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FE6: part 1

Posted on: July 4, 2008

After the request article was posted many people wanted to hear about the plot of Fire Emblem, Sword of Seals. And here it is ^_^ . The story will be split into parts so its not to long and dragged out or too long.

The story starts with news spreading across Elibe of Bern starting a war and setting out to concur all its neighboring countries. Bern already has Ilia and Sacae under their control. Now they have their sights set on the Lyncian alliance.
At this time, Roy is in Ostia training to be the next leader of Pherae. He gets a message from his father and marquese of Pherae, Lord Eliwood. He tells Roy that he has gotten ill and wants him to return to Pherae.

When Roy arrives at the castle he finds that a group of bandits have taken advantage of Eliwoods illness and preparations for the war and are preparing a attack. After Roy and his small group quickly defeat the bandits, Eliwood tells them that he wants Roy to lead the pheraen army. Lilina, Hectors daughter, says that she wants to help Roy too. But Eliwood tells her because Hectors away, someone has to take care of Ostia. She agrees and heads back. Roy and his group head to meet the mercenaries and on the way they run into a girl named Elen who tells them that her and her mistress were headed to meet the Lyncian alliance but her mistress and her were captured. She explains that she was able to escape and asks them if they can help her rescue her. Roy agrees after being attacked by the men searching for Elen.

Inside the castle to much shock, Roy finds out that Elens mistress is none other then Princess Guinvere of Bern. She tells Roy that she wants the war to end peacefully and she wants to stop her brother. Roy tells her that she should meet with Lord Hector and try to find a way to end the war.

At this time Roy is only a half of a day away from meeting with the Lyncian alliance in castle Araphen when he receives word that “Berns three dragon lords” attacked and almost decimated everyone from castle Araphen. Roy hurries there.

Inside the castle King Zephiel sits on the throne. Brunya, one of the Dragon Lords reports to him that the enemy general has been captured. Zephiel orders her to bring them to him. Its Hector. After Zephiel congratulates him on holding them off so long Hector asks him why he would attack the Lyncian alliance because they were always on good terms. Zephiel replies that it has nothing to do with that and that he wishes to liberate the world. Hector asks what he means but Zephiel replys what does it matter to you? you’ll be dead soon.
Brunya says that she will head back to Sacae, but says she wanted to ask him if he should trust sinister people. Zephiel asks if she means Idoun. She replys and says that people say shes a shaman of great power and people call her the Dark Priestess. Zephiel tells Brunya to trust him.

Back by the main group, Roy talks to one of Ostias spys, Chad who conferms that Hector is still alive inside the castle. Roy decides their best chance is to attack the castle because they cant afford to lose Lord Hector.

After a short time, Zephiel, Narshen (who is another Dragon Lord) and a hooded girl are shown inside the castle.
Zephiel asks what all the noise is, Narshen replies its probably the remaining troops attacking. The girl asks if she should use the dragons. Narshen tells Zephiel that he shouldnt endanger the Dark Priestess because he can handle it. After giving control to him, Zephiel and Idoun leave.

Shortly after they leave, Narshen tells another soldier that he has something to do and hes in charge of the castle, then he leaves.

After getting inside the castle, they find Hector. Roy says that he needs his wounds treated, but Hector replies, forget it, he wont last long anyways. He then tells him that Bern revived the dragons they fought way in the past. He tells Roy of the eight legendary heroes from the scouring and Hartmut was the founder of Bern and the legendary weapon that Ostia has. In his last breath he tells Roy to take care of Lilina.

Roy says he will.

Respecting his last wishes, he heads to Ostia…

To be continued..

By MatthewThief


9 Responses to "FE6: part 1"

good article 🙂 .

FE6 is one of the few games that pull off a war story well. I like the branch system the generals have.

😎 Great article, MT. It’s good for us that haven’t played it, but will you continue the story until the end or just the first chapters?

Interesting. That’s allot more then the translations online tell me.

i actually just got sword of seals in english and a know all of this part but i cant get past the desert chapter

English? How? That was a japanese only release!

its on the computer but i cant put links because its advertising or something and i dont want to get kicked off

In any case, this article is pretty cool. I’d like to see it be finished sometime soon.

ok.. lets get back to the previous topic.. this ones boardering on “illegal stuff”

My apologies. Anyway, I cannot wait to hear more about this article.

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