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FE DS confirmed

Posted on: May 29, 2008


There will be over 20 classes.
There will be new characters that didnt apear in the original FE1

There will be a multi player feature and multi player maps.

FE 11 has been confirmed. So far it only has a release date in Japan, on 7th Aug. 08. Its also been confirmed that it will be called “the New Dragon of Darkness and the Sword of Light“.

Click more to see some more images and scans.

FE DS will go for 45$ (US currency).


By Matthew Thief


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That’s good news, but the Americans will probably change the name like they did with Sword of Seals (to Dignified Blade ❓ 😯 ). Now that it’s confirmed, I can say that I like the sprites of the GBA ones better.

That’s great news. Although they can make terrible names, it may not change. I hope at least, as it’s better to have the same name for a game and it’s releases. I prefer the GBA sprites too, but these ones are very good though.

“The New dragon of darkness and the sword of light”? Odd. I’m pretty sure the first one is the same, save for the “new” part. However, they did make a “New Super Mario Bros.”, so I can’t say anything…

Wow! That is so cool. I do think the name is a little bit long, but who cares? It’s another Fire Emblem game! As for the sprites, I like the GBA ones better too.

so if its set for august in japan, it should come out some time in december provided nintendo doesnt screw around.

Let us hope that Nintendo doesn’t wreck yet another game like they did Radiant Dawn.

UPDATE: i fixed the broken scan image

it looks really good i cant wait until it comes out and good pics MT where did uu find them

aw, man! Is that Ephraim? Please tell me it’s not!

neat 🙂 the new characters should be cool

@ Lyn Master:

That’s Marth.

AWESOME!! And it has Wi-Fi capabilities! This could be amazing! Did Radiant Dawn go online?

No Radiant Dawn did not.

so this is the first Wi-Fi FE! =D

It’ll be kinda fun to play against other people. HEY! Now we can have tournaments!

They all look kinda chubby though…

yeah,.. i think marths a kid on some of the pics but its something to do with the cel shadedness..

tournements would be cool.. hopefuly it wont work like SSBBs linking -_-

Well Smash Bros.’s online play is disastrous. Since FE DS is such a highly anticipated game, the online capabilities can go either way. They can be awesome, or they can turn out worse than SSBB. On top of that, we don’t know if online means battling others across the globe (as seen in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl) or just for trading items and characters (as seen in Animal Crossing) or even for downloadable content, such as new enemies and Chapters (as seen in Proffessor Layton and the Curious Village)

You mean you hope it actually works?

Well, assuming that it’ll be your team against some one elses team kinda thing and freind codes are usable, then I already have an Idea for how Tourney registration could work. You post your WordPress user name then you DS name and friend code, then Saint or you posts all the people who are signed up in an article and everyone adds the other participants to their list, then we’re all friends. Then we make up a bracket and whoever is pitted against eachother makes arangemnets to link up at fight, then they post the name of the winner.

That sounds like a really cool idea, Shinigami Ninja. I’m totally up for it 🙂

yea great idea shigami ninja i hope the wifi conection is good tho

Believe me, if the Wi-Fi connection is as bad as the Super Smash Bros. Brawl one, then there’s no way I’ll be doing that!

that sounds cool 🙂

how do u kno its bad SL

Well, I have tryed hooking it up to the internet and playing with friends many times. Except there was always this error that kept coming. Because everybody was playing Wi-Fi. On the other hand, if you chose to play with random people other then your friends, that worked only for me 3 times. So that was absolutely annoying.

The DS’s connection is usually more stable. I have never had an issue with it. Except once when my sister ran the microwave when i was in the middle of a game.

well i guess we will find out when we try to do a tournament

I don’t have a Friend Code for Nintendo DS. But I’m sure I’ll get one…

yea neither do i i have to get one

I know its strange how the American’s change the names of games so that just sound bad all together (The Dignified Blade?! Seriously!!) lets just hope the name say is all. as for the game play. I’m lookin foward to it big time! I have always dreamt of moving units around with a touch screen! I CAN’T WAIT to see the Wifi, I have a feeling its gonna be awesome!

Yeah…. each game has its own friend code for DS.

Moving units with the touch screen is actually kinda frusterating. Although I am looking forward to playing a classic.

Who knows they might change it around a little bit. do you think there’ll be videos on youtube of its game play once it hits Japan. I know someones bound to buy it through play-asia or something. I’m just excited to finally see Marth speak english! O_O (No more fan translations yay XD)

I just hope they plan on putting it in america. The fate of marth’s arival rests on E3 08

They will, don’t worry. And I really don’t cre if they change some stuff, i kind of expect it. I just want to know the story.

i think it will come to the US.. i mean the past 4 FEs did

PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!
I’ve never played a Fire Emblem game (or even heard of it before), but I saw the characters on Smash Bros. and I thought it sounded kind of cool. So I looked it up online. I’m not getting all the info I want on it. What’s it about? What do you do? What’s the point of it? Is it like Zelda or better/ (ha ha ha. I just randomly thought of that question. But I’m not sure if I want it or not.

It’s a strategy rpg (Zelda’s an action rpg) where you take turns to move and command your group of units to battle a computer controlled group of enemies. The stories are different from game to game, but follow the typical Middle-Ages Good vs. Evil stories, but with emphasis on the backstories of every character in your army through plot devices or support conversations. The point(objective) of each chapter (level) is usually defeat all enemies, the boss, seize a castle or protect something or someone. Check wiki or surf the web for more info.

Meh. Personally, I think the name is long.
(At least it isn’t “The Binding Sword” WHAT WERE THEY THINKING, CHANGING “The Sealed Sword”[which is a perfectly FINE name!] To that piece of trash-name!?!?!?)
And Marth…eh. He doesn’t look very good.

Okay. Thanks. That did help a lot. I did look on wiki and that’s where I didn’t really find anything. It sounds really interesting.

@ Heather:

Actually, I think they improved Marth. 😛

At Jack:

Something else that can help is buying a game guide for your first Fire Emblem game or reading one on gamefaqs (can’t provide you a link, because they are forbidden here). If you start playing FE, start with Fire Emblem or Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, both for the GBA. Maybe renting them, and if you like them, you can move on to the newer games (which are a little more complicated).

At Mercenary of Light:

Yeah… but the thing is… my GBA is a piece of garbage and my mom would NOT approve of what I’ve read about it. I think I should just start with the one for DS so I can keep her from knowing what it’s about. But I will read a FAQ.


whats there not to approve of?

Killing gods. Summoning demons.

At MatthewThief and Mercenary of Light:

My mom’s a big violence freak and anything that has to do with killing people (The definition of FE) so WHEN (yes, I’ve decided I want it) WHEN I get it, I’m going to have to play it in my room or somewhere she’s not around. But it sounds like a REALLY fun game from what I read about it and what you guys have told me.

You can post links to other sites provided A.) Its not meant for advertising or B.) the content needed isnt already on FE Blog. however, I would prefer if you link to one of FE Blogs affiliates before other sites. or GameFAQs .

show these to your mom and tell her this is what the battles look like,
no blood either. I dont even think they swear in the first two in english. :


at SoS:

Yeah… no. If my mom saw the guns in Smash bros, she would have returned it to the store AFAP (as fast as possible) but anyway, I’ll just play it when she’s not around. Besides, whatever links you put up, I can’t see them/go to them. BTW: Is Marth a girl or a boy? I can’t tell.

well go to the Blazing Sword section and look at battle sheets 🙂 .

and hes a boy.

@ Jack:

Besides, I think “Marth” would be considered as a Male name.

To Shadow Luigi:

Well he wears a tiara and in Smash Bros. his face looks like a girls! Besides, I’ve never heard of Fire Emblem before last week.

To SoS:

What am I supposed to do there? I just see another blog. I couldn’t find the battle sheets.

@ Jack:

Excuse me? Tiara now? I see no such thing on him.

At Jack: It’s not something with gore or big war connotations (Advance Wars), and the animations can be turned off. So what youd do when you buy it is turn off the animations, show it to your mom while you’re playing it and then you can turn them on again if you want. After beating the game twice the animations begin to get boring. And you can play the GBA ones on the DS and plug in some headphones so that the music/sound isn’t heard.

If that doesn’t work, because of the killing humans part, you could say that Sacred Stones you’re just fighting monsters (you fight humans too, but they are only for some chapters).

And yes, Marth is a boy, the makers just were lazy to make a crown and thought a tiara would do the job.

At Saint: I think I’ll leave my posts here link-free as much as possible, I don’t want any more warnings around your sites.

whats wrong with tiaras :/ i happen to think they look really good on guy animes..

and theres nothing wrong with FE7

At Mercenary of Light:

Ha ha ha. Yeah. That’s probably what’ I’ll do. That’s what I do with Zelda. Thanks.

At: Everyone:

THANKS A BUNCH! By the way, Jack is short for Jackie. I’m not a boy if that’s what you think. Just… a tomboy. UNNESESSARY INFO, BTW! Just felt like adding that.

Found out about this on the wikia I’m with a couple of weeks ago. Should be a good play, looking forward to having Marth. Wi-Fi will probably just be something like the link arena on the GBA games unless you can make your own maps. Adressing everyone. All i’ve ever done here is post sprites thought i’d do this.

At Lynmaster’s post from a month before- Why would that be Ephraim? Worst lord character in the series besides Eirika. That game was good, could have been better though: too easy to beat.

The game sounds really cool even though the first time I ever heard of it was last week.

i think ikes the worst main :/


well for one.. his personalitys good for… trash XD

Marth isnt a king…hes a prince :/ . princes dont wear crowns. not even KINGS wear crowns anymore…its too stereotypical.

also I like Erika and Ephraim…their much better then roy atleast…erikas so fast she can dodge almost anything and ephraim has a hard time not killing things.

and uh….yeah….Ike sucks :/ ….

I think Eirika an Ephraim were a little wasted on the game. Maybe they should have appeared in FE9 and 10 instead of Ike and Mist(although they could leave her in FE10, she’s a decent healer there).

Okay. I really have no idea what you’re talking about again, so I think I should stop writing in this conference. Thanks for all the info on Fire Emblem though!

i liked ike but ephraim could have probably beat him with the weapon triangle advantage

Ike was fine in Path of Radiance. But honestly, I’ll never see him the same in Radiant Dawn.

Hey uhhhh do u guys know when the FE ds will come out for US???

no…sadly. it only has a japanese release date of August 7th.

o alright then but do u think that they will release it for the US anytime soon????

Heck no. Try thanksgiving-ish time.

Lol alright then thx.

So how long does it usually take for jpn games to come to the US??? anybody know???

However long they want it too. Sometime they’re simultaneous, other times it takes two to three months. Alot of time they purposely delay the releases to coincide with holiday seasons.

Yeah Super Smash Bros. Brawl was quite annoying. I had to wait till March! It was supposed to be out in December! 😡

Yeah, that got irritating. I doubt this will be delayed that long though.

When you wait for a certain video game to come out, they always change the date on you. They tell you one day, and then they tell you another. And then, on the day they actually get them in, they’re all gone. Trust me, I know from experience.

That’s what almost happened to me with Pokémon Diamond. There was only 1 game left on the shelf’s. Lucky!

That’s what DID happen to me with Avatar for the game cube.

Odd, then again I didn’t see the game. I got it as a present. So that earns me double points!

When I ordered FE POR they said it would take 2-3 MONTHS
to get to my house!!!

hey i got a very strange question has anyone ever beat fe sacred stones on hard mode???

yes its really not hard mode at its fullest but sacred stones was an easy game

Blazing Sword ROXORS Sacred Stones- I beat Fomortiis in a single critical attack from Myrhh: She’s way too easy to level up and the only difficult part of the game is creature campaign because you just use up all of your weapons and gold till you have nothing left, except I had knoll a summoner and Rennac so I could just use that to get it back up. But really that was the worst FE game I’ve ever seen/played/heard of. No challenge. Okay story, more comedy than the others, but no challenge.

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