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Update: July 1st 2008

Posted on: July 1, 2008

Welcome to another inconsistent FE Blog update! With TBE closed for awhile i’ll have more time on my hands if im not making custom skins x_x , so you might actually be seeing these atleastonce a month! howsabout that? anyways on with the update. as always these articles are for both regular posters or viewers just stoping by.

Lets start with the sprite contest results. Almost a month ago Matthewtheif started the contest to see who could make the best sprite with FE6 and FE8 sprites. the winner is, with a grand total of 6 votes:

Entry 2 - Warrior Princess

Warrior Princess, by Archsage Athos! Congratulations! Your sprite, along with everyone elses, will be put onto a hall of fame page some time today. poor dark lord…he almost conquered all of the known world….tsk tsk tsk….

now lets talk about what Ive all got done this month. As you all know I temporarily closed TBE due to a lack of activity in the games section. true, a lot of people were posting, but there were only a handful of areas being posted in, and none of them were Fire Emblem related. when a forum falls into this state of borring-ness it never recovers, and the last thing I want is for TBEto become a chat board. so I closed it, cleared the posts, and im currently working on creating new skins, headers, and a bunch of other stuff to give TBEnew life. (as far as skins go, I only have three right now, but when it opens I wantto have 10. I also want 20 headers, but only have 14 now) .

As for FE Blog, I managed to get all the Radiant Dawn official art uploaded, and added the gallery for the ingame art. now viewers just stoping by to see the official art can post comments on their favorite or….. not-so-favorite characters! And I finally found out why no one was looking up our official art for RD. When I first made the page, I made a typo in the address. instead of Radiant Dawn…it was Radient Dawn….so one letter was preventing people from viewing the art ^^ . ah well…I fixed that and now FE Blog is recieving over 6,000 hits a day.

now as for whats in store for FE Blog. Ive decided to ditch the character reviews and focus instead on reuploading the official art for Sword of Seals, Blazing Sword, Sacred Stones, and Path of Radiance. all will be turned into gallerys so you’ll be able to comment on over 150 characters! as for articles, I haven’tforgotten about the article request…I have an article started as does MT. I also have some other articles planned, one of which pertains to my thesis as to why Radiant Dawn ended up more disappointing then entertaining…could a certain blue cat be responsible?!

And finally, within the next 2 minutes – 7 hours i’ll reveal the Dark Dragon DS box art.

–Saint of Swords


10 Responses to "Update: July 1st 2008"

Man, I didn’t even get one vote. *pouts*

I hope its better than the original versions box art. That stuff sucked.

yours got a vote SN ^^

Dang! 6,000 hits a day?!

Oh, so i did. Archsage Athos, you rock!

Keep up the good work!

I didn’t get a vote. Nor did Mercenary of Light.

Here are the contestants and their sprites:

Dark Lord: yours truly.
Warrior Princess: Archsage Athos
Olaf: Shinigami Ninja
Red Wyvern Lord: Shadow Luigi
Scarred Hero: Mercenary of Light
Lady Rose: Nino&Jaffar

Thank you, we will 🙂 .

yea good job and the box art looks great

Yes, keep it up, Saint. I know you can get to a million by next month. Maybe for the millionth hit, TBE will be open 🙂

The Blazing Emblem will be opened soon. It has a good reason to be closed. Saint of Swords is crafting it to perfection!

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Update, Nov 24th

Changed the sites graphics, if you have any comments post them in the Shadow Dragon Gallery update.

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