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Poll: Most Mysterious

Posted on: July 9, 2008

even after losing my arm and leg trying to transmute human life, I- ….wait a minute……. even after slicing my thumb trying to open a bag of plumbing parts, im perfectly capable of writing articles. actually, for all those concerned…my thumb feels fine now 😕 . anyways its time for a poll:

Who Is The Most Mysterious Character In Fire Emblem?

1.) Sophia of Fire Emblem, Sword of Seals:
2.) Renault of Fire Emblem, Blazing Sword:
3.) Knoll of Fire Emblem, Sacred Stones:
4.) Volke of Fire Emblem, Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn:
5.) Makalov of Fire Emblem, Blaze of Stupidity:


vote now 😛 . dont forget to include why you picked your choice. whichever gets the most votes will have an article written for, so think hard!

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21 Responses to "Poll: Most Mysterious"

i vote ‘1.) Sophia of Fire Emblem, Sword of Seals:’ shes cool ^_^

I also vote for Sophia. 😉 I like her and she hides secrets that make her cooler.

Knoll tells you almost everything about him in chapter 15 (Ephraim).

Renault. It’s nearly impossible to get even a level C support with him, and A is the hardest because you must play the Kishuna chapter. Plus he comes up in the first Kishuna chapter and just randomly gives an item, VA
NISHES after the game, I mean, really, who could POSSIBLY be more mysterious? P.S. Happy to hear about your hand. ^-^

Gaaah! Though Sophia IS wierd and Shows up in BOTH games and just runs off in Rekka no Ken…..Uhhh.. I changed my mind, Sophia.

hmm sophia was wierd becuz she was in FE7 too but i like vole alot and i never understood him so i vote volke

I’d say Volke. You have to pay him for answers. ‘Member Elincia’s innocent question on why he needed so much money? He replied simply, “Ten thousand.”

Imagine: “Hey, Volke, care to tell me about yourself?” “*stares* Hundred million.” “What???” “Pay me a hundred million and I’ll tell you.” “*gulp* Never mind…”

Would you be willing to pay?

No, but it sounds like it wouldn’t matter to know what you already know (greedy).

Renault, because they never tell you why he was on the island.

Knoll explains everything about Lyon and about his job, but he says nothing about who he really is, nor does he give any clues on why he vanishes at the end.

His vanishing is mysterious, but he tells everything about himself and Lyon in chapter 15 and Duessel conversations. Sophia has cool secrets. And part of Renault’s life can be known without recruiting him,through the visits to some houses.

he keeps to himself…he mostly just supports the dark arts and talks about his studies of the dark stone.

I think Renault. But I do not feel like going into overdone dramatic detail now.

Actually he tells enough about his motives. He acts as though there’s nothing more to know about him and you assume that until you reach the last support(s) where you find out there’s more to the truth.

i agree with Ice Kestrel, Volke.

yea but i wanted to find something out about a character who was actually useful

Volke isn’t really that Mysterious, everything about him is revealed at some point or another.

I’ll personally say Knoll, for the same reasons said higher

And Nephenee’s face is mysterious too D: *dies XD*

well i dont have a wii so i never played radiant dawn and i dont kno anything about volke in RD

Sophia will probably win.

It must be Volke! He’s totally money crazy, and is still such good friends with Bastian (although, yeah, he pays him.) 🙂

I think Volke for reasons other people have said. (^^ Like that that one up there ^^)

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