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Posted on: July 6, 2008

This is MatthewThief.. Saint was helping our Dad with pluming and it happended to be rusty so his hands were full of rust and he slit his hand open really deep on a new part, however he had rust on his hands so he had to go to the hospital for a shot and probally stitches and he wanted me to tell you all that he might not be around for awhile.


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Ouch….tell him to get better soon ok?

Hope he gets better.

hes home now.. and got 2 stitches. as things stand now, because of the area that got stitched, he cant do much of anything for 3 to 7 days.. :/

Dang, that ain’t right! Hope you get better soon Saint!

Crap. Get well soon, saint! That must suck, my friend stepped on a nail once, it wasn’t rusty but it stabbed like half an inch through his heel he didn’t even flinch after a couple of minutes it was wierd.

He should be fine. He might have different spelling (because he has the use of his right arm only).

Dang. Get better soon, SoS!

my hands a little better today, I just cant bend my thumb very much or the stitches pull and that doesnt feel good. I even managed to get some work done on TBE.

im guessing by tomorrow the tetnis shot will “kick in” …so that should be something.

thanks everyone for the comments 🙂 .

Meh, I say just suck it up. Life happens. Sympathy’s pointless. Just kidding!;p You really ought to be more careful though.

Holy –…tell him I said to get well soon alright! I’ve been there before man that stuff hurts like no other!(not that it matters) but tell him I said to get well soon!

(uhh…I’m pretty sure he’s reading this, as he DID post two comments above you, so no one has to really tell him for you)

ouch that sucks sorry saint hope you feel better

As long as he’s not dead i’sallgoo’.

Let us hope for a speedy recovery! (And hope that shot doesn’t kill him tomorrow ^_^’) Just Kidding.

what? you want the shot to kill him? =]

lol anywayz, get well SoS.

No, I said I hoped for it NOT to kill him. 🙂

haha…SL you said “I hope it doesnt kill him, just kidding” . …..*smacks SL over the head with his good hand*

anyways my hand is much better today. I guess the doc under-estimated me ^^’ .

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