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New FE11 scan

Posted on: July 4, 2008

As you can see, a new scan from a jappanese magazine with Marth and Sheenas official art.

By MatthewThief


9 Responses to "New FE11 scan"

Heh, there’s an asian guy dressed up as a pirate on the top left sidebar. =D

its a pretty cool scan

“Arrgh, Me Hearties!! This be a good game! I liked it alot, an’ ye should play it too!” he says. Do you know what Mag its from?

I think its from “Shonen Jump” but Iu’m not too sure on that. good translation matt! =D It does say that!

I like the art work on Marth and Sheeda, but does any one else find looking at sheeda a bit odd? Its almost like her eyes are off proportion, but I guess thats just from me seeing the old drawings of her. ^_^’

Sure looks iteresting. But alas, it will probably not be released in the U.S.

why not we all think it should

Well, you know how incompetent Japan is with bringing games to U.S.

It will be released, once they start releasing games in US they don’t leave out other games in the franchise.

Not being released in US? There is quite a large fanbase of FE in the US. We also never got the original FE from NES, so I am sure we will definitely get this.

Anyways, Marth looks alot better than what he did in Brawl…you could mistake him as another beautiful girl. Sheeda looks pretty as well.

But it would be funny if they didn’t put Marth with no pants, like long ago lol.

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