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The Next (Next) Fire Emblem

Posted on: May 2, 2008

Let me first start by saying that this is FE Blogs 100th article! I tried to think of the most fitting article to post as the 100th one, and had decided on posting about the FE community. However, I changed my mind and decided on something a little more interesting; what will become of the FE series in the future?Now, its safe to assume that the NEXT fire emblem will be the remade version of fire emblem 1 for the DS. However we know nothing of the next actual installment of this ever growing series. Radiant Dawn, the newest addition to the series, was little more then a sequel to Path of Radiance, so its rather difficult to guess where some aspects of the game are headed such as characters, plot, story development, and many other things. But lets look at what we can expect.

As far as game playgoes, I think the class skills are here to stay. they were introduced in the older games, tried again in Sacred Stones, and brought back once again in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. Though the means of getting the actual skills has varied from game to game, I believe in the next fire emblem it will be a matter of promoting to earn a skill. the skills themselves will probably be the same as the previous games; swordmasters getting astra, knights getting luna, etc etc, however I think the next lord will have a new skill other the Aether. that is of coarse, unless Ike is once again the main character (which I would loathe) . I do hope that the skills are dulled down a bit though so the enemy units can eventually have them. All the skills taking out 3x damage PLUS their effects made them much too powerful, and so you never fought a third tierenemy in Radiant Dawn who wasn’t a boss (although the enemy’s of Radiant Dawn had the same stats and capacity as a third tier).

Moving on, lets talk about the classes. which classes will get the boot, which ones will stay, and which ones will get altered beyond recognision 😛 ? I would like to see monks make a return so healers could be clerics only. I believe they were omitted from Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn so that Miciah wouldn’tbe an ordinary class with a different name. I would like to see the special knights and cavaliers be recycled for standard of each. there’s nothing worse then having to pass on working on a unit because there’sonly one of its type and they happen to annoy you! in this case, I like cavaliers a lot, and a cavalier with an axe is a cool idea, but I hate Kieran, so I wont work on him or his type. in addition, I hope they change the pegasus class so that the final form can wield staffs. I believe, again, this is what they would have wanted, but they didn’t out of fear that Elincia would be unoriginal (even though she stole the class first) . I would also like to see some new classes, but there are too many to list here so maybe ill save that for another day.

next for game play is the weapons. to be perfectly honest, I didn’t like the newest array of weapons provided in Radiant Dawn. I found bronze weapons very useless, even in the beginning. I also didn’t like how little critical% the Wo Dao gave your characters. I hope they fix this and return it to its weak but Crit% happy self. I also hope you can access shops on the map again. I find it either too easy or too inconvenient for the shops to always be at the start of the mission. maybe once in a while you could camp near a town and be allowed to buy items before the mission, but not EVERY mission. I did like the bargain shop, however its really just a watered down version of the secret shop. so to recap I hope they scatter the shops all across the levels, and every once in a while you have access to a shop before the mission. that way it wouldn’t be taken for granted.

as far as the levels go, I hope they get a little more interesting looking. plains and volcanoes aren’tmy idea of a games ideal enviorment. there should be a variety of places the plot takes you through, so that once you leave you almost never see it again. this sounds bad, but it really just adds to the games already high replay value.

and last but not least is difficulty. how hard should a game be? and how hard can it be before you stop and realize that the game is using dirty tactics against you? in Pathof Radiance I thought it was too easy, even hard mode is a breeze with the right level of mental notes and the proper crew. however even with all that Radiant Dawn proved time and time again to be a near impossible task to complete. why? maybe because they take your main crew away for half the game, let the enemy’s slowly grow, and THEN give them back to you! instead of this they should just make the enemy’sstronger and the maps larger…that way you die with honor in your heart….not hatred 😛 ! the quick save was good, but it should only be allowed to be used once per level, as I found its very easy to abuse. I mean really, how are my people coming back from the dead anyways?

with game play covered, all that remains are questions only backed by ideas. to cover these lets look at some Q&A’s with myself. remember that these only reflect MY opinion:

Q: Will Ike return in the next game?
A: Probably -_- , though I doubt he would be the main lord again.

Q: Will the laguz system be brought back?
A: Yes, though not as “laguz”.

Q: what will the plot be?
A: a war backed by some dark ambition.

Q: will the lead be male or female?
A: male.

Q: what will the characters be like?
A: logic would dictate that they be a diverse cast, but they will probably be something along the lines of Path of Radiances cast.

Q: will there be large “plot twists” ?
A: one or two.

Q: what will the continent be called?
A: no clue.

Q: Will the plot “die” half way through?
A: three fourths in.

and that about does it. the 100th artcile on Fire Emblem Blog! May 20th marks the one year aniversary of Fire Emblem Blog, so this month will be full of records.

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Do I have to write “Yes or No” for each one of them?

Ayeeawha? This isn’t what I had in mind… but, 100 articles already? awesome. Happy 100th article!

[no abreviated swearing. Strike 1]

what isnt what you had in mine?

anyways good article and happy 100 articles :}

i certainly do hope they make more fe games though most people only ever play advanced wars these days. *sigh* pity… i personally hope they come up with some new surprises. and i definitely hope they come up with a new hero, or perhaps a sequel/prequel to fe8 (which, according to wikipedia, is the only fe game not related to another installment)

🙂 100th article! It was great, especially to think of what may be the future of the series.

I think I agree with everything, just if they develop that skill system better and add more arenas (than the 2 on FE8).

At darkdruidxx: I also want a sequel(or prequel) to FE8. We’ve been discussing ideas for a sequel in TBE.

I really hope your wrong about the plot dying 3/4 of the way in.

I think they should revert to the old class sytem, with one upgrade per class, except for a few units that start at “trainee” level, like Ross and Amelia from SS.

I’d like to see something completely new and not related at all to any of the other games.

Shinigami Ninja said: I really hope your wrong about the plot dying 3/4 of the way in.

so do I 😛 ! but the writters have been pretty sloppy lately, and the plots have been dying really quickly. 3/4ths was generous 😀 !

y would u not want ike back

Because he completely killed the plot in Radiant Dawn and stole Michiah’s part.

just because he got two games of his own. I got sick of him half way into RD when he started acting two faced…nice when his enemys can hear him but cruel when they cant. and cruel when they can.

I hope they make some interesting classes for the next game. something besides disected cavaliers and knights 😛 !

I hope so too.

I hope that’s true too.

Happy 100th article, Saint! 😉

thank you 🙂 .

You’re welcome! I hope you can get to 1000!!!

Volthe that would take forever. 😯

Not unless you make a poll everyday or 4 times a week.

You would run out of ideas for polls though.

You could make things worthwhile with good polls about evry week. It wouldn’t take forever, just some more years(about 5).

Yes, but if you just fill a blog with too much or unnecessary polls, it would just become a polling site and many people would get tired of it.

me too. 250 is probably a better milestone for Saint. Happy 100th!

OK, I just wished that FEBlog would last a lot, but it seems that you disagree.

You could make articles as often as you already did, so you’ll have 1000 in nine years. What would mean FEBlog for a lot of time, but we’ll probably be a little sick of FE and very busy by that time.

In nine years I’ll be out of college and into Vanderbilt Medical! I probably won’t even remember what FE is!

But it is a nice thought.

Volthe I did not say anything of the sort. I just said it would be near impossible.


Err…excuse me?

yea nice 100th article nd i see your point about ike

Yeah, Ike doesn’t need to be in every Fire Emblem game. But I’m guessing he’s still going to be a cameo in the next one…

i thought that the next one was going to be a remake of the first one in japan??

The next Fire Emblem game is a remake, but it looks as though it will come to the U.S.

then why are we saying ike will be in it i am so confused

We’re saying that, in the next NEW FE, Ike will be a cameo, otherwise it will be boring.

ohhh i get it now ok yea it wouldnt be a fire emblem game without ike

Ike being a cameo will make THE GAME boring. Not interesting. I hate Ike.

i liked him in Path of Radience but not Radiant Dawn

I liked Ike’s class in Radiant Dawn, but he stoll Micaiah’s spotlite and looked about 40. 😉

Yeah, Micaiah didn’t need to be stolen from!

Ummm, I agree that Ike won’t be the lord again, but it is more than likely Ike is coming back, just as a stronger than normal swordsman unit. Tellius is done with for sure because the continent is completely cleansed of problems in Radiant Dawn. So I bet it will be on a different continent but with Ike because he is by far the most popular lord in the US, and very popular in Japan (not the most popular, they know the original lord Marth). At the end of Radiant Dawn you must recall Ike leaving Tellius. Don’t be so pissy with Ike, he’s one of the very few lords you can send out to the frontlines and not have to worry about him dying, unlike pretty perfect princess miciah 😡 Besides Ike is the first 3D protagonist. Also what is wrong with the weapons in FE9 and FE10, you complain about bronze weapons that weren’t usefull, you aren’t supposed to have good weapons at the start of any game, that’s why it’s called the start. FE9 and FE10 were amazing games, you are just pissy because a lot of people like Ike and the new Fire Emblem games. Also the games weren’t that easy, they are easy if you let units die, which you probably did… The objective is to get through the battle without letting anyone die. Ike is a bona fide badass, deal with it.

im going to sum this up quickly, try to follow. Ikes a hypocritical punk trying to play the good guy role with a personality good for crap, and his stats make him the number one target to get their a** kicked by mages. all in all he just sucks.

as for the bronze weapons, there was NO NEED FOR THEM. I didnt purchase one bronze weapon in all the times ive played. their about as good as ikes personality.

and uh…my people dont die, unless its ike getting his sorry a** kicked by mages, or if I send them to their deaths because I hate them. its easy because the enemys are weak, and the people get too strong.

oh…and I banned you. dont flame. especially not the admin.

[SoS: Isn’t it funny? Your post has to be approved before it becomes visible…and yours isn’t.]

WEll I think in the next FE they need a character like Ephrium, but have kinda thick armour like generals (no helment) and he can use all weapons. Me and my cuzin thought that would be really cool!.

also they need to make it when you beat it on hard you could play as the enemies and have an enemy campaign

But i have to say thay need more units for you and the enemies cause the most they have ever had is 50 and thats small for 12 lvl 20…. Also they need Raven back cause he was a beast and they need some more sniper, peg knights, generals, wyvern lords, and mercenarys.

Also they should only have 1 lord not 3 and make him able to pick between 3 diffrent lords when he upgrades so it will be funner.

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