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Poll: whats harder

Posted on: April 15, 2008

Time for a poll.

What games are harder:

1) the older ones (FE 1 through 7)

2) the newer ones (8 through 10)



by Lightbringer


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Hmmmm very difficult question but I think I have to go with number 1. Comparing the ones I’ve actually played (FE 7 and 8 ) I’d say 7 was harder for me because I couldn’t raise up my low level characters halfway through the game without an arena and decent security from attackers on that stage. I also felt that some of the boss battles were harder in 7.

1 all the way!! Although I only played FE6 through FE10, I think that FE6 and FE7 were much more difficult than FE8 through FE10.

… When you consider that everything in the more recent games has been made easier so it can be more enjoyable, you can’t help but think, “Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!” So I say #1.

LOL, I know right?

kk I vote 1 too.

edited out

Having only played 7 out of the old ones I’m alittle biased, but, RD was near impossible on anything but easy so i vote 2, the new ones are harder.

Try to avoid using terms like that. Some of them can be offensive.

I think the older games are harder.

the older ones, because in there you don’t have “Ike Da God” to kill everything with ahether. -_-

Or the tower to make your own “Ike da God”s.

I think …1.
the newer ones have higher stats for enemy units, but your units’ stats are way higher as well.
and i agree with volthe. there’s no tower in fe7, and the arena is crazy risky in hard mode.

has anyone really played fe1-5?

Saint, MT, Raptor and SN have all played it, if I remebre well. I know about these.

Don’t speak for me. I haven’t played anything but the American releases.

Yes, but I want to play it again, badly.

[no talking about or requesting illegal stuff]

ZSNES might have something.

unforunatly, i never played 1-5… but i have the GBA version of 6

And hopefully they are remaking 1 or 3 on the DS, though those Screen Shots looked shady and they were removed so i think they were fakes.

Well, I thought that because you have sections for them in TBE you had played those, sorry.

its really no big deal, just a small mistake.. i hope i can play them some day.. and i hope they remake all of the japanese onlys :}

That would be cool.

@ Darkdruid:

For a second there, I was going to call you Lyon. Anyway no, I haven’t, because I don’t speak Japanese or have an Japanese Nintendo Entertainment System.

I’d say that the older ones are harder because they all have a bunch of gaiden chapters. Being the completionist that I am, I HAVE to go to all of them, and many are hard to get to (FE7 Hector Ch. 19xx). For some reason, all have been removed from the newer ones…

hahaha! that would be something interesting. (and no, i’m not nergal either. O.o)

I really hope to someday play fe1-5, but like SL, Japanese is not my language either.

I wonder if it was because the creators found it difficult to make sure the plot was not affected too much by the side quests. otherwise, there would be plot holes for players who did not attempt to complete i all/i side quests.

Japanese isn’t my language either; it’s Latin. I do want to learn, so I can play 1-6; it’s either that or sit and pray for remakes 😉

hmm… might be a while before i learn Japanese…

incënditê ïn nèfandô… incënditê ïn nëfandô…

Well, although I know some japanese, it’s not enough to play 15% of them…
Iwish they could make just about all games in english and re-release them.

@ Vothe:

I wish that would happen too, but Nintendo can not be trusted.

@ Darkdruidxx:

Sorry for that. ^.^’

… Emulators are illegal? 0_o’ that’s disconcerting. I’ve been using one for five years. I guess I have to reconsider my question. Who knows of a legal emulator or similar legal device I may use to play the old FE’s again? But, all things aside…

Is it too early to ask this, and if not, is there any information on a new FE game?

There isn’t one. They’re copyright infringments.

And this si all there is on new FE games.;summary

I’ll have to vote for #1

I heard you can use Wii points in Japan to download the older ones (fe1 and 2, i think). maybe they’ll do that for, er, wherever you live, too. [trying to be discreet and not disrespectful and whatnot…]

I doubt it. They released those ones along time ago, and even if they did they would be “Imports” so they wouldn’t translate anything not absolutely essential to gameplay.

@ Darkdruidxx:

Actually, you can buy Wii points in your local game stores such as Gamestop, EB Games and more. Then if you are connected to the internet (with the right settings for you Wii mind you), you can buy older games. The people put more games on the Virtual Consule every week.

Also, if Lightbringer posted anywhere on WordPress and it sounded like me then, it might have been ’cause I’m on her computer now because my Dad owns the other one so..yeah, although I highly doubt that I did posted anywhere on her name.

well, emulators themselves arnt illegle I dont think, its how you use them. but its too complicated to get into so lets just forget that subject.

Im not giving ike aether until…either the third or fourth occult skill (I may not even challenge the black knight) .im hoping that, in doing this, the game might be a bit harder.

oh, wrong wording there. I meant use Wii points and a Japanese internet connection. Though i thought the Wii had no regions, you’d think one can connect to the same world wide web anywhere…

@ Dardruidxx:

Yeah, when I saw you said something about Wii Points I wrote about them. But unfortunately, I didn’t read your whole post. I only saw the Wii Points. I’ll try not to do that.

@ Saint:
It will make the game harder, but still, it will be easy, since Ike can use many skills the best way possible. If you want to make it really harder, you could not give skills to Ike and not use the Occult Scrolls, that will make it much harder.

… that is saddening… ah… I’m oddly thoughtful today… I am not often like that… but, when I am…
Perhaps, solely because of the untranslated symbols and gameplay, that is why the older games are harder… for I have played new games that are harder than the original… ah! I must stop, I am hurting myself…

Honestly 1 to 7 are the hardest i myself am a hardcore fan but still my computer doesnt do emulators cause its old and stupid. But still i have gone to ebay and ordered it all and they 10 times harder than the ones with arenas and the tower and the ruins and the bexp and the old games dont have that. it depends on who you fight and when you fight em. Even though its true that one good unit can carry evryone trough a chapter. So it really depends on who you want to train in the old games. Not on who you want to train later.

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