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1 Year Anniversary

Posted on: May 20, 2008

As of today, Fire Emblem Blog has been open for one year! Thats right…365 days ago I finally managed to motivate myself enough to start a site based aroundwhat I thought and still think is the best RPG there is; Fire Emblem.

Through the year FE Blog has experienced its fair share of ups and downs. Do to bad advertising on my part, FE Blog started off very choppy. There were very few members for quite some time, and I had a hard time getting affiliates due to lack of content. In time I decided to add official artwork to the blog, and FE Blog started to receive more and more hits. By this time I realized affiliates dont make a site, but rather a site makes itself.

Now Fire Emblem Blog stands as one of the most active Fire Emblem sites online. For this I have you, the viewers and posters, to thank for it. whether you post, read, or look at the content, you each play a key role in making this site what it is today; a succesful Fire Emblem comunity.


With over 100 posts, nearly one million hits, and an ever growing members list, Im confident Fire Emblem Blog will be around for more years to come 🙂 .


by Saint of Swords


33 Responses to "1 Year Anniversary"

yay! happy one year ^_^

Congratulations! Keep it up!

*crowd cheers* Give it up for Saint!!!

yayyyyyyy good job saint happy one year

Yeah! 😀 1 year! Congrats, Saint! I know you can keep up the good work for years, even decades. 😎

Congratulations, Saint!!! I hope you can keep the good work and make FEBlog for years!

Congrats Saint!!


congratulations and happy aniversary

Congrats Saint. You’ve done a good job man.

-Raptor, out.

One year ago? Really? It doesn’t feel that long ago. But then, this year is almost half over, so it does make sense.

Thanks for making this site, even if you did it one year ago. If you had not made this, my only friend who plays fire emblem would be Nacho. But now I sorta know a whole group of people who have the same pation towards this game as I do. So… Thank you, Saint!

thank you 🙂 , but I couldnt have done any of it without help from MT and the continued support from the many posters of FE Blog.

Four more years! Four more years! Seriously, good job. You do your job well and I’ll proud to call you my admin, Saint of Swords!

well then, cheers for everyone else too! *wave!* ^_^

I should write some articles or something.

yea hey saint how can u get articles on this website it might be fu to write some

*Walks in with tons of confetti on him* If you want to post articles just send Saint of Swords an E-mail with the words of an article you wish to post.

Or an attached word document. His ISP might thank you for that.

Well either one would work.

ok i think i might write one

And don’t worry about the spelling because Saint will automatically spell check the words for you.

thats kool now only if i could find a topic…

Well good luck with that.

can we choose any topic to write about? what if the topic is more of an open discussion type?

That’s fine I should think. Just so long as it pertains to Fire Emblem. If not no.

Yeah, pretty much any thing goes, so long as it ties into fire emblem at least a little.

sorry I havent been around much, allergys and lotsa work have kept me busy.

to submit an article just send it to me via the contact page. please note that I am no longer giving gold away due to new plans for the RPing.

as far as what you can write, pretty much anything goes if it relates to fire emblem, though if it is news I would rather you just inform me so I can post it here. to save yourself some trouble, e-mail me what your going to write about, and ill tell you whether it can be posted or not 🙂 . that way we both save time.

@SN: wernt you writing reviews for the PoR-RD characters?

I’ve said this about ZeldaBlog many times, so if you’ve heard it, sorry, but it pertains to this, too :P.

A blog is often created because it discusses a common topic that many people like. It is a great place to socialise, and if it becomes successful, it is revered everywhere. The greatest feeling in the world is seeing people come together to discuss something they all love. Plus, the more the merrier. However, there is something more to coming together and talking about something that is widely accepted and loved. It’s the fact that these people are having a good time with each other. We have come together and become a closely knitted group of friends, so much that we cannot forget each others name. I have had a great year here at Fire Emblem Blog, and I expect a great many more are to come. Many.

I only wish my blog was half as successful. ;(

Don’t worry, if you work on it, you’ll surely make it more successful. Gravemind, you explained in a very good way what a blog is, and about the friends part, it’s only possible because of the initial idea of a blog: discuss things related to something that the members like. If anyone of us didn’t like it, he/she wouldn’t have stayed here or had fun. We only became a closely knitted group because we all love FE! And, of course, due to Saint’s and MT’s help, we could post in a blog where there’s very few, if any, problems. Thank you Saint and MT!

eh… thanks… although, I am working on an html site that should be up in, I dunno, six months? *sad smile* Oh well. I digress. The whole year thing… my blog started a year ago, too… so happy double birthday… yay. Oh… jeez, now I realize why I’m bummed out, I have an essay to write!

Ahh…Gravemind, are you spamming? What do essay’s have to do with this?

I dunno. By the way, SL, how old is the PGBlog?

late congradulations!

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Changed the sites graphics, if you have any comments post them in the Shadow Dragon Gallery update.

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