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Posted on: April 26, 2008

alright, just incase anyone hasnt heard yet, I am (soon) starting an online role-playing that anyone can take part in. to learn more, go to the link at the end of this post and read the topic. then fill out the required information as stated and send it to me via e-mail. there is no longer a time limit to get your entry in. those late to the game will no longer have an advantage as they will be a lower level. the role-playing should be up May 1st, but ive been busy lately so im not making any promises.

Role-Play Recruiting

by Saint of Swords


50 Responses to "RP update"

Excellent! I shall wait for the day to come.

I’m waiting anxiously!

I will check EVERY day, but I don’t get home until 4:30 (your 6:30), so I’m disadvantageficationerized (dis-ad-vant-edge-fic-a-shun-er-eyezed) majorly until Summer Vacay!!! WOOHOO! ONLY 26 DAYS LEFT!!!

I look forward to meeting you on the battlefield.
Ack! lynmaster1015, counting days only makes it worse!!!

Summer. Oh I desperately need it.

Well, I am homeschooled so that will be easy.

My summer will be in about…..7 months!!!!! I’m just waiting for my winter vacations… one month shorter…

😀 I am blessed to have such a good life.

You’re startin to make me VERY jealous…

SL, are you the only one here at FE Blog who is not super busy with life? O_o *unsheathe sword*

Interesting piece of work. It would be nice if we can exchange links. Please let me know if it is ok. Do email me at

@ Darkdruid:

Well, I am homeschooled. I hardly have any work to do. I don’t see how you have work to do. I get done with school in about… 15 minutes?

Lucky. I have t read 35 pages a day in history alone. takes me almost an hour.

FE Blog is currently not looking for affiliates.

@ Shini:

Well, I only do like, 4 pages in History. 4 Pages in Language Art’s, and 2 pages in Math (because I hate it so much).

Hay, every one!

The role-playing sounds like fun. Can’t wait to actually see it…

As for the homeschooling thing…I AM ENVIOUS!!!
Now that I got that out of the way 🙂 That’s really cool to not have to wake up at the first sign of light and sit in an anoying school for who knows how long…

Well, I’ll talk to you all later:)

You made my point so clear that I agree completely with you, Ninoandjaffar. I wish I could only do 10 pages a day, but usually I have 30… That may be something related not only to the homeschooling part, but also to his grade.(7th??)

Well, actually 6th.

work to do? *twitch* you have no idea… -_- and page counting is nothing to sneeze at. it depends on the contents of the page.

@ SN: Only 35 pages, and it takes you an hour? I could read 160 pages in an hour. I don’t mean anything demeaning by it, though, I’m just saying.

@ evryone else: I hate it when people count down to summer, so, I must hate myself. 25 DAYS LEFT, BABY!!!!!!!!

Big pages, small print, unintended napping.

Well, thanks for agreeing with me, Volthe.

I would count the days left for school, but I’m too lazy and would rather spend my time playing Fire Emblem than counting anything that relates to school. That COULD just be me though…

I really don’t know how much I read for school. I do know I probably should read more. Oh, well…at least my grades are good.

Finally @ Shinigami Ninja
I’m a slow reader too, don’t worry. Slow readers…UNITE!

School is actually fun! And I’m not using Summer Vacation. I’m spending My vacation with SCHOOL!!!!1!111!111!11 WooTNESs!

You’re welcome, Ninoandjaffar.
You can’t even think about how much work there is in highschool, so I’ll wait to see when you’re in our position. And since you’re homeshooled, it’s not strange that you spend your vacations with school.

SN actually said he’s not that slow reader, just that his pages are different.
And Darkdruid is right, I can read one hundred pages in just five minutes if there’s only one letter in each…

@ Vothe:

I didn’t say it wasn’t normal. Normally I would take a break of school but I’m doing it everyday! (Including Saturday’s/Sunday’s).

‘course. Who doesn’t? :p but, all aside, I can’t wait. Really. (24moredays) and to think it all is a tradition of the old farmers. We shall pay tribute to these life savers! *hums*

Opps…I didn’t mean to accuse or anything. I just THOUGHT he might be a little slow like me.

@ SN
Please don’t kill me with a ninja star…

I only thought that he might not be slow after I posted, but considering it sounds like you aren’t supposed to double post, I decided to wait and see who would try to kill me first, thankfully I don’t think anyone will…or so I thought…

Well, I’ll probably post again later, so for now, fairwell 🙂

it doesn’t matter who’s a slow reader; everyone reads at their own pace… i read really fast since i enjoy reading so, go figure. *draws sword* very well, ninoandjaffar, prepare yourself! 🙂

*Slaps it out of Darkdruid’s hand* And Gravemind….Don’t you usually get vacation on Saturday’s or Sunday’s?

No, darkdruidxx! Please don’t kill me! I’m just a defenceless little girl with no weapons! Don’t forget, because I’m Nino, you’ll also have to face Jaffar…or my friend Nacho(Nickname), Which ever decides to come at you first. and that’s alot of paperwork, especially since I am curently hosting an exchange student (to relate it back to the school topic)…she wouldn’t like that.

If your Nino then use a tome.

… what kind of question is that? I live in the U.S., and we don’t go to school on saturdays or sundays. So, that is what we consider our weekend and vacation. Why?

@ article: Not much to say, except I’m waiting.

Well,tee hee, funny story…
I kinda burned a tree in my back yard, and so Jaffar took it away from me for a week. There was also that one time at school when I used Fimblvert on Nacho…He didn’t like that very much 🙂

But anyways…that’s my exuse for being a defencless little girl.

@ UZM:

Uhh…. Because Darkdruid said somethin about it.

very well then. *notches arrow in bow* good thing i have a back up, defenseless little girl. i’ll take you on, and jaffar, and nacho, and anyone else. ha ha ha ha ha ha (sorry. i’m in a bad mood… my biorhythm is kind of low.)

8-0 Did I just get off at the wrong station? Because 3 posts after mine, I can’t understand a single thing you guys are saying! (23daysleft)

I have an announcement to make! I just got back from my forum, and all the bots are gone! Please visit, it’s hard not seeing anyone. It’s here at [No advertising allowed.]


well, gravemind… n&j kind of insulted SN, and pleaded to not be killed, i tried to kill her, SL wouldn’t let me, n&j claimed to be a defenseless little girl with some friends, and we’re still debating the differences between school and homeschooling, the vacation days, workloads, and weekends. quite a load here…

Wow, darkdruidxx…you make me sound like a bad person: ‘kind of insulted SN’. I really didn’t intend to sound mean, I just assumed the wrong idea and now have you wanting to kill me for a reason I’m not so sure I know. What did I do to you? I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!

And I still am envyous of SL for being home schooled. I wish I was…

[Thats really off topic]

Was the school topic really on this topic either? Fine I’ll continue.

[no advertising]

I don’t know if I can post this or not (but the admins allowed it for 35 posts), so if it’s not allowed, could you please post that its’s not allowed.

At Sl: Well, our weekends are not really vacations, at least not mine, because I get tons of special projects at the same time.

At ninoandjaffar: If SN dares to even put a scratch on you (or any other girl) for giving your opinion, he’ll have to face the awesome power of my MoonlightBlade and my fury. (He would also face a ban, but he wouldn’t insult you anyway)

At Saint: I guess it’s postponed, but that might be good, since I and many others will start their vacation in the middle of May.

@ n&j
i guess i must apologize for my unruly behavior… though i would like to cross blades with mercenary of light and his MoonlightBlade [and fury]. ha ha ha ha.

wow… i hope Saint isn’t too swamped with business. does he have any help?

sorry for this double post, but i just saw that there’s more Sacred Stones official art (remember the discussion about art for the other grado generals, and such?)

cool, Darkdruidxx :} i like ishmires clothes, it looks cool

Didn’t check. But I’m sure Saint will be putting them up soon enough. 😉

Huh, cool. And yes, Ishmire’s clothes did look good.

The secret characters look 😯 peaceful. Glen looks like a statue or a cardboard cutout. Caellah looks wickeder than I imagined. Ishmaire is the best-looking of all. Selena is not the other Sonia (as SN predicted).

They’re very cool. I think that I’ll side with Merc, attacking little, defenseless girls is very bad! You’ll face the Hasta Sword!!!!!!

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