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Fire Emblem Beat By…

Posted on: May 3, 2008

Nintendo had recently started a questionare about which game people MOST wanted remade for the Wiis virtual counsel. One might think the older Fire Emblems would win, right? after all its one of the biggest series and one of the only that still have Japan only games. well…it didnt win, insteadthe winner of the poll was Earthbound. Kinda makes you do a double take, eh? It kinda makes me feel bad for not voting, but from what I hear, there are a lot of Earthbound fans, and they’ve been waiting for it to be remade for quite some time. Its not been given a release date yet, but its been rated E despite some…odd things to put in a nerd based game. perhaps they edited it. who knows.

personally, I dont see why they cant remake a bunch of games, but whatever. just thought ide let everyone know what the all mighty Nintendo goons have been up to lately 😉 .

by Saint of Swords


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Well that sucks monkey.

Earthbound’s only release of the series available to America was Mother 3, while FE has 4 games released. If they keep remaking the old ones (like what they’re doing to FE1), then Earthbound remade would be better.

Yea! Saint e-mailed me today that EARTHBOUND IS COMING TO THE U.S! Virural Console anyway *hmpm hmpmh*.

x_x lovely.. just lovely

*sigh* rather depressing… most people i’ve asked would rather play advanced wars than fire emblem… but Earthbound??? (that’s the one with ness, right?) why is fire emblem so unpopular???

Ness: Earthbound is the bestttttt!!!!! Nahhh…..

Fire Emblem is great but people have been asking for Mother 1&2 for alot longer, almost since Mother 3 came out in the U.S.

[please dont spam]

i dont especially like fe but i dont especially like eb eithetr.

Earthbound is really kind of a fun game, it’s just a little… odd.

I have a blog now! Yay!

and just how did we irritate you, King Justin?

At Lynmaster: Something about a link he put up. Also congrats on the blog.

And why should FE fans be jealous of Earthbound fans or complain, if the older games are being remade? ❓ Has everyone forgotten about FE11?

I just found it a bit ironic, speaking for myself.

IMO remakes arent as good as the originals.. but i’ll get over it.. i guess *sobs*

I can’t WAIT to get Earthbound.

Since I have not played Earthbound, I would much rather see the Fire Emblem series make it on the virtual councel. I have wanted to play FE 6 for sooo long to see what happened to all of my friends on Elibe…

what’s your blog about?

i can’t wait for fe11 to come out. good thing the DS is not regional… i might just buy the japanese version just to have it earlier. 😀

(sorry if this is off-topic) how do you link your blog to the name on your posts?

I’m not sure if I had a dream but I remember seeing images of Fire Emblem I… It was some news announcment… Probably just a dream..

theres been lots of new official art SL, including some from SS I havent gotten up yet (enemys) .

I like the origenals better…they usually dull down the remakes.

Not official art Saint. I had a dream that contained something about Fire Emblem one images to show that the game was coming out for Virual Console.

… That’s depressing. Mario is the mascot, Zelda has been a running mate for it, too. Fire Emblem and Metroid are cool, but of all the series, Earthbound takes the cake? That’s like the homeless bum getting a cash prize for the best lawn.

I agree. FE is the best game ever! They should really remake it and release it in the West.

Earthbound also rocks! A nerd with P.K powers. Nerd/Ness: *nerd drool*

WEll, never played it, and I’m not saying it’s bad, just that FE is the best!!!!!!

I’d rather see FE redone, but I’m happy with Earthbound too, as long as its Translated fully.

they took the imagaes down for the DS remake of FE1.

Anyone here played FE1?

Earthbound? EARTHBOUND?!? *sigh* Though I may be biased in this topic, I still fail to see how people would want Earthbound over FE…

Hmm, how strange. I’m biased towards Zelda. 😈 What if instead of pitting each character together, like in Brawl, they made a game solely intent on teaming them up, and kicking someone’s butt? I’m not saying like Brawl did, I’m just saying, with their own individual gaming formats. For instance, you can be Mario, but he would have a different jump style, a different gameplay format, a different item set, and then Link wouldn’t be able to jump, like always. But, he would have different items, some that are better, some that aren’t. Then Kirby could fly, like he always does. This would continue for everything, and it would be a different storyline then The Subspace Emissary.

no FE1 for me…

Why? Don’t you have a DS?

oh, no i have a ds. i ment i dont have the original FE1

Who does?

those in japan, and have a gba… or those in japan with a wii, internet access, and wii points. lucky.

Iwant to see how it all started! I have a DS, but it’ll probably arrive here late, if it arrives…

The original version is always the best.

I think you mean those in Japan with a Super Famicom. The original FE wasn’t on GBA. FE6 was the first handheld FE game.

It’ll arrive. Nintendo doens’t usually start a series in the States and then leave later installments Japan Only.

Yeah, the original Fire Emblem I, made only for Japanese Super Nintendo.

oh. that’s what it is… okay. thanks! now i know!

but… of course it’s that. What else could you possibly think it was? … not to be rude, I mean.

i was mistaken and thought FE1 was on the gba. it’s not.

i beleave FE1 was for japanese famcom or NES

UZM, if you have to say “not to be rude”,then just dont say it. this is your last warning.

SN is probably right, they wouldn’t be so silly. It could come to the US, so it’ll be easier for me to buy it.

I guess I’ll have to wait for the remake.

sorry it’s been a while, but the sky fell when finals got set to an earlier date than expected!(cramming IS exhausting) LOL.

kk, well, my blog is @ and is just a place to come talk about your problems and get advice, or just vent. It’s kind of like an online, advice-giving, magical journal. Okay, okay, I made up the part about it being magical. but it’s better than a blog based on… IDK… a Japanese video game? That would be so LAME!!!


have you taken psychology at school yet? i think if your website is a hit, you’d make a great psychiatrist or counselor of a sort. waiting for you to complete your site!

what sort of gameplay does Earthbound follow? action-button-mashing? puzzle-solving? strategy-and-tactics?

Good site, lynmaster.

@ Vothe:

What is his site?

It would be this:
It helps to read earlier posts, SL.

Lynmaster, for future referances advertising isnt allowed here

O_O’ er… I’m sorry. I deserve it, I guess. Not to dwell on it, though. How do you think most other people are responsing to this? The ones that didn’t vote for Earthbound must be kinda mad. I am, Ocarina of Time could have finally had the Triforce in it or something. I think, for about 5 years after it came out, people were in an uproar about not being able to find the Triforce at all. Although, if you have a gameshark… it is possible. I’ve seen it, myself, done.

Kirby would have been nice, as well. When you think about it… they don’t have many games for him. Maybe Kirby 64 and Kirby’s Air Ride are the only ones they produced aside from the original.

We’re not going to talk about Mario, unless you’d like to. He’s only had a billion games made about him, or somehow showing him. Dang it, even Zelda was tainted by him on the N64.

Fire Emblem would actually be pretty cool with a makeover. THAT is one game I would consider buying.

Metroid… nah.

Star Fox… nope.

Yoshi? C’mon.

Uh… Mr. Game & Watch doesn’t need to be included, but he is an awesome Brawl character.

Pokemon does NOT need to be remade. ‘Nuff said.

Uh… was there anything else I forgot? … Oh, yeah.

Donkey Kong might be nice, I don’t know.

Captain Falcon? Give me a break.

Pikmin and Olimar? mmm… interesting, but no.

Wario can fart all he wants. I’m not voting for him.

UZM say’s: “Kirby would have been nice, as well. When you think about it… they don’t have many games for him. Maybe Kirby 64 and Kirby’s Air Ride are the only ones they produced aside from the original.”

Please, I personally wish no Kirby characters were in it. And I see no reason why Star Fox characters can’t stay. I think Wolf was a great edition. Or are we talking about SSBB? Sorry shoot I can get off subject.

Thanks for the props, guys/gals! I actually plan to Major in Public Medicine (hence the Latin) and Co-Major in Psychology. I’m the official Advice Guru for all of my buds 😀

Kirby is the BEST! He destroys* EVERYTHING!!! *Evil laugh* Bwahahahahahahaaaaaa… ok, I’m good now.

*Can we say stuff PWNS?

I don’t know. I wouldn’t keep talking about off-subjectness.

kk, CAN DO! 😛

wow i cant believe earthbound got picked

fire emblem would have been cool especially the sixth one like ninoandjaffar said earlier

SL, we’re talking about the remakes of games, not SSBB.

i want that new fire emblem for the ds to come out it looked pretty good

That game is the remake of Fire Emblem I.

It should be ok as long as it’s FE.

it looks really good i cant wait for it to come out

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