biggest advantage being that 50% of the time they cant be countered (and almost 100% of the time they can against mages) .

the best units to kill mages with are generally peg. knights, but as has been said, units with speed, luck, and skill work good, too.

and its true that no units are really the same; not all knights get the defence you would expect, some archers tend to be slow, even some mages are lacking in resistence.

units vary depending on how you leveled them up, if you were RNG screwed, they will be horrible, but some cases of RNG screwing are useless, as some characters are awesome either way, just a little less strong. The best strategies to take mages is either:
-High RES and STR units to hit them hard;
-High SPD, SKL and LUCK to dodge and hit surely and many times.

First, sorry for the DP. But although high RES and STR units are rare, anyone with decent STR or RES and the other one good will suffice.

yikes! a little late on the uptake here, but Mages pwn all but my Paladins. So I vote 1.

Most Paladins have high STR & high RES, and you get a lot of those.

Heey! Ikemaster is one of my buddies here in a state that shall not be named! Sup, little man? You finally posted!

I disagree with the good STR and RES thing, it’s not that general.

well yes, but all of the possible Pallies have Str. and Res. gains over 65%. Except Franz. He got the Def.

what the…? maybe i’m thinking a different game when i was talking about the Weapon Triangle. At any rate, that’s how it goes for me. I always send my troops out in that fashion, no matter what game. And it always works, too.

huh? I’m confused.

Nope, it’s wrong. As I said, whomever attacks first will get the advantage.

I would honestly have to say 1
I have played FE 7 and 8 and in all my playing time I’ve only lost 5 unit to Physical enemies. In that same time I’ve lost countless characters to Magic enemies. Res in those two games is hard to come by for most of your units.

Just my two cents

you get much more Physical units, so the probability of dying by the hands of magical units is higher, as the type that attacks the other before wins.

I agree with volthe

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