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Controller Ban

Posted on: July 23, 2008

I found this too funny not to post. Apparently, Nintendo’s in trouble due to some copyright infringement. Here’s the article from Zentendo:

Texans are strong, dedicated people. Not for the obvious reasons. Texan based Anascape Ltd. sued Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony back in 2006 quoting an infringed intellectual property that relates to the joystick featured on all three company’s controllers. Microsoft and Sony settled out of court. Nintendo didn’t. The two went toe to toe in the house of justice and Nintendo came out the loser. The judge ruled that the Big N owed $21 million to Anascape Ltd.

Nintendo didn’t pay the fine and stated they would appeal. Today, Anascape Ltd. won again; U.S. District Judge Ron Clark is issuing a ban tomorrow prohibiting Nintendo from selling any GameCube, Classic, or Wavebird Controllers that infringe on the original IP. The ban will be in effect as Nintendo takes the case to Federal Courts and attempts to fight the lawsuit.

So in lack of a better term, Nintendo wont pay a $21 million fine (which is nothing for such a big company) and now we wont be able to buy new Gamecube, Classic, or Wavebird controllers until Nintendo wins the case (which I hope they dont) , or pays the fine I would imagine. So once again, lets give a nice big thanks to Nintendo for messing things up = O !

–Saint of Swords rikku11.gif


17 Responses to "Controller Ban"

>.<” I only have one GC controller!

nintendos so retarted.. i hate them

What a bunch of idiot’s. No…idiot’s is to much of a ‘nice’ name. I say they are absurd retarded juvenile delinquent’s that are to lazy and pathetic to pay a simple fine that they could have paid already in the past years.

Well, Senior delinquents to be exact XD

AH! Yes I forgot! I was so angry I didn’t even pay attention to what I was saying! 😆

Well, their apperance is elderly, but their brains are childish. That’s a definate.

Nintendo sucks … now i will never be able to play any classic games . ( downloaded a few xD ) but still … now i have to wait till Nintendo pays the fine !? Like really they are wasting their time doing this !!

Stupid ******************************************** Nintendo !

Well, while I agree with Nintendo that it’s a completely moronic lawsuit, that’s like Nintendo sueing Microsoft for having A and B buttons, and sueing that and Sony for having trigger buttons. But yeah, for Nintendo the money’s a spit in the bucket, and they should just pay it.

this has actually caused a bit of confusion. its not that Nintendo stold the idea of a joystick…they stold the specific technology that Anascape created. so instead of thinking of it as they stold a joystick…think of it as they stold a unique joystick created by Anascape.

The word is stole, not stold. Sorry, Saint, I know there are rulesa against that but I just couldn’t help myself.

Honestly, I really hope that Nintendo wins. I think anascape can take their joysticks and shove them up their asses. How many flippin YEARS have the three gaming Megaliths been producing these controllers? And now, out of no-where, some lame little backwater electronics compnay thinkls they should sue them for it. The only reason their doing it is for money and in my opinion, that’s an abuse of the court system. If Anascape has a real problem with this intelectual theft then they should have brought it up years ago. Also, $21 million is still alot even for a big company.

I know…I just like to misspell words and not take the time to correct them…

I think Anascape has the right to sue. they made the technology, and the companys stole it from them. ultimately they are doing it for the money, and thats all they can fight for anyways since in the end thats what the big 3 took from them.

nintendo is retarted if you lose twice what makes you think that you will win a third like seriously if theyre so smart wwhy do they act retarted

I still think they’re being asses about it. They’re causing unnecessary problems for everyone else. If they were worried about stolen intelectual content then they should have sued years ago. Not 15 years after it was first used.

And blackknight02, there are many cases where people have lost consecutively but later won their cases in a different court. You get different Lawyers and Judges and Jury members who will think differently and decide differently. Also, it gives them more time to research and refine their case. They could very well win.

0_0 Now… How did that happen?

I agree with Shningami Ninja, this is a moronic lawsuit in the first place. Hell, if people sued every time someone used something they thought of first the justice system would be in absolute chaos.

Exactly. Its great that we have patents, or no one would innovate out of fear that they wouldn’t get the credit. But if your not going to press the issue for decades then don’t push it at all. it obviously doesn’t matter to them that the three companies are using their technology, they just want the settlement money, which is a gross misuse of the courts. Its no better than a politician manipulating the law for his own gains.

At SN:

I guess but what arguement does nintendo have

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