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Posted on: June 10, 2008

Every year hundreds of new games are released around the world for countless gamers to play and test to inevitably decide whether or not they make “the list” of favorite games.

On Fire Emblem Blog we like to test how well you know your favorite games list 😛 .

To start ill post my top ten list:

10.) Super Smash Bros. Melee,  GCN :

Despite Brawls recent release I still say this game is the best of its series. With a nice character roaster, Wide array of stages, and a satisfying battle system, it easily wins a spot in my top 10 list. The only reason its in dead last is because of its ultimate flaws… you need atleast one other person to play it with you, and you may not always have one.

9.) Super Mario Sunshine, GCN :  

Although many say its a bad thing, I really enjoy the colors in this game. Based on a tropical island, there are hardly ever any “dull” areas that make you want to quit which is usually the case for most games. Unfortunately, it finds its place near the end of the list because there is almost no plot in the game worth replaying it for. Plus too much color might not always fit your mood 😉 .

8.) Final Fantasy XII, PS2 :

The most recent console Final Fantasy does a very good job utilizing Play Stations graphic abilitys. In addition to looking good, theres so much to do in it you may find yourself with a game time of…. over 80 hours 😕 . Unfortunately the characters are a bit boring, and the plot never really picks up. Well, atleast Frans hot ^_^” .

7.) Soul Calibur II, GCN :

Perhaps the best battle game there is, Sould Calibur offers an interesting array of characters, stages, and fighting styles. A lot of my favorite characters are in this game, so it gets extra points for that too. Taki, Mitsurugi, Talim, and many more redifine their respective “stock characters” , or at the very least do a good job portraying them.

6.) Mario Kart DS, DS :

This game should really be higher on my list since I play it so often. Its a racing game as its name implys, and with very easy controls, this is the perfect game to play whenever.

5.) Animal Crossing, Wild World, DS :

Ignoring that your main character is really ugly…this game is a lot of fun if you have the patiance to play it. You have a town you live in and….for some strange reason…. you are responsible for its well keeping. Planting trees, fishing, and running errands are only a few of the things you can do in it. Unfortunately they took a lot out of it compared to the one from GCN, but that doesnt matter too much.

4.) Legend of Zelda, Majoras Mask, N64 :

The sequel to Ocarina of Time and a game rejected by many due to its shortness and difficulty. I however, happen to enjoy the hardness but dont mind it being short because, if the dungeon’s difficulty continued to increase, theres no way I would make it @_@ . Its a darker game with a great plot and good enough game play for its time.

3.) Ocarina of Time, N64 :

The opposite of Majoras Mask, this game is proclaimed as the best game of the series. Though to be honest its usually a flip between this and MM for me. With a great plot, great world, and great characters, its a very enjoyable and entertaining game.

2.) Final Fantasy X, PS2 :

My favorite of the series. It offers a wide array of characters and a thought provoking plot. The game play is also my favorite of all the series. Theres not much else to say about it except that the plot takes some time to pick up.

and my #1 favorite game is:















1.) Fire Emblem, Blazing Sword, GBA :

Who would have guessed…? The plot is well thought out, the characters are diverse, and the game play is nothing short of addictive. To top it all off its also the most balanced of the series, as it doesnt end by level 20 (SS) , and doesnt drag on for all eternity (RD) .

And now its your turn! Are you a nintendo fanatic? a Sony supporter? Microsoft fan? Or are you all over the place like me? Post your top 10 here!

by Saint of Swords.


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My top 10 games are:

10. Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES): Okay, so I’m a little retro, but I still think SMB3 beats SMB64.

9.Tekken 5 – Dark Ressurection (PSP): I could say that Tekken gets better with every release. Always a good selection of characters, and the game gets more balanced every time.

8. Legend of Zelda – Link’s Awakening (GB): First Zelda game I played and beat, and if I play it today it’s a good nostalgia trip down 90’s Nintendo Memory Lane.

7. Fire Emblem – Blazing Sword (GBA): Okay, it’s the only FE game I’ve played, but I still love it. I’m a Hector person, and when someone plays me in link arena mode, he’s usually my secret weapon.

6. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA): My goodness this game was really epic and long! At first it felt like it dragged on because of all those side missions, until I realized I didn’t need to do ALL of them to advance the story. Still very enjoyable, if only there were more multi-player stages.

5. Chrono Trigger (SNES/PS1): What’s special about this RPG is that there are multiple endings, depending on what point in the game you defeat the final boss. The NEW GAME+ feature adds plenty of replay value, and thankfully the storyline doesn’t drag on.

4. Metal Gear Solid – Portable Ops (PSP): At last, a fully functioning MGS game on the Playstation Portable! No more card games! What’s also cool about this game is the ability to capture/recruit enemy soldiers and make them part of your own fully functioning espionage unit, plus the Online Play was good for it’s time.

3. Legend of Zelda – A Link To the Past (SNES): I believe every gamer should check this game out at least once. To me it’s a classic, and it still rules over all the later “overhead view” games that were released.

2. Metal Gear Solid 2: As much as people disliked the major plot twist, I felt the gameplay really set new levels. Things are fully interactive to the point where you could do almost ANYTHING towards enemies in the game, whether it’d be using tranquilizer darts, traps, or guns, you find yourself trying everything to see what happens. The storyline though, won’t be understandable the first time you hear it.

1. Metal Gear Solid 3: Oh no! another MGS fan! Well, I think that MGS3 takes what was good from 2, and takes it to a higher level. You could still do what you could from MGS2, but now there is much more! What also sets it above 2 is that the storyline is much better. While it still has its twists and turns, it’s generally better to understand. I can’t wait for 4 to come!

ok lets see

10). Mario Kart DS- i just started playing lastnight.. its pretty fun.. too bad im the shy guy most the time.

9). Soul Calibur III- good fighting game but not as good as II. the graphics are pretty good too.

8). FFVII Dirge of Cerberus- i like it cause vincents the main character. and its the only shooter i play.

7). FE Sealed Sword- interesting plot and good characters.. too bad i have to use a text file to see what they say cause its jappanese only.

6). Zelda OoT- a interesting game. plus Links a adult in it.

5). FFV- i like all the jobs and it has a really good plot.

4). Soul Calibur II- my favorite fighting game. i like all the modes and it has some interesting characters (Siegfried, Talim, Taki)

3). Animal Crossing DS- i like it cause its a hand held version and theres allot of stuff to do in it.

2). FE7- a good story with good characters.

1). FFX- favorite game, best plot IMO and really good characters too (Tidus :3)

10- fire emblem radiant dawn- wii
9- super smash bros- 64
8- super smash bros melee- gamecube
7- fire emblem sacred stones- gba
6- fire emblem path of radiance- gamecube
5- legend of zelda majoras mask- 64
4- legend of zelda link to the past- snes
3- legend of zelda ocirina of time- 64
2- fire emblem sealed sword- gba
1- fire emblem blazing sword- gba

Here is my list, quite hard for me to pick the best but here goes…sorry, it’s a bit of a long read.

10. Super Paper Mario(wii)- I am not a big mario game fan, but this was enjoying. The music was really nice too, especially the flashback romantic. It wasn’t long or short.

9. Sonic Adventure 2 battle(GC)- I used to play this game so much…it was fun. Loved the chao gardens, sometimes I would have fun and throw the chaos at the wall o_o. I traded it in to get FE blazing sword lol…

8. Call of Duty UO(PC)- Although the first COD game was simply amazing, so was united offensive. This was the COD that I started to play MP in. It provided me with many fun games. Also, I loved the British scenarios.

7. FE RD(wii)- I have to put this on list!! The storyline is amazing! It sucked me in alot of times. Also, FE RD was challenging and made me more strategic..hmm..

6. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance(GBA)- This game makes me have good memories…of when I broke my arm about three years ago lol. It’s long because sometimes you gotta stop and fight other clans just to gain levels…(which take forever too -.-). But it deserves to be on my list. Strategic and challenging.

5. Fray in Magical Adventure(MSX/TURBO R/PC98/PC-ENGING/GAME GEAR/)- This game had alot of ports ;P. Anyways, this is a sidestory to a game series called Xak(zelda like but with better story haha; I love this game, I even wrote a walkthrough and made a fansite for it…anyways, it’s a bit short actually, you can beat it in four hours~two hours. It is a up-scrolling(whatever you call that) SHMUP, so if you like SHMUPS with cute character then this is a good game. For it’s various ports it had different graphics.

4. Final Fantasy 5(SNES/PS/GBA)- The SNES version was the first one I played(before GBA one came out) and I really liked it. I didn’t finish it though. When FF 5 Advance came out I bought it, definately, and played it and got the ending. Anyways, the job system in FFV is probably the best one out of any FF with a job system. And FFV Advance included four more new jobs. But they aren’t too great. Not a challenging game if you level up a bit. Although the story isn’t a huge one I still liked it. For the characters I loved them all! Well…I didn’t like Faris alot. Galuf is the most manliest old man in any video game…Butz(Bartz if you want lol.) was my favourite character, a wandering traveler, but is still strong and heroic. Lenna, I liked her alot too, she was nice and calm. Krile, lol she was great. I especially liked the scenes where she and Butz fooled around, like bro and sis. Also this is where gilgamesh is!! And his amazing battle theme…yeah. FFV is one of the most underrated game in the FF series, but that’s why it’s so good.

3. Xak III(PC-98/FM-TOWNS/PC-Engine)- A superb game. It ends the Xak series entirely. What’s great about the Xak series is that for the first game you have a max level(I think it was level 25) and then the second Xak game continues from there(max 50) and Xak III continues from there! Although, there are sidestory games to the Xak series too. Anyways, Xak III…well, I loved the story, it had the most story than any other Xak game. Detailed story. But the one problem with Xak III is that it is so short. The play time for me was about 11 hours, start to finish. That doesn’t matter, thanks to the play time, you can play it many times! Indeed, a great game. Characters bloomed out alot more. Oh yes and the PC-Engine version has beautiful drawn cutscenes with voices! yeahh.

2. Seiken Densetsu 3(Legend of the Holy Sword 3(related to secret of mana series))(SNES)- Ah, the THIRD Mana series game. Although the characters don’t talk much, I loved this game. The music is superb,(lol I’m listening to it right now…)graphics are great for its time. The characters had their own different stories. My favourite one was Reisz story. Also the first character I picked out. I also liked Hawkeye’s story. Lots of different classes, choose light or dark! Personally I liked the light classes(for some characters it’s better to pick dark). Also depending on what team you have you get a different end boss. Interesting!

DAAAAAAAA It’s number one…It was hard to pick it but…

1. VALKYRIE PROFILE(PS/PSP)- Okay, I am not talking about the PSP version of Valkyrie Profile. I’m talking about the US Playstation version. I’m playing it my first time so far and it’s just amazing. AMAZING. It has fabulous side stories with the different ‘einjerhar’.(as you can tell from the name it is based on Norse mythology.) Three modes, EASY NORMAL or HARD. I picked HARD, and thank goodness I did. HARD mode isn’t really hard lol. Although at first I didn’t know what to do…but I catched on. The game focuses on Lenneth, a valkyrie, that is sent to find souls worthy for Valhalla and to be ready for the end of the world(RAGNAROK). In this game you are timed(not timed literally), timed in how many periods it takes for you to finish a chapter. For most chapters(so far…) there are 28 periods. If you don’t do all the things during the chapter(use your spriritual concentration to find einjerhar and more) Freya is going to be very mad at you…I would definately use a walkthrough if your first playing it.(First time.) Also, game isn’t in 3D(for playstation), its sprites but it is really nice, colourful. I love the COMBO attacks too, man, those rock.

Well that’s not all…I want to include…

0. Age of Empires(PC)- The first game I ever watched my parent play. I sat on floor and watched. Also, it’s possibly the first game I ever watched and played. But it’s a strategic game too, so, when I was little I was terrible lol. I must include this because it was the first game I played!

Okay, here we go

I take only one game per series

#10 : Crash Bandicoot 3 : For the nostalgia factor, I’ve spent so much time as a kid in front of that fun platformer

#9 : Sonic the Hedgehog : My first videogame ever, and I still play it nowadays, definitively a classic

#8 : The Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess : The only Zelda game I’ve truly played, and loved it.

#7 : Grand Theft Auto San Andreas : The solo mode was awesome, minus the crappy gangsta-rap thing, but inviting a bunch of friends and wandering around the city doing absolutely stupid things and crappy challenges is awesome, period!

#6 : Animal Crossing Wild World : i had an addiction to this game for 6 months, but when you did everything in this game, it’s not fun anymore, please Nintendo, correct this in the upcoming Wii version ._.

#7 : Rockman 2 (Mega Man) : I’m a huge Rockman fan, and among the horde of Rockman games, I had to choose this one. I like the Battle Network and ZX series though

#4 : Super Smash Bros Brawl : simply, the best IRL multiplayer ever, so fun, with an awesome roster (Though Hector and Rockman would’ve been nice) awesome stages and objects, just pure hours of fun

#3 : Team Fortress 2 : I just LOVE this game, it’s simple, but terribly efficient, distinct classes and nice teamwork, best online game IMO

#2 : Fire Emblem : Blazing Sword : My first Fire Emblem game, and the beginning of my addiction, I’ve played it many times, and I would never grow weary of this game.


#1 : Pokemon Silver : Yeah, I’ve spent so much time on this game, it was even worse than an addiction, and I still consider it as the BEST Pokemon game EVER, 16 gym leaders, huge world, no need of tons of different games to catch em all, best generation design (the 4th one is awesomeness mixed with pure crappiness (Bronzong >>)) and I would still play this one nowadays, best game ever, period!

Special mention : Portal (Awesome, but definitively too short)

Ohh, this is tough, but here we go…

10. Theme Park Roller Coaster (PS2)
*This is pretty fun. You make a theme park then manage it. But, the replayability is pretty low.

9. Pikmin 2 (GCN)
*Better than the first one because they removed the annoying day limit. Gets infuriatingly difficult after a certain point, but fun until then.

8. Mario Kart Wii (Wii)
*A great game to play alone or with friends, but gets boring too quickly.

7. Animal Crossing (GCN)
*I seriously can’t stop playing this game. I’ll not touch it for months then get this uncontrollable urge to play it. ‘Nuff said.

6. FE 7- Blazing Sword (GBA)
*My first Fire Emblem. Really is the best, but I just can’t seem to pick it back up again…

5. Super Smash Bros. Melee (GCN)
*I second everything SoS said. I just happen to have friends over often.

4. Pokemon Crystal (GBC)
*Well, being a Pokemon fanatic for 7.5 years, I’ve got to put at least ONE. This is the best of them in my opinion. Without that happy-go-lucky attitude so common in newer ones and all the same features, this generation beats the rest. However, Crystal beats Gold and Silver with a few story changes for the better.

3. Age of Empires III (PC)
*I’ve always loved this series, but the newest one really gets me with stunning detail and the historical accuracy. Much better with both expansions.

2. FE- Path of Radiance (GCN)
*The best FE game in my opinion. Although I think that they don’t allow enough characters on the field, it creates replayability. With skills, bonus experience, a good story, and English, I find this game to good to put down.

—–and finally, in a photo finish: —–

1. The Legend of Dragoon (PS1)
*An excellent game. It’s unique attack system challenges not just you equipment, but YOU. Plenty of options to challenge yourself just right no matter your skill. A beautiful story rivaling that of FE7, and memerable characters that will always bring a smile to my face. Though it has its flaws, you hardly notice them.

Phew, I did it… Yay me.

I’m not a hardcore gamer like you, but here are mine.

10) Pokémon Gold, GBC (The first GBC ones were mostly the same thing, but I pick Gold)
9) Advance Wars 2 Black Hole Rising, GBA (Map Editor and multiplayer with one game pack)
8) Super Mario World, SNES (My first game)
7) Super Smash Bros Brawl, Wii (I don’t remember how SSBM was)
6) Mario Party 6, GC (Best to play with friends and family)
5) The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, GBA (Best Action in the GBA)
4) Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones, GBA (More replay than FE7 and Marisa)
3) Yugioh Ultimate Masters WC 2006, GBA (More cards and strategies than the ones before it)
2) The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, DS (Graphics and Gameplay)
1) Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword, GBA (Saint already mentioned the reasons)

This list definately proves a difficult task, as there are so many games to choose from.

10. – Banjo-Kazooie(Nintendo 64) ~ It’s always been a great game to play. I’ve played it over about 5 times now, and I’m still not bored =D
9. – Donkey Kong 64(Nintendo 64) ~ Another great ’64 game that I still can’t get enough of!
8. Super Mario Galaxy(Nintendo Wii) ~ A little dissapointing, nostalgic, and yet still awesome, I wouldn’t consider this too high on the list.
7. Super Paper Mario(Nintendo Wii) One of the most unique yet fun RPG systems I’ve ever seen.
6. Zelda: Twilight Princess(Nintendo Wii) ~ Not the first Zelda game I’ve ever played, but the first Zelda game I’ve ever owned (In both ways) 😉
5. Super Smash Bros. Brawl(Nintendo Wii) ~ Definately a change from Melee. The Subspace Emmisary made the Adventure Mode in Melee look like a mini-game. Although, at some points, the side scroll fighting started to feel mundane.
4. Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock(Nintendo Wii) ~ I play this game almost every day. Another game I can’t get enough of; I think I’m addicted to the series =D
3.Super Mario 64(Nintendo 64) ~ One of my favourite depictions of the plumber. He went from 2 to 3-D! =D

2. Super Mario 64 DS(Nintendo DS) ~ The only reason this is higher is because I can bring one of my favourite games of all time anywhere I go! =D

1. Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (Gameboy Color/Colour) ~ The game that started it all for me. I remember playing for 8 hours straight. Good times! 😀

I’d love to read them all but I don’t have the time or patience, LOL!

I’ll be brief,

10. TLoZ Wind Waker (GCN)
All around good game, but not great.

9. Battalion Wars (GCN)
A good shooter/strategy that was challenging but not too hard consistently throughout the game. It was also had a cartoony style to it so it wasn’t all dark and serious like most shooters are, which made it good as a just pick up and play for ten minutes game.

8. TLoZ: Ocarina of Time
Everyone praises this as the best Zelda ever, i think its good, but its not the best.

7. Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin.
Vampire hunting, red trench coat, magic weilding school-girl. ‘Nuff said.

6. TLoZ Twilight Princess.
Despite everyones rantings about this game, I like it. I think the dungeons were fun and the story was great.

5. Metroid Prime 3
Awesome game as far as plot and gameplay, the environs were SWEEEET! and the battles were fun. The onyl problem with it was that it was a little too easy, most bosses go down in one or two tries, and it was a little too short. Three more planets would have made it the best game ever.

4. Fire Emblem Sacred Stones
Fun game, I liked the flexibility of it and the ability to get everyone an A support in every game. I also liked the ability to choose between class upgrades.

3. Metroid Prime
Perfect length, perfect difficulty, great environments that draw you in, a good story that, even though there’s no dialogue, is carried along at a air pace. The lack of any in game dialogue makes it feel more mystic and keeps you coming back.

2. Fire Emblem The Blazing Sword.
Read what Saint said, same reasons.

1. Tales of Symphonia (GCN)
AWXOME GAME!! Great characters, great story, great gameplay, tons of replay value, I can’t even think of a drawback for it. I hope they don’t screw up the sequel.

Man, I better get started!

10. Animal Crossing Wild World:
A great game. I found it quite fun how much they changed it from the Nintendo Game cube version. But the only flaw was the Wi-Fi. You can’t get most of anything if you don’t link with a friend. And we don’t have 2 of the game so… Yeah. O_O

9. Radiant Dawn:
It was really great at first. The fresh feeling of new Character’s, Board’s, et cetera? But further in the game all the Stuffy Knight’s and Monkey’s people from Path Of Radiance and it turns out to be the same thing. (Except with some extra stuff).

8. Pokémon Diamond:
The game was interesting. But after you win it you are left with an empty feeling. Somebody gives you a Pokédex to catch all 458 Pokémon. @_@ Which I would never have the attention span for.

7. Dragon Ball Z Budukai 3:
A very fun action-packed game. It has a story mode and additional character’s from Dragon Ball Z. Fun to play with friends. However if your not full of energy lets just say, its easier for your opponent to kick your buttock. ^_^’

6. Mario Kart Double Dash:
A fun Mario racing game. You can play with 2 characters on 1 “Kart” your riding on. Every character has they’re own unique ability. And of course there are fun Course’s to go on and fun Kart’s to ride on. Nothing bad about this game except you can get bored with it easily.

5. Super Smash Bros. Melee:
At first I thought this game was the best one we had! There were so many things I did that I can’t even explain them all. Or nay for that matter. So many funny moments. Why, that game can last for years. And its still fun! But eventually if you play it overly like I often do then you’ll get bored.

4. Mario Kart DS:
A addicting game that will kill any boredom you might have! Plus since its a Hand-Held game you can take it anywhere! No problems with Wi-Fi either. Although the only thing that game needed was better graphics.

3. Super Smash Bros. Brawl:
This game…I awaited so long for. I was practically waiting and waiting everyday! That was the only thing in my mind…we got it I was overjoyed! But alas the game finally got boring. After I have done all the fun stuff, all the rest was work. Especially, with the “Challenge Board”. Now that was the meaning of work.

2. Soul Caliber III:
A fantastic game! Probably the best Soul Caliber yet! There are so many modes that will almost never get boring! You can create custom character’s. Buy Armor for those character’s, buy weapons for your own characters you created! There’s even this one mode called “Chronicle’s of the Sword” where you can make your custom character and be in your war! Awesome! But sadly there’s 1 flaw, if you play in this mode it glitch’s up your game and makes it not able for play. Because it has such a hard time loading.

1. Pokémon Emerald:
Honestly, I made a blog based around Pokémon. And this is my absolute favorite game! Nothing in the whole game is bad! Not 1 flaw! I couldn’t find one if you would pay me One Million Dollar’s! Now that’s great! My current game is pretty good. I’m leveling up my Pokémon or should I say Absol. The plot is great, it has not bad graphics (because they are pixel’s). And there are 150 Pokémon in that game! Most of them are really interesting! I recommend it anywhere!

I wish I had room for more games but this was my list. Heh, it felt like I wrote an article or something. 😉

10)Kameo:Elements of Power(X360)-Great game,great upgrade range,but its really hard
9)Sonic and Tails(SEGA)-I know,retro,but its fun
8)FE:SS(GBA)-Awesome game.nuff said.
7)GTA 2(PS2)-Its the best of the series.Period.
6)Burnout Paradise(X360)-Not as good as #3,but only cuz the soundtrack sux
5)NfS:Most Wanted(X360)-People who like Carbon have never played this game
4)Drill Dozer(GBA)- Little-known game,but worth looking up
3)Burnout Revenge-good music,better game
2)SSB Melee-Hands down,Best of series.


oops! sorry, I hit ‘Send’ instead of ‘Enter’!



#1 goes to…

the Devil May Cry Collection!(XBOX,PS 1,2, & 3, and soon to be (hopefully) Wii)
*clapping in background*
The best, most in-depth series in existence, and it has four of my favorite games EVER!

and some honorable mentions: Crash Bandicoot, other FEs, Pokemon, Luigi’s Mansion, Civilization, Black and White(#11, actually,but it starts off slow;look it up sometime,its pretty fun), WoW, Starcraft, and NBA 2K3!

Good Picks, all!

oh! and GH, FF, CoD, and all LoZ games(xcept for MM) are a shoe-in, so I didn’t want to waste a spot on them, b/c they are, quite possibly some of the best games in existence! Second only to DMC, and thats sayin something!

kk I cant wait for ‘FFT-A2’ to come out! A hexagonal system?! That oughta be interesting! Neways, it and Mass Effect are on their way into my top 10, most likely. Plus, Luso rocks, and he’s the main character instead of Ramza, and Ramza really botched the main character role. I mean, if Ramza were only a *lot* cooler, FFT:WotL would have easily taken #2, and even more easily if Balthier was the main character, cuz the coolness quotient doesnt get much higher than that!

*gasps for air* WHEW!


Lynmaster1015, stop qutrouple posting, strike 2

I think FF:TA 2 will be great. I like hexagonals way better than squares. Having played both battletech and Heroscape (both tabletop games with hex based movement) and having played dozens of grid based RPGs I can tell you from experience Hexagons work far better. But I must say I prefer free movement. Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command made it work flawlessly. I think it could work with other games too.

10. Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, GCN – in my opinion this is the best Sonic game ever. (My opinion may change when Sonic Unleashed is out)

9. Pokemon Yellow, GameBoy – A little bit better than Red and Blue due to the fact that you can get all 3 starters at various points in the game, instead of having to choose just one. However, the very slow pace at which your character walks can be annoying at times.

8. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, PSP – This is only game that’s not on a Nintendo console and belongs on my favourite list. The main reason for this is Yoshimitsu – I mean, who doesn’t like cursed-sword-wielding, flying, jumpy, disappearing, full-body-armour-wearing ninjas?

7. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Wii – Easily my favourite Zelda game (although Ocarina of Time is still pretty good), the dungeons are challenging and fun, the tools you can use are amazing, and the ability to turn into a wolf is a bonus (it would still have been my favourite Zelda game even if you couldn’t turn into a wolf).

6. Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, GBA – And another Kirby title. I love the maze-style gameplay and the resurrected ability to use chain attacks and perform different moves depending on whether you press up, down, left or right. Oh, and the more-than-one-Kirby thing is useful, too.

5. Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, GBA – This is here instead of FE7 for two reasons: you can choose from 2 classes to upgrade into, and once you’ve beat the game you can go back to previous maps to keep training your levels.

4. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, GCN – My second-favourite GameCube game, as well as my second-favourite Fire Emblem game. This is where Fire Emblem started to get even better. The movies are good (even if there are only six), the addition of Laguz is pretty good too, even if they aren’t very useful near the end (apart from the last chapter, of course), and do I even need to say anything else? It’s Fire Emblem! And Soren rocks!

3. Super Smash Bros. Melee, GCN: Miles, miles, and more miles better than the original Super Smash Bros. on the N64, this game has loads of brilliant characters to play as, from Jigglypuff, to Ganondorf, to Marth (to whom we owe our introduction to the Fire Emblem series. Thanks, Marth.)

2. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Wii – A sequel to Path of Radiance…what can I say? It has all of its predecessor’s playable characters (with an exception of Largo, but that doesn’t matter too much), and it has a huge number of chapters (I like games that last longer, it makes them more fun). And Soren rocks even more than in PoR; go Soren!

1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wii – It just had to be this. A humungous medley of all the best Nintendo games, as well as Sonic The Hedgehog and Metal Gear Solid. And the mutated cross between action games and fighting games is more than I could ask for. Well done, Sakurai.

this was hard to do but here goes…

10-Final Fantasy XII(PS2)-Good game but very complex and it had great characters

9-Final Fantasy Tactics Advance(GBA)-Good game and very difficult but took way to long

8-Sonic The Hedgehog Series(DC,GC,X360)-One of my first games i ever played and it is such a fun classic game

7-Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn(Wii)-Very in depth plot and cool characters but is low because of Ike

6-Super Smaxh Bros Brawl(Wii)-Really good and fun but hard to play alone….featured alot of my favorite characters from a wide variety of games

5-Kingdom Hearts 1&2(PS2)-These games were alot of fun with in depth plots and they featured some of my favorite characters from other games which was reallys cool

4-Fire Emblem Sacred Stones(GBA)-Good game but it was very easy and it had only 20 chapters btu it was still good

3-Fire Emblem Path of Radiance-I still play this game alot because it was a great game with a crazy plot and really cool characters and it was very challenging

2-Fire Emblem Blazing Sword-First fire emblem game i ever played and it got me hooked on the series the plot was good and a very wide variety of characters was amazing

and my number 1 is…..

1-Final Fantasy X-Great game all around the plot was amazing and the characters were really cool especially auron

Oh, my goodness. I’ve been on a canoe trip with my dad for 4 days and you guys just say so much stuff, it’s hard to catch up! -gasp- I’ll be ok, though. So now for the amazing TOP 10 OF NINOANDJAFFAR!!!!!

10.)Wario Ware:
Just because it’s so fun and different. It makes me chuckle!

9.)Mario Kart Wii:
I like raceing games better than actually driving, and this one was totally the best I’ve seen.

8.)Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
I have not betten it yet, but the graphics, game play, and story plot kick butt!

7.)Phantom Hour Glass:
A fun game I can play on my DS. I loved getting to draw the little maps, like the one shaped like a whale!

6.)Fire Emblem; Radiant Dawn: It was a great story plot, the only thing I didn’t like was that it was too much like PoR.

5.)Fire Emblem; Path of Radiance: Beautifully written with loveable characters, what else is there to say.

4.)Rock Band: It is so much fun to play the guitar, drums, and singing. I love the music too.

3.)Super Mario Bros.: One of the first games in the Mario series, it is so easy yet so complexed, it just leaves hours of fun game play to do.

2.)Legend of Zelda; Ocarina of Time: This is my favorite Zelda game of all time, it was just so wonderfully written and the graphics were great in it’s time. I’ll have you know in elementry school, Link was considered my boyfriend, just a fun fact 🙂

And finally, the moment you have probably not been waiting for, but that I’ll build suspention with any ways, the…number…1…pick…is…

Fire Emblem; Blazing Sword: Seriously, is there really much to write here about it? It was a truely amazing game that just grabbed my heart and still today will not let go. The characters were people I can truely understand and sometimes relate to.

So that was the dramaticness of my top 10 list. I’m sorry for being gone for so long and should be back for a couple weeks before setting off on another great adventure…now, off to Elibe!!!

XD but Links my boyfriend =P (and yes, im a girl)

On June 11, 2008 at 5:12 pm Shinigami Ninja Said: “I’ll be brief”

That was brief? 😉

On June 12, 2008 at 8:34 pm ninoandjaffar Said: “10.)Wario Ware:
Just because it’s so fun and different. It makes me chuckle!”

Which one? There are 4. (GBA- Mega Microgame$; GBA- Twisted; DS- Touched; Wii- Smooth Moves)

Oh no! I forgot to add in “Super Mario Galaxy”! I got every star in the whole game with Mario and Luigi!

Nobody mentioned Golden Sun 😯 …

or Halo (that’s something rare :P).

I must have forgotten them all! (Oh and by the by, not Halo).

Pa-ha-hah. Mario is sooo funny. Yeah, anyway, i didn’t intend to go into that much detail on some of them. It just happened.

GAAAAAAHHH! Golden SUN!!! I forgot about Golden Sun. Although, come to think of it is more like number 11 on my list anyway.

You and I have a slight problem if both of us are claiming Link as theirs. I’m not sure how to settle this yet though…

I ment the Wii won. I just forgot to specify that. 🙂

Path of Radiance and a few zelda games just missed my list.

that is kinda weird that no one picked halo.

@ SN:

I forgot Golden Sun too! (It couldn’t be the fact that I won the game so long ago, plus I never got Golden Sun: The Lost Age :?)…

I don’t think its weird that no one picked halo. There’s no one to flame them out for not putting halo on their list.

I considered Golden Sun: The Lost Age, but the going around in circles and me not winning it yet, I replaced it with Advance Wars 2.

On Halo t

AW 2 was good. I like Days of Ruin better though.

What about Halo?

I’ll be gone for the next four days. Try not to get bored without me. 😉

Okay have fun.

Ah Saint? I’m sorry if this is off topic but there is a serious problem on my blog. My Widget’s aren’t showing up! But if I click “Previous Entries'”, they are there again! Do you think you help me out? If anyone finds out I don’t have my “Affiliate’s” Widget up boy will I be in trouble!

Days of Ruin had a darker theme and cooler sprites, but I just previewed it (played for a few minutes), so I didn’t include it.

That happened to me once using the same theme and I could not reuse it again.

The two games play almost identically, except for the way CO’s work, that’s completely over-hauled. But I didn’t like the way that the Neo-Tanks look.

Days of Ruin eh? I might get that.

I wonder if I’ll have to change my theme. It could be fate for me to go back to my old one. 😉

halo is actually one of my favorite games but no one on this site never seemed to like halo so i just idnt put it

Oy, I’m off of here for about two months and what happens? Someone hacked in and used my account. bleh, so I created a new account. You probably know be before as “darkdruidxx”. Had to ditch it. oh well. Back on topic.

Top 10’s are so hard to choose from. Here goes…

10)Kingdom Hearts series. I like Organization XIII. They’re awesome in indescribable ways. And the whole bringing-Disney-worlds-together plot is very original and creative. Still waiting for KH 358/2
9)Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. Still in progress, but challenging and fun. Different than Fire Emblem but still good.
8)Metal Slug Anthology. 2-D games are awesome. And all you have to do is go forward, kill then enemies, and not die. It only takes one hit to kill you, but hey. That makes it even more fun!
7)Dynasty Warriors. Does it matter which one? They’re almost all the same. Hack. Slash. Kill. Unless you’re playing with my brother. Then it’s toy-around-with-enemies-until-you’re-almost-dead. But it’s cool, taking over China in Empires series.
6)Super Smash Bros. Melee. Wow, Number 6 only??? Well, I like Fire Emblem better… but this game never seems to get old either. Especially with Roy and Marth, 99 stock, and Super Sudden Death in Flat Zone with nothing but bombs and freezies. Nothing better than this. Try it. I dare ya.
5)Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. Saddest. Storyline. Ever. And it was a little short. But it’s still cool. And worth playing over and over and over again.
4)Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. I wish the battle stats were in the fight animations though. It would make it a lot easier if I knew how much accuracy an enemy unit has when attacking me…
3)Super Smash Bros. Brawl. No questions asked.
2)Fire Emblem: Akatsuki no Megami. No, there’s no error. I’ve only played the Japanese version, and it’s different than Radiant Dawn. For one thing, you have to use Master Crowns to class up to the third tier. Makes you think about who you really want to use. And the cutscenes sound sooooooo much cooler. 🙂 [Don’t ask how I have access to this game. you don’t want to know.]
1)Fire Emblem: the Blazing Sword. Intricate plot. plenty to do. Does not get old. Ever. And I get a role in the story, as the tactician. oh, and of course. The Black Fang!

Now I look back and I realize some things. I have no life. And I’m weird. *thinks for a moment* Opinions, all of it. Don’t mind me, then.

So your Darkdruidxx? Cool! Or is that a good thing? :~

hey old darkdruidxx and finally someone else likes kingdom hearts

Ah, I didn’t want people thinking I was Nergal or something (not that I don’t like him; I realized too late that “dark druid” was Nergal’s class, and not “evil-and-not-good druid”) I also didn’t want people thinking I was someone else. Eh.
Looked at everyone else’s lists again. Wow. I need to play more varied games, though these comments really tell me why people like certain games and how they made it to the Top 10 lists.

glad to know this article helped 🙂 .

Ive been replaying Twilight Princess lately…one of the things that bothers me the most is the lack of NPC interaction. I see all these areas like by a tree or on a path that look like perfect spots for NPCs, but they cant put them their because Nintendo made it where you cant transform if there are NPCs around. stupid really, if they had just hadnt made his transformation a secret…or made it only work in dungeons there could have been a lot more to do in it. NPCs are what make side quests, which are what make games fun and memorable.

Speaking of Twilight Princess, I’m playing that now. I’m looking for all the Poe’s. I only have 5 more left! And I’m clueless to know where to look!

Or they could have given NPC’s a line of sight thing. But I still like it.

The NPC’s could have been better. Instead of a town with talk-less NPC’s. You can only talk to like, 9 NPC’s (not including the NPC’s indoors)…

I htought that made it more realistic.

In a way yes. But it also has an empty feeling because they all just pass you up. Also, I found a Walk through about the Poe’s. Hopefully I’ll find the right ones this time. =)

in a way, not being able to talk to all the town NPCs did make it more realistic, but there werent enough you could talk to. what really bothers me is the lack of NPCs in the rest of Hyrule…it makes it feel empty. what I dont get is that you cant transform because people might see you…heres why:

1.) You are allowed–and often required–to scare people while in wolf form.
2.) OoT link can rain golden light from the sky that changes night to day…despite him being infront of over 10 people you can actually talk to. why is it that TP link has to keep his power a secret?

Nintendo doesn’t think every little fact through. A professional game company would usually know every little fact about THIER GAME! Rather embarrassing no?

2 more Poe’s to go!

Nintendo did think it through this time, thats why you can’t do all that stuff. Besides that, who would talk to some guy dressed like a fairy?

I got really disappointed when you couldn’t get the “Bread” or “Apple’s” in Hyrule Town. They did that on purpose, then again it was sort of funny. Who was dressed like a fairy?

It’s hard for me to pick, honestly, so these aren’t in order.

1. Kingdom Hearts
2. Final Fantasy X
3. Tales of the Abyss
4. Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations
5. Metal Gear Solid 3
6. Fire Emblem: the Sacred Stones
7. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
8. Persona 2: Innocent Sin
9. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
10. SSBM

There are a lot more I could put on that list, of course.

Link is dressewd like a fairy

A lot of people like FFX. whose everyones favorite character in it? mines Rikku…but Aurons awsome too.

Thats what everyone dressed like in medival times. it would be weird if adult link didnt have the pants under it, but luckily for him they magically grew after his 7 year sleep 😀 (or the sage gave him his spares =? ).

also I think its weird that the people dont talk to link because he runs up to them and tries to start a conversation…then they ignore him 0_0 … rude NPCs .

SoS said:
A lot of people like FFX. whose everyones favorite character in it? mines Rikku…but Aurons awsome too.
Tidus ^_^ and Yuna (only in normal X though, not X2)

SoS said:
it would be weird if adult link didnt have the pants under it, but luckily for him they magically grew after his 7 year sleep (or the sage gave him his spares =? ).


Saint of Swords said:
“it would be weird if adult link didnt have the pants under it, but luckily for him they magically grew after his 7 year sleep (or the sage gave him his spares =? ).”

He might have been grossed out that Link had no clothing under his Tunic. How would we know honestly?

Sorry to burst you bubble, Saint, but they didn’t wear that in the middle ages. They wore cheap wool mostly. It didn’t look like Link.

well maybe not that texture or color, but they did were tunics a little longer then Links.

10-Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap
9-Kingdom Hearts: chain of memories
8-Metroid Fusion
7-Metroid Prime 2
6-The Simpsons Game
3-Metroid II: return of samus
2-Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls
1-Metroid Zero mission

Yes, I am a Metroid fanatic.

Ive never played metroid :/ .

huh-uh! ^-^ theres so much great games out there…its actually prety hard to tell but ill try!
10.dark cloud,ps2
9.legend of zelda: minish cap, gba
8.castlevania: harmony of dissonance, gba
7.samurai warriors, ps2
6.pokemon crystal, gbc
5.donkey kong country 3: dixies kong double trouble,snes
4.devil may cry 3:dantes awakening special edition,ps2
3.Fire emblem:blazing sword, gba fantasy VII, ps1 emblem: Path of radiance, gc(even if I nearly have no tactics at all XD)

… aww theres plenty of games that I couldnt put here…

You know somethhing? I’m bored so I’ll make on of these.

10.) Ace Combat 5 – Fabulous plot and good characters…my favorite died though. darn it!

9.) Halo – It’s awesome. ‘Nuff said

8.) Star Wars Battlefront – I like that you can play as Yoda and Vader and all. It’s nice to see what they are capable of.

7.) Sacred Stones – Not as good as FE7 but nice, with good characters and a plot line that draws you in. It was just too easy. I beat it in 2 days.

6.) Kingdm Hearts 1 & 2 – I. Love. Cloud/Leon. (and Hades!!!) Sora is good, and i like the Disney world themes.

5.) Pokemon Diamond – The graphics are good, but the story needs some work. And the Pokedex is obnoxiously large. Who needs Sneazsel anywayz??

4.) Final Fantasy X-2 – I don’t like what they did to Yuna, but I love the new characters (Gippal anyone?) Plus it’s fun to see what happens to the characters after they beat the snot out of Sin.

3.) Fire Emblem 7 – Definately an awesome game. I love how you can play it over and over and still find something new every time.

2.) Final Fantasy X – I could spend this whole mini paragraphic talking about how great the plot is, or how detailed the characters are; but i think that would be missing the best bit of the game. AURON! Best video game character I know.

1.) Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic – Another game where I can play it over and over and it never gets old. Fascinating characters, thought out stories, and one of the best plot twists i have ever seen. I’m in the process of teacher my little brother to play it and he’s already sucked in. LOVE IT!

10.Luigi’s Maision GCN
9. Mario Cart N64
8. Luminous Arc DS
7. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA
6. Fire Emblem PoR GCN
5. Mario Super Sluggers Wii
4. Final Fantasy 7 PS1
3. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Xbox
2. Final Fantasy Tactics PS1
1. Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Sword

Noooo I forgot Tales of Symphonia on my list! Best game ever can;t wait for the new tales!

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