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Posted on: June 4, 2008

Welcome to FE Blogs first graphic works contest!
Since our fan sprites page is getting quite popular we will be starting contests!

The winner of each contest and their winning sprite will go on the (soon to be made) hall of fame page.

The first contest will be:

A Custom face sprite (FE 6, 7, 8 and 9 style)

(Note that you must do something different besides just recoloring your sprite)

(subject: FE_SPRITE_ENTRY)

By MatthewThief


22 Responses to "Sprite Contest"

sounds fun ill enter

I’m in.

meh… i’ll pass

I’ll enter, but what exactly do you want? I know it’s a face, but do you just want different hair or something?

a custom mixed face sprite, not just recolored

Ha ha ha ha ha…I can now gain fame through the one thing people have labled me the “Ultimate Nerd” for! Now, the only problem is which one to enter into the contest…

Sorry Nino and Jaffar, but, I will earn the title of “Ultimate Nerd”. I have all the assets to be one anyway.

You go right on ahead and be “Ultimate Nerd”… Others, like my brother, have called me that, but I am totally fine with just being “Best Tactician in Allendale”!

pssh! I have NO idea where Allendale is, but I am the one and only 2nd place High School Rank Chessmaster in all of Blount County! Victory is mine!(Blount County is HUGE, btw)

Lol, yes, I know I’m Supernerd, but I’m proud of it!

anyone else see IRON MAN yet?

Allendale is in Michigan, near Lake Michigan. Really nice town, by the way. And someday, you and I will have to compete in a chess game, Lynmaster1015.

lynmaster1015 stay on topic

Sorry, MT

@ N&J: Sounds sweet, do you know of a way to play over the net?

Oi, hey, she enough off-topic, that means no talking about Chess.If you guys want to do that go over to the forum and start a chess conversation or PM each other.

When’s the deadline for entry and how many submissions per person?

one entry per person and the deadline will be June 20th (that should be enough time for every one to get ready)

Sigh. Such a long time to wait.

That’s good. How will the sprites be judged?

FE Blog members will come and vote. its too hard to explain, but you’ll see 🙂

It sounds easy enough. Don’t you just like post our sprites and people will say which one is better? Depending on the most number of votes the one with the most votes win right? That’s typical poll rules.

i sent mine in

When will the contest start?

monday the voting will start

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Update, Nov 24th

Changed the sites graphics, if you have any comments post them in the Shadow Dragon Gallery update.

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