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Posted on: June 24, 2008

Now that everyone entered, I ask the members to vote for their favorite sprite!
Before we get to the voting let me go over the rules..

You may only vote once
You cant vote for your own
I perfer that you wait to say which entry is yours
until the contest is over.

Vote in this article, not the gallery
The winner will be declared July 1st!

By MatthewThief


39 Responses to "Sprite Contest"

Just a note.. vote in this article, not the gallery

I vote entry 1, “Dark Lord” LOL!

I vote for number 2.

I like entry 1 because it looks funny, and hard to make. So however made it I say good job!

I vote for entry 2, Warrior Princess.

i vote for entry 2 it looks awesome

I vote entry 1 because Merlinus can pull of the dark lord role quite well ๐Ÿ™‚

Why does SL have two different Avatars?

@SN: Depends on whether he’s logged in or not, that’s why. the pattern image is default for guests.

I vote for 2. Looks like the person worked really hard and it doesn’t look cut-and-pasted. (the others are good though, mind you.)

^_^ darn. too busy with finals. didn’t have time to enter. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ maybe next time…

I vote entry 1.

I’m gonna have to go with Entry 2, the other ones remind me too much of the games actual characters (No offense to those who put hard work into their entries)

When will the voting end?

probally july 1st

I’m not a member here so I’m not voting, I just wanted to say that all of the entries look great. Congratulations to their creators.

i vote entry 3

just to let everyone know.. since i started the contest i wont be voting cause i know who everyones entries are ^^

We know too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh really? Which one’s mine?

i didnt enter this time. i might enter the next one though cause it looks fun

I think I know who everyone’s are. But we aren’t supposed to talk about that right?

Dark lord! his hands lol

We’re not supposed to tell. The last 2 are confusing though.

I’m jk. ๐Ÿ˜‰

wat happened to the 6th one the picture isnt there

dark lord gets my vote ๐Ÿ™‚

I think Warrior Princess looks the best.

Hmm…which will win!?!

excuse me, i haven’t entered, but i would like to vote for entry 6, lady rose. the reason i didnt enter is because i don’t visit here often and i just now noticed.

I’m gonna loose!

Lucky for you. I don’t think I got 1 vote yet…

Neither have I.

Ah!? Hmm…I guess I had a few sprites confused with one another.

When do we find out who won?

So, whose was whose? Mine was #3

I already have one right. You’re third place.

Who do you think submitted each one?

Number 1 and 2 look like the works of 2 good spriters (Saint could be one of them, both look like his work). 4 looks like SL’s and 6 might be Archsage’s (but it might be one of the first 2). 5 is done by someone who should have done it earlier and not added an obvious surname.

Meaning you?

I didn’t notice the update until today. I should make my RSS feed pick up one more post.

Mine was Red Wyvern Lord. I didn’t know I had to name it so I thought of something simple; and because I didn’t name it and Matthew Thief said I couldn’t enter lest I put in a name. ^_^’

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