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Wireless Wii Keyboard

Posted on: July 15, 2008

You’ve all heard of a keyboard before, infact i’ll wager atleast 85% of you even use one! But Nintendo has taken the keyboard a step up, and its now wireless = o !

This keyboard, officially liscenced by Nintendo, is to be used by those who browse the internet via the Wii. its compact and comfortable, yet the buttons all remain full size. with a maximum of 30 feet as its limit, you can browse the internet from your Wii without having to type in every letter with the Wii Remote. kinda pointless methinks but…whatever…

–by saint of swords


4 Responses to "Wireless Wii Keyboard"

If you do not have access to the computer then it wouldn’t be useless.

Well. I’ll totally use that every day.

You serious?

All these Wii things I probably won’t be able to afford. Wi-Fi capabilities never worked out with me.

i dont think i would use this

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