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New Sacred Stones Official Art

Posted on: April 2, 2008

Believe it or not, Nintendos actually got around to releasing the rest of the official art for sacred stones. well, it could have leaked out, im not sure, but regardless its here. you can view it under the sacred stones official art.

Marisa looks great, I didnt think her official art would be in a pose like that to be honest. Natasha looks a bit more mature then I had anticipated, but thats good. Knoll looks really cool, I had no idea he was so…puffy. Cormag dosnt look the best I dont think, but I really dont like how he looks in general so that doesnt really matter. Im actually a bit surprised about Syrene though, she looks much better then her in game sprite.
Tana, Neimi, Vanessa, and Lute all look good too.

–Saint of Swords 16.gif


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So that’s why I couldn’t find it before! which website, anyways? a friend of mine gave me this link to use:

seeing it’s in japanese, just, er, click on the number thingies on the left sidebar to see the others.

I don’t know how they managed to translate Gerik to “Xyst” 😀

[i don’t know how to exactly “link” websites… so if it doesn’t work, sorry about that…]

i like Artur.. i wish they had Lyon

gaah! I can’t decide!

o.k., o.k…. let’s see
#1 goes to… Syrene! Come on down!
#2… Marisa! Purple is the new black!
#3… Gilliam! Lookin’ good in green!
#4… Amelia! Always cute!
#5… Artur! Who doesn’t love a good, new fashioned Monk?
I picked Neimi, Vanessa, Tana, Lute, and L’Arachel as my choices for 6-10.

They should have left Arther’s name as Asseray, it sounds cooler.
And Neimi is cute and all, but she looks like she’s about to puke. LOL.
LUTE!! MY WONDERFULE LUTE! Dang, she’s cute. Not only is she awesome, but she’s also really cute, she’s the perfect unit.

Is this not a lovefest SN? 😉 Anyways, I like Knoll, (I refuse to look at Marisa), Artur, and Forde looks better too.

Yes it is. Marissa is beautiful, but not as attractive as Lute.

Asseray is a cool name. I’m gonna use it. Count Asseray.

Neimi looks like that because shes about to cry.

my favorite is probably marisa…but tana looks really good too. and yeah, lute looks really cute on her picture.

“I have my bow drawn and I’m gona cry, so that when I shoot I won’t be able to aim because of the tears blurring my vision”. hahahah.

Turner. They are not very good at spelling things the way they want them to sound.

Yes! 🙂 😀 They finally posted the other FE8 images. They made the best units look cooler (and hotter too, in the case of the girls).

I can’t almost take my eyes off the best unit ever, my dear, sweet Marisa. 😎 She’s hotter than ever!! And Lute looks great too, especially since they depicted her as a mage and not as a sage with the skirt longer than a bride’s dress. 😉 And Gerik’s still cool but the pic is strange, it seems like he’s feeling the power in his Sword? Huh? Dozla looks puffy.

My favorites are
#1 Marisa (nobody can beat her now)
#2 Lute (cute, hot and powerful, what more could you ask)
#3 Tana
#4 Vanessa
#5 Natasha

The others would be
#6 Gilliam
#7 Artur
#8 Neimi
#9 Colm
#10 Gerik

1- Artur
2- Knoll
3- Marisa
4- Natasha
5- Vanessa

the rest..

… wow, did this turn into a Beauty/Fashion/Love Contest? O_O

No, but Marisa is just too hot to ignore, as well as Lute, and the others. Now I can say Marisa wins in almost everything (except Str, Def and Res, most of the time). She’s the ultimate femme fatale.

@ Gravemind:

It appears so.

Merc is so right!!
Marisa is number one!!!!!
Those are the best official art I have seen!!!!

umm, when you guys say “favorite”, do you mean as units in FE8 or the pictures???

anyways, you’re right. Marissa is definitely great (much better than Karla and Mia, for one thing…)

Marisa pawns over all. And we were talking about the new art, but my list could be considered favorites in gameplay too, just that it needed the recruits and L’Arachel somewhere(plus the lords).

I think they mean the pictures. Though, in some cases (like my Lute ravings) its both.

I did not look at Marsia’s on purpose. Heh heh. Hahahaha!

i ment pics yeah..

as for characters.. i like

Artur best

those are really all the units i use 😕

1) Asseray does sound cooler,
2) Marisa pwns ALL,
3) Merc is right,
4) Lute is THE BEST* :D, and
[edied: keep it decent, strike 1]


*Except for all the others 😉

you know how they had official art for some of the enemies in fe7? i wonder if they did the official art for the generals of grado in fe8… (i would like to see caellach and glen… and lyon for that matter.)

hey, SL, why don’t you like marissa?

That would be cool. I bet Selena would be..heheh..heh.

Cause Sl’s still young(12 in 3 days) and he spends a lot of time looking at Vaida, that he wants to ignore Marisa, at the moment.

And I also wondered that there are still 4 generals left and the main(or secondary) villain, Lyon. Maybe they’ll release it soon, or they ended up bad and don’t want to show it.

And SN, I don’t think Selena will be made to look like Sonia 8)

No, she’ll be blonde, even better.

But do you actually think she’ll look like a blonde Sonia? I think they’ll cover her up and put her on a horse.

@ Mercenarylight:

!! I do not! Saint had her first thats why! But al least i have SOMEONE special. 😉

Actually I had her first before any of you. SN went for Lute, and if you rememeber I’ve been supporting Marisa since i got here, while all of you said Joshua was better cause of strength.

This si really rather ridiculous guys. But what the heck, its fun anyway.

I doubt they’d cover her up that much, besides she has much different clothing and features from Sonia anyway.

I dont like blonde characters so much.

also no one can own a character unless they put a copywrite on them (IF you created them 😉 ) . I did set her as my avatar first though on TBE 😛 .

You know that I was just kidding. What I meant was the fictional feud we had with volthe in TBE, in which I got to be her protegé.

Hey! I like Marisa! I resent that comment! It’s people like you always making stereotypes!


oh and sry SoS, I didn’t think of that as ‘bad’. It won’t happen again.

I honestly prefer red or purple over blonde in games and anime, but in real life I have little preference. Except I don’t like orange hair.

I honestly prefer red or purple over blonde in games and anime, but in real life I have little preference. Except I don’t like orange hair.

@ mercenarylight
oh. i didn’t know. [sorry] huh… you sound like you’re much older than him. 😀

@ Shinigami Ninja
I don’t know… none of the fe8 characters dress like fe7 characters (esp. like sonia…) i think selena would definitely not look like that, like what mercenarylight said before. it doesn’t fit her personality, anyways.

hey, why not orange hair?

I think haircolor is an interesting part of FE, seeing some characters have rather… er… flamboyant haircolors. Neimi… pink… not bad….
but then again… i think heath from fe7 has the coolest hair ever. 😉

Hey, what do I have to do with your recent fights, Merc???
But he’s right, if we were to own our favorites pictures or characters, he would have Marisa. I really don’t mind the color of the hair. Selena would be awesome anyway, so no problems with her. Hehehe..hehe.

You don’t remember?

Hair color is an interesting part of the anime art style is more accurate,ddxx. And it doesn’t mater if it doesn’t fit her personality, thats the way they made her sprites so thats the way they’d make her art.

Volthe, Don’t you remember the battle to rescue Ninian and Neph from your clutches?, I was left with Marisa.

And Selena is more mature, unlike Sonia who tried to seduce Brenden into following Nergal’s plans(that’s why I think she had little covering). And hair color isn’t so much important if they have cute faces. Marisa would still look great even with orange hair, but her hairstyle wouldn’t go with orange hair.

I remeber that well, that’s why I said “recent fights”. Yeah, that aspect of Sonia had to be strenghened, as she had to seduce him, but they could make her kindhearted instead… Marisa would go well with pretty much anything that you put on her…

What pic of Sonia are ya’ll drooling over again? Did I just miss that pic or what?

@ lynmaster1015
the only picture of sonia there is: her official art *rolls eyes*.

sorry. i really dislike sonia, probably because i admire the black fang, and sonia was responsible for, er, corrupting the organization… 😦

I dislike Sonia as well, but that doesn’t mean she’s not attractive. Also maturity has little to do with clothing, I could list numerous women in anime who are innapropriatly dressed but are very mature.

Yes, Sonia is a disgusting old bag. 😉

Lynmaster, you can find the pic on the Blazing sword section.

And I dislike Sonia too, but she’s like a mannequin or a puppet that Nergal molded to corrupt the Black fang and do what he wants.

Sonia’s purpose was to make you hate her. So of course most people will dislike her. But she’s still hot.

Motoko Kusanagi

@ SL
nicely worded! 😀

@ SN
i think sonia looks too much like lust from FMA

i hate sonia.. and i find her quite discusting.. i always kill her in the worst way possible -_- and yes, i’ve only seen lust in the 2nd episode but they look very alike x_x

Well, their jobs are the same, at least in the begining.

I’ve only seen the homunculi in pictures, and Lust does look like Sonia, although Sonia looks more repulsing. You have to admit she’s hot, but still disgusting at the same time. At least she doesn’t have Ivy’s clothing(if you could call it that).

I don’t have to admit it, and I won’t admit it, because I don’t agree. And I see nothing wrong with Ivy.

That was directed at MT, you just submitted your comment some seconds before I did and thought my comment was directed at you.

And you already said she’s hot, so you don’t have to admit it.

Well, your a girl, so its your job to think that.

Saints a guy, and he thinks shes gross too

@ darkdruid:

Yeah she really is disgusting. And I even made Leagult steal form her and then kill her as a Assassin.

@ darkdruid:

Yeah she really is disgusting. And I even made Leagult steal from her and then kill her as a Assassin.

Oh. That explains the drooling.

wait who is Ivy? Do you mean the Batman one? That’s the only Ivy that comes to mind.

nice. 😀

so, does anyone know why most of the mounted units in fe8 are not pictured with their steeds, like most fe7 characters? only seth and duessel are pictured mounted…

Ivy is from Soul Calibur, if I’m not mistaken.

I think it’s because horses would take more time for them to draw.

I believe they only draw the horses with veteran characters, or characters who would treat their steed (horse, pegusus, wyvern) as another person. ofcoarse characters like Cormag and Tana have the same atatchment to them, however their are different things they hope to portray (cormags skill with a lance, tanas girlyness, etc)

Yeah, that’s probably the reason, but it would be cool if they did them with their steeds, as pretty much anyone of them would treat the steeds well, that’s why they are at your side, because they’re not “evil”.

people like franz and forde might ride different horses from mission to mission though. it depends, in medival times im sure they rode different horses, but in PoR Kieran states that he treats his horse like a brother soooo, who knows?

I think it’s because they might change horses after promotion. There’s a branch promotio system and if they go through a certain path their horses change colors. So to avoid confusion, they do that. Seth and Duessel are already promoted so they stick with the same horse. Plus Tana and Vanessa might trade their pegasi for wyverns.

I think its also because then the character would have to be drawn smaller so the horse would fit in the picture adn then they would loose detail. Plus, horses are not that interesting to look at.

I actually think it’s for the first reason I mentioned.

ok enough! BACK TO TOPIC. off topic posts have been deleted.

I dont appreciate this crap, knock off the garbage before I give out some strikes.

… @_@’ that was unexpected. usually SoS is really nice. That was cold and harsh. Given the posting, though… i’m not surprised.

@ mercenarylight and SN
well, that makes sense.

very good point, though it is odd that you can have tana and vanessa ditch their pegasi for wyverns. O_o

:O Is that really you Saint? I can’t believe you would use such statement, when you yourself are against it.

And yes it’s odd for Tana who loves her pegasus to be able to trad it in for a wyvern.

Yeah, i never understood that. they always portray the Peg knights as having a special bond with their Pegasi, to swap it for a wyvern seems weird.

Oh! THAT Ivy!
*scratches head* no idea…

alright, then SoS, that was… unexpected, to say the least, but understandable.

Didn’t SoS & LB just get HUGELY annoyed b/c we were off topic? Is this NOT the exact same topic? IDK, but I think we should listen to the admin…

@ SoS: W/all due respect, what happens on strike three?

the warning was given for off topicness and un needed posts.. three strikes and your banned.

the topic is anything about SS

Anything about SS huh?

Well, I gotta say, those Nazi’s sure were…

Just kidding.

Anyway, back to pegasus knights. I wonder why they thought it would make any sense for them to become Wyvern Lords?

they might transform their pegs.
Vanessa/Lute support wouldnt make much sence otherwise…

Yeah. Or maybe its one of those lame sacrifices of story for gameplay. But they shouldn’t have done that.
I wonder how one transforms a pegasus though. They should have just had a second Pegasus class. Why have two wyvern classes?

Cause then Cormag and Valter would have to ride Pegasi 😯

And they wanted to revive the promotion system from Fe1 in which Pegasus riders became Dragon(Wyvern) knights.

No, the could have been the other Wyvern promo. They had two, they didn’t have to have Knights and Lords. They should have had Falco Knights and something else and kept the Wyvern tree seperate. Or they could have just not given them options.

“Yeah. Or maybe its one of those lame sacrifices of story for gameplay.”

yeah.. probally

I think they should have left the promotion tree as it was, but branched promotion still has it’s ups.

I liked the options. It made it more interesting. They just should have had the pegasi and the wyverns seperate.

The option in promotion was to make you think strategically on what class would best suit your tactics. Some classes were a bit odd though (rogues, for one thing)

If they were to separate the pegasi and the wyverns in fe8, then what would the second choice for pegasi be? i think the producers ran out of ideas 😮

Falco Lords, or Seraph’s or Seraphim.

i think i might play that again sometime (probally wont finish it though)

I agree w/Merc & DDXX; I like the extra strategic thought that it adds to the game, but that class change makes no sense.

I do like Wyvern Riders better than Falconights, though.

I liked the class change too. It makes it more fun, but they should have had them make more sense.

Characters automatically promote at level 20 in SS don’t they?

No need to fear, Ninoandjaffar is here!

For the SS pics, I like them. Some of the new ones look better than the ones we already had (Ack..Ack…Seth..Ack). Anyways…

As being a girl myself, I liked Cormag and Forde alot. Though I do like Lute and Marissa, it more in a ‘I want to look like them’ way.

Peg knights and Wyverns are not the same thing, so why mix them together like that. I also was a little confused by the system of choosing new classes.

@Shinigami Ninja
I think characters do promote at level 21 in SS, but I could be wrong, just cuz I haven’t played it in forever.

Talk to all of you later 🙂

@SN and ninoandjaffar
no, your units do not automatically class up. you can get them to lv 10 [or more ideally, the max. of lv 20] then class up using a promotion item. the automatic class-up is for fe9 and fe10.

Aw man. i haven’t played it for a while so i didn’t remember. That means you gotta pick your teams early on. Oh well. I’ll still probably play it again.

😯 I saw Marsia. 😳 😀

Oh, my bad. I haven’t played it in a long time cuz my friend wanted to borrow it from me. As to why he couldn’t get his own copy is beyond me but oh well.

Sorry bout the mistake, I’ll try not to do that again:)

No, that’s okay SN and Nino. Lot’s of people that haven’t played it for ages does not need to remember that, and they get carried away by FE 9 and FE 10, which were very different, mainly FE 10.

SN, why would they make pegasi riders get wings after promotion? ❓

And darkdruidxx, I agree that rogues were odd, but necessary for the type of game, FE8 was.

They wouldn’t actually become Seraphs themselves! It would just be a name.

Rogues aren’t really a weird class. Rogue is a pretty typical thief class.

But there would be no point in another Pegasus promotion if only the name changed.

That’s not what I meant. There would be stat changes from a peg knight, the would have a Falco knight and a Seraph. One would have higher strength and speed the other would have higher skill and defence.

If they had to ruin Falcoknight’s stats to put in seraphs(like what they did to paladins), then we would be better off with Wyvern knights.

Well, okay fine then Just keep the tree’s seperate. My point is they could have done something much better than have Pegasus riders use wyverns.

I also just found out that I’m in the same boat as ninoandjaffar.

You two are right, Pegasi and Wyverns should never be mixed, but they were out of ideas… I agree with your idea SN, a second class of Pegasi would be great, they could make it more like Wyverns, but faster while not so fragile as Falcos.

Or make it have higher defense than resistance.

Maybe they could raise it’s Str and Def(as you said) and add a useful ability (besides triangle attack), like maybe a new version of Sure Shot(helpful if they’re carrying heavy lances).

OR something that would let them carry people without a penalty.

@Mercenary of Light
yeah, i know. i saves you quite a bit of money buying lockpicks and all. i thought the sprites were not as good as the assassins, and silence is an awesome skill.

so, what did you think?

And the assassins can’t steal.


Just that she was good looking. By the way, did anyone notice that there are precisely 106 posts here?

Yeah? So what?

I really wish I hadn’t loaned my SS copy tomy friend. I have no clue when I’ll get it back.

@ SN:

Well, I thought it was a rather increase of the number of posts. And why don’t you just ask him for it back?

I will when I see him next. Which should be Saturday, but then I’m gonna have to wait until Tuesday at least for him to bring it and that will be assuming he remembers. Which he likely won’t.

Now we have 110 posts, SL.
What should be done is an average class between falcos and wyverns, not being so weak, nor so slow, nor so fragile and nor so weak against magic, in other words, the ultimate flying engine!

Yeah, but then we have the issue of “Is it a wyvern, or a pegasus?”

post 112 here :3

can there be something in between? some other mythical flying creature?

Like what? A Griffon? That’d be stupid.

Someone already said Griffon, but it would get so boring tohave dozens of different mythical flying creatures…

Yeah, it would. There’d be no point in terrain.

It would just become an air war, and it’s very different from the main purpose of FE.

Pretty much, yeah. I like FE as it is, I really think theres no reason to change anything.

The main purpose of Fire Emblem is to design a unique team of ally’s to bring down the enemies stronghold. Now if the discussion of plot comes I shall explain that as well.

that’d be a bit off topic though.

well, obviously not a griffon, for goodness sake. i didn’t mean i/that/i

anyways, most fe games are already pretty well thought out and nothing much is missing. all classes are well balanced and contribute to the overall strategic game itself.

Although some things could be added or subtracted, there’s no big need to it, it’s just that we would like a prfect game.

your HTML should look like this, without the colons,
[:i:] [:/:i:]

Whish RD was not. Unfortunately I didn’t realize SS was as good of a game as it is the first time I played it.

SS is as good and hard as you want it to be(which makes it the best of the GBA ones for me). It is the most replayable, it has a good plot(it could have been a lot better), it is the one where you can max out all of your unit’s stats if you want to, you can finish it rapidly if you like speed runs or take as much time as you ewant and make the experience long-lasting, it has regular background music, almost everything you’d want or expect in a GBA game.

And SN I don’t think he meant to use the img tags, ad they are , instead of [ ]. WordPress uses diferent codes than the BB at invisionfree.

So in Sacred Stones and all the others (except in 9 and 10)… it was NOT an automatic class-up? Sorry if I am misunderstood. I have not been here for a bit, mainly due to the fact that the role-play hasn’t started (and so, i wait for the lightning to strike my head in saying this)and the fact that SoS scared me. That was a bit too hostile for me. But, that’s off topic too. What’s really important is, Marsia? She’s in the character portrait too?

you mean my i/-thing? oh sorry. i was trying to figure out how to italicize my words. oops. anyways, thanks for the tip on HTML though. it helps to know.

er, sorry i think you used the wrong pronoun there…

I found it surprising you didn’t need class-promotion items in fe9 and 10 unless you wanted to promote them before lv 20. actually, in the japanese version of fe10, you have to use a master crown to promote to the third tier. too bad you only get a limited number of those master crown things.

As for fe8, i really liked how you could do extra training in the tower between chapters. it made training ewan and knoll so much easier. and like ML said, it’s definitely replayable.

I don’t know why but wp eats the more or less symbols (the ones over the , and . ) .>. If you want to italize you need to use those symbols instead of [ and ].

Meh, i was close. Thinking back now, i guess that’s how we did it on ZBlog…

THird Tier units were cheap-butt anyway. They were so nearly invincible that it made the game rather too easy at the end. Too hard in the begginning too lame in the middle and too easy at the end. Bad form, ol’ chaps.

SS’s tower’s and such were nice, that way I didn’t have to worry about getting people too A level supports before the end of the game, I knew I could do it without stressing. Just go to the tower or ruins before the final chapter.

The ruins and Tower system made it really the most replayable game ever, as you could do so much different things from one playthrough to another, and you could choose patiently and think a lot about buying equipment, training and supporting. It made it look like a real war, when you don’t have to rush yourself.

In a real war, you do have to rush yourself. It made it less like a real war. In a real war, you have to move fast and react to enemy movements and keep the pressure on the enemy. The Allies didn’t wander around fighting randomly spawining Nazi’s in WWII, they pushed straight for Berlin.

It depends on the war. And you could consider those skirmishes as guerrilla attacks, which happen in real wars. Wars can last as much as the nations in war want them to last.

In real wars, you have to move thinking, not only advancing, that’s what I meant. They just went where they wanted, not where was best.

Well duh you have to thinkl, which they do, but you still have to keep things going forward, you can’t stall out and do random batles like in FE8. And Guerrilla warfare was pretty much unheard of before the American Revolution, after which it fell out of use again until Viet-Nam. They didn’t use Guerrilla tactics much in the middle ages.

so wait, you italicize like [i]this[/i] ?

I agree; SS is the best FE game I have played, but I think RD would have been better w/o the hype.

It would have been better without the Greil Mercenaries.

No, sorry, you italicize like this text here but without the colons. So you had it right, just use the instead of the [].

Whopps. I guess it won’t let me show it. Use these things <.

apparently not… is it parentheses instead of brackets? And where can I find the HTML list WP takes?

oh… thank you SN… that would have been posted earlier, but i got called away.

so its italicise

I hope…

oh and I agree completely, I hated the constant switching back and forth, it was thoroughly annoying.

also, 1) will the RP be soon, 2) Does ne1 know about a Call of Duty blog I could go to?, and 3) sorry about the… uhh…1… 2…3… quadruple-post, SoS.

triple post. I doubt there’s a call fo duty blog but there may be some call of duty forums somewhere.

RD had a fairly decent plotline to begin with, but then they kinda ruined it. It was just battle aftr battle and that was kinda boring. And most of them were worthless anyway.

If they just followed one group’s story, preferrably Micaiah’s, it would be much better!

… I am lost in this conversation… Oh well. Master Crowns? Those were hard to find. For me, anyway.

Well, now the topic is the bad sequence of RD, but okay.

i don’t think so. the game setup allowed you to utilize pretty much all of the characters, to implement new strategies you normally would not use. the war you fight from different sides added to the overall experience. it was new, anyways. that made it interesting.

From a story perspective it was a good strategy, for gameplay, it sucked, and because they focused so much on characters we already played with, it felt like a copy and paste of PoR just with a few meager changes. It would have been much better if they had stuck with one group, or at least had the second group be one that didn’t consist entirely of returning characters.

Lynmaster, I don’t know if I’m allowed to post a link here, but I know of a great Call of Duty blog(by one of its makers) and have it on my blogroll.

SN, some of the battles that happened in wars look like straight out of an rpg, in that they are strictly organized. Fe8 looked more like a real war like that, with skirmishes happening like those that happen on real life. In Fe8, you had as much control of a war as a president/king/minister of defense/etc
in real life.

Well, although it was a little more realistic, it was also more unrealistic(???). I think that The idea of focusing in just one or two teams, not four, would be better, as you could have more time to get to know the characters and such. Post 145.

Saint, I think I saw a Lyon face somewhere(it looked like Lyon to me), so I thought maybe that site where you found the pics has his.

i looked on the site but didnt find anything.
it could of been Arthur from FE 4/5. they look really similar

Maybe. But i found him in something of FE8.

I agree that they should have stuck w/ Micaiah; I liked the Dawn Brigade, but b/c of the constant switching, none of my DB units were any good. (I ended up w/Micaiah as an 18/11/3 unit! (instead of the ideal 20/20/20))

well, the constant switching of characters forces you to thoroughly plan out training your units. you have to decide who needs more training, who doesn’t need as much, and who you can afford to not use.
i watched my brother play fe10 and being the weird person he is, he outrightly refused to use about 60% of the characters given, and for some levels with i other/i characters, he was reduced to only two units (i think… kieran and geoffrey.) i had to help him a few times because with 15 units to send in, only 6 are actualy capable of not dying.

@lynmaster 1015
was micaiah any good at 18/11/3? some units don’t necessarily have to be at 20/20/20 to be good.

18/11/3? What?

And it didn’t really make me plan it any better who needed more training, it really dsidn’t make it more difficult or strategy oriented, it just made it annoying and shallow.

I just trained everyone as usual, favoring units I like more or that are better. I use about 25 units maximum(in that game).

@ SN
18/11/3= Micaiah was lv18 when she classed up from light mage to light sage. then, she classed up to light priestess when only at lv11. by the end of the game, she was lv3.
the usual preferred method is classing up after reaching lv20, for max. stats possible.

oh well, i guess everyone’s opinions on RD is different.

Well, at least we agree that the best units are 20/20/20.

OMGA Boyd & Haar @ 20/20/20 PWN ALL!!!

and ‘OMGA’ means ‘Oh My Giddy Aunt’ … it’s an outside joke. ;P

this is getting off topic again

Sorry, we can’t keep on topic. I apologize for it.

sorry… I’ll try to stay on topic

now it’s 158!

It’s 159! Don’t worry, I’m the main “off-topicer” of all times…

160! I WIN!!!

It’s not a competition. But if it is, I win.

Actually, your all wrong, its precisely 162. But I have a perdition that it will be 163 and I will still be the victor.

this isnt a post contest guys..

I apologize for my error Matthew Thief.

There’s a term for this kind of behavior. Its called spamming. Alot of places ban people for it.

no more #whatever poster posts or it will be deleted and you will recieve a verbal warning

Okay I will stop. I only said one post about it. Please. I will stop posting in this article now.

You don’t need to stop posting, just stop acting like a child… 😉

It seems you guys tuned this into an oogling at girls contest

Why “oogling at girls contest”?

pegasimaster, watch the way you talk to members

WE didn’t say a thing about girls.

hey guys! i’m new! :3

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Update, Nov 24th

Changed the sites graphics, if you have any comments post them in the Shadow Dragon Gallery update.

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