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Strange Quote From Yune

Posted on: May 26, 2008

ok, I recently remembered this quote from Yune that I never quite understood. If you do not recruit Stephen in Radiant Dawn, he comes in Final part one’s base to have a conversation with Yune. Now either this is ment to be a big mystery or I missed something.

Heres the important part from the conversation:

I’m here to speak with you, Yune.

You’re very strange. What are you?

That’s a strange question, especially coming from you. Didn’t you create all of us?

I didn’t create anything. Not laguz nor beorc. But I know what they are, because I’ve watched them change and grow over time. You… You’re not something I’ve seen before.

I’m the same as the girl you dwell inside.

Ohhh… I thought Micaiah was the only one. She could hear my voice and sing the galdr of release. But I learned that others existed. There’s that boy who’s always with Ike. Or the little girl who stays by the queen of Crimea.

alright, the part in question is the last part. Yune says that she remembers other Branded aside from Miciah. one–the boy by Ike–is obviously Soren, as his plot thrives on being a branded. the other one, however, is the one I dont get. “The little girl who stays by the Queen of Crimea” . when I read this, I just kind of did a double take…then started thinking of who the other branded could possibly be:

 It couldnt be Lucia. mainly because Geophery would have been mentioned as well. Aside from that, Lucia comes from a very noble house, and hiding her secret would be almost impossible. she doesn’t even hint at any secrets either, so if she was the one in question she would be the worst secretive character ever due to lack of plot in a specific area.

next on the line would be Marcia, as she is always around Elincia once she becomes a knight. but we have that sibling problem again. does that mean Makalov is branded too*? And how would Marcia have become a holy guard if she wore a mark said to be evil? Again, she doesn’t as much as hint at any secrets. I finally came to a half-baked conclusion.

Remember Calil and Largo? well they adopted a little girl they named Amy**. The fact that she is adopted is suspicious enough, since she then has no parents to look to, plus she has no siblings! to top it all off shes very young, so no branded signs would have developed yet. aside from that, her and Ranulf get along very well, that is they get along very well if Calil isnt there or if shes dead. Though Laguz generally dislike the branded, Ranulf has always been different, and the branded have no set feeling towards the other races until they are rejected enough times. the final hint is that Amy is the only weak character to survive the light of judgement*** who wasnt in the super secret special house of safety©  :/ . still there is no proof as far as I can see, as Amy isnt always by Elincia. whether there was a mistranslation or this was intended to be a mystery is unknown… to me anyways, so lets hear your comments on it 🙂 .

* this would explain why everyone hates him though.
** Kind of an unorigenal name what with Aimee already in the picture.
*** Im sure Kefkas very upset that they stole his attack.

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28 Responses to "Strange Quote From Yune"

i dont know.. those are all the things we figured out.. but none make sense to me

I say Amy. Not just to agree with the article. To many facts aren’t just there for show you know. Largo probably wasn’t too much of an important character I guess. I mean he’s just some random Berserker who comes before The Black Knight’s board in Path Of Radiance. But never mind that, I say Amy. Marcia I can’t say because I wouldn’t picture a Laguz or Branded riding one. Well I could picture her riding one at about 32% but hardly. As for Lucia, I highly doubt her to be a Laguz. She was just one of the Chosen Ones. And as for the article great job! You sure do know how to keep a blog up and running. My blog is doing fairly well lately. Any who, we should keep thinking!

😯 Again?

Is there any chance Lucia or Marcia are adopted or replaced? But Amy seems to be the other one.

I guess you could be right. But RD’s plot was so riddled with holes and inconsistances anyway i don’t really care if your right or not. i didn’t even pay attention to the quote when i first saw it.

I caught this on my play-through. I agree entirely that it has to be Amy.

I always thought that this “little girl who stays by the Queen of Crimea” was Amy. There’s no real reason to let her stay normal after the “judgement”, even less reasons to mention that she stayed normal. They must have something in reserve for her. Lucia is not the one, neither is Marcia, for siblings problems and for the “little girl” part, as they’re adults. Although Soren is treated like “boy”, he’s kinda young.

She had better not be in the next FE game.

Shh! You’re scaring the children!

But, with how lame the FE games’ plots have gotten, plus my luck, she’ll probably be the main character!!

@ Lyn Master:

You mean he’s scaring Amy? 😉
@ The Article:

Radiant Dawn didn’t have good plot. Heh, maybe they threw that quote in to shock you because you are thinking the game had nothing out-of-the-ordinary. 😆

I had stuff out of the ordinary, just crappy stuff.

Yeah pretty much. -_- They thought of some stuff but nothing interesting.

I thought it was Amy too. Very interesting though.

I personally liked the story plot to FE10. I just don’t like how big a role Ike played in the main plot. I think Michaiah should have been the main character… period, not Michaiah and Ike.

Ike is such a idiot. Him and his idiot pet bird Tibarn. What kind of protagonist threatens to kill somebody (Learan) in the worst way possible!?! He’d make a perfect antagonist so you could rip him to shreds but no…he had to be the main (barely enough to pass as a good person) character of the game. >_> They could have just made him come as a NPC or something. Maybe I wouldn’t have hated him so much then. And as for Tibarn, apparently he doesn’t care if Michiah has no choice. Its like Tibarn and Ike have this earwax in they’re ears and can’t hear what Michiah has to say! They probably can only hear, “——We———-Fight—“. Like the stupid rough-houses they are… Never mind the fact that they could have took her situation under consideration…noooo…they could never do something such as that… And I just LOVED (HATED) this quote form Tibarn, “Sorry little Sothe, it appears your friend just KILLED YOU!”. Ugh what a retarded conceded Hawk. Did you know because of the Hawk’s in Radiant Dawn made me hate Hawks in real-life? Phew…I’ve said my peace. That’s my opinion on Radiant Dawn. Thank you.

I agree with the Ike part, but not the Tibarn part. He was a cool guy and he acted like most Hawks would, so it’s their nature. You can’t hate someone for it’s species nature. Although I would just LOVE!!!! to kick Ike’s butt.

Well the Hawk’s were utterly lacking. The thing I don’t get, why they changed so much from Path Of Radiance, to Radiant Dawn. They seem so different.

i dont know about that.. hawks are noble creatures.. tibarn acted more like.. a… vulture

Yeah, a boneheaded one at that.

good article and that is confusing i guess i agree with you

what if the girl is like michaiah was in path of radiance? and wont come until the next game. i hope ike isnt in it again

or tibarn

I thought the branded gene could skip people? I mean, didn’t Soren say something in Path of Radiance about it? So if Lucia or Marcia (despite them not being little girls) had the branded gene, Geoffrey or Makalov might not. Of course that still doesn’t explain how Lucia would be allowed to stay in Crimea Castle as a branded (although Crimea is a laguz-friendly, and therefore possibly branded-friendly, country) or how Marcia would be let into the Holy Guard (but then I guess Sigrun is a nice person and might not have a problem with a branded Marcia).

I don’t know, it might just be my false memory, but I’ll look into it some more and see whether there’s a point to me saying all this or I’m just talking complete giberrish.

you know what would have been really cool in RD: if you could pick what army you wanted to command and the story would reflect who you pickd micaiah or ike

YES! that would of been perfect!

marcia always does have a headband on so does makalov

haha thank you

yea thats true maybe they were hiding their branded marks

i just realized RD part 2 when lucia gets captured the duke guy says he knows lucias secret…. does that mean that lucia could be a branded

oh weird.. that does make sense.. was amy just thrown in then 😕

well no but like we said before amy wasnt really around elincia alot but lucia and elincia are like sisters and marcia is one of her royal guards and both of those things are clues about them

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