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Posted on: June 9, 2008

Were once again doing a questionare to see what kind of articles our visiters are interested in reading!
You no longer have to be logged into wordpress to post a comment. So we expecially want to hear from FE Blogs visiters!

Post your requests here and either Saint or me will write about some of them in the near future :}


by MatthewThief


20 Responses to "Request a article"

HI! I wanted to know if the new FE game is coming to the States. Thx

hello Tia :}, theres no confermation yet that it will be comming to the states but i do think it will be released in the US

I know what the next article could be. But I’ll have to ask Saint of Swords in a E-mail. 😉

Unless it’s a major flop in Japan (which I doubt) like N64 DD, it will definately come to the US! =D

what about a article about arcadia and athos and nergal? and what it was like

Thx guys!

I think it will. They probably decided to make the remake with their North American consumers in mind.

I agree with Archsage Athos, that would make a good post.

Actually. I changed my mind. That article should be for another time. Anyway, for now, I’m thinking about a article based around Fire Emblem 7 and Fire Emblem 6. As known as “Blazing Sword” and “Sealed Sword”. How about you write an article around the 20 year timeline.

something about the dragons

so far, AA’s idea is the best.

Ooh! Ooh! How about we do our own turn-based internet strategy game based around Fire Emblem’s mechanics? Like an Internet RPG! Wouldn’t that be cool?

Yah, probably something about FE6, since I don’t see anything about FE6 on here

Yea, it would, if you could get it to work, and there’s no way you could host it on wordpress.

I agree with AA.

i agree with aa also

I was saying we needed to do another RP, only sarcastically and rudely. It was uncalled for and I’m sorry.

But we DO need to do another RP…

Lyn master, when the Role Playing starts I can tell your not going to like what happens.

i could probally write a FE6 article.. anything in specific you’d like to hear about or a breakdown of the entire plot (in parts)?

i would love to hear more about what happens to Eliwood and Hector (so sad!) after FE7 ends. And of course, roy and lilina sound awesome too.

You know what I would love? I would love to se an article announcing that FE 6 was gonna be remade and released on the DS or translated and released on the VC. But that’ll probably never happen.

I never played fe 6 and i have no idea wat happened in it so an FE 6 article would be good MT

Fire Emblem 6 and or 7 would do.

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