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Part 2: Yunashura

Posted on: April 20, 2008

ok, this is part two of my PoR-RD storyline explanation. for those of you who dont remember, im pretty much senselessly repeating the important stuff that happens in the two games explaining the more confusing points of the two games. This article covers the back story of the goddess’ . note that, I remember her being called “yunashera”, but if its incorrect say so and ill fix it.

At the very begining of the world there was a girl named yunashera. she was a very unique girl, as she was the goddess…the very one who had created the planet. she was kind and gentle, but also very lonely. she was the only being in existence, so because of this she created a variety of creatures that she could live with. Some had wings, some had fur, and some even resembled herself.

after some time Yunashera realized that the creatures were changing. they were learning new skills, getting new ideas, even learning how to communicate with one another. this made the goddess sad, but also very happy. on one hand she realized she was not needed in order for the other beings to exist. they were perfectly capable of helping themselves. on the other hand however, the goddess was amazed that the beings were so unpredictable. they were ever changing into something new and exiting, and this pleased the girl very much.

in time the goddess made many close friends. she met the human swordswoman named Altina, and the heron prince Lehran. there was also the lion named Soan, and the dragon king named Dheginsea. all of them loved the goddess very much, and so they gave her a special name; the goddess of dawn.

but this peace would not last.

the powerful beings that could transform into animals and the intellegent beings that could craft tools began to argue. one side challenged the other saying theirs was superior. over time the conflict grew stronger and stronger. until it seemed they would end the dispute in a war. to prevent this, the girl gave the two sides special names. she named the powerful beings “laguz”, who were to be the children of power. and she named the intelligent beings “Beorc”, who were to be called the children of wisdom. this did not prevent the fighting, however. instead the two sides wagged war using their new names as their banners.

the goddess Yunashera saw all this and was deeply upset. even her slowest friends were fighting a war of senseless pride. as time went on Yunashera’s emotions grew more and more out of control. until one day, she simply lost control. the entire world was quickly covered in an immeasurable flood. it was so large, and so powerful, that almost every continent was destroyed. all but one…Tellius. and it was all because Yunashera lost control of her powers for one second.

Yunashera was devastated at this, and so she split herself into two separate beings. One was Ashera, the goddess of order, and Yune, the goddess of chaos. the two were to consult one another before they took any action regarding the people of tellius. in this, a perfect balance would be attained, and another great disaster would never occur again.

One day, however, Ashera proclaimed that Yune was to be destroyed. She said that she could not risk another disaster like the flood, and so she had to be perfect; without chaos. Yune no doubt tried to flee, But Ashera blessed her greatest fighters, including the lion king, Soan, and sent them to subdue Yune. in time she was defeated, and she was to face Ashera’s judgement.

 Yune, now in tears, told her she was only trying to have fun, and that she never meant to hurt anyone. the “fun” Yune was talking about could be one of the following things. Either Yune wanted everyone to get along again so she caused the flood, or she saw the people fighting and thought that it would be fun. regardless, Altiena begged Ashera not to destroy Yune. Lehran told Ashera that, without her chaotic counterpart, she would be incomplete. Ashera was not moved, however, and went on to say that she would also destroy the two races and start over.

 this is when Lehran made a proposal. he asked that Yune be sealed in his medallion, and that the two sisters would sleep for 1000 years. if in this time, war broke out once again, Yune would wake up and with her, Ashera. she would then follow through with her plans. However, if Yune remained asleep for 1000 years, the people would be spared. exceptions were made as well, if Lehran’s “galdrer of release” was ever played in front of the medallion, Ashera would not awaken. And conversely, if Lehran saw that there was no hope for humanity, he would awaken Ashera himself. Yune told Lehran she was afraid, but Lehran promised she wouldn’t be alone, that he would wrap her in peaceful galdrer. Ashera agreed, and so the two were sealed.

The dragon king Dheginsea then told a great lie. He covered the truth and told the people that a “dark god” was sealed in the medallion, and that if war broke out it would be let free. this dark god was the one responible for destroying most of the world. He knew this was not the truth, but he wanted to make sure the people would not ever go to war.

eventually Yune is awakened by the galdrer of release sung by Miciah, but Ashera is also awakened by Lehran. Ashera casts her judgement on the peopel of Tellius and turns them to stone, all but a few. Yune, using Miciahs body as a vessal, helps the remaining people defeat Ashera. it should be noted that, in the last battle, Asheras stats all max at 50, however they are at most, 30. this is two show her obvious inperfection. After Asheras defeat, Yune says she’ll try one more time to stay as the goddess of Tellius.

In the ending, under special conditions, Yuneshura is seen talking to Lehran. This leads me to believe that Ashera and Yune fused once again.

by Saint of Swords


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Good article. I don’t see why stupid Ike has to do everything. He totally stoled Micahi’s part!

interesting article.. too bad this doesnt happen until the end of th game

I no, right?

btw, its Asheruna, not Yuneshura

No its Yuneshura, I was the one who got the special ending so I think I know. 😉

Does it really matter that much? We all know who’s being refered to.

If the whole game had this kind of depth it would have been fun.

Great article, Saint!!
You’re right SN, it would be much better with this depth!
I think it was Ashunera…

if they had bumped the laguz war out and replaced it with Lehran WORKING to awaken Ashura, the game would have been much better.

anyways, I wonder why Soan wasnt included very much….maybe they just didnt want to have 4 meat-heads who die easily to magic 😕 .

Agreed. That would have made for a much better story than a war that, even though you win every battle, you loose anyway.

The problem is that Nintendo made one of the worst stories possible…

Wow. Great article.

I really don’t think the storyline was bad; the war was definitely a huge part of the storyline. It tells of how a misunderstanding can lead to such chaos and discord, and how deep the hatred and differences between the two groups can run. It just shows how the deity above can only watch as they attempt to exterminate the other. eh, it’s the way of the world, and it’s the stark truth. -_-

I guess the problem was that they didnt focus on Ike and Miciah, but rather just Ike.

Hardly the stark truth, but I’m not gonna argue about it.

The problem was that they even focused on Ike period. he had his stardom in the last one, I didn’t really want to see him again, at least not as much as we did.

Well, this is a very good and detailed plot. Only thing that bugged me, and I am being stupid since my brain can’t comprehend we are not RPing in 2008, but such the ginormous names? 😛

WEll, the problem is that they focused too much on Ike, while almost not focusing on Micaiah. They should focus on one of them, personally Micaiah.

I agree Vothe. Thats what I said in the beginning.

… so the role-playing won’t come today…
but, putting that aside, wonderful article. Yuneshera reminds me of myself sometimes… sad, but happy to see people together… *becomes thoughtful* … perhaps… if it wasn’t just one goddess that had been in the beggining… they could have kept each other in balance. Like the Olympians.

No, unfortunately, the Role Playing will not be coming for quite some time now. Saint has his hands full of affairs for his Forum, getting his Manga finished, and I do believe he’s looking for a new host instead of WordPress. He’s quite booked.

Well, at least everything that he does, turns out good, so I guess it’s worth the wait. The olympians were a good role model for other gods, but then there would never be good conflicts in games.

Yeah, he is probably the busiest person one this blog.

Well, his the best busy person for this blog!

I suppose that makes sense. A lazy bum cannot make a blog but someone who works hard can.

I thought that Yune was responsible for the Great Flood after she was separated from Ashera.

Plus, these “twin” gods(sorry if I am getting this wrong since I don’t have the new Wii Fire Emblem game yet), out of both of them, Ashera is evil? Or just nuetral?

She’s not evil, just too prideful to see the good qualities of creatures.

I don’t think so!!

that’s the issue! what is “evil”?

Asura IS evil! She was only going to destroy the whole world. Regardless, if she didn’t do what she did she wouldn’t be evil but she is.

Its hard to say. in my opinion Ashera is evil…looking at her things to do list 😉 …

She’s only a “divine” being and wishs to kill anyone who dares to oppose her.

She’s not evil. She just lost sight of the best thing to do to the creatures. You’re being too nice to Beorc and Laguz.

Well I guess my opinion is not wanted here.

What determines good and evil cannot be judged by man. What you may consider evil another may find just. What you find just another may find wicked. All must simply strive hard as they can to do their conscience.

Thank you.

being the divine being isn’t all that easy- every little thing you do will affect millions of others. one could almost feel bad for her (is it her, or them?)

Ashera is a female. They used to be a them but they defused and then became one of each.

I see. thanks for this you rule

Are you talking to me? Because I do not wish to take any credit if its not for me.

I think they are referring to the article.

SN put it well, we can’t judge mankind, much less gods. We should just do our best to be thought of as good.

Yeah, we can judge mankind IF they are game game. 😉

Uh-oh, I meant “in a game”.

… what is it, for us to decide what is just and benign, and what is evil and harmful? We, who have such a tiny impact in this great universe… and if there is indeed a god or gods, who is right, and who is wrong? Who is ally, and who is foe? Who is victim, and who is perpetrator? Who is good, and who is evil?

“I am a timeless chorus… join your voice with mine, and sing victory, everlasting…”

wow, Gravemind… that’s so deep. o_o

Too deep for me to reply. It’s entirely true.

Gravemind, try to keep religion out of the topic

I find nothing deep about it. Its just big sentences put together but with exquisite detail.

Wow. Gravemind, that was to deep.

And Saint of the swords. No offense pointed. But I think it was called Ashunera. not Yunashera

Me too, but that’s something that SL, who had the special ending, disagree.
It’s not religion, MT. Sl, it’s no exquisite details, and it’s a little bit deeper.

[if a mod feels something is going to far then that must be respected]

uh… thanks, I guess. I’m not usually poetic, but that was the exception. Nor deep. But, each has his or her moment. That was mine.

Ashera is no different from some humans (or perhaps all humans, if you look at it the right way). Besides, what are we, aside from tricks full of ill will? If anything, we are something to be laughed and scorned at. When you consider history, with all the wars we have waged against our own brothers and sisters, and for trivial things, too! You’d think that we have learned not to do something so meaningless and destructive! However, it is in our nature to forget, and to want.

There are the good things, though. We have music, and love, and literature. Great things to be praised and admired. Plus, we are so dang knowledgable! We have come a long way from the Age of sticks and stones. But, knowledge goes hand-in-hand with violence, both over the weapons we invent that are associated with knowledge, and the controversy over obtaining and claiming it.

Albert Einstien said, “I know not what World War II will be fought with, but I know that World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

The human race is like life, in a way. We always bounce back, virtually unharmed. We are like water, and defeat is simply an addition of time, to a sentence we never deserved.

… Dang, I was deep again. Exception #2.

i asked that no real life religious stuff would be mentioned..
this is a verbal warning.

so its Ashunera eh? i think Yunashera would of been cooler.

i was kinda mad that ashera said NOTHING when you killed her

@ LB: … that’s real life religious stuff? I was talking about the human race, not what it believes in.

Also, it was kinda sad that she just took it, without any kind of vow to return. That’s pitiful.

She just stood there, being cut by stupid Ike…

Sorry, MT, I didn’t intend to harm mod’s judgements.

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