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TBE is open again!

Posted on: July 10, 2008

The forums open again. Go check them out 🙂


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Cool 😎

MT, Saint, I found some official art for Fire Emblem DS, can I send you the link?

sure send it to me.

this mite sound stupid but wat is TBE

Its the Blogs forum. Its a really great place, like an extension of this site. In the top right corner of the blog there’s a button with hector’s face on it, click it to go there.

Also, I would ask that you guys keep your eyes peeled for any news on the games Orb and Thorn from Crossbeam Studios during E3 this year. It’ll be difficult for me to follow the coverage for various reasons that I cannot disclose, so if anyone hears anything, please post it here or on The Blazing Emblem.

yea i tried to register before but it didnt work

To blackknight02: You have to wait until Saint or MT approves your account (unless they changed that).

To SN and anyone else with G4: The Nintendo press conference will be on Tuesday at noon EST. If Nintendo likes the franchise, they’ll at least mention FE11 and give some details. IGN staff will probably make an article on it before Friday.

Charter (my crappier than crappiest of cable and internet providers) decided it would be funny to move G4 to a channel that you can’t get unless you pay more. Which i won’t.

The cable service here also does that for some of the good channels. I don’t think I’ll be able to watch most of the E3 footage, but I’ll post the details they say on FE11 and Orb and Thorn, if i get to see it.

Sorry if this is spam, but I can’t believe your almost at One Million hits!

We’ll have to have a giant celebration when it hits one mil.

I would be really excited if they announced a release date for Orb or Thorn.

The Forum’s would be a great place to celebrate!

im a constant visitor to this site and i decided to have an account. but how do i get an avatar?

I’ve been planning to make a fire emblem fan game
its about Raven after the war with Nergal.
Raven returns to Etruria with Priscilla and are met with great joy and happiness. But several months later, The King of Etruria dies and the People accuse Raven of an assassination. Raven is banished out of Etruria.
Some time later, Raven has banded together a group of mercenaries and is going to try to solve the mystery of the assassination and his Banishment.

So does this sound interesting for a 14 year old fire emblem fanatic?

Yeah, it sounds like a good idea. If you work with the story and develop it, I might help with the game part.

cool thank you im kind of stumped on some things
could you help me decide on new units?

[SoS: if you know im going to edit something then DONT POST IT]

I need some ideas for bosses and bad guys. do you have any Anybody?

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